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Barney “Rubble” Frank – Congress Will Reduce Military, Increase Taxes – After Election

Ouch, just when you thought it was safe to elect Obama (speaking to committed Democrats and those independents who consistently vote Democrat and of course, all those voters registered by Acorn, including Mickey Mouse), president – Barney Frank opens his mouth and suggests you rethink your choice.

In a meeting with the Standard-Times editorial board (not an uncommon practice in Massachusetts: Ted, John, Barney are rumored to have monthly meetings with all major daily papers), Barney Frank dished up what he envisions happening as soon as the Left assumes power over Washington and the rest of us. A heartfelt greeting (warning) to the nation: “Welcome to Massachusetts”! Those conservatives living in the Bay State will finally have their worst fears realized, the exportation of Massachusetts political think to 49 other states.

First on the Frank and Nancy's agenda is a second economic stimulus package, aimed at raising taxes, increasing food stamps and funding states that might have under budgeted their Universal Health Care Plans. Thrown in to the mix are extended unemployment benefits - which will be necessary once businesses haul out of the states to climates that favor less taxation. How are Barney and company going to pay for all of this not to mention those infrastructure projects he has in mind? By cutting the military and raising taxes - If you have a job, go look in a mirror.

Of course, Barney could not get through this meeting without paying homage to one of his closest friends, Jack Murtha while discussing cutting the military budget. (Who is, ironically, dubbed by the paper as a key supporter of military budgets) (They have got to be kidding.) Jack Murtha is about as popular in his district now as Barney Frank is in his.

Although it is highly likely Frank will retain his seat due to voter apathy, the help of the Boston Globe and like-minded editorial boards (Longing for the days when newspapers were out finding facts, instead of taking direction from one political party to print fiction.), the papers are chewing up his opponent, Earl Sholley. Sholley, a Republican, has come under scrutiny by both the Globe and Frank due to Frank’s recent bout of unpopularity (The bailout, his ties to Freddie, Fannie, Raines and on and on.) Of course, his constituents may be reading the Herald, in which case, Frank could be at a loss. Murtha may likewise have an electoral problem - those bible clinging, gun toting, racist rednecks that populate his district may be inclined to send him into retirement.

You have to hand it to Frank - he's slick – in his vision (along with key players: Obama, Pelosi and Reed who also like the idea of spreading the wealth, taxing everyone and cutting defense – shades of Jimmy Carter!), Frank insists that the economic problem is mainly “psychological”!

The only individuals who will be psychologically affected, should this bunch be elected, are people who pay taxes. According to Barney “ultimately, there will be tax increases on the upper brackets.”We'll have to raise taxes ultimately. Not now, but eventually," he said.” The problem is that Barney does not define upper bracket, having been down that road before (see: Massachusetts Conservative Feminist), upper bracket can be any breathing taxpayer.

For those of you inclined to favor economic recovery, a robust military that will defend us both here and abroad, as well as jobs and fewer taxes - the following websites will be beneficial in allowing you the information needed to make the right choice for your wallet on November 4th.

John McCain for President
William Russell (Republican – PA) (Now within 5 Points of Jack Murtha)
Earl Sholley (Republican – MA) Running against Barney Frank
Jeff Beatty (Republican – MA) Running against the “Joker” (John Kerry)

In Preparation for November 5th – Conservative Tips for Election Post Election Woes

It is inevitable, on November 4th, (or 5th or the following month, depending on possible legal challenges), America will have a new President. It is obvious from the title of this blog (Massachusetts Conservative Feminist), that McCain would be the preferred choice, that said, with an election that is now polling within the margin of error (of course, that’s only in certain polls that have been fairly consistent (such as the Battleground and IDB/TIPP) while CNN, and CBS are generally – not), this election will most probably go down to the wire and be decided by 80,000 voters in Ohio, or New Hampshire. Therefore, the entire group of pundits and pollsters aside, history is, as noted too many times to count, bound to repeat itself.

What happens therefore, when the votes are finally tallied and the Electoral College has spoken (or perhaps the Supreme Court), and either McCain or Obama is the new president? First, the world will not come to an end, unless of course, McCain is elected and one is an Obama supporter. Here is some advice - immediately seek out the help of a therapist, MDS and PDS (*McCain Derangement and Palin Derangement Syndrome) will be much worse than BDS, due to the high level of emotional attachment that Obama has engendered in the following areas: our youth, our teachers, and of course, our reporters and news anchors. Recalling the backlash in a print publication office back in 2004, personnel actually took time off work to mourn John Kerry and would not speak to suspected Bush voters for the ensuing three weeks. As the months passed and the world did not come to an end, they began to hate and dismiss the president at every opportunity and of course, plot for total world domination. In other words, they recovered.

Should Obama be elected those on the right will go to work, continue about their day, congratulate the opposition, support the President, and tune in to talk radio in huge numbers. Despite a threat of a return to the “Fairness Doctrine”, an Obama presidency would ensure that those who write Conservative Columns (granted one to every 1,000 in print), or host Conservative Television or Radio shows, or even blog on the right - will see their rankings go through the roof, along with their taxes. Should Obama and Nancy and Harry actually move this country forward, they will be given credit, as is appropriate. Should there be another terrorist attack on this country; Obama will lead us through it, to the best of his abilities. Should an Obama administration and Legislature come close or worse, exceed the damage done under President Carter – Conservatives understand that four years go by in a blink of an eye, - and years of reconstruction ahead that will lead to Republican dominance for at the very least the following eight to twelve years (history again). Should Obama defy any conservatives’ wildest expectations and be a self-made man that will buck his own party and try and steer it down the middle (Clinton), then it will be eight years before the country will go through another election such as this.

It is high time for a little levity, mixed with the serious nature of a general election. As this is a conservative blog, below are one funny email ditty on the Obama Tax Plan, an amusing video entitled “Why I’m voting Democrat” and finally a serious piece that is worth watching. This is what one should understand - at the end of the day those in the trenches are just that and those in Washington – are those in Washington. The party objective is to divide and rule – Republican and Democrat alike. (That said, one must admit that McCain and Palin do not in any way shape or form, meet the criteria of Washington Insider - while Obama, a one term Senator, who has consistently voted with his party, and Biden, a senator who has spent at least as much time in office as McCain, yet, has spent time voting with his party are total party animals….one get’s the picture.)

“Today on my way to breakfast ... I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read: 'Vote Obama, I need the money!" ... I laughed.

Once in the restaurant my server had on a 'Obama 08' button ... once again I laughed ... quite a coincidence.

When the bill came I decided not to tip the server and explained to her that I was exploring the Obama redistribution of wealth concept. She stood there in disbelief while I told her that I was going to redistribute her tip to someone who I deemed more in need ... that homeless guy outside. The server, calling me something under her breath, angrily stormed away ...

I went outside, gave the homeless guy $10 and told him to go inside and thank the waitress ... as I decided he could use the money more. The homeless guy was grateful.

At the end of my rather unscientific redistribution experiment I realized the homeless guy was grateful for the money he did not earn, but the waitress was incredibly pissed off that I would give away the money she earned even though the actual recipient needed the money much more.

I guess redistribution of wealth is an easier thing to swallow in concept than in practical application. “
Author Unknown

I’m Voting Democrat

BTW I’m Voting for McCain/Palin

Friday, October 24, 2008

Indoctrination: An Obama Guide for Children – Dubious Tactics to “Get Out The Vote”!

Using children as young as thirteen, the Obama Campaign “How To Get your Parents and Grandparents to Vote Obama” (shown below), shows these younger teens using tactics that are questionable at best. Taking the approach that adults, or older individuals, are basically clueless and must be taught to vote for Obama – are there any new lows to which this campaign can go? Who knows, there is only a little over a week left.

The campaign also gives suggestions to younger people as well as an invitation to those who
Who have found tactics that work and share with other neophytes.

Hitler Youth – Obama Youth? Perhaps that analogy can be drawn – child abuse and brain-washing is more like it. It is one thing to teach civics in school, (a subject that has been dropped in public schools) it is quite another to indoctrinate. That is where the lines should be drawn. For a real treat, visit the Obama website and look through the drop down menus for Kids and Students.

Kids pages: (click to enlarge)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Most Accurate Pollster of 2004 - McCain - Obama Tied

One cannot pin the election on most polls, if any, due to the size of the sample, the shift of public opinion from one day the next and the perception created by the media. The Battleground polls are fairly accurate, as well as the IBD/TIPP Poll. The breakdown of the poll shown below - From the IDB/TIPP poll data released today released today:
"McCain has cut into Obama's lead for a second day and is now just 1.1 points behind. The spread was 3.7 Wednesday and 6.0 Tuesday. The Republican is making headway with middle- and working- class voters, and has surged 10 points in two days among those earning between $30,000 and $75,000. He has also gone from an 11-point deļ¬cit to a 9-point lead among Catholics."

The Anti-War Party – Democrats React with Violence – Carve “B” into McCain Volunteer Face

Addendum: As of today (October, 10-24-08), the young woman in Pittsburgh admitted to fabricating the attack. Fortunately, individuals that "invent crimes" such as this, are rare,(See Duke University Rape Case)and should face prosecution. This young woman's fabrication does not lessen the violent acts which continue to be committed in the name of politics, whether it be the throwing of a brick, shooting at a bus, or shooting at a campaign managers house (see links at end of article), the original intent of this opinion piece stands - anarchy and political protest through acts of violence are documented below. Additionally, as has been the case with the media, victims (or those who disagree with a specific ideological bent), are victimized.

One can search high and low and find not one physical attack on an Obama supporter, verbal abuse, perhaps, but physical violence – no. Within the last few weeks, there have been multiple assaults on Republicans. Obama’s campaign does not endorse any of these acts, yet, somehow they keep on coming . Violence against Republican’s (or what might be viewed as the establishment) are similar to those which occurred during the 1960’s, domestic terrorism which was promoted by individuals such as William Ayers.
Today, in Pittsburgh, PA a McCain campaign volunteer was mugged at an ATM, when the assailant discovered she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car, he carved a “B” for Barack into her face. It is the most violent act yet, in a series of violent assaults on McCain supporters across the nation. If one can’t win by voter fraud, (ACORN), then perhaps assaulting supporters of the opposition is a better way to go. Understanding that most moderate Democrats are decent, hard-working, pro-American individuals, the new Progressive-Socialists are another story indeed. It is one thing to protest, it is quite another to take it to the streets. The message this is sending across America – dissent – in the voting booth – for McCain. Prediction – like the stories listed below, the media will barely cover this, and when they do, CNN, CBS and that ilk will make a case for the true “victim”, this young woman’s assailant.
October 22, 2008 Lakewood Florida a Republican Headquarters Manger had his home shot up because he had McCain signs in his yard.
October 20, 2008 New Mexico - McCain campaign bus was shot at with a .22 caliber gun and paintballs.
October 22, 2008 Tennessee McCain Headquarters brick with “anarchy” written on it thrown through a window
October 21, 2008, Colorado – Palin’s Motorcade Attacked (video below)

October 17, 2008McCain Supporter Attacked in Manhattan

DNC Reform - Links: Obama, Odingo and Genocide

In the lastest YouTube video (shown below) from DNC Reform, highlights of Barack Obama's involvement with his Cousin, Odingo's campaign, are shown. In 2006, Obama made a trip to Kenya on the taxpayers dime. The purpose: to support his cousin, an opposition candidate. The government of Kenya was not pleased.

The most interesting aspect of this video is the much used phrases of Change and "Yes We Can". Apparently, Barack Obama's pal, Massachusetts Govenor Duval Patrick, must have come up with that one a bit earlier when Patrick was living in Chicago. Both men have close ties to David Axelrod a Democrat consultant and former reporter who is adept at trying to put out fires. (On the lighter side, it is interesting that a reporter is advising the Democrats, given that the Democrats are getting talking points directly from the Obama campaing).

DNC Reform is a grassroots organization dedicated to original Democrat standards and not the Progressive/Marxist standards present in the current party leadership.

MSNBC and CNN – Misleading Reporting Favors Obama

There has been a bit of a backlash among conservatives in the past week regarding two instances where at least two national news outlets misled the public in statements made during broadcasts. In the first instance, MSNBC, NBC’s cable arm, an audio clip from a Joe Biden gaffe announcing that Obama would be “tested” in his first six months of office, was downplayed as nothing, giving McCain a negative for even bringing the statement up in his rallies. The problem is that MSNBC played a clip from a speech in San Francisco, which bore little resemblance to the original statements Biden made in Seattle. In addition, the news outlet labeled the San Francisco Remarks as those made in Seattle (See Breitbart TV clip below).

Drew Griffin (CNN) in an interview with V.P. candidate Sarah Palin, asked for her reaction of an article in the National Review (a conservative publication), mocking her and demeaning her, when Palin asked who authored the article, Griffin had no idea of who authored the article. In truth, the article was referring to the press treatment of Palin. (Byron York Article here)

These are not isolated instances, the press in an apparent ideological frenzy, has decided that if ACORN cannot steal the election for former ACORN lawyer and former New Party Member (Socialist)(one has to sign a contract to support socialism – see Bruce Bently article)Obama, then the press will just have to jump in and make sure that their favorite Politician succeeds. From every conceivable source, reporting has been exceptionally biased. One has to wonder if ideology is more important than the truth or basic fact checking. There simply are no more reliable sources, a dilemma predicted by our founding fathers who were loath to give freedom to the press as they feared just such a scenario (Refer to Federalist Papers).

Does it really matter if the press is tainted? Yes – for several reasons – first and foremost, the perception that the press is more than biased is held by conservatives and a growing number of independent voters – to the point that ratings and subscriptions have tanked over the past 8 years – the result, the ideological driven media is losing income, and that can only result in reductions of staff, and in a loss of stock income. (NY Times stocks at a 10 year low and More Layoffs at NY Times). What will happen if John McCain, despite the media, despite ACORN and Obama’s “Truth Squads” and “Internet Squads” is elected? The press is assuring us that riots will ensue. Therefore, if the press cannot outright mislead the public into voting for Obama, the next step is to threaten the public. Should that fail then the ideological press will become further marginalized, there will be more layoffs, the stocks will drop and once respected institutions will be no more than a memory, or most likely a shadow of their former self. However, if they succeed (and it will be a close election), then what will become of truth in America? Talk Radio will certainly benefit, and should taxes increase, should our standing in the world become a laughing stock (see Carter), should we find inflation at 26% and interest rates on home loans at 21% (see Carter again), then there will be a backlash that the media will be unable to control. One thing that is forever lost is the national trust placed in fine institution such as the New York Times, NBC, CBS, and the like.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Rise of the McCain Democrats -Missouri Democrats Support Obama – Vote McCain

In a recent post at Hillbuzz entitled “On the Ground in Ohio”, the consensus from the article was that many former Hillary supporters as well as Obama supporters were moving in the direction of McCain. Is that possible? In the course of several days, and given the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of people from a several different areas of Missouri, there is definitely something afoot. The most amazing comment was: “Me and my family have always voted Democrat, but, this is the first time we are voting for a Republican, because he is the lesser of two evils.” The conversation went a bit further, indicating that although when asked, theses family members would vocally support Obama - for fear of a “backlash”. Subsequent calls made to St. Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City garnered the same results. The individuals queried crossed racial and ethnic bounds, as well as socio-economic boundaries. A few of the reasons why there are closet McCain voters: Acorn’s aggressive approach to vote gathering has given former Hillary Clinton as well as some Obama supporters a belief that the primary process was corrupted, the Obama Truth Squads run by the State’s Sheriffs and Prosecutors – one man suggested that he was afraid of putting out a McCain sign due to possible intimidation from the Sheriff (Springfield, MO), but, the most important of all reasons:
Taxes – once again – “It’s the economy stupid”.

Joe the Plumber may have given these Show-Me voters a pause, but McCain had help in recent days from someone he would least expect: Barney Frank, (D), MA.
Frank, in an interview on CNBC (shown below), indicated that, indeed taxes would have to be raised in order to support government programs.

By calling individuals within a state of interest, it is hardly scientific (or as scientific as Gallop of Rasmussen), however, these are individuals who have given voice to pollsters telling them they would cast a vote for Obama while knowingly voting for McCain. How many of these pollsters are being “had”? That’s difficult to tell, but one can bet the house that if this is truly a trend, then perhaps Obama’s campaign should discount those media tickets its selling to reporters to cover the election night rally.
This election may indeed be a landslide, of media ratings – from Matt Drudge has the latest network news rating analysis.

Wed Oct 22 2008 07:25:40 ET

The Obama-McCain match-up is proving to be a lackluster election ticket for the Big 3 network news programs, according to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH.

As the shouting from the trail and the frantic spinning from the anchor desks intensify, the audience is voting with their remotes.

All 3 evening news shows experienced audience drops year-to-year for the week of Oct. 13-19, 2008.

CBSNEWS w/ Couric shed a half a million viewers, falling from 6.4 million to 5.9 million; ABCNEWS dropped from 8.1 million to 7.6 million; NBCNEWS slumped from 8.2 million to 7.8 million.”

Suffice it to say, that, as in past general elections (the past two specifically), the media pushed a particular party/candidate and the end result was not what they hoped. Will this election be any different? Given the make-up of the electorate, it is hardly probable. This race will be close, and although no one alive can predict the outcome, it appears that old school Democrats may be one of the keys to a McCain win.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mass. Senate Debate – John Kerry Plugs his Challenger Jeff Beatty – "We Need Change in Washington!"

NECN hosted the only televised debate between John Kerry (D-MA) and challenger Jeff Beatty (R), last night. During the hour-long debate, Kerry continued to campaign for Barak Obama rather than debate the issues with his opponent. Beatty reminded Kerry several times that the focus of the debate was the Massachusetts Senate, while Kerry continued to bring each and every point back to the Obama campaign. Kerry, who won all three of the presidential debates in 2004, (according to major U.S. media outlets), went on to lose the presidential bid to incumbent George W. Bush. Once again, the Boston Globe, who endorsed Kerry, gave Beatty a shalaqueing in their subsequent article, pointing to Kerry’s poll numbers in the state, as the incumbants only asset.

What the article failed to mention was that Kerry made several misstatements during the debate. From Fannie Mae and the Bail-out to his closing statements, watching Kerry was a real treat. Kerry, using tired party rhetoric continued to draw a comparison between McCain and Bush and then called Beatty’s campaing tactics “Rovian”. Beatty is a moderate conservative, which was glaringly apparent in last nights debate, far from partisan, he praised Ted Kennedy, while pointing out Kerry’s generally lack of connect to the State he alledgely represents. Kerry then went on the stump for Barack Obama.

There were several highlights during the debate, and one in particular regarded the loss of population in the state. The debate moderator pointed out that Massachusetts was the only state in the Union to have lost population and Kerry wondered if there were several more. The fact of the matter is that Massachusetts has lost population to the extent that Congressional states will be lost. Massachusetts has been consistentaly losing population over the decades due to high taxes and loss of manufacturing jobs and immigration to other states .(Incidentially, since Kerry's been in the Senate.) This segment of the debate was focused on Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot that would repeal the state income tax. Beatty supports repeal of the state income tax, while Kerry does not. In his argument for repeal, Beatty underscored the need to bring more businesses and population to the state by eliminating the state tax. Due to high taxes and fees, businesses are heading over the border to Rhode Island and other more states whose environment is less taxing. Kerry also used the scare tactic of “higher real estate taxes” should the income tax be repealed. Apparently, Kerry is not aware that Massachusetts has a cap on real estate taxes through a provision passed in 1980 - Proposition 2-1/2. Although there are override provisiions in that bill; for example when housing prices rose, some municipalities were allowed to re-asses home values, thereby increasing the tax. When Proposition 2-1/2 was on the ballot, dire predictions of job losses and school closings were bandied about, yet none of this happened, the state lived within its means, at times, under the tenure of fiscally conservative Governors. Now that Massachusetts, with all taxes in place, is looking at 12.6 billion dollars in budget cuts due to a runway Democrat controlled State Government - Kerry argues that the repeal of the income tax would be devastating. He has got to be kidding.

When asked about the states high tax rate, Kerry opined that Massachusetts was no longer Taxachusetts, but that the state was “somewhere in the middle”. Massachuetts is not the higest, true, but the 6th highest in the nation; while neighboring Rhode Island ranks 13th and New Hampshire ranks 35th. New Hampshire is in the Middle.

Kerry continued to questions Beatty’s ability to “get the facts” straight; however, in light of the Junior Senators lack of knowledge regarding his home state, that plea appears a bit ironic.

The Debate, available in video segment below or at New England Cable News Website is entertaining to say the least.

The closing statements were telling, Beatty thanked everyone for attending, and asked Bay Staters watching to visit his website and vote for him on November 4th – adding, God Bless the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and God Bless the United States of America. Kerry’s closing included an unusual plug for his opposition: “We need change in Washington” and ended with “God Bless us all”. Perhaps Kerry might have stopped stumping for Obama long enough to give a closing statement that reflected a Senatorial Debate.

Kerry Vision . net

Closing statements

Monday, October 20, 2008

Predicting the Election Outcome - Consider Massachusetts, Methods of Polling and Other Factors

Massachusetts, long touted as the “Bluest State”, should accurately be described as the “Independent State”. The fact that there is a Democrat governor and legislature is misleading – for the most part, Massachusetts elects Republican candidates when they either appeal to the “middle ground” or if the incumbent Democrat has done such a poor job that it is inconceivable that they be re-elected. Consider this interview with Dukakis, former Governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate done in 2006. In the interview Dukakis explains that the Bay state had Republican governors for 16 years, and notes: “So, don’t make the mistake of assuming that Massachusetts is totally in the Democratic column. Massachusets is a very independent state. The Bay State voted for Ronald Reagan not once, but twice, in the 80s. On the other hand, I wouldn’t spend two seconds looking at these polls and these poll numbers. I mean, at this stage of the game, this is nothing but recognition — these are nothing but recognition numbers “

I’m not certain what Dukakis means by recognition numbers, as I am no mathematician, however, that said, anyone with an ounce of sense understands that if one samples one thousand individuals, 60% democrats, 20% republicans and 20% independents, they cannot accurately reflect the entire electorate – in other words, it is pretty much misleading – why – Dukakis understands from a personal perspective as he led George H. Bush in the polls weeks before the election. (The NY Times even noted that many “Regan Backers Shift Sides” – Sound familiar?)
Let’s talk about “the October Surprise” and “Swift boating”. How much does a negative change anyone’s minds? John Kerry famously blames, of all people, Osama Bin Laden, for his loss in 2004. What was in that tape that pushed American’s to vote for Bush and not Kerry? Nothing: the tape from Bin Laden, and all the political commercials in the world, including Swift Boat ads and the infamous “Willie Horton ads against Dukakis are nothing more than political name calling – and I would hazard to bet that most individuals watch these commercials with a pre-conceived partisanship, which can be applied to the Independent voter. Independent voters lean either Republican or Democrat, occasionally changing positions, but for the most part, staying with one particular party - sometimes exclusively.
Election losses have been credited to the weather and the turn-out – what one does not consider is that the basic conservative v s. liberal mindset has not changed in this nation in the past 12 plus years. More about polling: Terrance Battleground Research this year: 62% of those surveyed consider themselves conservative or leaning conservative - this particular article describes how there are conflicts within the polls itself, as it predicts either a Democrat or Republican win. Go figure. The fact of the matter is there has not been a landslide since Ronald Regan hit the political scene. He followed a dismal Jimmy Carter, and George Bush, although “approval ratings” are low, could not possibly be compared to Jimmy Carter under any circumstance – Carter is extreme left, and, as any conservative knows, Bush will certainly side with the Democrats on a variety of issues, ranging from the Border to the Bailout.

Other factors to consider: What about baggage? That’s the key, the amount of baggage that a candidate drags with them into an election will tell the tale, regardless of the amount of cash on hand. How well is the candidate “known”, regardless of personality? The middle ground: is that candidate a moderate? Bill Clinton was a moderate, who appealed to the essential middle, to the common ground, yet both races were close, not landslides. Additionally, there are those who are still looking for someone with the ability to lead the nation in a time of terror/war. When one looks at all the variables, unless a poll accurately reflects the electorate (without leading questions), they are pointedly useless.
Recall the 2004 exit polls that had the nation convinced John Kerry would be the next president? Therefore, anyone who wants to know who the next president will be has to wait until November 5th, (or perhaps a month or two hence) – there is simply no way to predict - should one be inclined; there is a 50/50 chance they will be correct. However, if one uses the Battlegrounds conservative vs. liberal statistics, considers the historical inaccuracy of the polls, debate winners and newspaper endorsements, adds baggage, and includes those who are looking for a commander in chief that has some military background, then one can confidently choose the McCain/Palin ticket.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin Rocks SNL – The Irony - Palin pushes rankings highest since 2002

Sarah Palin has given a big boost to NBC’s Saturday Night Live, which has enjoyed consistently high rankings since Tina Fey found she resembled her enough to parody the Governor in a series of skits beginning with the season opener. The episode last night, where Palin appeared on SNL (videos below), was billed as a must watch, and the Neilson rankings are sure to come up with some startling numbers. Watching NBC local news prior to the 11:30 PM start, three male reporters (news, weather, sports), were plugging the Governor’s appearance urging their viewers to be sure to watch. It was, in a word, hysterical – both the pre-show plugs and the performance by Palin. NBC must now consider the consequences of enjoying an audience that makes up the entire country, rather than continuing to pursue a bias that insures they will garner at least a part of the 30% of the country which considers itself liberal. As an independent leaning conservative watching the program last evening, the majority of the skits were boring, and boorish – from the MacGruber stunts to the ridiculously dull “Engagement Surprise” skit, the only highlights were the Palin stunts, as well as a the appearance of Walhberg, although a bit slow - definitely not up to the heyday SNL performances of the the 1970’s or the 1980’s. It is not that the humor hinges on stupid, or slapstick or schlock, as that type of humor finds appeal across a broad range of demographics – it is that most of the skits are humorless and painful to watch. Perhaps one has to be a bit less critical, however, put the political humor aside, and the balance of the skits are lacking. It is more entertaining to watch MSNBC, and that is telling. Surely, as GM stocks tank, perhaps the board should consider a new direction for their news and information outlets – taking a clue from SNL – it’s good to have an audience, a big audience.

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