Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guantanamo Decision – The Massachusetts Factor

Courtesy of Logan Airport

Presidential candidates Barrack Obama and John McCain hold differing viewpoints regarding the Supreme Court decision to allow enemy combatants currently held at Guantanamo access to mainland US Civilian courts. McCain agrees with the dissenting opinion of Chief Justice Roberts, while Obama tied the decision to the political. McCain feels that the military tribunal system was more than generous, while Obama commented on the decision as a defeat to the Bush administration. One should understand that McCain may know a thing or two more about being detained against ones will than Barrack Obama, the fact that the later lacks experience outside of the ability to spew rhetoric was evidenced by his response to the ruling. New York Times

Meanwhile, Boston attorney’s are celebrating as the Bay State, home to Logan Airport, scene of the 9/11 crime, brought the suit in the first place. Boston Globe - Boston attorneys on the Guantanamo verdict

the decision can be read in total here. Boumediene (Boston Attorney) vs. Bush, President of the United States (politically motivated?). It is worth noting that all press articles have offered “excerpts” of the text – therefore, suggesting one take the time and trouble to read in entirety as its implications are broad and not specifically in the best interest of the nation. In essence, this allows the detainees (as they are referred) the right of Habeas Corpus under the U.S. Constitution, with all the rights and privileges given to citizens.

They will be allowed to bring their case to civilian court and the decision does not restrict or direct where the detainees will be held pending a US court case. This decision also allows for full treatment, including the setting of bail and release pending trial - into the general population.

McCain may be characterized as “old”; however, one can bet the house that older is wiser in this instance. In essence, Obama is as much of an idiot as John Kerry (the beloved MA senator where in recent poll, shows that only 37% of the state electorate would see him reelected Boston Herald ). Kerry, also applauding the decision is being considered as a running mate for the young and equally experienced Barrack Obama.

Of course, one has to look at where most of these detainees, once released, would be tried. Where else? The State that is the new Mecca for Level 2 and 3 child molesters nationwide is the perfect place for terrorists to set up camp and await trail. They’ve found Boston to be accommodating in the past (the date: September 11, 2001) – their law firm is located in Boston, and of course, the Governor, a close friend and speech-sharing buddy of Barack, would be able to lay out the welcome matt.
One can only hope however, that should these detainees be tried and found guilty of any crime (considering this is Massachusetts), they would spend time at a facility such as Walpole. In a word: Karma.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert – 1950 – 2008

The most even handed NBC journalist, Tim Russert, died today of a heart attack at age 58. My cell rang while I was shopping, to hear the voice of a co-worker (my favorite liberal) telling me that Russert had passed. It was one of those moments when one stops to remember an individual who set a particular standard of excellence – and that is the essence of Russert. NBC has lost the only fair-minded guy on the team – he was a joy to watch - needling both left and right during any given debate or commentary he will be sadly missed.

June 14th - Honoring Our Flag and the US Army - Will John Kerry have the nerve to do either?

This Saturday, parades honoring the American Flag will be held in some places that still hold a shred of patriotism. Interestingly enough, June 14th is also Army Day, or the Birth of the U.S. Army. A bit of history follows in order to enlighten and to honor those who have fought so hard to protect so much, even to this day where the flag is held in contempt by those Progressives who would seek public office. It is best to remember that the flag is symbolic of the very struggle for liberty that has allowed citizens of such ilk as John Kerry, the ability to degrade both the flag and those who fought so bravely to defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress approved the design of a national flag.
Since 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a national Flag Day on June 14, Americans have commemorated the adoption of the Stars and Stripes by celebrating June 14 as Flag Day. Prior to 1916, many localities and a few states had been celebrating the day for years. Congressional legislation designating that date as the national Flag Day was signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1949; the legislation also called upon the president to issue a Flag Day proclamation every year.
According to legend, in 1776, George Washington commissioned Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross to create a flag for the new nation. Scholars debate this legend, but agree that Mrs. Ross most likely knew Washington and sewed flags. To date, there have been twenty-seven official versions of the flag, but the arrangement of the stars varied according to the flag-makers' preferences until 1912 when President Taft standardized the then-new flag's forty-eight stars into six rows of eight. The forty-nine-star flag (1959-60), as well as the fifty-star flag, also have standardized star patterns. The current version of the flag dates to July 4, 1960, after Hawaii became the fiftieth state on August 21, 1959. from: The Library of Congress


The June 14 date is when Congress adopted "the American continental army" after reaching a consensus position in The Committee of the Whole. This procedure and the desire for secrecy account for the sparseness of the official journal entries for the day. The record indicates only that Congress undertook to raise ten companies of riflemen, approved an enlistment form for them, and appointed a committee (including Washington and Schuyler) to draft rules and regulations for the government of the army. The delegates' correspondence, diaries, and subsequent actions make it clear that they really did much more. They also accepted responsibility for the existing New England troops and forces requested for the defense of the various points in New York. The former were believed to total 10,000 men; the latter, both New Yorkers and Connecticut men, another 5,000. From: The History.Army.Mil

It is imperative that residents of the Bay State keep perspective when going to the polls in September and November.

Note: Swift boat Ad: Although Swift boat veterans much maligned by the media, the testimony given by John F. Kerry cannot be refuted.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Democrats - Suddenly Experience Matters? John Kerry and Barrack Obama

In the past several days, the press has focused on John Kerry’s importance due to Kennedy’s illness and the fact that he has senatorial experience, is given as a reason for his qualification. Hold the presses! John Kerry may be seen nationally as some sort of wonder boy, however, how many voters in Massachusetts actually like John Kerry? How much legislation has he penned in 24 years on the job? How often has he stepped foot in Massachusetts? How many times have the voters been given a choice? Why on earth should Kerry be re-elected if the criteria set by the press and the National Democrat Party is “experience?

Kerry is simply stated – looked upon as somewhat of a buffoon in his home state, and that sentiment now cross party lines. This will not be a slam-dunk. The largest block of voters, over 50%, are Unenrolled, aligning themselves with neither party. Both major parties have lost enrollment (almost equal numbers) based on the 2008 primary (visit Galvin’s website), and, although not the GOP’s first choice, Beatty is a credible candidate, with the necessary education and background, who also has generous grassroots support (among both Republicans as well as independents (The later being the key to the state). With Kerry thumbing his nose at his constituents (those that voted for Clinton in the primary), using the progressive mind-think that one knows better than the masses and they will all follow the “leader’ as a given, will come back to haunt him in November. Clinton voters are not just temporarily bereaved, they are now vengeful – one can use the term – biblical. Beatty on the other hand, little know, as noted in the press, on a daily basis (which can be seen as getting one’s name out there, any press is good press), should not be dismissed out hand.

The argument that the Bay State now needs Kerry’s senatorial “experience” in light of Kennedy’s illness runs counter to that party’s national claim that “experience” doesn’t matter when it comes to a much higher office – (see Obama) – further inflaming and confusing those steadfast Democrat voters that make up approximately 30% of the Massachusetts electorate. If Vegas were giving odds on this race, the best bet would be on the press-perceived long-shot – Beatty. This will be the race to watch.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kerry’s Negatives – A Plus for Challenger Jeff Beatty

The Boston Herald article this morning regarding John Kerry’s challenger, Jeff Beatty, references the uphill battle the campaign faces in the “bluest” state – a state that is known to heavily favor the Democrat party. They fail to note that the state is more heavily “independent’ and that both the Democrat as well as the Republican parties (the later always penned in the press as embattled) lost equal enrollment in the past 4 years. In addition, most of the Democrat incumbents go unchallenged; it may be the mindset, furthered by a state and national press that any other party would fare ill within the “Bluest State” – bunk!

Jeff Beatty is the first qualified candidate to face Kerry in a dozen years, and the fact that Kerry is facing opposition from within his own party for the first time in 24 years is telling. The Herald ponders the question whether Kennedy’s illness will play a factor in the Kerry race – should Kennedy leave the Senate, the state might need Kerry to help keep the federal support that Kennedy brings home. Why would the Herald and or the people of the State believe that Kerry would suddenly become more engaged than he has in the past? Beatty, an effective businessman, who has garnered significant grassroots support, is an effective campaigner who would take his experience to Washington in order to further the interest of the residents of the state. Kerry’s lackluster performance for the state, coupled with the anger of those in the Democrat party who are upset with his support of Obama over Clinton, will aid Beatty’s already well-established campaign.

It is interesting to note that every national article as well as articles from papers in the Bay state use the moniker “little known” when referring to Jeff Beatty, preferring instead to focus on Kerry, Ogonowski’s failure to make the ballot, the State’s and national Republican party’s preference for Ogonowski ad nausea and the “eventual” return of Kerry to the senate. Beatty’s treatment by the press is similar in scope to that received by a “little known” John Thune, who made history by unseating the first Senate Leader in 52 years – Tom Daschle.
More on Jeff Beatty from the Worcster Telegram

Jeff, a US Army veteran, will also participate in the Dedham Flag Day parade this Saturday. Interesting Fact: Flag Day is also Army Day and this year marks the 233rd anniversary of the founding of the American Army.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Massachusetts – 50.34% of Unenrolled Voters?

An interesting statistic regarding the electorate in Massachusetts: in 2004 the political party designation showed the following:
Of the 4,098,634 total registered voters 1,526,711 were registered Democrat, 532,319 were registered Republican, 2,000,062 were designated Unenrolled and the balance were of another party affiliation. Reference Mass. Secretary of State.

The latest figures show a modest change: ( PDF download and other voter information available click here) out of 4,011,551 total enrolled 1,476,133 are registered Democrat, 486,188 are registered Republican, 2,019,368 are registered as Unenrolled with the balance of another party affiliation.

It should be noted that both major parties lost enrollment (Democrats lost 50,578 voters while Republicans lost, 46,131 registered voters, there was a shift to alternative and unenrolled voter status.) Therefore, the makeup of the state electorate, although touted as heavily Democrat by the media and the party, can actually be classified as “up for grabs” during a general election. Which begs the question: Will the RNC, who undoubtedly has access to these figures, finally turn their attention to the Massachusetts electorate and make a concerted effort to gain both house and senate seats? How vulnerable is John Kerry is Massachusetts? Additionally, are other “blue states” any different?

Kerry Democrat Opponent Ed O’Reilly on NECN “Kerry has no passion on any issue”

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Coming Storm – The Democrats - A Divided and Divisive Party

Ben Adler, writing for Politico ponders the question: “Will Clinton Take the Blame if Obama falls?” – This is a valid question. Once Hillary Clinton was literally shoved out of the primary contest after a remarkable showing, she was expected to “suck it up” and urge her supporters to get back in line with the party that prefers that women stay exactly where they belong – in second place. Her supporters, on the other hand, may just balk at the prospect and either vote for the other guy and or not vote at all. Anyone watching Hillary Clintons brilliant concession speech could take note of the crowd – disappointed in the extreme – not in Clinton, but in the process that allowed a media and party leaders to push a woman to the back while promoting a candidate that was ultimately less qualified to head the party. There's an old adage: Never underestimate the power of a woman. Howard Dean, John Kerry, Bill Richardson, Harry Reid - take note. Vengence is an artform.

Adler notes in his article that many Obama supporters felt that Clinton was unduly harsh in her attacks on Obama – and with this question, the obvious becomes clear. Obama will come under grueling attacks by a Republican machine that is more than capable (Clinton understood this). The debates between Obama and McCain will clearly show a stark contrast to a stunning orator and someone who just knows his stuff – can Obama somehow avoid debating McCain? That is doubtful. So, this is the scenario – with Obama out there on his own, facing a Republican party that can more than throw a fatal punch, with his own party divided, with a message of hope lacking substance, should he someone lose the bid for the presidency – it will be Clinton’s fault? That’s beyond sexist. Women should rethink their affiliation with a party that’s sole platform for women has been “Abortion Rights – giving no thought to equal pay for equal work (women still receive less per hour than their male counterparts). ‘You’ve come a long way baby” – how incredibly insulting. The 2008 political races just became a great deal more interesting.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jeff Beatty – National Republican Senatorial Committee On-Board

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is finally on-board with the Jeff Beatty campaign (Republican Massachussetts). They woke up and sniffed the Nescafe! Of note on the home page they have a link to a petition in support of John McCain’s “Gas Tax Holiday” (a Holiday Obama does not want those of us he considers “the masses”, to take).
Suggestion: visit the NRSC: get more info on Jeff Beatty and sign the petition.

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