Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Look what we missed when the press was focused on Elmer Fudd Cheney.

I was bumping around al jezeera earlier today (one line at a time, the free translating is a pain but this slow task is worth the trouble as the English version is somewhat sanitized, shall we say?) - Do you realize that the good video is on the Arabic website? It's true. Just like sister networks CNN, MSNBC and others that come to mind, Al Jezeera, has video highlights. Granted, these may be incomprehensible if one doesn't understand Arabic, however, when a somewhat (God help us) prominent American is on Arabic television looking angry, you can bet there is more about what exactly was being said, somewhere.

This very newsworthy story made the pages of at least two Arabic papers - They did not miss a beat; not one word about Dick Cheney's hunting accident could be found in two prominent Arabic newspapers, but Al Gore made the front page. Think about that for a moment. In our country, a former vice-president who takes a side trip and slams the U.S. over and over again for alleged abuses to Arabic's living here, (he also invented the internet), is not quite as important as the current V.P.'s goof-up in a quail shoot.

Putting things into perspective for a moment, the hunting accident was funny in a way, however, the media has taken it to extreme's - what should have been a huge cartoon on every editorial page in the country, landed front page press. What would these progressive communists posing as liberal democrats do if they took the time to research just how many hunting accidents happen each year - to include guns, bows, arrows even fish hooks! This revelation might call for an entire new diagnosis by some mental health guru for the depression they would suffer and the legislation they would propose.

I believe what is most shocking is a that a former vice president who sounds a lot like Fidel castro (code pink's favorite poster boy), is allowed to run about making statements that sit on the edge of insanity and border on treason.

Since no mention will be made in the front pages of any times in the country (maybe there will be an exception, but it's hard to track 2000 plus newspapers - then perhaps more hunting accident's could occur. What about a group hunt?

I realize I’m going to sound a bit right of center today, maybe even somewhat fascists, however, we know john kerry likes to pretend he can hunt, let's throw a party and put him, palosi, gore, carter, kennedy (oh wait, the republican party needs him right where he is) - say in vermont - with any weapon and see what happens. My left of center union organizing, card carrying democratic party faithful should be turning at a rapid rate in his grave over this. He was above all a patriot and despised communism and fascism in any form. His party is no more.

This latest outburst just really takes the cake. Links below

Tehran Times
Pakistan Dawn

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Reality of a Good Relationship

I thank God every day that He sent me (or let me stumble upon) my husband. Every relationship has its good years and bad (the bad feeling like decades), but when you know that you have something worth fighting for you stay put - you dig in with your teeth like a pit bull (and complain heartily to your friends in the meantime). Separation, be it work or war or both, can be devastating to a marriage, however, with trust, faith and most importantly, a healthy sense of humor two can survive anything...

“I want a man whose gonna rock me like my back bone was his own” (Bonnie Raitt, Love Me Like A Man)

The Email

I’ll bet that you probably didn’t watch the Kentucky Derby, but during the after race interviews, there was a defining moment for the society that we live in. I was appalled when the network interviewed the owner of the winning horse and he first thanked Billy Joel and plugged his latest album and then said (of his wife standing next to him), “and married to this beautiful thing “,talking about all the wonderful things in his life. She was looking up at this “fat cat” excitedly and apparently no one understood that great head could get you into the winner’s circle at the Kentucky derby wearing a great hat. Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but it just sounded bad. It was an off-the-cuff remark and seemed to delineate just what’s wrong with the values in this world. If I ever have a great success and refer to you as that “beautiful thing “, you have my permission to shoot my ass with the very gun that I gave you! Even though I think that you are beautiful, that’s not the way to refer to your partner in life. Call me old fashioned, but respect is the cornerstone of a worthwhile relationship. Remember! , you’re one of my heroes and are deserving of not only my undying love but a great respect as well!
Love you

“After all, he’s just a man” (Stand by Your Man, Loretta Lynn)

The email:

I had all kinds of problems sending my Valentines, but I think that you’ll just get extra copies. Hopefully they all arrived safely. Oh, and since yesterday, I’m not allowed to read your blog on the government computer because you have apparently exceeded the allowable number of questionable words! How’s that for censorship.
It’s been raining off and on all day and can’t seem to make up its mind. I’d like to get a haircut today, but I think that laundry is more critical at this point. With this six- day work schedule, I use a lot more black socks and white T-shirts. I’ve also got two uniforms in the commercial laundry to pick up. All this domesticity is depressing; I really just want to take a nap!

The IM

Husband: Good morning
Wife: good morning!
Husband: I left the dinner to come and see you
Husband: I needed the break
Husband: fried fish with eyeballs
Husband: pancit and chicken adobo
Wife: ah!
Wife: watching national weather service
Wife can you say blizzard
Husband: hawaiian pooky which is raw tuna marinated with onions and soy and dipped in this green horseradish paste
Wife: yuk
Wife: good thing you have me then
Husband: how much?
Wife: 10 to 15 inches
Husband: too much
Wife: 3 inches an hour from midnight to 3:00 am
Wife: white out conditions.
Wife: dangerous nor-easter
Wife: we're on the line
Wife: between watch and blizzard watch
Husband: I wish you could come here and cook
Wife: heck, i'd leave right now if i could
Husband: be careful
Wife: ahead of the flipping storm
Wife: i'd like to be somewhere warmer!!!!!!
Husband it's very humid and everyone is sweating
Husband: orchids are in bloom
Wife: yeah, yeah, yah
Wife: see copy and paste from the nws
(10 Minutes more of IM)
Wife: also, i'm having issues
Wife: with swelling
Husband: of course
Wife: and water retention
Husband: hmmm
Wife: but.. all that would take would be 200 bucks and a trip to cohoes
Husband: how's your tits?
Wife: i need 2 blazers, 3 tops, and...
Husband: bigger?
Wife: no no they are not bigger
Husband: oh well
Wife: the hot flashes, not so bad, yet
Wife: hmm... other than a little swelling and mind loss (who would notice)
Wife: i'm swinging!
Husband: every hen in the universe has a last egg
Wife: thank you for comparing me to a chicken
Husband: you're just part of the natural order
Wife: thank you mr. wizard
Wife: don't get so deep
Wife: i'm really superficial this morning
Husband; I love you
Wife: love you, check in tomorrow at say same time?
Husband: yes
Wife: (every hen in the universe
Husband: bye bye
Wife: has it's last egg..
Wife: you clown
Husband:: hahahaha
Wife: this is good, i'm posting this to my blog

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