Friday, July 18, 2014

2016 Polling – What It Implies – Paul, Clinton and the Rest of the Pack - Analysis

The Los Angeles Times article on the latest 2016 polling is somewhat interesting in that the headline suggests that Clinton is sweeping a tightly packed field of Republicans. Once one gets into the breakdown of the latest polling, it is Biden, not the Republican’s Clinton leads in the first of the nation’s primary/caucus states. “Bunched are leader Rand Paul, and Jeb Bush in Iowa, with Christie behind in New Hampshire. Given that no one has announced an intent to run (besides Rand Paul, this is, of course, all hypothetical), it is interesting that Clintons is in a statistical tie with Republicans in both states! (Los Angeles Times)

The Washington Post Weighs in on Rand Paul in the same polling where they find he is in an excellent position at this point – however, it has been eons since any Republican took both Iowa and New Hampshire – basically sealing the nomination – Paul’s in line for that given the current field and current conditions.(Washington Post)

What to take away from all of this is the following: regardless of the outcome of any Democrat Primary at this point, the Republican’s are in good stead as of today to take back the White House. Considering that the pollsters name Hillary Clinton as the Democrat frontrunner, it appears that the former Secretary of State would rather spend her cash elsewhere than with an “iffy” at best run at the Presidency. Additionally, one sees a Maryland Governor who is shaping up nicely as a potential candidate as well. Elizabeth Warren, who is being touted as the next coming of Barack Obama, may not, after all run, according to sources. Who could blame either woman, who are smarter than most politicians, if both bowed out at this point due to two scenarios: one they may outright lose – based on current polling and two, does anyone really want to be next in line to clean up this horrific mess? That takes dedication and tons of courage and the certain knowledge that, as it may take several years to right the ship of state, the nation by year 4 may want to kick the person at the helm – to the proverbial curb.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rank Paul to San Francisco!

From SF Gate: Kentucky Senator and, as of yet, unannounced 2016 Presidential Candidate, will be attending a “conservatarian” conference as the “star speaker”. Paul, who also was received with open arms at Berkley of all places, will be in Nancy Pelosi’s, much gerrymandered district, of one City, speaking with individuals who are like-minded.

San Francisco is also the home to John Dennis, Libertarian, and GOP candidate for Ms. Pelosi’s long-held seat. Paul has endorsed Dennis. Two remarkable events are occurring: one where a GOP potential candidate sets foot on Democrat hallowed ground, and two that there are like minded-individuals there to greet him. Consider the possibility of having someone who a)is a leader and b) talks to and works with all sides of the aisle, and sides within their own party – one would have a working government!

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Johndennisforcongress – against Nancy Pelosi

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rand Paul Vs. Rick Perry – Who Cares?

The last few days saw dueling headlines - the first salvo from Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and, as it happens, a 2016 possible GOP presidential candidate – Perry wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, blasting Paul for being an isolationist. (Washington Post). What followed was a few other aging GOP’ers joining in the “Pile on” (Politico) of Rand Paul.

Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator, and also, as happens, 2016 potential GOP presidential candidate leading in multiple polls, responded with a sense of humor, laced with heavy sarcasm vis a vis, Governor Perry’s op-ed (Newsweek)

Therefore, as the pundits call it the splitting of the factions of the Republican Party, one who’s got more sense sees it as two candidates with cheerleaders for either both or possibly other candidates, duking it out early for that first place spot on the poll charts – otherwise known as political maneuvering.

When it comes to Democrats, they do have that one thing in common – lockstep. Which can be extremely boring when going into a national election where the county is seeking leaders who will stand out from the bunch of usual tried and true’s from both parties? That’s where both Perry and Paul come in and shine with the normal folk, from both parties and those darn independents that can swing an election.

Some might call it entertaining, and nothing more. Suffice it to say, either of the two aforementioned, would lead and be capable of projecting leadership – different styles to be sure, but both acceptable. Both constitutionalists, both using the word “Liberty” a good deal, and both fiscally sound. Nothing more to see here.

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