Friday, May 09, 2014

Tales of Yellowstone Super Volcano and Mass U.S. Evacuations

Image of the area to be affected by a Super Volcano - from Epoch Times

One has to take everything one reads with a grain of salt – however, there is no doubt that natural events have an historical reference point – such as say, weather patterns. If a volcano, or earthquake has a history of eruption, regardless of when the last event occurred, odds are, it will occur again. Therefore, reading the Epoch Times article on the claims that the U.S. has a contingency plan in effect should the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupt, comes as no surprise. The U.S. most likely has contingency plans for almost any given scenario, that is what governments do –although this one appeared (if one is taking it at face value) a tad ridiculous. The premise, should the volcano erupt, 27 states would be impacted and require evacuation – the plan suggests that the residents of say Montana, Texas, etc., would be sent to live in say South Africa or Brazil. (Epoch Times). According to the article, the South African government said no to a 10 year, 10 billion dollar a year plan to build homes for American’s should they need to flee the area, the South African government said no to too many white people – seriously.

When one considers the affected area (27 states), it would make more sense to move those affected individuals (assuming the scenario would come to pass – east into the remaining unaffected states. Perhaps there is the consideration of space, however, moving individuals from mostly red states out of the nation in order to save their lives, leaving the mostly blue states to their own devices may seem political on the onset – but as any of the best laid plans of men (or women) with too much time on their hands (say lunch, breaks, and 7.5 hour days to boot), and a plan to come up with in case the Martians attack – what appears insidious is in reality a big punt.

If one judge the way the various governments within the states (Federal, State, and Local) have reacted to much less severe scare’s than say, a super volcano, then relying on any plans laid out by one’s government may lead to misery –see Hurricane Katrina and Super Storm Sandy as examples of ineptitude gone wild.

Although one can’t know when or where the next natural disaster would strike, the Epoch Times also followed the story of animals leaving Yellowstone in drones. video and article – here at Epoch Times One would be more accurate to believe say, the animals when it comes to events of portent in nature. They are prone to intuitively flee danger. Again, though, there were no follow-ups as to the exodus of animals from the park, and whether or not it was just the bison, or were the bears, elk, etc. fast on their heels.

Should one see or hear of an increase in big-foot (probable North American land-ape)(National Geographic) sightings east of the Mississippi, then perhaps, just perhaps something significant would be taking place or, the nation’s water supply met Dr. Timothy Leary.

Alleged Big-Foot or North American Land Ape photo - image from "the UK daily Mail

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Examiner Asks “What If Elizabeth Warren Runs in 2016” – Not if – when.

There’s an interesting article in the Washington Examiner this morning regarding a potential run by MA short-term Senator – Elizabeth Warren The article asks what if Warren ran for office in 2016 and goes on to name some of the individuals who are helping Warren today. Read the article as it is a key to the who’s who of Progressive Politics backing or supporting Warren, and then recall one Jr. Senator from Illinois – Barack Obama. It does not take a brain surgeon to connect these dots.

Suffice it to say, as she recently rolled out her book tour in Massachusetts that certain staff also worked on the 2008 Clinton campaign. One understands that all is fair in Politics, however, there are far too many indications this early on, that Warren is the left’s next “ism”. On the one hand, she may surprise them as she appears to be an equal opportunity independent. On the other hand, she has a slight history of exaggerating circumstances for personal gain, i.e. claiming minority status to achieve a job, and borrowing a few recipes to finish a cookbook (If one is not from Massachusetts, search archives of the Herald (Boston), or Google to find articles on the aforementioned.)

She bears watching for two reasons, the first is obvious, can the nation afford one less than experienced Professor running the nation and the second, and she is savvy and appears to be able to fill any roll with enough prep time. The power brokers in Chicago know she has the time, and a growing following of progressives. (Just see Huffington Post for starters and search Warren.)

Therefore, looking at the basics, one might conclude that Warren will be a candidate in 2016, despite the hype about Hillary Clinton, who will most likely be teaching at – Harvard.

Examiner Article at

Monday, May 05, 2014

Rand Paul, the Kentucky Derby & Foreign Policy

The Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, a likely 2016 Presidential candidate, went to the Kentucky Derby this weekend – and invited, as a guest, Rupert Murdoch. The event was covered in some detail by the New York Times, although not as a society piece – between the descriptions of traditional Kentucky Derby couture (a la, page 6 of the Post), the Times brought up the political ramifications associated only with Republicans – and Rupert Murdoch.the New York Times – Undoubtedly, the Times failed to mention that Republican’s aside, there are Democrats that Murdoch holds in some esteem – namely Hillary Clinton (also a possible 2016 candidate). (Fox News).

Paul, a prolific fund raiser may have invited Mr. Murdoch for more than say, a Republican Blessing.

The Washington Post then, seriously, asks the question: "What is Rand Paul is right about foreign policy”? - Apparently, polling suggest that Senator Paul is on the right side of the majority of Americans, including Democrats and Independents – the most amazing aspect of this poll discover, according to the Post is the fact that Republicans’ are equal in the mix of those wishing less direct involvement in foreign escapades. (Washington Post).

Of course, if history were taught at Public and Private Institutions those in the “know” would recall that George Washington was of the same mind as Senator Paul.

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