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Occupy Wall Street To Attempt to Occupy Black Friday – Movement Takes Sharper Veer Towards Complete Lunacy – Not Occupying - The Class of 2012

Huddled in the dark of night, outside a Birmingham mall, Occupiers lay in wait for Shoppers and employees in order to disrupt Black Friday Sales - image WICZ Birmingham

From CNBC: “Occupy Wall Street” members intend to occupy retailers on Black Friday due of the retailers ties to Wall Street The movement’s Facebook page specifically regarding Black Friday boycotts, apparently has 1800 plus “friends” – who may end up at your local mall at some point today.

The movement’s logic, which has been slightly silly from the get-go, has taken a deeper turn into ridiculous as the apparent failure to comprehended the economy and the depths to which it has declined, and the reasons behind the decline is apparent. The fact that Wall Street, like any number of organizations financial or (Congress/Administration) otherwise (and Wall Street being a place rather than one entity), might be corrupt at times, belies the facts that those protesting (including Union workers, Elizabeth Warren, who is running for the Senate in Massachusetts, Nancy Pelosi, etc.) all have pensions tied into, you guessed it, Wall Street – therefore if Wall Street is disrupted, or somehow fails, retirement funds for the not so very rich, will also take a nose dive. It is anyone who has a 401K retirement plan, and that individual could be anyone who earns minimum wage on up the corporate ladder. Most unions have pensions which are heavily vested in the stock market – apparently union organizers trained at the University of Massachusetts missed the basic course in economics (civics, etc.)

Now with retailers competing heavily for any spare money left in order to continue to keep on employees by going to extremes on sales this holiday season, (opening early, deeper discounts on items to get people to come in and shop), Occupy is attempting to disrupt the lives of both the shoppers trying to perhaps buy a toy for their child for Christmas, and/or the retailer’s employee who may be a student trying to pay for college, simply because the store may have ties to: Wall Street.

They have dwindling numbers, which at times have turned to anarchy, but s the weather turns cooler and the nation turns its attention to the holidays – they are playing more the foolish “village idiot”, looking for any excuse at any time to sit out and demonstrate – without understanding what it is they are demonstrating against and or the consequences. Perhaps they should be looking towards their supporters in Unions, in Nancy Pelosi, or others who would be in the Senate, for some guidance, or herpes they have. Regardless, it is apparent, from the report that the “movement” like any movement that has some communist, socialist involvement the impact, over time, dissipates – and those diehards hanging on, protest just about anything .

Therefore, if one is on the way into Macy’s or any other major retailer (or not so major), to grab a few deals today, and come across one of these “Occupiers”, one might feel a little pity for those so undereducated, they cannot see the forest through the trees: according to Reuters:

At Macy's in Herald Square, four Occupy Wall Street activists chanted "boycott Macy's" and "stop supporting big corporations" even as about 9,000 people lined up to shop at the store.

Reuters does not give a figure on the number of “occupoids” but one can hazard to guess, they were much fewer in number than the 9000 shoppers who were ready to look for deals.
Just like the other millions of American’s who are heading out the door (perhaps late this year), this blogger will be looking for deals at stores, including Macy’s, and other major retailers with ties to “Wall Street” or not – in order to give more, save money and perhaps keep someone’s job afloat – all with the knowledge that prices have risen in food, fuel and housing – to the point where those who are working, are cutting back on all frills, hoping that Black Friday will allow them to have some "normalcy" in these difficult, Carteresque financial times

As one who listens to the senior’s from the class of 2012, who are desperately trying to find any job, and taking whatever they can get, if they can find one, someone is getting the blame for this economy and the mess we are in – and surprisingly it is not Wall Street. What is most surprising about this graduating class of high school seniors, they have been paying attention, even though one might not consider a seventeen, soon to be eighteen year old, having a grasp on anything, let alone the fact that the current economic situation is similar to what took place in the later 1970’s under one other inexperienced leader – they have real concerns, and they have taken what cash in hand they have, planning to go early to the malls and the superstores in order to buy something they can barely afford for their best friend, their parents, their grandparents – something strange happened to this particular class and the one below it, from private to public education – they stopped listening to the dogma – therefore, coming out of the hills of Western Massachusetts, where one might think there is a lean towards the left that is extreme, are a group of students, about to register to vote, have taken a keen interest in their own welfare, and how their success is not tied to hopes and dreams, but hard work and determination, and they are looking for that one person who is qualified, from the Congress, to the Senate, they are not partisan, they are independent, and they are shopping on Black Friday, and they pay more attention than one would imagine. They know how to write a "liberal" paper in order to get a grade from a "teacher who is blind to ......", they are smart, savvy and disgusted. It is to the benefit of the campaigns, state, or federal, to court those who may be college bound, or those who would like to be, but are scaling back, looking for anything to save, in order to avoid the high cost of student loans – if one is genuine, if one is slightly conservative fiscally, one might want to reach out over the summer to those who would be voters: Suggest ad campaigns specifically targeting the recently graduated high school student. Those are the youngsters who have been shopping since midnight on Black Friday and actually know for what the acronym “ABO” stands.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2012 GOP CNN Debate 11-22-11 – Debate Winner - Newt Gingrich - Bachmann Holds Own on National Security - Overview, Analysis – Full Video

Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, during the singing of the National Anthem CNN GOP Debate 11 22 11, image: The Hollywood Reporter

The 2012 GO National Security Debate was held last evening on CNN and co-sponsored by the the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. CNN made the broadcast available on the Armed Forces Network, CNN en EspaƱol, CNN International, CNN Radio and A full video appears below. It was without a doubt, along with the debates on the economy, one of the most important debates for the candidates to not only do well, but also to express their views on the protection of the nation, as well as how one would face the challenges that might arise now and in the future. Of all the candidates on that stage, the most qualified was apparent from the moment he took the first question, and that on individual is Newt Gingrich. Gingrich was steady, clear, precise, and above all, not over reactionary. He answered each question specifically and without rhetoric, which was perhaps, on points, the most measured responses from a candidate to date in this most interesting and qualified field. Surely in second place was Michele Bachmann, the Congressional Representative from the Minnesota 6th District and a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was also clear in her responses, it was the gravitas displayed by Gingrich that gave him the clear lead. In this arena it was clear that Gingrich and Bachmann, were the the two who hold the most credentialed experience in national security.

The balance of the candidates:

Dr. Ron Paul, Congressional Representative, Texas, was true to his pure Libertarian ideology, which, in this debate arena, placed him at a slight disadvantage, he performs the best in debates on economics, as does Herman Cain, Businessman and CEO, who was clearly out of his depth in this arena, Jon Huntsman, Governor of Utah, understands China, perhaps better than the other candidates but is limited in his approach in the debate arena, focusing on that nation, and repetitious in his responses. Rick Santorum, the Senator from Pennsylvania who is most enthusiastic, also looks to his past in each answer, which, normally begins with (paraphrasing) “I’ve already done such and such…” (Wrote a piece of legislation or was part of a committee, etc.). To his credit, he is one of two that answered the following question, not only in a response as asked, but clearly and with accuracy. The Question (again paraphrasing: refer to video) what national security issue was not addressed in tonight’s debate? Santorum, the first to answer, brought up the clear and present danger in South America – Santorum, should the Republican Candidate be successful in the 2012 campaign, be assigned to a position that is most suited to his expertise – it would be a shame to waste that type of talent. Herman Cain answered pointedly but did not expound, and Newt Gingrich gave a clear three point answer to the question, as with all questions, leaving no doubt as to this meaning or intentions.

Mitt Romney, who is seen by some as the front runner and eventual nominee, was simply not prepared for this forum. He was too busy campaigning against Obama in his answers rather than clearly stating his positions. In addition, he made a few mistakes as to the state of certain nations (specifically Indonesia – where the security of that nation is at risk, especially from radical Islamic forces, so much so that it is in turmoil – see article from the 12th of November, 2011.) That said, other than getting tongue tied during an answer (which, one would not want to see in a debate against Barack Obama even though the current President had done the same in the past, during the 2008 Democrat primary), Romney stayed on “campaign”. This is something one should notice about Romney that perhaps has not be brought to light, however, the man is a patriot, one has to look past the clips of campaign Romney, or economic Romney, to the opening of each debate where the national anthem is played. Romney gains points for his appearance and his singing along (silently or otherwise) with passion and pride, one might add, to the National Anthem. That penchant to sing (or lip sync) the National Anthem is one thing noticed and noted, he truly loves this country. That is not to say the other candidate do so no more or no less, but in last night’s debate, one is remind ended of former 2008 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, who was caught on tape, singing along to the national anthem. It was a move than endeared her to those who value the nation and what it has to offer, and care less about a public display. Her critics were first to note her ability to sing, rather than praise her for her obvious patriotism. That said, Romney’s performance overall left him in the Perry category. Perry, also a patriot, was more out of his debate depth than Romney, and clearly not up for a national security debate.

This is one of two debates where it the answers are critical, the stance on the issues at hand should be measured, not reactionary and that clearly places on individual ahead: Newt Gingrich.

The tension: Where Newt gave the answer in a clear and specific manner, on illegal immigrants, and his heartfelt, and Catholic (Universal) view of compassion when it come to the family that has been in this nation for 25 years, has an extended family, and attends church, pays taxes, et. al. Gingrich proposes allowing them to stay in the United States and giving them a legal status (not citizenship), in addition, when one is in this nation illegally and joins the armed forces, that person should be allowed a path to citizenship. This is something that happens consistently with nationals from other nations who are here on visa’s, of any type. His answer was quickly seized upon by the other candidates as “amnesty”, yet, Gingrich held firm. It is without a doubt, a red meat question, when it comes to what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants living and working in our nation. It is without a doubt, the last “problem” any candidate has yet to give an answer to, and or if an answer has been given, has done anything about once installed in the Oval Office, and this is a failing of Presidents on both sides of the aisle, and goes back beyond Ronald Reagan. It was, as one of this blogs more right of center peers stated, a problem for Conservatives, and yet, what amazes this individual of Spanish decent, nothing is ever done, especially from those who spout the most vitriol against those here in our nation illegally. Therefore, the answer given last night by Gingrich, clear, fair and one which could be easily implemented would appeal to most moderates, those compassionate conservatives, and the Hispanic/Latino Community.

From a true left of center independent, watching this debate, Gingrich stood above the rest, in terms of intellect, and has now become “human”. Someone who is likable when need be and one who is tough as the occasion demands. The second choice – startling to this blogger was Bachmann. Startling because of the choices – in the conversation was the following that should give Gingrich the biggest boost. (Paraphrasing) With today’s economy and the state of the world, Gingrich is the best choice to lead the nation, I would not have thought so ten years ago, or ten months ago, but after seeing him in several debates, he is clearly the smartest in the room, and we need someone who is smart.
What might be most interesting about the two responses, one is an avowed Massachusetts Right Voting evangelical, the other, a New Yorker, who more often than not, votes along the alternative party line.

Two do not make a poll obviously, however, if the smartest man in the room, is the choice, even despite a disagreement on an answer on immigration which was immediately misquoted by candidates on stage, of two so diverse political voters, one has to ask, take away the party purists from the Democrats, and those left, are most likely leaning with Newt. Those on the right, are most likely forgiving Newt his past, and looking at him as the one to trounce the President in the debate arena, and in the polls (this is yet to occur, however as Romney has been given the most media attention as the “eventual nominee”, and polls are now just beginning to show Gingrich equal to or above Romney”, a first look by many will clearly move those numbers in Newts’ favor should his debate performance remain constant going into the Iowa primary.

The next debate will be held on December 10, 2011, co - sponsored by the Des Moines Register and the Iowa Republican Party and broadcast on ABC News at 9:00 PM eastern.

The Iowa Caucus is the first 2012 general election decision made, followed by New Hampshire, the first primary in the nation. Both will take place in early January, just six weeks or less from today.

CNN Debate Video

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GOP Poll Update: Gingrich/Romney Lead in NH (Depending upon the Pollster), Gingrich Leads in CNN National Poll - CNN Debate Tonight 11/22/11

Cain, Gingrich and Romney - the current top tier (missing from photo is Ron Paul) - photo: business insider

A tale of three polls: New Hampshire, the first in the nation primary, was polled a week apart by two separate entities, one, the New Hampshire Journal, in conjunction with Magellan Strategies, polled a total of 746 individuals, with 61% of those polled as Conservative, 34.4% as moderate, 3.6% as liberal and holding no 1.9% - the marginals and crosstabs can be found linked here at In this poll taken the 18th of November, 60% of the participants were Republicans, 40% Independents, which is not necessarily representative of total voter makeup (which is problematic for most polls. According to the Secretary of States’ website, after purging the voter rolls, the makeup of New Hampshire is 224,809 Democrats, 232,017 Republicans and 309,153 Undeclared. In this particular poll, Gingrich and Romney are at a statistical dead heat, with Romney taking 212, to Gingrich’s 202 “votes".

Looking to Suffolk Universities poll released on November 20th, there are slight differences in the marginals: out of 400 respondents, 58% indentify Republican with 41% as unenrolled, 47% Conservative, 45% moderate, 7% liberal and 2% undecided - Romney takes 41% of the votes in this scenario, with Gingrich at 14%. Interestingly, question 17 asks which Republican would best President Obama in the Debates – Romney and Gingrich both receive 34% of the vote.
With a heavier weight on moderates and more liberals in the poll, and a smaller sample, Romney has the advantage in Suffolk’s Poll, while Magellan’s larger sample, fewer moderates’ liberals, gives the nod to both Romney and Gingrich. As neither is representative of the actual makeup of the electorate, it is difficult to put a great deal of stock in either poll, New Hampshire Undeclared also identify more with the Tea Party. (Based on marginals from both polls having similar results).

CNN’s new poll on a national scale is a bit puzzling: The Poll marginals here at are based on a population that is centered in the South (zero respondents from the Northeast, West or Midwest, and neither from Urban or Rural Communities. Therefore, the poll is made up of Southern voters in suburban areas. Gingrich tops this poll with 24%, to Romney’s 20%, which is within the margin of error, however, on the question of Leadership, Gingrich polls at 29%, on the question of most likable candidate, Romney gets that nod, at 29%, on best chance of beating Obama, Romney again, at 40%, and Gingrich at 21%, however, the same sample used in monthly polling showed Gingrich at 5% - in October. Gingrich also takes the “Agree with most” question, placed under Romney and Cain in the “Get Economy Moving Again category, (again with a remarkable gain from the last months poll). The biggest gains come in the Commander in Chief question, with 39% believing Newt Gingrich most qualified, 43% believe Gingrich most capable to deal with complex issues, 30% that Gingrich would best represent the United States. With the poll make-up almost screaming "Country Club Republican (with Tea Party undertones)", this gives Gingrich a larger share of the block where Romney is expected to best.

Question #27 was omitted from the poll – which makes one curious as to what that may have been? This data did not include the demographic cross tabs. That said this offers up some interesting conjecture as to the nature of the Republican Primary and who, just six to eight weeks out, may win all important New Hampshire in the primary states.
Should Gingrich win Iowa, go on to win in New Hampshire, and then take either South Carolina or Florida prior to Super Tuesday, the momentum would be set in stone. Any candidate taking two out of three of the first states mentioned, is set to go into Super Tuesday with some sort of mandate. Romney can be expected to take certain Western States as well as Michigan, however, should he lose New Hampshire, the early writing will be on the wall.

With a field, however, that has seen ups and downs, up until this point, with one candidate after another ascending and descending from the top perch, Romney has remained steady in the 20’s, with no movement. This can be looked at in one of two ways. Romney either has a very solid base and will pick up momentum as soon as he hits the primary season, or Romney will stay at 20%, and be announcing his decision to withdraw sometime after Super Tuesdays results are in. With the south heavily weighted in that contest, it would be a nothing short of a miracle for Romney to take the South. Of course, nothing in this election season is out of the questions.

Wolf Blitzer will be moderating tonight’s debate on CNN, the network and moderator that has become the most distinguished, least ridiculous when it comes to debate forums, it is hoped that Blitzer will stick to the format and role he played in the CNN Tea Party Debate earlier this year.

What the above tells us about polling, a lot depends on the sample, the pollster and next week, all may change, however, coming out of the first three primary states, a definitive front runner may emerge. According to the aforementioned polls, Gingrich takes two out of three (New Hampshire and the South - most likely polled in Georgia - a Super Tuesday state).

Just a note: Real Clear Politics shows Gingrich leading in all national polls (with their method of averaging polls) with Herman Cain running away with South Carolina in the last state poll.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spain Soundly Rejects Socialism – Wake Up Call for the U.S.

The murder of religious under Franco, see article with image at thesplendorofthechurch.blogspot

With the election of conservative, Mariano Rajoy, and the People’s Party in a 16 point route of the Socialist Party, one finds the Spanish resistance to totalitarian states, once again, coming to the forefront.

As a first generation American whose family resides in Spain, one understands that the oppression of a socialist state (the ideal and the reality are two very different situations), decimated the economy – as Spain, in trending, tends to lead the European nations – as well as continuing to hold sway as the “mother country” over nations of Spanish decent elsewhere in the world, the message sent on Sunday is one of rejection of dangerous ideologues for a more individual driven concept.

The Spaniards have had their share of dictators; form the monarchy in the earliest of times, influenced as it was by the Catholic Church (as was all of Europe), to the fight against the invasion of the Mulsim Moors, who had taken a great percentage of Spain from 792 to 1492 in an attempt to convert Christians to Islam while gaining more territory, to the trials and tribulations most apparent in the second World War, when, not unlike the French Revolution, all religious were either murdered or fled, while the Fascists held sway. Spain was considered the testing ground for weapons to be used by the German’s. The Spaniards saw a return to a “Democracy” in 1977, with one of the most liberal Socialist Constitutions ever written in Europe. That has apparently backfired.

It is hoped that Spain will lead the charge in freeing Europe from the chains of Socialism, by example, and that economy will be the driving factor in this change. The basis of the plan is deep cuts to programs, which, apparently was very popular with the voting public.
Those in the United States that fail to see this trend should do so at their own political peril.

2012 GOP Polls: Gingrich Tied National Gallup, Dead Heat With Romney in NH – Most Capable to Meet Obama in Debate forum

The GOP Field, (sans Romney), at the Iowa 2012 Thanksgiving Family Forum

A newly released National Poll by Gallup shows Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in a virtual “tie” – out of 1062 Republicans and Republican leaning independents, Romney Leads Gingrich by 1 point, however, out of the Registered Voters, Gingrich leads Romney by 1 point, with the next closest candidate Herman Cain at 16%, and Dr. Ron Paul at 10% - the uncommitted, or undecided’s are still fairly high in national polls, at 19%. This may be due to the difficultly one might have choosing one candidate over another in this talent heavy GOP group. With the exception of Mitt Romney who has failed to rise about the 20 percent mark in almost every national poll, the balances of the candidates have seen poll numbers fluid.

Reviewing 2008 polling, Romney faced a similar scenario, with a solid base of supporters going into the early voting and caucus states through Super Tuesday, where, at that point, it was evident McCain and Huckabee were the two top tiers, candidates. However, at this time in the race in 2008, McCain was still not considered a front-runner, although rising in the polls, it was marginal.

Therefore, with at the least 4 to 5 solid candidates and six weeks to go until Iowa votes, it remains to be see exactly who will rise – bets right now are off on the following: Perry, Paul, Gingrich, Bachmann and Romney in Iowa – The reason is the high number of uncommitted (or those having a difficult time making a choice in candidate, not as the pundits pontificate the field is weak, rather, the opposite, where there are several strong candidate from which to choose. A great deal will depend upon which candidate can rise above the balance in the key states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and carry a majority going forward through Super Tuesday in February.

Speaking of New Hampshire: Gingrich is now tied with Romney (Wall Street Journal), in what has been known as Romney’s “state”. Again, there are those heavy numbers of undecided, which may propel a candidate, otherwise “given up for dead” to the top. This is the case for any national polls, however, the New Hampshire poll is telling, as Romney has consistently lead in New Hampshire in double digits, this was prior to the insurgence of the more Conservative Tea Party movement in the state in 2010 and forward bringing the State of New Hampshire into the “Red” column, in both the legislature, Governors Seat and Federal offices. Romney is known as a more moderate candidate, appealing to beltway pundits, and the national GOP.

Gingrich, although having somewhat of a “past”, is in a unique position to take advantage of the current status. He played well to a large audience of evangelicals in the Thanksgiving forum on Saturday (link to video available on this blog), in Iowa, hosted by the powerful, Focus on the Family. In the instance of any infidelities on the part of Gingrich, going back decades, his evident faith and lifestyle, is resounding with evangelicals and those of other faiths, while to Democrats seeking an alternative to Barack Obama, it matters little, (see Herman Cain Sexual Abuse Allegations and Bill Clinton).

Additionally, the brouhaha some conservatives (most likely opposition candidates) are making about his firm consulting Freddie and Fannie is not universally accepted. The point being that his business (consulting) was hired by multiple firms, The fact that this is a public firm (and the questions remains why this is a public firm), has some campaigns complaining that Gingrich took the taxpayer’s dollars. However, when one looks at the balance of the field, Congressional Reps, former Senators and Governor, the only one on the panel who did not take “taxpayer's dollars” in one form or the other is Herman Cain.

The next debate is the 22nd, of November on CNN, and will, once again, determine the rise or fall or solidify the positions held by the candidates. With each opportunity to view the candidates in a debate and/or forum setting, those potential GOP voters (who were so intent on watching the last CBS debate, which was broadcast on CBS for one hour with the final hour shown on the CBSNews website) crashed the CBS News website – apparently CBS either was not prepared or believed there would be such a lack of interest that they did not believe that their audience would choose a GOP debate over a rerun. Go figure.

That said, out of the entire field, should Gingrich continue to perform in the debates, as he has in those held to date, one should see Gingrich’s stock rise. It is the fact that those traditional GOP voters, as well as leaning Independents, and yes, Democrats who are moderate, are looking for the individual who will be able to out-perform Obama in the debate arena – Gingrich is clearly capable in that regards.

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