Friday, December 26, 2014

Best of Christmas-Holidays Pol’s and Polls

For starters the Holiday season normally gives one a break from all of the nonsense that is politics –if only briefly – if at all. The two national stories that most amused this season were the latest GOP poll by Zogby and the Festivus Tweets by Rand Paul (R-KY) joined by Corey Booker (D-NJ).

The Zogby Poll analyzed by Breitbart, is so typical of polling thus far, that is bears little notice, except that it has been picked up by most outlets without so much as a notice of the smallest available sample and largest margin of error seen in a 2016 poll to date. Leading the pack in this poll: Romney, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul for the Republicans and of course, Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. In this scenario she beats them all handily. Of the 231 potential voters, however, 19% were not yet decided on who would be a good choice of candidate. (Brietbart) Need one waste ink on this piece- yes, apparently, even if one has to point out how ridiculous this poll truly is.

Followed by something more amusing, Rand Paul’s annual Festivus grievance tweets. The tweets topics ranged from government waste, his hair, sweater vests worn by Mitch McConnell, and the work he’s done with Corey Booker on reduction of sentencing for non-violent offenders (WHAS11). The full list on Twitter:

Corey Booker shot back a few in agreement as well as taking a shot at Paul’s hair (Twitter: Corey Booker) suggesting if he were to shave his head, he would be more aerodynamic for any potential 2016 runs.

One needs a little levity mixed with reality as well as some genuine bi-partisanship from one’s potential leaders (or in this case state leaders in the US Senate).

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