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Steven Branchflower – Nails Palin by Who’s Orders?

Steven Branchflower, special prosecutor who found Sarah Palin guilty of “abuse of power” (and this was a stretch), yesterday, may have had a personal and political stake in his findings.

From Steven Branchflowers
Barackbook Profile (courtesy of the RNC)
connecting the dots is rather simple.

Steve Branchflower
Who Am I?
Branchflower Spent 28 Years As A Prosecutor In Anchorage, Returning To Public Life In 2002 To Head The Alaska Office Of Victim's Rights. "Branchflower was an Anchorage prosecutor for 28 years and returned briefly after retirement in 2002 to run the Legislature's newly created Office of Victims' Rights. For much of his time in the Anchorage District Attorney's office, he ran the intake unit, evaluating cases submitted by police and troopers for prosecution. He also occasionally tried cases, generally high-profile murders." (Megan Holland, "Branchflower Will Investigate Monegan Case," Anchorage Daily News, 8/2/08)
Branchflower Is The Special Counsel Appointed To Review The Dismissal Of Former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. "Steve Branchflower, a retired prosecutor, was named Friday as special counsel to the Legislature to investigate Gov. Sarah Palin's firing of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. 'Alaskans are calling for a complete and fair investigation into why Walt Monegan was fired and if it had anything to do with trooper Mike Wooten,' Sen. Kim Elton, D-Juneau, said in a press release." (Megan Holland, "Branchflower Will Investigate Monegan Case," Anchorage Daily News, 8/2/08)
• Branchflower Was Made Special Counsel To Investigate Sarah Palin On August 1. "Steve Branchflower, a retired prosecutor, was named Friday as special counsel to the Legislature to investigate Gov. Sarah Palin's firing of former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan." (Megan Holland, "Branchflower Will Investigate Monegan Case," The Anchorage Daily News, 8/2/08)
• Branchflower Asked To Be Named Special Counsel On The Case. "Branchflower has the experience to sift through the evidence and see if there is anything there, Elton said. Branchflower asked for the job, along with several others, Elton said." (Megan Holland, "Branchflower Will Investigate Monegan Case," Anchorage Daily News, 8/2/08)
Branchflower And Walt Monegan Were Colleagues. "If Plummer and his troops can make it happen, these warmed-up cases may be only the beginning. [Anchorage Police Chief] Monegan has 'given us the time, and we're going to give him the results,' Plummer said. As head of the new unit, Plummer is following a department legend. In 1984, Sgt. Mike Grimes, along with Gifford and former prosecutor Steve Branchflower, developed a team approach to working homicides that proved successful into the 1990s, attracting praise from the FBI among others." (Sheila Toomey, "Cold Cases Brought To Front Burner," Anchorage Daily News, 5/5/02)
• Walt Monegan Joined The Anchorage Police Department In 1974. "In January of 1974, Walt was hired as a patrolman with the Anchorage Police Department." (Municipality Of Anchorage, Alaska Web site,, Accessed 9/15/08)
• Steve Branchflower Became An Assistant District Attorney For Anchorage In 1974. "Assistant District Attorney-Anchorage District Attorney Office-1974-1998." (Alaska Senate Web site,, Accessed 9/15/08)
Branchflower And Democrat Hollis French Are Former Colleagues. "French will supervise Branchflower. French, also a former prosecutor and colleague of Branchflower, has told the council that the investigator will go to work gathering evidence and could come back to lawmakers if 'some people just won't talk.' The House and Senate Judiciary Committees could then issue subpoenas to compel testimony." (Megan Holland, "Branchflower Will Investigate Monegan Case," Anchorage Daily News, 8/2/08)
Branchflower Deferred Questions Regarding The Subpoena List To Obama Partisan, French. “Rep. David Guttenberg (D.) asked Branchflower why he was requesting subpoenas for only those people attending the meeting and not Tibbles himself. Branchflower said he would ‘have to defer that question to Mr. French.’ ’I put the list together with, talking to Mr. French,’ Branchflower added. Sen. Gene Therriault (R.) told Branchflower, ‘I don’t understand why you would have to defer that question to Sen. French. If it’s your list you’re in complete control of the list, then why can’t you answer the question?’ Branchflower had no explanation.” (Amanda Carpenter, “Obama Partisan Tampers With Palin Subpoena List,” Townhall, 9/13/08)
In 2003, Branchflower Was Criticized For His Investigation Of A Delay Of Police Response For A 911 Call Of A Homicide. "At the August press conference, police released an audiotape and transcript of Godfrey's 911 call for help. She was shot four times, and her husband, retired Public Safety Commissioner Glenn Godfrey, was killed on Aug. 3 by a woman with whom he had had an affair. The woman then killed herself. Police had the Godfrey address, linked to their phone number, as soon as Patti Godfrey made the call. But faulty information in a dispatch computer sent police to an address that didn't exist." (Lisa Demer, "Godfrey Case Opens Police, Agency Rift," Anchorage Daily News, 1/23/03)
• Deputy Police Chief Mark Mew Criticized Branchflower's "Scathing Report" That Released Private Information. "Mew said he urged Gerad and Glenn Godfrey Jr., the couple's sons, to contact the victims' rights office for help in dealing with a situation in which reporters were clamoring for information. But he didn't anticipate the advocates' scathing report, issued Nov. 26, which said police had violated Godfrey's rights through a delay in medical treatment and also by releasing private information." (Lisa Demer, "Godfrey Case Opens Police, Agency Rift," Anchorage Daily News, 1/23/03)
• "911 Task Force Co-Chairman Steve McAlpine Said He Believed The Advocates Had Overreached With Some Conclusions." "At Thursday's meeting, 911 task force co-chairman Steve McAlpine said he believed the advocates had overreached with some conclusions about stress and overwork in the dispatch center. The report said a shortage of dispatchers contributed to the delay, and that the need to work excessive overtime resulted in avoidable errors." (Lisa Demer, "Godfrey Case Opens Police, Agency Rift," Anchorage Daily News, 1/23/03) "

The entire report (the section provided to the press) is available in pdf - Here It is abundantly clear after reading this report (all 243 boring pages); it is much ado about nothing. The only purpose served by this report is the deflection of criticism aimed at the Obama campaign. When one compares the reports offered by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and every media outlet, without few exceptions, the language used in the media reports bears little resembles to that used in the actual documents. Does this change anything at all in regards to Palin? Possibly with committed Democrats. Will this be enough to take the heat off Obama? There are still several weeks to go before the election, and this is no October Surprise.

Friday, October 10, 2008

People Are Angry – US Media Misses the Mark - Canadian Media Hits the Nail on the Head

If the majority of US news outlets and the journalists for whom they opine had their sway, the election would be a foregone conclusion, no need to cast a vote, Obama would be the President. However, due to the current climate that has sprung from a financial fiasco (Freddie and Fannie) (which should normally help the Democrats), along with voter Fraud charges in at least 12 states by Obama’s former employer, client and paid “get-out-the-vote” group, ACORN, the media is beginning to feel some of the scorn which, up until now, has been reserved for politicians alone (with the exception of the New York Times). They fail to understand or cannot comprehend why the public would turn on them so; after all; it is their duty to inform and educate the public – again - unfortunate for them, the public has more than one outlet available to them in order to make an informed decision on the political landscape. Should the likes of CBS and NBC and ABC l not investigate a candidate who has no background, or accurately find out who is responsible for the financial crisis and Fannie Mae, then the people will do it themselves. How bad is it for CBS? Fox News’ Bill O’Reillypulled in more viewers last week than the CBS Evening News (Couric’s hatchet job on Palin.). The fact of the matter - the media has and continues to protect a chosen candidate while doing anything in its declining power to knock out the opposition, former media darling John McCain. The problem, people are aware and, like those shown in the videos below, including a video of Farrakan calling Obama the Messiah - they are pretty angry.

Both Fox and CNN showed clips of a McCain rally in Wisconsin yesterday, McCain was at once encouraged by those in the audience to please start naming names and standing up for the folks. One man refused to sit down and spoke until he was finished. Obama’s ties to socialists and his involvement and membership in a socialist party had this gentleman unnerved. Of course, the Obama Truth Squad (otherwise known as CBS, NBC and company), have done no investigation into this man’s background, taking for granted, whatever is printed on the Obama Truth Squad Website. Once upon a time, the media believed that average people were truly stupid, unsophisticated, and easily led – times have changed. Now the people know how stupid the media is and just how easily led, and if that is not the case, many believe them to be accomplices. This anger towards the media and their evident bias, boiled over with “attacks” on a group in Jacksonville – the media was shocked, hurt, amazed! (Verbal abuse never hurt anyone)? Mary Mitchell (Chicago Sun Times columnist) in a fit of hysteria misrepresented a Washington Post article and used that twisted logic to demand Palin to apologize to Obama. Although, the media is downplaying Obama’s socialist ties, they are easily found; just head to Vermont, where Obama held a fundraiser for Sanders, the only Socialist Senator in the Country. A video on YouTube of the event is available here however, the owner will not allow this video to be embedded – why? Obama continues to deny his associations (and what else many wonder), the press continues to deflect and defend and the people are furious.

Acorn (CBS calls ACORN a non-profit in reports) and the Fannie Mae mess are one story with many facets, all tying Socialist leaning Democrats to Obama’s favorite organization. When begged to name names (video below), McCain finally does so, and additionally mentions that there is plenty of information to back up the fact that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (and others, including Obama) had their hands dirty. This may be news to the media; however, it’s not news to anyone with a computer and the ability to find “Google”. The fact that voter fraud is rampant in a minimum of twelve states (see video below of Cleveland Ohio woman who was harassed endlessly by ACORN until she registered multiple times); prodded McCain to call for investigations. One would think that in Ohio, specifically, early ballots cast would be recalled and rechecked under extreme scrutiny, and that standard should apply to all states where ACORN has an office. (If the shoe fits, one must be wearing it - so to speak.) It has nothing to do with poverty or race, as Sen. Reid implies, it has everything to do with treating everyone equally under the law (something that is allowed to be broken by certain Community Organizations with ties to a certain Illinois Senator running for President.)

It is not too little too late - the Republican Base and Independent voters not polled by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBS and MSNBC (the later both owned by GE, who stock took a dive this week - any questions?), agree that it is time to get serious. If the aforementioned networks as well as other overly sympathetic media outlets (and they know who they are), do not clean up their act and go back to being journalist and reporters; they may all end up like Air America. It isn’t as if this shenanigans is not being noticed by press elsewhere. What is most galling is that the Canadian Free Press is doing a better job of vetting Obama, that the US press. In the Article entitled “Huffington Post and Tag Team Cover-up of Obama’s ACORN Days”, the Canadian Free Press does what the American Press has failed to do – Report! One has to be embarrassed at this turn of events.

An Excerpt Here:

“And as I write this post, news is circulating that police in Las Vegas, Nevada, raided the local ACORN office. Authorities allege that ACORN canvassers “falsified forms with bogus names, fake addresses or famous personalities.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports “that most members of the Dallas Cowboys appeared to be registering in Nevada to vote in November’s general election.” And in Ohio, ACORN admits voter fraud is just part of doing business.

Meanwhile, the HuffPost denies that Project Vote is now and has for years been the voter mobilization arm of ACORN. But now that ACORN is getting bad press by the bushel, HuffPost writer Seth Colter Walls argues that when Barack Obama ran Project Vote in 1992 it wasn’t technically a part of ACORN. (Background: Walls’s original post criticizing Seton Motley of the Media Research Center is here; Motley’s post in response is here; and my post in response to Walls’s original post is here.) “.

The above is an example of what American Journalist should be doing, but because they have been blinded by politically ideology, or in collusion with a Progressive Socialist agenda, they are incapable. The America People will speak and it will not be kind, to both the media as well as the party of Frank, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Kerry and Obama. Therefore, should criminal charges be filed any time soon, should they not include those who may now enjoy a much abused “freedom”? My friends, this can only get uglier.

Link: Mccain to go after chris dodd, barney frank

Thursday, October 09, 2008

John Kerry (D-MA) Back Peddles on Debate with Jeff Beatty (R – MA) - Kerry Has Ties to AIG and Freddie MAC

On October 4, the Associated Press Reported that John Kerry (D-MA) had agreed to two debates with Republican Challenger Jeff Beatty. (Boston Globe) At the time, Kerry’s Campaign Manager said: “Kerry is "looking forward to a dialogue on the issues that matter to all Massachusetts residents."

Just two weeks later, the man who coined the phrase “flip-flop”, appears to be waffling; In an article on the 8th on Politicker MA Beatty notes he is looking forward to two debates, however, the Kerry campaign could “not be reached for comment”. No kidding.
On the same day Kerry’s campaign told Politicker that the debates “were not finalized” Brigid O'Rourke, Kerry's aid, waffled about the details of the debate not having been finalized. Bunk.

The fact is that Kerry cannot afford to debate Jeff Beatty at this time. Kerry, with deep ties to AIG going back to the BIG Dig and questionable contributions made to the Bay state Junior Senator by AIG after they won the bid to insure that massive national tax burden, and his involvement in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco are all well documented. Kerry, no stranger to making bad deals, had a run in with John McCain back in 2000, when he was trying to foist a shaky shipyard deal on the nation.

Kerry and Barney Frank are two politicians’ the State of Massachusetts could do without and, right now, the people in Massachusetts are possibly the only people in the country who know who to blame for this crisis. It is surprising that the phrase “criminal prosecution” has not surfaced in relationship to the key players in Freddie and Fannie: Frank and Kerry as well as Dodd and Obama.

Jeff Beatty has called John Kerry to task the past few days, over his stock holdings in AIG, and that is what has prompted the Kerry two-step. Although he is shown in the polls as leading Beatty by a wide margin, polls may end up being meaningless in the Bay State. Ask a Massachusetts resident who’s responsible for this mess – and you’ll get an idea of how well both Kerry and Frank will do this election. Perhaps ACORN will be needed to get the vote out. Kerry should be a man, step up to the plate, and debate Jeff Beatty as agreed, dates included.

To find out more about Jeff Beatty and where he stands on the issues, including the Federal Bail out, visit Jeff

A Tale of Two Sheriffs: Campaign for McCain face the Feds, Campaign for Obama, no Problems!

Lee County Sherriff, Mike Scott has done the unimaginable! He is a Republican and campaigning for McCain – someone call the authorities! Apparently, the Obama campaign has its hands full in Florida (polls), so the heat is up on the state. The NBC article notes that so many calls of complaint were received that they are investigating the Sherriff under the Hatch Act because he may have undo influence on the election.

The office of Sherriff in Florida is an elected position, much the same as those held by Sherriff and prosecutors in Missouri. The difference between the two Sheriffs is that one is campaigning for McCain and the other (Missouri) are actively campaigning for Obama. The press is hammering Mike Scott, but little is heard about his counterparts in the State of Missouri, where the Obama campaign is using Sheriffs and Prosecutors in an effort to implement Obama’s “Truth Squad”. These “Truth Squads” are akin to SS officers, intimidating those who would speak out against Obama, and not deliver the campaigns version of the “truth”. The use of public officials, especially those who are able to incarcerate and prosecute, goes well beyond the Hatch Act, yet, not a word of outrage (with the exception of the Govenor and a few blogs).

It is all part and parcel of the thuggery that has been employed by Obama beginning in the 1990’s (see Socialist Party evidence here) . The question remains, will these tactics work? Will there be an investigation into the Missouri gang? The answer is doubtful on both questions. Unfortunately, innocent men and women who dare to campaign for McCain may end up taking the heat until after the election, while those who are on the Obama side of the aisle (New Progressive Democrats) will skate by with nary a slap on the hand.

The accomplice in all of this is the media. It is no mystery why there is growing backlash against some in the media who blindly follow and push and agenda that is so obvious to all but those so strongly affiliated with one party that they would buy anything? This is 2004 revisited, however, the media has played a greater roll in giving a pass to one candidate while trying to undermine another – the people still aren’t buying it.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ACORN Raided in Federal Probe - Surprised?

The Associated Press is reporting that the Las Vegas office of ACORN has been raided due to voter fraud. Apparently, the Obama Get-Out-The-Vote effort uses some tried and true tactics in states where they feel are critical to a win. Apparently, voter registrations received from football players who live in Texas (the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys to be exact) tipped off the Nevada Secretary of State. ACORN and Obama go way back, excellent research available here at OneNewsNow. From Fannie Mae to Voter Fraud, one can connect the dots and add one more “dubious” connection to Obama’s phonebook.

ACORN, of course, has put out a press release calling this a “political stunt”. The irony!

Acorn is not stranger to charges of voter fraud, Washington 2005, Florida 2005, Florida, 2004, Ohio, 2004, Colorado, 2004, ad nausea. A pattern appears to develop in general elections, specifically in swing states. From sticking their noses into and causing the housing problem with the help of Obama and side kick Barney Frank, to making sure every non-existent vote is counted, it is about time that someone took organizations of this ilk to task.

The Press Demands an Apology - Censure Palin!

Mary Mitchell, of the Chicago Sun Times, believes that Sarah Palin owes the Press, and more absurdly, the Obama Campaign an apology for remarks made to reporters at a recent Florida rally. Apparently, if the shoe is on the other foot, it’s not exactly comfortable. Mary refers to an opinion piece in the Washington Post for her article, while embellishing the original story just a bit. Mitchell conveniently neglects to link to the Post piece in question, leaving the reader no doubt that Mary’s opinion is “Fact”. What the press, in general, is missing is that they are under extreme scrutiny by the American public and have been for quite some time. With the glaring partisanship shown in the past year, beginning with the Clinton campaign and now transferred to Palin, each piece is looked over, examined for accuracy, and then debunked by one’s 70 year old next door neighbor who has access to high speed cable Internet. Mary, the proverbial jig is up. Palin, in her remarks about the mainstream media, shows most American’s one thing specifically - she is one of “them” and is voicing an opinion of the media that they have had for years. In other words, sooner or later, someone was going to say it out loud - It was bound to happen.

In examining Mitchell’s article, she notes: “According to a published report in the Washington Post, Palin reporters turned on the press after she blamed the media for her inarticulate interviews. Some supporters used racial slurs, and at one point someone in the audience yelled: "Kill him." For greatest accuracy Mitchell should have read Millbank's piece - one person in the crowd said "sit down boy" to a camera man! article here (granted this was Florida, and as it was a Republican rally, one in the press would immediately assume it was racial, instead of a retiree who might be telling someone to get out of his way). Further, there was a network that was noted, however, nothing has appeared yet on a local or national station and/or found its way to YouTube to support this story - again questionable.

The press has run unchecked for years and they are now surprised that the public is fed up? If one thinks this is something that is out of the ordinary - think again - it did not start with Palin, it started 10 years ago (connect the dots with declining circulation as well as ratings - (Of course, certain people will blame the Internet as well as talk radio). Mitchell begins the article with “Palin should apologize to the Obama campaign and the media"; which begs the question: why should Palin apologize to the campaign for something that one of the attendees (or several) said and/or did? Is booing at Obama not allowed? Perhaps Mary refers to the alleged racial slur? If the media expects an apology from anyone who is right of Progressive, they may be waiting for some time.

Most mainstream American's believe that reporters should base articles on fact, not opinion - unless of course, the article is plainly stamped opinion and appears on an op-ed page or television segment. Very few can honestly tell the difference between the two because that is not the case – there are no longer clear distinctions made between page 1 and 34. Therefore, if someone does not care a journalists or reporters opinion and shouts at them (or boos), or worse, tells a cameraman to stop blocking their view and sit down!, then one must keep in mind that they are a spectator at these events, not privileged members of the press and they had better be ready to take what they have so long dished out. Mitchell’s article is a case in point, although it is a blog, she is perceived as reporting. Again, this is due to the fact that the lines between fact and opinion have been crossed far too often in the majority (includes Talk Radio and Fox) of America’s media outlets and consumers are angry.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Barney Frank Plays the Race Card to Deflect Criticism?

Barney Frank (D-MA), who has his fingerprints on the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae fiasco going back to the 1990’s, is now crying “Race”, as Republicans and some in the media connect the dots as to who is at fault over the nation’s financial woes. Yesterday Frank said that the Republicans were racists because they were questioning the Democrats over the nation’s housing crisis. He has got to be kidding.

Although Frank has been in the national spotlight for many years, one thing that he has benefitted from is a virtual pass by those outside of the State of Massachusetts. From the Massachusetts Press: A Boston Globe editorial entitled ”Frank’s Fingerprints Are All Over the Financial Fiasco”,outlining Frank’s involvement, and ”Frank Taking Rare Heat Back in the District” are but two articles that indict Frank both by the paper’s staff ( the Globe is not known to be a “Conservative Press”), as well as by the by Massachusetts residents condemning the Congressman (see comments).

Frank, in the 1990’s sat on the banking committee while his former boyfriend, Herb Moses, was in charge of Fannie Mae; Frank defended and deflected every single attempt at legislating those financial entities beginning in the 1990’s, but now conveniently recalls only 2007 forward when he was Chair of the House Committee? Democrats Were Wrong on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” outlines a bit more of Frank’s shenanigans, while Business and Media article “Media mum on Barney Frank’s Fannie Mae Love Connection” notes that the mainstream media stopped writing articles regarding Frank and Moses back in 2005, because they had a break-up, yet, the media failed to cover the connection that results in a conflict of interest that is criminal in that Frank turned his back on his country in his own self-interest.

What is an embattled Democrat to do? Cry Race? Deflect the criticism away from himself and his Party. Will it work? Doubtful. Barney Frank Housing Scandal is up to 387,000 Google Searches, many of which are coming out of Massachusetts if blog tracking tools are any indication. Frank, is, ironically, leading the investigations in the house (not a joke), should be investigated, indicted and imprisoned for his part in this great debacle. Those Democrats (and the very few Republicans) who knowingly looked the other way while taking kickbacks from both Freddie and Fannie should pay the price – and be held accountable to the American people.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Shelly Mandel, NOW CA - Endorses: Palin

Shelly Mandel, the head of the LA Chapter of NOW has endorsed Sarah Palin and John McCain. Mandel called Palin and Feminist as well as a supporter of women's rights (Something every Conservative Feminist would know)at a recent CA rally for McCain. There is reaction to this here: Democratic Underground and Here and IUSBVISION.

It is about time, that NOW members broke with NAREL and worked on feminist issues, instead of party issues. Shelly Mandel has it right, and perhaps her courageous move (she will take plenty of heat as shown by the KOS), will encourage more feminists to join the the ranks and actually elect a woman to the White House.

Video: Now Chief Endorses Palin

Indoctrination of our Youth – Obama Style

In a YouTube Videos that are circulating around the blog, one showing a group of young, angelic girls singing to Obama; and chanting “Yes We Can” (Thank you Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick), within the song, and the other, a step brigade that, on the face of it, shows youth empowered by a political figure to aspire to greater heights. It is difficult to determine which of these two clips is most disturbing, due to the age of the children in the first video, and the para-military, militant nature of the second. In both, the chant: “Yes We Can” is employed. In either case, one cannot help but draw comparisons between these two videos and videos from the late 1930’s: the Hitler Youth. In that instance, Hitler used children to allay fears of adults, while at the same time, brainwashing them to become followers of the Reich. (Mein Kampf) The duties of these children were quite simple: chant, sing, and praise the Furher, and ultimately, point out any family members or neighbors who might disagree, or be of the wrong religious background.

This is unprecedented in American Politics; the use of children in a propaganda based manner. Advertisements have featured babies being kissed by politicians, or more darkly, a family concerned about an attack on American soil, however, in those instances, there were no specific organizations or brigades. These Obama Youth videos send a compelling message to the American people, and the families involved should take a long, hard look at what they are doing to their children – this is not Hollywood. The children in the video below (Obama Junior Fraternity Regiment), implies that those young men cannot aspire to greatness in our nation, unless they are guided by Obama. That without Obama, they would never have considered themselves worthy, or capable of becoming an architect or an engineer; there is a fine line between Hollywood (acting in a video about a youth brigade) and child abuse. Should Obama not win the white house, what will become of those who have become so indoctrinated by one individual that they will certainly fail without “their leader”?

Specifically unnerving is the fact that no one outside of the Obama Campaign knows specifics regarding the Senator, his qualifications, his background, are all available in a book he has written, but what of facts? Both Columbia and Harvard have refused to release any of his records, on orders from the campaign. One has to wonder if these children are following someone whose political ideology closely matches that of Hugo Chavez, or if they are following the least brightest star in the bunch. Understanding that to most of the electorate education should not matter a white, the media is another story. The McCain-Palin camp has come under scrutiny ad nausea regarding Palins college career and she is number two on the ticket. Much is made of the fact, that like many Americans of modest means, Palin changed schools as her parents or her own fortunes changed and managed to obtain her education the hard way – something that is scoffed at by those who were fortunate enough to go to 4 year universities on both coasts. Obama's college past is shrouded in mystery and he is the top of the ticket. What seems to be the problem? One would think that if he had outstanding grades and or even moderate grades, the campaign would be touting credentials – however, that said, when one’s focus is on political ambition and one surrounds themselves with friends who would prefer to see a different type of government installed in the United State, then one may have a grand point average lower than John Kerry’s or George W. Bush (both men had less than stellar records, although Bush did manage to best Kerry in the GPA).

We’re it the McCain Youth Brigade, or the Obama Brigade, (or similar choirs for young ladies), any sane parent with a grasp of history would step forward and say – no thank you, unless of course, it was a paid commercial and not taken seriously by anyone involved. Unfortunately, these videos show willing participants in a “group” supporting a specific politician with adoration. Hopefully, there are plenty of therapist on hand post November 4th, should the outcome not favor Obama, and if it does – and these “youth brigades” become prevalent and mandatory, Americans will have lost more than an election – they will have lost a way of life that allows the individual freedom of choice.

Media Example: Obama from the Mercury News: “Seize this historic moment: Elect Barack Obama for president”, this editorial tells readers “Harvard Law School, where he was a brilliant student, and as a law professor, he developed impressive analytical and oratory skills.” This is something that cannot be verified, therefore, the editorial is based upon Obama Campaign literature rather than fact.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rome labels Democrats – Party of Death – Catholic Perspective and Opinion

The Catholic Church recently weighed in on abortion proponents in the United States. The Vatican’s high court is now controlled by American, Archbishop Raymond Burke, who is expected to be more involved when it comes to U.S. policies. Burke, the prefect of the Vatican’s Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature, in an interview with Avvenire (Italian Catholic newspaper), noted that
“the U.S. Democratic Party risked “transforming itself definitively into a party of death for its decisions on bioethical issues.” He then attacked two of the party’s most high profile Catholics — vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — for misrepresenting Church teaching on abortion.” Why the disparity between the two major U.S. political parties? “Burke said pro-life Democrats were “rare” and that it saddened him that the party that helped “our immigrant parents and grandparents” prosper in America had changed so much over the years”

This is not the first time that the Vatican has weighed in on US policies. In 2004, John Kerry was denied communion due to his support for abortion. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are now receiving the same attention (Article regarding Vatican policy on politicians’ who proclaim to be Catholic yet, support abortion.)

The message should be abundantly clear to every Catholic in the United States: One is either a practicing Catholic, or one is a politician and or constituent that supports abortion. If one chooses politics over their own religion, then they forfeit rights under that religion. Christianity does not offer options where abortion is concerned. One finds that the politicians who support abortion - show up in Church (with press in tow) to prove their Catholicism and garner votes - hypocrites - they accept financial support from abortion rights groups, and use their Catholic Identity to procure votes from within the Church.

Pope Benedict outlined divorce and abortion this April “The Church's ethical opinion with regard to divorce and procured abortion is unambivalent and known to all: these are grave sins which, to a different extent and taking into account the evaluation of subjective responsibility, harm the dignity of the human person, involve a profound injustice in human and social relations and offend God himself, Guarantor of the conjugal covenant and the Author of life. Yet the Church, after the example of her Divine Teacher, always has the people themselves before her, especially the weakest and most innocent who are victims of injustice and sin, and also those other men and women who, having perpetrated these acts, stained by sin and wounded within, are seeking peace and the chance to begin anew.” The Pope speaks to the root of Christianity – protect the innocent and allow forgiveness to those who are suffering as a result of being the sinner.

The Vatican, in singling out a single political party, may be overstepping its bounds; the rules of the church, which are to be followed by parishioners, should have indicted politicians who support abortion - regardless of party. As a pro-life, practicing Evangelical Catholic, faith comes before politics; therefore, political choices reflect faith which is a personal choice. One can only resent politicians who use faith to gain votes, while not practicing that faith. When a Kerry or a Biden cammpaign in Church (coverage by the press) - it is a blatant violation of church and state and they have no business crying foul should the heads of the church hand down criticims.

Big Tax and Spend States Take Advantage of the Bail-Out

As a consequence of the $700 Billion bail-out bill, some states are requesting parity with banks and other institutions by seeking loans from the Federal Government. Massachusetts recently received 10.6 billion dollars to shore up its Universal Health Care Plan - 2.1 billion more than intended three years ago when the State negotiated with the Federal Government for a waiver in the income requirements for Medicaid. Now the State is asking for a loan under the guidelines of the new Federal Bail Out program . Massachusetts budget shortfall can be attributed to its Universal Health Care Plan, and insufficient tax revenues to cover the ever increasing costs of entitlement programs revered in the Bay State.

Massachusetts residents and business enjoy one of the highest tax rates in the nation, so why the discrepancy? Massachusetts has the 4th highest corporate taxes in the country – the result: businesses have gone over the border to neighboring Rhode Island; where corporate taxes were lowered. The income tax, sales tax and other fees levied on individual Massachusetts residents has resulted in an exodus of residents to neighboring states as well - and a severe decline in projected population growth has affected the state’s budget as well as a loss in House Seats.

The Lesson in all of this excessive taxation is as follows: Tax businesses and citizens at the highest rate possible and they will leave, reducing income needed to cover budgets that are stuffed with giveaway and pork programs. (Granted some of these giveaways are essential to the well-being of state residents.) The lesson of this tax bailout is that states that have exceeded their budgets, like California and Massachusetts, expect to take advantage of the Bail Out that was so important to Nancy Pelosi and company. Although a bi-partisan bill, supported by both President Bush, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and both presidential candidates, it did not settle well with constituents and or certain members of Congress who saw the writing on the wall and Wall Street, the intended recipient - lost points after the bill was singed into law.

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