Friday, June 12, 2009

The Non-Feud (Palin vs. Letterman) Sarah Palin Shows Class while Letterman Wallows in Abject Self-Importance

Sarah Palin - Conservative Feminist - photo harpymarx

David Letterman, CBS’s early late evening talk/variety show host, made the tactical mistake of taking an “alleged” joke too far early this week. Mr. Letterman makes no excuses nor hides the fact that he follows the Progressive Left ideology – one need only try and watch the show for 10 minutes and it is glaringly apparent that Mr. Letterman feels he is an “elitist”, one who, through “comedy”, reaches the masses in order to educate them regarding the good “Democrats” versus and one remotely “Conservative”. In this instance, Mr. Letterman attacked the favorite target of the left, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, early remarks clearly went towards the woman’s appearance, and Letterman suggested that she looked more the prostitute. He did not stop there, however, he went on to insinuate that her youngest daughter (14 years old), was sleeping with a 34 year old celebrity baseball player. No matter now one slices it, there was no way to consider the remarks made to be humorous in the least, but, it is the norm for those on the Progressive side to step down into the trenches from their lofty elite positions in order to offer up base opinions on those with whom they politically disagree – and that apparently extends to family members.

Letterman with Obama - Ideology Trumps Civility -photo Swamp Blog

Conservative Groups and those News Outlets that had any sense of decency, reported on the incident with justified outrage. The Palins reacted with little more than a statement of “disgust” that anyone in the public eye would think that it was fine and dandy to make such remarks.

Following the hailstorm of criticism from conservatives (who, one must remind Mr. Letterman are at the least 50% of the population and growing), he issued a semi-apology on his program. That was the subject of many a pundit last evening over on the Fox News Channel.

What one finds most interesting is according to ABC news Mr. Letterman, would like to have the Governor appear on his show. Obviously Letterman is aware that the opposition over at NBS has seen a sudden rise in ratings since he uttered those obscenities, and the need to pump the ratings is immediate. However, Sarah Palin, one of the most astute women in government today, understood the motivation and declined – nothing that she would prefer, given the circumstances, not to aid Mr. Letterman’s ratings. Therefore, there will be no Trump-Rosie feud for Letterman.

The real question surfaces – how important are these “entertainers” anyhow? In the grand scheme of things, what can Brad Pitt, or George Clooney, or Rosie O’Donnell, or name a celebrity, do to have an impact on the general public (other than to throw money at the Democrat National Committee and any candidate they put forth)? One would hazard to guess, that in reality, only those who are in that 30 percentile of “committed” leftist that actually might vote in this country may take someone like a Moore, or Clooney or even Letterman, seriously. The rest are smart enough to realize that they are merely actors or radio talk show hosts (this goes to the right as well), who have less education (formal) than the average guy or gal, and although they have a right to an opinion – “Who cares?”.

David Letterman counts on comedy and guests to keep his ratings, as well as sponsors – should those independents and conservatives who tune in find him not-funny, they’ll tune out and go elsewhere (again see Conan’s rankings rising and he’s not particularly funny either – but one can bet the house, he won’t go where Letterman went).

Women, in particular, any woman with a feminist bone in her body, should not be tuning into Letterman, or for that matter, any program that pointedly insults or insinuates negative anti-feminist rhetoric towards any woman, regardless of party ideology – those women should understand that the stereotype applied to Governor Palin this week, will be applied to them, or their daughters, or granddaughters, should this trend go unanswered. It is unthinkable that those so-called “Feminist Organizations” such as NOW, haven’t stepped up to the plate, unless and until one examines the low membership numbers and finds that particular organization is growing more irrelevant by the day, as far as issues of concern for real women are concerned. Therefore, those real feminists (regardless of organization, if any) should send Letterman a message; whether by turning him off, writing him a letter, or as suggested by the bloggers over at Hillbuzz, contact every sponsor and let them know how a women feels about Mr. Letterman’s comments.
Hillbuzzhas a very specific list of sponsors, including Kellogg’s, and the blog includes a tutorial on writing letters to Corporate Executives.

In the final analysis of the entire brouhaha, Governor Palin will continue to attain new highs, as she fights for those in home State of Alaska, as well as conservative principals and humanitarian projects around the country, while the curmudgeon Mr. Letterman, will be confined to his late-night bubble, living for ratings and wallowing in self-importance. The media (those which are considered mainstream), would give Letterman a pass, considering their views of Governor Palin, which is the bigger hurdle the Governor faces. Have no doubts, she will, in time, prove to those sniggering in editorial rooms over Letterman’s base remarks, that she has more import and impact on the nation, than any late-night television entertainer – it will be the dwindling subscribers sand viewers that will have the final say.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Question on Executive Pay Limits - Barney Frank Loses Control on CNBC Meanwhile Businesses Ask Obama to Limit Union Executives Pay

The Washington Timeshas reported that business groups are questioning President Obama’s decision to limit Executive Pay:

The Workforce Fairness Institute, which has lobbied heavily for the defeat of the Employee Free Choice Act to ease organization rules for labor unions, points to a 2008 Hudson Institute study that suggests unions have short-changed benefits for their rank and file in favor or generous executive compensation packages and to pad the coffers of their political allies, who are mostly Democrats.

“On average, the 21 largest unions pension plans had less than 70 percent of the funds that they would need to cover their total obligations, and none were fully funded,” the study said. “Seven were less than 65 percent funded. Yet 23 officer and staff funds from the same unions had 88.2 percent of the funding they would need to pay promise pensions, including seven full funded plans and another 13 with at least 80 percent of the required funds.”

Business leaders who oppose plans to limit executive pay say if it is to be passed, labor unions should be included as well.

Apparently, business bought the pre-January 20th campaign rhetoric, and the apparent move to the middle by the current occupant of the White House. From the perspective of history, unions have become corrupt, union bosses are more concerned with personal power and wealth (see Poconos) than with the rank and file. Therefore, this dare requesting equal treatment with Union Bosses (even though Unions’ now have ownership in the auto industry and who knows what’s next), will fall upon deaf ears.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts’s own Barney Frank lost his temper when faced with real questions regarding the cap on executive pay. The video below depicts Frank walking away from yet another interview.

“Is Barney Frank on GM’s Board?” The Kansas City Star Asks - Frank Campaigns early - Faces Challenger in the 4th

Barney Frank, Massachusetts 4th District U.S. Congressman, is making headlines outside of Massachusetts for his recent display of chutzpa regarding General Motor’s. Apparently the company’s decision to close several plants around the country, was ok with Mr. Frank until it was one in his own district. Frank, who is up for re-election in 2010, called General Motor’s CEO, Henderson, and bluntly demanded that the GM plant scheduled for closure in his district remain open. Apparently, E. Thomas McClanahan, a columnist for the Star, felt that Mr. Frank overstepped a bit. (One would think) However, his opinion was based upon promises from President Obama that once the Government owned control of businesses, specifically the auto makers, there would be no intervention. Either Barney didn’t get the memo, or this was a given from the get-go – certain “High-Profile” controlling members of Congress would be able to play fast and loose with Government Owned Entities, demanding that CEO’s (who’s jobs now depend upon the whims of the administration and certain members of Congress), do their bidding.

Frank is not the only Member of Congress protesting plan closings in their districts; Lamar Alexander a Republican Representative from Tennessee, blasted Frank over his meddling with GM – a plant is scheduled to close in Alexander’s District, and he noted that all congressmen would be fighting for their districts and plant closings, however, he did not call and “explain” the importance of keeping his districts’ plant open – unlike Mr. Frank.
Video Here:

Barney Frank, who is directly linked to the meltdown of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack which led to the entire financial crisis, is seeking re-election in the 4th district. District residents will have the opportunity to send a message of fiscal restraint to Washington, help their own district (little is being done to alleviate the pain of the 4th district, which relies heavily on the fishing industry and has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state), and the rest of the country. Earl Sholley, a graduate of the University of Scranton, the University of Massachusetts who also studied at the University of Madrid, Spain, served in the Peach Corp. as well as the U.S. Army. A business owner for over 24 years, Mr. Sholley will challenge Frank for a second time in 2010. Mr. Sholley , ran against Frank in 2008, and although Mr. Frank won the district, Mr. Sholley gained a foothold, garnering not only all the Republican votes, but a percentage of the Independent voters in the district. 2008 was not a friendly year toward any Republican and the 4th districts’ high percentage of voters are designated as “unenrolled” will make the 2010 campaign intersting. Therefore, Mr. Frank may have to actually campaign in his district, with the outcome, this time, uncertain. Therefore, to the irate editorial columnist at the Kansas City Star: take Heart, there is hope in Massachusetts that real Change is possible. A return to fiscal sanity and less Federal intervention – for more information on Mr. Sholley, visit Sholley For Congress.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trouble in the Empire State – Democrats in Chaos – New York Press Takes Sides

It is apparent that the political dynamics in the State of New York are in a state of confusion, at least as far as the Democrat Party is concerned – The Governor and the State Assembly have been the focus of headlines the past few days, none of which are flattering. Patterson, has no chance of being elected to a second term, according to a poll conducted by the New York Times - currently 7 in 10 New York residents feel Patterson should not maintain his office. In Albany, after a Democrat aided Republican takeover of the State Senate Monday, the Democrats had locked themselves in the Chamber in a fit of frustration, insuring that working for the people does not trump personal gain. What is truly interesting is the way in which the Democrats who sided with the Republican’s are being treated in the press:

From the New York Times:

We’re still puzzling out how these defections came about and what tawdry promises were made.

The Times; however was complementary when it came to the foot on the other side of the ideological driven editorial shoe of the paper:

Mr. Specter announced his unexpected switch of political loyalties on Tuesday, saying that he was leaving the Republican Party because it had shifted far to the right of his views and because he did not think he could overcome a primary challenge next year. His move bolstered President Obama at a pivotal moment for his policy agenda and further marginalizing Republicans on Capitol Hill by bringing the Democratic majority within reach of a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the chamber.

Therefore, according to the Times, should a Republican switch sides, he/she is making a smart move, however, should a Democrat, even at the State Level, does the same, that individual is treated to intense scrutiny. In the case of Espada and Monserrate, who voted with the New York Republicans to accomplish the change in power, the wrath of CBS (both the local affiliate and national news) is apparent. In every article regarding the event, mention is made of alleged improprieties on the part of both men (one for wearing an orange ski hat when confronted by an anchor, and the other regarding an alleged domestic dispute).

One wonders why these two Democrats are not being given the same excusatory treatment as Massachusetts Rep., Barney Frank received from this same New York Media, when faced with a prostitution scandal (one in which he admitted guilt). Had Frank represented New York in the Congress, they may have thrown a parade.

One Saving Grace: The New York Post - never fails to amuse and take a centered approach in its tabloid style: The Headline: ”Albany’s Bozos Are in the Dark”, most likely speaks to the sentiment of most of the New York Electorate.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New York State Senate Shocker – Democrats Help Republican’s Re-Gain Majority

The New York State Senate experienced a bit of upheaval on the 8th of June – two New York State Senate Democrats, Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens, voted with the 30 Republican Senators to give control of the body back to the Senate Republicans. The Govenor, embattled Democrat David Patterson is fighting mad, with good reason , Espada, who has become “pro tempore” of the Senate, would replace Patterson, should something happen to the Governor.

The drama: The entire “coup” was done in the dark – Democrats turned off the lights and ran from the house – trying to stop the vote that would take their power – to no avail. The Democrats are calling the move “illegal”; however, the move had been planned for days, with meetings taking place between those Democrats who joined with Republicans in an attempt to form a bi-partisan force. There are several pending issues of concern including: returning power over municipal schools to the individual cities, a new pension level for New York’s largest employee unions and the former Senate Majority Leader, Malcolm Smiths, support of Gay Marriage – which has the Governor citing political motivation for the coup. The Media has dubbed the two Democrats who switched parties as “Renegades”, and the character assassination was priority number 1 over at CBS - outing ordinary mishaps involving the two Democrats in question (and by ordinary, nothing more or less than U.S. Senate or Congressional Democrats have done).

One of the most interesting aspect of this event is the parallel to the U.S. House Republican Revolt over the energy bill last summer, when House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, cut the lights, and left the building in the dark, while Congressional members continued to debate off-shore oil drilling, , a move that eventually led to falling oil prices (speculators fears that off-shore drilling would become a reality moving pricing downward). It appears that when faced with any type of insurrections, Democrats shut out the lights and run – in a very “Keystone Cops” manner, leaving the Republican’s to go on about the business of the people.

The other angle here, is the power play against New York’s Governor Patterson, who in a video here on CBS, is obviously peeved - should the New York Senate remain in the hands of the Republican’s, the Governor would have little political clout in the Capital – given that he is not the most popular Governor in New York History, (given the make-up of the Up-State of New York as conservative), he now faces a Senate with members of his own party, giving the nod to the opposition.

Lastly, one has to wonder what prompted the “revolt” in the first place, was it purely political posturing, as suggested by the Governor, or was it the “writing on the wall” of embittered constitutes who are not as enamored by the current administration(s) – in other words, a career move prompted by a desire to maintain ones position. Most probably, given the non-lavish salary associated with the State Senate, it could very well be that those who took part in this “power grab”, did so in the interest of the People of New York.

CBC Video

Monday, June 08, 2009

U.S. Unemployment Rate Hits 25 year high - Obama Misery Index over 12% with No End in Sight

The U.S. Unemployment rate rose in May to 9.4%, and the administration is acknowledging that the economy is getting worse:

Austan Goolsbee, a member of President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisors:

"The economy clearly has gotten substantially worse from the initial predictions that were being made, not just by the White House, but by all of the private sector," said Austan Goolsbee.

Economists point out that the current jobless rate is already higher than the hypothetical rate that was used to calculate the health of banks and other financial institutions in so-called "stress tests" earlier this year. And, the upward unemployment trajectory is expected to continue in coming months, even if the overall economy begins to recover.

Additionally, the Stimulus is not having the intended effect (apparently, no one in the administration studied the economic policies of Jimmy Carter, and the nightmare that resulted when he instituted a stimulus, auto bailout, and big government programs that eventually led to a new economic term: “misery index” (combination of rate of inflation and rate of unemployment). Investors are now concerned about a rise in in interest rates and inflation, with good cause – the rate of inflation has risen, although slightly, to 3% in April.

That said, the rate of inflation is based in part, on the consumer price index, which has been kept steady due to the fall in oil prices last summer. As the consumer prices on oil and staples such as food (prices now increasing) increase, the rate of inflation will be driven upward.
The other factors used to forecast the fate of inflation include the GDP and the Prime Interest Rate.

The GDP decreased in the fourth quarter to -5.84% from a “real DGP of -6.1% in the 4th quarter of 09. The GDP is the Gross Domestic Output, based on industry – specifically the auto industry. Under the Bush Administration the GDP grew - tax cuts.
Therefore, adding the current rate of inflation (approximately 3%) to the current unemployment rate (9.4%) the Obama/Carter misery index is only 12.4% - as the price of oil rises, and the GDP declines (auto industry plant closings not on the radar yet), the prime will have to be adjusted (there go those interest rates), and by end of 2009, the economy will be in worse shape than it is today, perhaps surpassing the misery index under Jimmy Carter’s watch.

The only avenue available to put the skids on this entire fiasco would be for the current administration and simpatico congress to reign in spending – and that is not likely. At the peril of the economy, the President is pushing for Universal Health Care at a time, when the nation cannot afford to spend another nickel. Ironically, Obama is citing economics as the main reason that this bill should be rushed through the Congress and the Senate, however, rest assured it will include mandates that will further happen business development and growth. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), has visions of forcing employers to pick up the tab on health care reform. However well intentioned this utopian socialist ideal may be; the end result will be fewer businesses able to afford to pay employees salaries, let alone extend benefits, and the only “job creation” in the health insurance industry will be at the Federal Level.

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