Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

What special meaning does this particular day hold? For most American's it is the sign of the beginning of summer -- the beaches are crowded, backyard barbecues abound and occasionally there is a parade to remember fallen hero's. These parades are held less frequently now than they were 40 years ago. Every town, hamlet and city had a Memorial Day Parade years ago. We do have hero's that deserve to be memorialized. These are young men and women who have fought to preserve our right to have that picnic or lay out on that beach, yet more frequently than not, they are demonized by their own elected officials as nothing more than criminals. Most recently, Representative Murtha has beat the drum against the soldier more loudly than any other progressive. He has made claims and has tried and convicted the military for alleged attacks on civilians in Iraq. There have been no confirmations, there have been no trials, there have been no convictions.

Murtha may have, at one time, been a part of that fraternity, however, it is clear with each passing day that he has abandoned his values to gain a political foothold. How disappointing it has become to hear those from the party of my father, denigrating our military and our commander in chief on a daily and ongoing basis. To what end? Why re-election, power and ultimately control of our nation.

Not being a fan of either political party at the moment, both playing fast and loose with every single bill that could protect and preserve the American way of life - individuals such as Mr. Murtha bring home the true meaning of anti-Americanism.

Zel Miller, the formidable former Georgia senator who had the audacity to speak at the Republican convention due to people just like Murtha, is also memorialized in a short video clip provided below. His speech was moving and spoke to many disenfranchised military and veterans and their families who listen to this type of hate-speach on a daily basis. They also vote. The Democrats are hoping that they will, in November, re-gain control of the house - all polls point in that direction.
Polls have been shown to be repeatedly skewed and most often wrong.

To all the hero's that have helped and are helping the United States Liberate millions worldwide and who have sacrificed so that we can enjoy our beaches and our barbecues - Thank you and God Bless you.

Video by Frank Wise - Zel Miller's words and combined music by Hans Zimmer

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