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Cain-Gingrich Debate Tonight 8 EST C-SPAN

Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich will participate in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate tonight at 8 PM. CSPAN will carry the debate live.

Herman Cain Revisited? Original Harassment Claims Made During 1998-1999 Bid for President. Same “Claimants” resurface in 2011 Analysis

Herman Cain Restaurant Association President 1996 - 1999 - photo: BET

If there were a term for the situation Herman Cain finds himself in at the moment, one might term it; Political Racial Discrimination. After all, African American’s have traditionally been a voting bloc for the Democrat Party, and there are few, if any, Conservative African American’s in federal office. When an African American Conservative runs for office (regardless of the office: They are met by scorn from the white press, and from the African American Press – the most common charges: Uncle Tom and Oreo Cookie, referring to the candidate as one who either works for a “white” person, and/or is “white on the inside” and therefore not qualified, nor authentic. It is political assassination due to a combination of race and political affiliation. Herman Cain is a prime example, as these claims have been made in the press (name calling for the most part), and now he is subject to a repeat performance of character assassination – which appears to have everything to do with the fact that he is a) a Conservative, and b) an African American. One would hazard to guess, if Cain were a registered Democrat running for office, the first claims, let alone the repeat performance, would not have existed.

In 1999 Herman Cain made a short-term bid (more of an exploration) into the possibility of running for the Office of the President. From March through July of 1999 (FEC – more on filing status hereCain flirted with the idea of mountain a challenge to then Candidate John McCain (Bush was the eventual nominee), terminating his campaign in July of that year. Just prior to forming his committee and during the time he was forming the committee - three woman made charges of sexual harassment against Mr. Cain – as a Conservative African American Candidate for President. After his bid ended, (and cash was in hand), they disappeared.

Oddly enough, as soon as Mr. Cain picked up some traction in the polls, these same activists came forth with the old allegations. Considering the “severance packages” (not settlements) were of no large amount, and based on allegations without witness (hearsay), it appears that this is phase II of the original campaign to undermine Mr. Cain’s political ambitions.

Although Cain casts himself as an outsider, and it is true the campaign in 1999 did not get off the ground being terminated in July of that year - (last severance paid in September) it goes without saying it is “mighty odd” that these same claimants (all connected in some way to Washington and one in particular to the Democrat Party) are coming forth anonymously (of course) in what appears to be an attempt to knock Mr. Cain out of the 2011 race.

This certainly brings up a few questions regarding a conservative African American attempting to run for office/or for that matter stand for an appointment to the Supreme Court. It is odd, that with cases such as this, there are suddenly women, who wish to remain anonymous, making claims of sexual misconduct against the later. Claims, it might be noted, that have no witnesses, and, again, are based on hearsay. (i.e. Additional sources that wish to remain anonymous said “she told us about the incident” (paraphrasing Politico reports (page after page of Politico reports). Cain suggested a high-tech lynching; however, one might wonder how many other qualified Conservative African American’s have been derailed from running for office by the very same tactics?

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2012 GOP Debate Schedule Update - Reminder

The GOP Debates, from left to right: Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, Ron Paul, Pawlenty (withdrawn) and Cain - image CBS News

The following is the 2012 GOP primary debate schedule; this is as noted in several instances subject to change:

  • November 9, 2011 – CNBC/Michigan GOP Debate, Rochester, MI

  • November 15, 2011- CNN/Heritage Foundation/AEI Debate (Location TBA)

  • December 1, 2011 – CNN, Arizona GOP Debate (location TBA)

  • December 10, 2011 – ABC News/ Iowa GOP Debate, Des Moines, IA

  • December 27, 2011 – Fox News/Iowa GOP Debate, Sioux City, IA

  • For those just tuning into the debates: grab the popcorn they can get interesting and entertaining.
    For those who have seen the first zillion debates, keep in mind, the tone and substance may remain the same; it is more the way in which someone is able to handle themselves under extreme and mounting pressure that separates the wheat from the chaff.
    If any readers have additional dates, and or errors with the above schedule, please comment.

    Herman Cain’s Accuser’s Lawyer Seeks Release of Confidentiality Agreement To Make Anonymous Statement of “her side” of story – Anonymous? Seriously?

    Cain Tops the Polls - After Allegations by Anonymous Sources - photo Iowans for Cain

    There are limits when it comes to credibility – and this may be the limit – from the Los Angeles Times article headlined: ”Restaurant group to respond Friday to Cain accuser request” – speaks to one of three anonymous women who have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the GOP frontrunner. Apparently, a lawyer who originally negotiated a severance package (not a settlement, note) for his “client”, is now seeking permission from the Restaurant Association Board, which would allow is client to release a statement on her side of the “story” (emphasis now on story) – anonymously. His client, apparently, does not wish to reveal her identity due to the backlash received by one Anita Hill. Hill, the woman who claimed improprieties against Justice Clarence Thomas while he was going through the nominating process for the Supreme Court remains one of the most figures associated with egregious false allegation claims based on political bias. Justice Thomas, an African American conservative, continues to sit on the lands highest court, while Hill is virtually obscure.

    Cain’s accuser remaining anonymous does not make for good book deals and/or continued suits brought by lawyers against an association – hoping for more likely than not, “hush monies” instead of a simple “severance package”. The service package, it should be noted, was not of such a high amount that it would even have reached the board of the Association. Apparently, the amount was considered so minuscule, that a former board member during Cain’s tenure noted: ”Severance agreements, he said, were — and remain — “common” in human resource management. “You offer people severance agreements, unless they are for cause, all the time,” he said. (Daily Caller).

    The phrase “for cause” is the key to this particular case – if there had been cause (i.e. the allegations had “teeth”), then the amount would have been much higher reaching the board and giving both Cain and the Board members knowledge of the case. Therefore, the allegations were considered to be baseless at the time the claims were made, and the staffer (accuser) released with a small severance. Severance s packages can run up to six figures or more depending upon the reason for release of an employee, a $35,000 to $45,000 severance suggests an annual salary, more of a “lay-off” than hush money.

    More over is an anonymous statement going to have legs against the Cain Camp?
    Very doubtful – if anything it would increase his capital among the rank and file Democrats, who stood firmly behind Bill Clinton through an Impeachment! (Fact and Satire).

    The proof is in the latest polling: Rasmussen Reports released yesterday where Cain tops Romney outside the margin of error, giving him the first lead in a national poll – the poll was taken 3 days after the “story” broke about these “anonymous accusers”, and 76% of respondents were well aware of the accusations.”

    In other words, unless they’ve got the 8 X 10 color glossies, there’s little more that the opposing political teams, or opposition press for that matter, will be able to do to stymie Cain’s popularity – apparently the reverse is true – his stock is raising.

    Importantly, Cain, who has not backed down – not one bit – regardless of his vague recollections of the incident (which if it was such a low level severance, that may have been the reason why he had difficulty recalling the incident at all) is considering a suit against Politico. (The Washington Post): Cain’s statement on a talk radio program: “When Anderson Cooper asked someone from Politico point blank, were you tipped off by a rival campaign, the person from Politico would’t answer. What does that suggest?” Cain continued. “All I’m saying is we are just looking at all the facts.”

    What that suggests is a hatchet job, perpetrated by a press organization in order to kill a campaign by publishing statements without checking facts, or knowingly publishing a story that did not hold water, hoping the outcome would be that Cain would drop out of the race. Cain may have a case against Politico, and the Washington Post may want to put a muzzle on Dana Millbank before they are faced with a similar suit.

    What is most likely occurring: those who no longer trust the media to deliver a fair basement, and also have a healthy distrust of anonymous hatchet jobs, are now more interested in Cain as a candidate – it is because Cain is authentic. Although he sat on boards (by invitation and by eventual salary) that were tied into the government (Restaurant Association – lobby, and the Federal Reserve Board), they were seats held as an “outsider” and short in duration, rather than a “career” in the public sector. His claim of being a Washington Outsider, therefore, holds water. He’s more popular now, which must make those ideologues a bit more contrite. One other note on the other two accusers – both working within the federal government – have not, yet, found lawyers willing to try and get them more cash, while increasing Cain’s popularity.

    Crystal Ball: (Definitely way too early, but for the sake of some fun). Since Obama is most likely not to be reelected, although a third party candidate may peal enough votes away to make it a very tight race, should he run up against any of the GOP candidates, it is unlikely he will retain a second term. Unless he steps aside, and Clinton takes the helm (see past blogs for constitutional procedure to get this done), the Democrats will be lucky to hold onto house and senate seats, let alone the Presidency.

    The Primary – Iowa – Cain, New Hampshire, Romney, South Carolina, Cain, Florida, Cain, Texas Cain, Massachusetts, who has a late primary – and is not winner take all, may even be a split between Cain and Romney. Romney should handily take Utah, Wyoming and Michigan and then bow out. Gingrich may take Huckabee’s place as GOP cheerleader, and hang in there long enough to keep the GOP candidate and process in the spotlight.

    Cain can take one more item off his bucket list, become President of the United States, fix the economy and go onto his next challenge. Short of the New York Times, Politico, the Washington Post, the Republican establishment and Rham Emanuel literally kidnapping Cain and keeping him in an undisclosed location until the primary is over – he will remain a very competitive, if not the most competitive GOP candidate in 2012.

    As this story, has all but collapsed at this point, it is the last word on “Cain” from this blog on this story, unless someone comes forth without cover of atomicity, and has the 8 X 10 color glossies to confirm.

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    Herman Cain and the Angry Left Press – WAPO's Millbank "Boy Cries Wolf Far too Often" The Written Word versus the Video - Analysis

    Herman Cain photo this week: Angry? - image from The Atlantic

    From the Washington Post comes this ditty by Dana Millbank, ”The Herman Cain crack-up”, a piece so full of vitriol, obvious political bias, bitterness and bravado that one who is a moderate (i.e. an individual who looks at all sides, history, and the facts as they appear, not in print anymore, rather in the full length video (not in patched snippets that will make someone appear to be what they are not), or 8 X 10 color glossies (from Alice’s Restaurant, Arlo Guthrie) and with good reason – Millbank offers a prime example of this phenomenon. Although his “article” is entitled “opinion” and correctly so – it is more of a rant, rather than an actual opinion of the events:

    In the article Millbank calls Cain a “long shot”, paranoid (in reference to a staff member who had accused another campaign of releasing a story about allegations of sexual harassment by Cain which took place in the early 1990’s.), he speaks about Herman Cain losing his temper, which “escalated into violence” at an event at a Hilton in VA, however, there is no video – only Millbank’s allegations to back up this charge. There is however a video from the AP below, which may be one of the many instances Millbank refers to in what can only be termed as a “Cry Wolf” piece, watch the AP Clip carefully, Cain does not answer the questions, but is overall polite, and not “shouting” – the proof, is in the pudding, so to speak. In referring to one particular brush with the press, (Cain’s healthcare meeting):

    "At the Hilton, his campaign called off the “news conference” it had scheduled with reporters. Instead, Cain gave a few perfunctory words about health care while surrounded by people in white coats; they said they were doctors opposed to Obamacare, but there was no need to wear their white coats to the Hilton ballroom unless they were concerned about coffee spills.
    To give the reporters the slip, Cain left the room through a service door, then used a service elevator to escape from the hotel. His chief of staff, the cigarette aficionado, was chased by reporters until he slammed the door of his chauffeur-driven Cadillac, which peeled out. "

    To the average reader (it is truly doubtful that today’s average reader is actually reading the Post), Millbank asserts that the doctors at a conference are not doctors because they are wearing white coats – in other words, Cain’s campaign has hired props, and that Cain gave reporters the slip (see video below on this one), and of all things describes Cain’s Chief of Staff (without naming him) as a cigarette aficionado (How many millions of American’s still smoke?), and the fact that he was “chased” by reporters into a “Chauffer driven – Cadillac”. In 2008, campaign staff and candidates routinely used drivers, regardless of whether they were driving in Cadillac’s, SUV’s or a taxi.

    His closing statement says it all – with so much school yard charm (dare we say Grammar School?):

    “This time, Cain ignored them. As the party got to the meeting room, his bodyguard resumed his shoving and elbowing, blocking congressional staff and reporters from getting into the meeting. When challenged, the bodyguard explained himself: “I make the rules.”
    Not anymore.

    According to Millbank’s version of the universe, the press calls the shots for Presidential Candidates, or anyone for that matter – he sees himself as some sort of kingmaker – or queenmaker. The evidence lays in a more recent piece in which Millbank turns into a lapdog for a Progressive Senate Candidate in Massachusetts: Yes, the same Dana Millbank that glorifies the “Occupy’s Elizabeth Warren in a piece that belies what is actually going on in Massachusetts’ Senate Race. Warren is running against the popular Senator Scott Brown, and to date has made more mistakes than the now forgotten gubernatorial candidate Shannon O’Brien. In the piece Millbank refers to the gushing crowd of union members and bloggers as representative of Warrens constituency – however, that hardly represents actual voters in the Commonwealth – and more often than not in Massachusetts (refer to the Brown campaign in January of 2009) Union workers are “hired” to attend political events.

    Millbank’s credibility and political ideology, not unlike other so-call Mainstream media journalist, are tainting each story they write, whether pro and or con, for either one who is a Democrat or Progressive (Socialist) (as the two are separate and should be noted as such), and or Republican, or Libertarian or yes, even Tea Party. Which brings one to the old adage of the “Boy who Cried Wolf” – after the last two decades of reading and listening to the political venom coming forth from every mainstream print, or broadcast piece, even on a local level, the credibility of the press declining with each passing decade (refer to Gallup and Trust in Institutions, and most recently Distrurst in Media Edges Record High) even if certain allegations from the 1990’s are true, the fact is that this “cry wolf, biased reporting that has taken place from Washington to the outskirts of the local CBS station in some western outpost) taints not the candidate, but the press. Individual reporters, are perceived as both arrogant and untrustworthy – therefore, if the Anti-Christ himself were to emerge as a Candidate, and the press were to “warn the masses”, it is doubtful the masses would listen.

    Is it too late to turn the corner? Put things into perspective? Perhaps not – if every single report issued in video and print that is from the reporters own political perspective is stated as such, and actual news is not reported with innuendo’s, rather with just the plain old boring facts, and a straight face, credibility may return – in time.

    Suggested treatment of why distrust of American Media is a complete necessity, regardless of network: Stephen K. Bannon’s ”The Undefeated”, available on Amazon here in DVD format. Bannon’s documentary, which has been shared with friends and neighbors from the Heartland neighborhoods, to yes, even Massachusetts, documents exactly the tactics the press used to villianizes former V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin – it is not so much about Palin but about the U.S. press, and the documentary gives evidence, in video, in 8 X 10 color glossies. It is a “how to” for the budding journalist, on how to destroy an individual in under a year, if that individual does not have the backbone to stand up to this type of press. It is also why, in part, that those of Millbank’s ilk are either avoided or ignored.

    Again, cry wolf so many times, and one day, when the story is true, and one has actual evidence to that fact (again they use allegations that cannot be substantiated, ask the candidate (hound is more appropriate) questions regarding allegations that are not yet substantiated, and expect that the general public will just turn away, or for that matter that Cain won’t stand up, even going so far as to lose his temper.

    Raw Video Cain Mobbed by Reporters – Meeting on Health Care (AP Video You TubeCompare to Millbank’s take on what occurred.

    Final note: On sexual Harassment charges. There are instances where actual sexual harassment takes place, more often than not, and it involves not only women (mostly) but men as well. In the 1990’s however, when the concept of sexual harassment was put into place, it was not uncommon for the rules to be a bit…ridiculous when it came to transitioning those of one generation (Perhaps Cain’s and this bloggers), to that of another (everyone born in the following generations). A complement becomes “sexual harassment”, a pat on the back for a job well done is inappropriate, a joke which is off color may offend someone who then can make a claim. In addition, there are those who would make allegations, knowing they have something to personally gain, where little or no harassment has taken place. The following examples are from this bloggers experience in the corporate world, and the evolution of sexual harassment: from the 1980’s a co-worker complements one’s “gams” (legs), form of dress or pats one on the back – given the age of the male (an all male staff, with one glaring exception at the time), this was a complement not harassment, (although others have suggested otherwise). Fast forward to the 1990’s, a man sits in his office pants down about his ankles, as one walks into the office for the morning briefing – the man makes an outlandish suggestions. That is sexual harassment – however, it is also laughable.

    In the workplace, women or men who are told they have no job, unless they submit to sex with the boss (or the bosses client) is, to this mind, sexual harassment. Inappropriate grabbing (not patting on the head), is sexual harassment, and of course, language from a co-worker regardless of rank, if not invited, (key phrase) suggesting a sexual liaison, repeatedly, is sexual harassment. Complements, no matter how one slices it – are not in this mind sexual harassment. Perhaps it’s because of an advanced age, and vanity, but if someone (male) notes that they might find this blogger attractive, that’s not to this mind sexual harassment, that’s a complement. One has to take into consideration the generation of the “offender”, the context of the statement, and if one is patted on the head, is that pat on the head, from a “fatherly” perspective, or is one being treated like a “child” in a condescending manner (for a job well done”) In either situation it is not, to this mind, sexual harassment.

    I would again caution, that without seeing the severance agreements (not settlements, which is not the appropriate legal terminology here, regardless of what the press would have one think (see Trust), and without seeing the actual allegations of misconduct, one has no choice but to give the accused, the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, show substance and proof, not “allegations and fabrications (Millbank)”. It is these types of frivolous allegations that take away from those who are truly being harassed, and frankly, takes more credibility away from the press – and not their intended target.

    Note to readers: if anyone can find the other incident referred to by Millbank in video please post a link in comments – due diligence aside, there may be others, which can further Millbank’s case which this blogger may have missed, and/or strengthen Cain’s.

    Lastly a little humor from the Late Night shows:
    At 6:21 minutes on the Late Late Show video with Craig Ferguson: (video link here) – Cain joke on harassment - noting that Bill Clinton has endorsed Herman Cain – going into impression of Clinton – Now this is humor.

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    Herman Cain – Decades Old Sexual Harassment Allegations Conveniently Surface – Is Cain Similar to Clarence Thomas or Bill Clinton and Does it Matter?

    After Politico Story Breaks on Decades Old Harassement Allegations - Iowa apparently Not Concerned - image Politico - article referenced below

    Herman Cain, who has been trading places with Mitt Romney, for the front-runners position in the GOP 2012 nomination process, has suddenly been slammed in the press for decades old allegations of sexual harassment by two former Restaurant Association employees. The story first broke, as far as one can tell, from the blog Politico wtih the headline: “Herman Cain accused by two women of inappropriate behavior”, immediately following a statement by Cain that he anticipated he would be (Paraphrased) “Lynched by the press” as he is the current frontrunner in the GOP presidential contest. Not for nothing, but Cain is most likely dealing with both the rapid liberal press and the Obama Campaign (who, with the release of this so-called “bombshell” and the furor with which the New York Times, Washington Post, and other MSM outlets are printing articles which are increasingly salacious in nature, filled with innuendo’s and little else.) or alternately, the Republican Establishment – those who would not see an outsider – a non-politician. (for that is what Cain is – a man who has worked in all phases of the corporate world, from a line cook at Burger King to its President, and finally CEO of his own firm – increasing with each position the strength of the company and each company’s ability to hire additional employees – he is the quintessential self-made man. The story more poignant and compelling simply because he came out of the segregated south, is a true African American, and he succeeded based on his own goals and drive.)
    Therefore what we have in Herman Cain is the most serious threat to the Obama administration and Politics as usual for both parties in Washington simply because he has no ties to lobbyists – period.

    Unless you count the Restaurant Association for which he held a position on the board, and said organization is now being slammed in the press along with Cain due to these alleged incidents.

    From the numerous articles to date from The Washington Post, to the New York Times, what one finds is that in the 1990’s two anonymous complaints were filed against Herman Cain who was then at the Restaurant Association. Cain did not leave his position, and these “charges” were never made formal. There was no legal settlement against Cain, but there was a settlement for one or both of the women, who were let go (i.e. fired) and then given a severance. This severance (reading between the salacious innuendos) apparently was not a settlement that had anything to do with the claims made by these “anonymous” women. One of which is now a Federal Employee in Maryland. The incidents happened in 1990 – it is now 2011 – and both women signed a confidentially agreement in order to receive the severance pay.

    A confidentiality agreement with severance is normally given to employees who may have a working knowledge of trade secretes which the company and or entity wishes to remain confidential – for obvious reasons. That said, one has to look at both sides of the story – however, it’s a bit difficult when both “sources” are anonymous and subsequent articles are filled with additional anonymous sources who are “friends” of those who were allegedly harassed by Cain. Are we all sufficiently dizzy yet?

    Additionally Cain has been blasted in the press for not recalling, in detail, the allegations and the “settlement” (which was a severance, not a settlement having anything to do with the allegations made) – apparently what he does recall is that one of the women was told she was as tall as his wife! (Call out the Guard!), and the other one is apparently alleging an incident took place at a social event held by the Restaurant association, with co-workers who had too much to drink. Seriously.

    That’s all they’ve got.

    Although Cain anticipated a public trashing – especially for doing so well in the polls – one can almost bet the house, these allegations came as a total surprise – however, given the fact that the media has been digging for months as Cain’s rise in popularity has grown, desperation appears to have set in.

    There have been calls for these women to break there confidentially agreements and let all the words be revealed, all the allegations that were made, and the details of the settlement agreements specifically be made known. One can bet the house that the agreements had nothing to do with the allegations – the reason: the press would have leaked those documents sealed or not, if they had any juice, or if the allegations contained therein referred to Cain, most likely complementing a co-worker by telling her she was “As tall as his wife”- and as anyone who knows anything about Cain, his wife is put on a pedestal. Therefore, we have one claim of being complemented and then we have another with multiple situations that made a woman “uncomfortable”. In that case Cain may have said something similar – or he may have simply complemented the woman - something that is written up in almost every corporate handbook – what one can and can’t say that may be construed as sexual harassment – one simply cannot complement a co-worker on their nice cloths, a hairstyle, or, Lord help us, a new pair of shoes. Inappropriate gestures can be a pat on the back for a job well done; touching in any manner is out. It would be, from this point of view, a bonus to see those a) allegations, and b) confidentially agreements upon being fired from the firm, with severance. One can bet they could be torn asunder in less than sixty seconds.

    Therefore, what one would have in the above scenario is a Justice Clarence Thomas scenario – one in which a young women comes conveniently forward (remember Anita Hill?), just as Thomas is being considered for an appointment to the Supreme Court. A republican and an African American to boot! The claims, naturally, were found to be born more of political expediency than having any real substance and, Thomas took the bench, while Hill took obscurity.

    However, what if, as it was suggested by Fox’ contributor, Charles Krauthammer, that Cain’s defense of the allegations and the contradictory statements made by Cain (he didn’t recall many details, then some details), appeared to be Clintonian in nature. (Daily Caller). Clintonian in nature – translate to Democrats: A man who would run the country similarly to Bill Clinton.
    My apologies in advance to Herman Cain – but if Cain were the Bill Clinton of 2011 through to the White House in 2013, so what? This coming from a Conservative Feminist who felt that Clinton may have gotten away with a bit much when it came to women, (that’s sarcasm) however, the nation, as a whole, could have cared less. The nation as a whole was more concerned with his job performance.

    There’s the key word: Cain’s ability to create jobs, a man who is not a Washington insider, and one who likes to “shake things up a bit” – going after whomever he pleases when he feels the need to call someone out, apparently regardless of party.

    Which may be why Politico (also known to have ties to the Obama administration), and other outlets are harping on these allegations. Cain is popular, and that’s a problem for Obama. Cain is also a Republican and normal Republican behavior when it comes to allegations is to roll up in a ball, apologize profusely to everyone and anyone, and then resign. It was on this premise that one can bet the house the allegations were made and put into print with such veracity – based on allegations that may never come to light due to the confidential nature. (One can also bet that the severances received by these two women are tied into that agreement – in other words, they may have to repay the Association is they break the agreement (trade secrets, not sexual misconduct by a board member or President of the Board). Additionally, these women have lawyers, at least one of them, who speaks also on condition of anonymity, and is looking for ways to released the severance, most likely this lawyer has seen the document, found it to be baseless, and ironclad, and is hoping for a Gloria Alred book deal, rather than any fact finding. Otherwise, one can bet the house, if this were a real case, where there was a settlement for sexual misconduct, the agreements would have been broken long ago, simply because Cain has deep pockets himself, there would have been books, movie deals, and such – but nothing – nothing but allegations and anonymous sources. Most importantly, Cain, even as the press ratchets up the heat, has not resigned, has not back down, has been, in a word(s) – not a typical Republican in response to a potential “scandal”.

    Apparently, this “scandal” has not stopped Cain, or cost him any points in the polls, as the media would have hopped (as well as the Obama administration and the Establishment Republicans (see Mitt Romney – who is, incidentally a good candidate – they (MSN) are using Wall Street Ties, and anything else they can find on Mitt) The latest on the non brouhaha come from the outlet that started the whole shenanigan’s – Politico – who, judging form the headline this morning is simply astonished: Iowa yawns at Herman Cain allegations”:

    “MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa – While Herman Cain struggled for a second day in Washington to push back against sexual harassment allegations, the high political drama almost went unmentioned Tuesday in one of the most important courts of public opinion — Iowa.
    On the campaign trail, on local conservative talk radio and in conversations among activists, Republicans here have so far greeted the story with a shrug.”

    Apparently, aghast, what with all the newspapers printing up these salacious stories, with anonymous sources, these Iowan’s appear to care less. The question and answers one can just hear (again Sarcasm) “Do Iowan’s read? Do they Watch CBS or NBC or MSNBC or ABC?!!” – “They Must Watch Fox!!!”

    These outlets also must not have read the polls on themselves, whereby, they have fallen to repeated new lows in credibility (actual word by Gallup Polling: trust), and it is most likely that yes, they are read, and then they are ignored.

    Had Politico done its due diligence, and instead of printing allegations by anonymous sources, waited to get the documents in hand, along with 8 X 10 color glossies, areal photo’s and DNA, then those “pesky masses” (i.e. voters) may have paid attention. Therefore, to the individual reading that piece, or subsequent pieces by both main newspapers, news outlets and bloggers, it’s nothing but another hit piece by the media on a Conservative – period.

    As a feminist, Conservative or not, (Conservative, by the by, comes with age), one finds those women who make false claims, or who are so “fragile” that they cannot stand a complement, or stand up for themselves and follow through with more than a severance – if as implied these are fireable offences and Herman Cain would not have maintained his position, long after these two anonymous women were gone What one must keep in mind, this allegedly took place in the 1990’s, not the 1960’s, and if the harassment was as severe as implied, and they either did nothing, or went for the cash, as appeasement, or worse, trumped the charges up in order to get cash - then they do a disservice to all women. It’s akin to crying rape, where none exists, for whatever reason, leaving all rape victims to defend themselves as potential “fabricators”.

    There stands Herman Cain, a man accused by the media (mainly Politico) by anonymous sources, with murky details coming out from all parties involved, and looking more like a fabricated Witch Hunt by the day – and if not? Does it matter? Apparently, it didn’t make a difference where Clinton was concerned, in fact, his poll numbers went up!
    In closing and seriously, Cain is a threat, and these allegations, which could have come out at any time, suddenly and conveniently surface. If Cain does not recall the incidents immediately, the Press claims he’s hiding something, instead of a case of an incident that was of little consequence in the grander scheme – two employees trying to cash in – or crying wolf for either the Obama Administration or even the Republican Establishment (remember Cain – Outsider).

    After fairly thoroughly looking into Herman Cain’s life, his biography, and articles written about the man during his tenure at several corporations as well as letters written during the years, by both men and women, thanking Cain for his mentoring and inspiration, one can, with a fair amount of certainly, look at this man with some level of appreciation for what he has accomplished, his ability to lead, and his overall credibility as a candidate, and most importantly, his dedication to his family, his nation and his country. (In all honestly, this blogger does not recall which order he places all three, but does it matter?) In not one instance, scrubbing the web, reading old newspaper articles, (microfilm exists), were these allegations brought to light, and they would have been newsworthy. From this point of view, it’s all about Politics, money and a good book deal.

    Tuesday, November 01, 2011

    Day Four No Power in Western MA

    The freak storm that hit Massachusetts and the northeast on Saturday has left millions without power. This blogger is one of them and - as such a one - would like to share some input as to what I've learned about living without so many of the so-called comforts we enjoy. For example: be sure to have the following on hand - multiple flashlights and batteries - a transistor radio - plenty of gas in your car before the storm hits so one may get warm in the winter and or cool in the summer and above all charge ones cell phone. Living without lights and sufficient heat for several days teaches one how to adjust and invent ways in which to stay warm - feed oneself - dress and do ones hair by flashlight and appreciate the fact that the power company will restore all as soon as they are able - everything will be as it was before with few if any difficulties. This is not so for the many homeless or those living on marginal incomes especially in the cold weather states. Therefore the next time there is an opportunity to give to a food pantry or to someone asking for change to possibly keep warm for the night just do so - life without even the basics of what one is used to must be nothing compared to that individuals plight. At the moment my biggest challenge is how to complete this post using a smart phone with a qwerty keyboard that is somewhat unfamiliar. I cannot find the comma for instance and miss the ability to opine on whatever event that catches my attention. How shallow the later is when one considers this powerless and heatless northeastern city will soon be back to normal. One last note-the City of Chicopee and its Mayor - Mike Bissonnette and the municipal electric company have done an exemplary job at restoring power to over seventy percent of the city and the mayor has kept those with access updated through Facebook. A job well done.

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