Saturday, October 07, 2006

On Being A Home Dweller

As opposed to "home owner" where one actually owns the dwelling in question rather than a lending institution. One thing is certain, that when living in a dwelling that is not an apartment, condo or otherwise the responsibility of some landlord or association, there is a better than average chance that something will need repair and the home dweller will need to get the job done, or more likely, hire someone to help.

Recently, a sun-room attached to our home experienced some shattering glass panels. Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. A contractor was called in to look at the possibility of renovation this particular room and transforming it into a porch. Upon closer inspection it was determined that a porch as the last thing that required attention. The roof was in peril. Re-roofing began immediately. As the days progressed, more damage became apparent. Dry rot and more were found underneath several layers of shingles; requiring more replacement work than originally anticipated. When the work began on the side of the roof adjacent to the sunroom, the situation went from bad to worse. It began with redesign on the sun-room, removing panels of glass instead of replacing them, and extending the roof, thereby achieving the original look of a porch, of sorts. The first discovery of the day came right after noon, the rafters had rotted and split into pieces. That was not anticipated, however, one begins to roll with the punches. Upon arriving at the home site, it was revealed that in addition to the rafters, termites had set up residence in the wet rafters. Exterminators became a part of the discussion. Not one half-hour later, mice were found.

Is there a body in the basement?

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