Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama “Truth Squads” in Missouri - Using Public Officials to Suppress Free Speech

One has to wonder where the line was drawn between our Republic and the tenants of socialism/fascism used by New Progressive Democrats under the leadership of Pelosi/Reid/Kerry and Obama. Apparently, the Obama Campaign has established a relationship between campaign officials and local government officials in Missouri. Prosecutors and sheriffs from across Missouri have joined the "truth squad” – their task: reminding voters that Obama is a Christian and is going to cut their taxes – and that anyone who runs a misleading ad will be prosecuted. Appalled? This is not the first time that the Obama Campaign tried this tactic in Missouri; they ran a similar campaign against Hillary Clinton during the primary. Not one peep from the press – not one cry of outrage - Clinton won Missouri handily. How did the rest of America miss this?

The question now arises – how legal and/or ethical is collusion between a political candidate from one party and state officials and employees aiding and abetting that campaign employing intimidation and threats during a primary or general election? Although both sheriffs and prosecutors are elected Progressive Democrats; telling voters that Obama is a Christian - and that he will cut taxes might not be part of their job description – moreover by insinuating that the opposing campaign’s ads will be misleading or false, is akin to an abuse of power. The “Truth Squad” is interesting to say the least, considering that it was established in order to stifle any questions regarding Obama and/or his record. May of these “truths” have proven to be stretched to the limit. These types of fascist tactics by Obama campaign should be a warning to all people of independent mind. Local Missouri New Coverage in YouTube videos shown below.

McCain – Assesses the Wall Street Bailout with Prudence

According to a recent Reuters article, nothing has changed in Washington - the President, George W. Bush, wants to give Wall Street a virtual blank check (being from the Baystate; The Big Dig comes to mind), the Democrats, led in the press by Rep. Barney Frank (D. MA) are screaming foul at every turn, because they have come up with a plan and allegedly had Bush ready to sign it. The Democrat plan has few restrictions: salary caps for ceo’s, and capital gains tax increase, along with oversights and transparency (something McCain has been pushing for all along). Bush will normally bow to media and democrat pressure, one of his major pitfalls with conservative. Frank and the press are blaming the administration for the collapse, when every single deal going on has Obama’s, Kerry’s, Dodd’s and Frank’s fingerprints all over the place (Those who benefited from kickbacks by Freddie and Fannie, and Frank particularly for pushing for no background checks on lower income individuals applying for mortgages.) Bush to his credit was concerned about potential problems with Freddie and Fannie, and it was Frank’s who poo-pooed his fears as ridiculous. The chickens have come home to roost, and so, Democrats do what they are bound to do – point the finger at the other party.

Here’s the kicker – the House Republican’s have developed their own version, one which is sensible, contains oversights, yet does not cripple small business. John McCain wants to investigate all avenues, which, considering the magnitude of what our government is asking of John and Jane Taxpayer, is a good idea. Obama wants to get it over with and debate (which may or may not be in his best interest considering that the debate would be on Foreign Policy) – it’s me, me, and more me – Obama 24/7.

McCain is acting like a man – a man who would look at all the proposals from both sides of the aisle in order to come to a sane and reasonable solution to this mess. He is also in the position to and more importantly willing to negotiate across party lines. In other words, he is not rushing to judgment, or putting himself first, rather he is governing in a style more presidential, one that proves he knows who he’s working for – the American people. Obama on the other hand offers little, citing politics as McCain’s motivation and demanding the debate take place like a spoiled child - the press, otherwise known as "journalist for Obama", are doing everything in their power to make McCain look unreasonable.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Couric on Palin – Not so subtle deception by CBS

Last evenings CBS news broadcast with Katie Couric featured two interviews; one with John McCain followed by an interview with Sarah Palin. In the first segment, Ms. Couric, on the current financial situation, asked John McCain if he agreed with Sarah Palin in her statement that the United States was heading for another depression. CBS Video Here

Later during the Palin Interview, Couric first asks Palin if she believes that the United States is heading for a Great Depression, Palin answer was non-committal; she stressed the importance of a bi-partisan plan and noted that if nothing was done that could be a possibility. The question one has to ask is: How stupid does the Elite Media feel the American people are? Anyone watching this specific broadcast understood immediately that Couric was dishonest in her alleged reporting. It is precisely this type of media coverage that continues to help push rankings and subscriptions further in to the abyss. One thing is fairly certain, come November 5th, there will be a shift in the media; either they will become more embolden with the arrogance of self-perceived importance in swaying an American election, or they will be even more marginalized than they are today – blaming the internet repeatedly for their woes. The interesting aspect of the internet as a catalyst vis a vis declining viewership and subscribers is that these types of media have solid web presence; however, traffic is often a problem. The problem the networks and major daily papers have is simple: They don’t understand that they have lost the trust of a majority of Americans because their bias is not concealed; rather it has become glaringly apparent. Journalist should report - not pontificate (or campaign) – that is editorial content, not a report. Ms. Couric’s editorial interview with Sarah Palin is shown below.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FBI Investigates Freddie and Fannie – Which Politician's will be Scrutinized?

Why the sudden rush to investigate to investigate two lending institutions that were, for all intents and purposes, government run institutions? An AP news release noted that the focus will be on the individuals who were in charge – would that include James Johnson? Johnson, a major Democrat Party player, has been scrutinized over deals made with Country Wide, and was tapped in May of this year by Barack Obama to help in choosing a running mate. This may be part of a broader investigation – on that is ongoing.

Johnson stepped down in June, after he came under fire regarding “questionable loan practices MSNBC. Coincidentially, Johnson also helped John Kerry with his vetting process. Who were the biggest political beneficiaries from Freddie Mac? - Dodd (D-CT), Obama, (D-IL), and Kerry, (D-MA).

As the process unfolds, and yet another (See the 1990 and bailouts), but more insidious socialist style taxpayer funded bailout is put into play (by a Legislature controlled by Democrats aided by the Bush administration), what could possibly come from such an investigation? An “October surprise” is not out of the question – that said - guilt by association cannot be used in an indictment – one would have to actively participate or be an accessory to a particular felony. Reform and oversight into the industry are what is needed, and regardless of how high and mighty the guilty players are, no matter how deep the ties to political machines, regardless of party affiliation, the penalty should fit the crime.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bill Clinton - Understanding Sarah Palin’s Appeal

Bill Clinton thinks he understands why Sarah Palin is so popular in the Heartland. On Monday, he shared his thoughts with reporters prior to a meeting (Clinton Global Initiative): "I come from Arkansas, I get why she's hot out there," Clinton said. "Why she's doing well." He went on to explain that her appeal centered on her motherhood, a larger family that those in the “Heartland” could relate to, as well the fact that her husband is the kind of guy Clinton can “relate to”. He went on to decry the never-ending Obama campaign attacks by stressing that Palin should be celebrated for her elevation on the ticket, ending with the question: “And just say that she was a good choice for him and we disagree with them?"

Where President Clinton may have erred is that location doesn’t matter when it comes to Palin – women, whether they live in the Heartland or the West, or the Northeast or the South or Florida, if they are working mothers, relate to Palin. There are a few who, bedeviled by partisan blindness, one too many Huffington Post updates, and a firm belief that Obama is the next Messiah, believe Sarah Palin should be subject to Photoshop, hacked emails, and the comments of their favorite undereducated starlets and comediennes – but they are not the norm.

What is a working Mom? - Women who have one or two or more children, work 40 hours, act as a taxi-service and feel that they have been ignored, let down and left out by politician’s because there is no way Nancy Pelosi could ever relate to the rest of “us”. Nancy Pelosi and Company (Obama, Kerry and the rest of her Henchmen), are only interested in “Reproductive Rights” (yet another term for abortion), and that message is loud and clear ringing not in the heartland only, but in the suburbs and yes, even in urban centers. The gig is up – and Bill Clinton gave a great assessment as to why Palin has personal appeal. Women are paying attention, working mothers that are not only interested in the fact taht Palin manages just like they do, but that she also had to manage her family and govern and she did so effectively. She’s a reformer and there is nothing a mom likes more than reform – especially when it comes to education and a call for transparency in government. (- A government that is sucking the life out of every family in the country through a never ending array of taxes.)

Just how many working women are there who relate to positively relate to Palin? Both campaigns need to figure this out because those are the women who may play a larger roll in deciding this election. One of them most likely new when he chose her as his running mate (giving him points with that same group), the other most likely has because of the level and baseness of the attacks.
Bill Clinton knows first had what it is to work with and stand by a strong and capable woman, and he also knows what the best strategy would be, if the match up were between Sarah and Hillary. He also sees the writing on the wall, and "race" doesn't enter into the picture. Educated guess based on Rasmussen polling and Vegas lines: he’s laying the groundwork for a 2012 match-up between Hillary and Palin.

Monday, September 22, 2008

1980 Revisited – The McCain and Reagan Comparison

If one looks to historical voter demographics to predict outcomes; then the likely outcomes, despite polling to the contrary, will place John McCain in the White House.

How they Voted 1980 – the keys: Regan won 53% of the male vote and 49% of the female vote, 52% aged 30-49 and 54% age 60 plus, 86% of the Republican vote and 26% of the Democrat vote.

Today, the issue of Race has become more prominent in the campaign – in the 1980 Voters by Groups – 10% of non-whites cast their vote for Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, retaining 90% of that group. However a stunning AP/Yahoo poll suggests that that one-third of all white Democrats still have an unfavorable view based on race. additionally, the Democrats have lost a share of Democrat women (no polling percentages), unable to bring voters who were firmly in the Clinton camp back into the fold. Groups include PUMA a PAC that was formed to return the Democrat Party back to its roots.

The Catholic Church has become more aggressive, noting that those who support abortion are “disqualified” – a YouTube video used by was pulled from that website. Recent Obama Rallies have been interrupted by a group called “Blacks Against Obama, their main theme has been the abortion issue. Although Reagan did not carry an overwhelming amount of the Catholic vote, McCain may make up ground as the churches are now more vocal and parishioners more engaged.

The Republican Base is no longer a wild card: Now that Sarah Palin, a strong, pro-life, conservative with a reform record is running with McCain, the base is solid and growing: The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that state Democrats “are freaking out” because Palin has energized the California Republican Party. Although downplayed by most of the media, Palin has attracted crowds of up to 60,000 at an event in Florida, the attendees: seniors. Compared to recent crowds of 8,000 for Obama, the top of the ticket. McCain already has the mighty Republican base behind him, to the extent not seen since the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, he appeals to Independents, and most importantly disenfranchised Democrats. Should 10% of the Democrats (conservative figure) cast their vote for the McCain-Palin ticket; the electoral map will mirror that of 1980.

Finally, the biggest McCain-Palin boost is from the media. A Rasmussen poll suggests that 51% of the respondents felt that the media was “out to hurt” Sarah Palin, one sore point for the Republican Base and PUMA. It is no wonder then, that as the polls continue to tighten and the Republican base is shown as energized that the Democrats have little left but despair and derision? Although pundits are cautiously calling this a close race, Rasmussen, whose track record is a bit better than most pollsters, is already showing Palin-Clinton match-ups. As of September 3,Palin is leading Clinton 52/41 among women. Therein lays the rub: Is this particular polling designed to predict the outcome of the 2008 race? Or is it 2012?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama Lies to Seniors - What else is new?

One can always tell when a Democrat is seeking office – there are few key issues for the party: abortion, Supreme Court judges (so that they can continue abortion unfettered), and little else. For the past few weeks, the nation has been given insight as to how critical abortion is for the party – the Obama Campaign, and their surrogates have gone above and beyond any previous lows, by attacking Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin – simply because the Democrat Ideal of a true Feminist, is a woman whose sole criteria in life is to make sure that Abortion on demand is available. Palin, who is pro-life and against abortion, has been the target of every conceivable insult, invasion of privacy and sexist remark that one could envision. They aren’t convinced these lines of attack are working, so they’ve reached into their tired bag of tricks and pulled out the Social Security – When all else fails – scare the seniors.

New York Times”Senator Barack Obama delivered an ominous warning to Florida voters on Saturday, suggesting that Senator John McCain would “gamble with your life savings” by investing Social Security money in private accounts that could be affected by the roiling financial markets.”
Obama is technically lying through his teeth, so much so that even Newsweek entitled their article on this campaign spin: “Obama’s Social Security Whopper”

At issue, George W. Bush’s 2004 push to privatize some, not all, of social security in an attempt to shore up reserves. This plan allowed participants to opt into private self-investments, just like the Government currently offers to every single one of its retirees. It is an identical plan, with one exception: Those who do not wish to participate – don’t’ have to. That measure was killed by the House Democrats through filibuster after filibuster (in other words, House and Senate Democrats have done nothing constructive for the American people even before they gained control of both houses, fighting to make sure that no progress whatsoever was made – Democrats in action).

Obama, of course, did his part in the “scare a senior, retain power” plan and included a racist overtone. On March 11, 2005, the Chicago Tribune reported that “Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday called President Bush's suggestion that African-Americans could reap greater rewards from overhauling Social Security a "stunning" argument that ignored the true health issues facing blacks in this country.

As the president launched a two-day tour through the South to build support for his controversial plan to revamp Social Security, Democrats challenged a White House assertion that blacks would particularly gain from Bush's proposed private retirement accounts because they have fewer years to collect benefits considering they die younger. “(Full article available at: Chicago Tribune archives – fee based

What is the difference between the 2006 and 2008 races? Very little, and as the writing on the wall becomes increasingly clear, the Democrats go back into the same bag of tricks in the hope that someday it will work. Someday will not be 2008. Someone neglected to tell those who proudly wear the symbol of the Donkey that 70 is the new 30 – that seniors are more likely to be working at 72, and or beyond, and already understand that those who have government retirement plan (congress, every single government employee, civilian or otherwise), are not considered incapable of opting for self-directed retirement investments, that is clearly not a race issue, and that once again, someone is up for election.

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