Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I awoke to yet another blustery day in the cold northeast and while purusing a variety of blogs, newspaper websites and other internet forums, i discovered what may be a completely disturbing pattern.

Apparently a newspaper in Ohio is losing subscribers faster than the Titanic took on water over their support for a judge who allowed a child-rapists to virtually walk. Most of the comments are centered on the fact that subscriber have cancelled their subscriptions due to the overly "liberal" stance of the paper. Indeed? Some of these subscribers are taking it to the next step and calling the newspapers advertisers.

Being America, it maybe safe to assume that if enough calls are placed to Sandy's Meat Market about their advertising in this paper, capitalism will prevail and Sandy's will look towards saving a few bucks and placing their advertising into other media.

Next we look at the stock of the venerable New York Times, again, sinking, sinking, sinking, lower into the depths of Wall Street. If anyone even reads the print version anymore, one will notice that the advertisers have changed somewhat over the past year. There are fewer new advertisers and some of the mainstays have reduced their ads and/or pulled them altogether. The Times still gets a hefty amount of advertising dollars from Code Pink, PETA and that ilk, but, the question remains: if only 19-20% (Battleground) of the country defines itself as Liberal, then who is reading the Times? It cannot be long before the venerable Times is down to printing once a week and looking more like the Village Voice with every issue. Is there a solution to save this industry? Apparently yes.

It's called Conservatisim!

Visit the Washington Post. They unveiled a new blog recently entitled: Red America. The writing is on the wall and someone is paying attention somewhere. Although every single media person can point to the fact that the President's poll numbers are sinking faster than the New York Times stock (it's a close call), they fail to mention that those same polls show a lack of confidence in the media that is dismal, congress fares a bit worse than the president and that includes both Republicans and Democrats. When it comes to social issues, give the DNC it's due, people tend to think they are more in tune with say healthcare, however, when it comes to protecting the old USA, the Republican party and the president continue to trump all the nay-sayers.

Here's a conspiracy theory for you: No one is challenging the far left, they make ludicrous statements that continue to receive front page; primetime coverage every minute of everyday. The hope that is that if enough people hear that Iraq is Vietnam from the venerable elder Senator from Massachusetts, and believe it - eventually the dreaded conservatives will fall in the polls and out of office.

What they are ignoring is the fact that the RNC, when called, merely chuckles at the suggestion that they run someone against the august Senator from Massachusetts.

That can't be good.

The Washington Post has caught on; now offering, although on the web, a different point of view in their product.

Will others do the same, or is the marignalization of the newspapers industry tied to the DNC?

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