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2012 GOP - Herman Cain Rising – Tonight Show Appearance – Cain’s Straight Talk, Take No Prisoner’s Approach – Two Words: Brilliant and Capable

Herman Cain, speaking at crowded event - image World News Blog

On Friday evening, 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain, was a guest on NBC’s “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. Both Leno and his counterpart on CBS, Letterman, have been slumping in the ratings lately (NY Times) , therefore, Leno took the step to attract the rest of the available late night audience which may not be overly “left”, with an appearance by Cain. The last time both Leno and Letterman had sky high ratings was when they opened with guests: Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin in early 2010 (LA Times). Apparently, lost on the networks (or those booking for the shows), was a spike in ratings when one brings in the Conservatives – and Herman Cain would be no exception, as he certainly has the momentum in the race at this point.

One knows that Cain’s stock is rising when Democrat “strategists” start playing the race card! (Real Clear Politics). Apparently, to a Progressive Democrat, (i.e. Socialist), Cain is a bigoted racist. That mind boggling remark is sure to be added to other less brilliant or original attacks on Cain from the left, due to the fact that his presence and his rise in the Republican Race, doesn’t’ fit neatly into their mantra of “All Republican’s are white Racists” – wait – that’s where they got it. Apparently, whether one is Latino, a woman, African American, and a Conservative, one is suddenly a "rich white man", in the eyes of Socialists Democrats. How well that plays is well, up to the electorate.
Unfortunately, Cain being embraced by the GOP and Tea Party knocks out that age old theory, so they either have to attack him on his plans, his experience and or his personal life – they’ve got nothing – so, they use what seems to have failed in the past (which explains the current administrations fascination for and implementation of for Carter’s foreign, domestic, and economic policy).

Cain is likeable, and he’s smart, and he’s got a sense of humor. He’s been able to pick up the appropriate tone in the debate arena, faster than any politician’s one has seen in a long time – for someone who is clearly not a politician – His remarks regarding his economic plan are solid, and he backs them up with facts, from a businessman’s perspective. Not a lot of hubris being thrown out there by Mr. Cain.

The highlights of the video clip below (in two segments via NBC):

Cain on the other candidates: Mitt Romney: Good Hair, New Gingrich: Brilliant and Ron Paul: Grumpy Old Man shows a sense of humor that is peppered with honesty.
When asked about the comments by Palin regarding his being flavor of the week (which was a speech not on Cain per se, rather on the media, which concept has gotten lost somehow (last word rhetorical) Cain noted correctly that Palin had called him Herb (and he forgives her now), that she lends a great deal to the national debate, but that he doesn’t feel she’ll enter the race.

Overall it was a good foray into the late night show talk circuit lion’s den, and one can anticipate more appearance by Cain in the future (specifically if Neilson gives the green light to Leno in ratings next week – one can expect additional GOP candidates to be in the rotation.)

Cain is a breath of fresh air, and although one might argue that he doesn’t have experience in “government’ – that’s more of a plus than a negative, whiel his forty plus years in executive positions gives him credibility, the man would be more capable of hiring the right people than any politician to take the reins since the founders – that’s something to think about heading into the primaries.

The Tonight Show with Herman Cain Part I

The Tonight Show with Herman Cain Part II

To learn more about Herman Cain visit his website:

Friday, September 30, 2011

Gallup: Most American’s Believe President & Congress Doing Poor Job: Includes 40% Dems and 79% Independents – Democrats Enthusiasm Lowest Since 2004 -

2012 the Year of the Un-Washington Candidate? image

From: Gallup Polling’s Headline: “Half Say President, Congress Doing Worse Than Predecessors” speaks to the second poll segment shown in the article, with 52% of respondents noting that the current makeup of the Congress and Administration is doing worse than those who governed in the past. The first question and the answers by party, however, are quite stunning: “In your view, how good a job are President Obama and the current congress doing in dealing with the United States’ Most Important Problems” draws an overwhelming negative of 67%, with 40% of Democrats, 78% of Independents and 89% of Republicans voting Poor or Very Poor.

The general mood, therefore, of the nation has grown to one of severe anti-incumbency, with the emphasis on the President (given the wording of the polls questions – and the natural placement of the President before the Congress, giving those who have a strong negative on the President’s job performance, with a lesser negative on Congress, the impulse to lump the two together. The outcome may also be viewed as anti-Washington establishment, which gives further acceptance to the Tea Party and the candidates that have risen from its ranks. This is especially true when one honestly assesses the makeup of “Tea Party” constituents as a blend of all political party affiliations, the emphasis being on an adherence to the U.S. Constitution and what is seen as an overwhelming tax burden, and little to no fiscal restraint shown by those in Washington.

Further, a poll released by Gallup on the 29th “Democrats Dispirited About Voting in 2012” indicates that over 44% of Democrats and Democrat leaning independents are unlikely to vote in 2012. Compared to 2004 and 2008, with 2008 being a year with high enthusiasm, the level of voter enthusiasm among Democrats and leaning Independents is in line with both the 2000 and 2004 elections. Among Republican and leaning Independents, the mood is quite different – enthusiasm is up over 2000 and 2004 election levels (given the chart included with the article (Link here) – 51% in 2000, 53% in 2004, and 58% going into 2012).

What 2012 elections forecasters may derive from these two poll series is the rise in political fortunes of those candidates who appear less “Washington” and have the ability to identify with the voters. This would include all candidates for both Houses of Congress as well as the White House and explains the rise in polls for those running for the Presidency that are considered “less experienced politically”, but having more “public sector” experience, and, in addition, a policy of strict fiscal conservatism and adherence to the U.S. Constitution. That general distaste for “Washington” would give Tea Party candidates, although dismissed by Pundits and the Major Party Elites, the proverbial “edge”, with the President as most vulnerable compared to those party affiliates in Congress and the Senate.
Although reading crystal balls is beyond anyone of those who live for the Beltway or those bloggers an and analysts on the sidelines (this blog defined as sidelines), it appears to be the general nature of the political ‘junkie’ in the beltway to either forecast in deference to one party or candidate over another, often based on partisan politics, contrasted with those blogs deferring to the poll results and the stark reality of a growing movement that is anti-Washington. Using this theory, logic follows, therefore that candidates such as Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Chris Christie (the later: Palin intentions not yet announced, Christie, announced intentions not to run incessantly), an immediate edge over more “polished” candidates who have extensive experience in government and appear more in sync with Washington and the Beltway.

Although money and the huge sums raised by candidates during election cycles (this one being no exception, even with the current economic crisis), is said to play a factor in outcomes, that is more to the general rather than the primary, and that is a risk that the Beltway pundits and Elites are now repeating. Cain and Bachmann may indeed pull out of Iowa, with the South and Midwest following suit: given the early voting schedule being imposed by key states in the process, it is no wonder that the Establishment GOP is concerned. It may be that Cain, Bachmann, or Palin should she decide to announce either before or after her return from the World Knowledge Conference in South Korea, would take the lead with states such as Iowa, South Carolina and Florida now in the mix, with more establishment candidates such as Romney or Perry taking New Hampshire; with Romney leading most likely in the same states as in the 2008 general. As it now stands, one would be foolish not to watch the “underdogs” (as described by “Washington”) due to the high probability that one will be the nominee, Republican’s less likely to use the nuclear option of “Super Delegates”, possibly understanding that their constituency would increase exponentially among those independents, democrats and Tea Party identifiers if this was taken off the table, ensuring a candidate who may not be to the liking of Washington but would bring out the vote in unprecedented numbers in a general.

At this point in the case of the President, one has to take a second look at pundit Dick Morris’ assertion that the President may pull out of the General, and give his resignation allowing Clinton to run in his stead” Although Morris, like any other pundit, should be taken with a grain of salt, (this blog included), Morris’ past affiliation with the Clinton administration, makes his ability to read Democrat “Tea leaves” a bit better than most. That said, although Clinton would be more preferable than Obama in a general, the brand would be of concern, and it is more probable that 2016 would be the year to challenge, depending upon how well the Generic Republican and Congress are faring.

At this point, it would not be going too far out on a limb to project that Republicans/Tea Party Conservatives will maintain the House of Representatives, take the Senate and also the White House, which is why, with a concern over establishment candidates, would place those who are more Tea Party, in the White House. As of now, polling by the conservative (in this respect conservative to mean careful) Gallup organization, gives the Generic Republican a 6 point lead over President Obama, this figure has continued to rise over the past several months. Which is why, those listening to candidate Michelle Bachmann at the debate, and her recent speech at Liberty University, noting “do not settle”, understand that with the generic ballot giving such an edge to Brand X versus Obama, those who vote, should be able to elect a candidate who shares principles based on Strong adherence to the Constitution, shows leadership qualities and an ability to understand the needs of the people. It is a rallying cry for all Conservative leaning voters (be they Democrat, Republican or Independent) to choose wisely, and “not settle” for a candidate until they have been fully vetted – one must agree that would be of import, regardless of experience and of party.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iran Claims New Cruise Missile’s – Plan to Deploy Ships off U.S. Coast – Obama Administration Downplays Iran’s Capabilities – The Paper Tiger Syndrome

Iranian Navel Vessel photographed passing through Suez Canal - image


The headline from Ynet News: “Iranian Navy gets new cruise missiles” speaks to claims from Iran’s Minister of Defense that cruise missiles, capable of a 200 KM range with both on and off shore targeting options, had been delivered to the Iranian Navy. In terms of miles, that’s a 124 miles reach, or, to put it more bluntly, should Iran, as stated deploy navel ships off the U.S. East Coast, in international waters, in order to build up their “open sea” presence(ABC News), U.S. territory ends approximately 14 miles from the coast, putting cruise missiles well within reach of all major U.S. East Coast Cities, including Washington D.C., New York and Boston.

Image depicting International Maritime Boundaries U.S. Coast - image

However much the Iranians may have a “right” to travel in international waters, the Obama administration’s remarks regarding Iran’s Capabilities, or lack thereof, more to the point, are somewhat disconcerting:

The White House on Wednesday dismissed the reported Iranian threat to send naval ships near the United States, saying such maneuver exceeds the limits of the Islamic republic's capability.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made the remarks during his regular press briefing, saying the White House doesn't take these statements "seriously."
"They do not reflect at all Iran's naval capabilities," said Carney.
(U.S. China Daily News)

Flashback: Carter and the Hostage Crisis, Nightline's Daily Update image housing panic blogspot blog

Consider the dismissive nature of the press briefing, while Iran has to date, not hesitated to use their Naval Resources outside of their own waters, most specifically crossing the Suez Canel in February of this year(CNN World News). Is it possible that the Iranian Navy has cruise missiles, yes, and is they capable of cruising into international waters 14 miles off the U.S. coastline – absolutely.

One has to ask if the administration is downplaying the latest round of Iranian Saber Rattling in an attempt to calm the populace that is aware of the situation, or are they taking the “Jimmy Carter “route to an entirely new level? Carter’s moniker as a Paper Tiger during the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979 (Anchorage Daily News, Google archives November 14, 1979), was appropriate. As the Crisis was downplayed originally by the administration, with repeated attempts at negotiating with Iran, gave Carter, 30 years ago or more, the appearance of helplessness and the Title. A “Paper Tiger” is loosely defined as a Leader or Leadership that is not capable of defending itself, or its nation, all word, no action, or combination of both, seen as vulnerable on all fronts.

Granted, this may be a case where Iran is over stating their capabilities, however, one would hope that the White House has intelligence to back up the claim that the Iranians pose no threat, and are entitled to go where they will in International Waters. However, how comfortable are we with one of the world’s most egregious regime’s, parking their navy 14 miles from say New York City or Boston, with enough fire power to take out strategic interests which are known to be located in both New York and throughout New England?

How committed to the nation is this administration, should the Iranians cross the line and prove themselves capable of not only traveling to U.S. waters, but also testing a few weapons right outside the 14 mile limit (say 15 miles) – even if an error occurred on the part of the Iranian Navy, and alleged cruise missiles were fired, in the wrong direction, and hit say: Boston or beyond, what type of response would one expect from the administration?

One would hope that Obama would find his inner Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or reach back and grab Maggie Thatcher, in order to “man up” to the situation. Otherwise, this type of Hostage situation scenario is beyond the scope of Carter’s, and brings the definition of “Paper Tiger” to an entirely new level.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Palin Considers 2012, Christie Continues To Say “No” to Run – ABC and Politico - Palin’s Words Out of Context – A Personal Message to Palin – op-ed–

Christie and Palin - "No" and "Not No" to 2012 GOP Run - image Conservative New Jersey Dot Com

Last evening, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave a riveting keynote address at the Reagan Forum last evening, following the red-meat, uplifting speech, the floor was opened to a Q&A – the Governor was not coy about his intentions to run for office, rather deferred to the website Politico where it has been repeatedly reported he has no intention of running for President. Christie, who won the NJ Special election in 2009, which was the first sign that there was a disconnect between the people and the tax and spend policy on both state and federal levels, has a fan base within the Republican Party, where he humbly accepted the very “flattering” suggestion that he run for President, and continues to hold out on running for the GOP nomination.

It is not so much that the GOP does not have a talented and capable group of men and women seeking the nomination, in so much that it is early in the process, (although it appears by all media standards and the powers that be (whoever that is), there is certainly time left for others to enter the race, which would only enhance the conversation – Cain, Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, and yes, even Ron Paul and John Huntsman are credible, given the fact that individually they are talented and inspiring politico’s, each with a unique style, however, all with fiscal conservative credentials that are critical to the 2012 general election.

Christie’s speech is available at and is well worth the time to watch.

The other “not yet announced” candidate, Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, appeared on Fox News last night immediately following the coverage of Christie’s speech on that network. Palin, who, according to the New York Times is on the verge of a making her decision regarding a presidential run” - the article, which was published yesterday, is again, from this paper, solid reporting, rather than conjecture or caricature on the Governor, rather, pointing out the fact that polls show her leading among independents, and within 5 points of Obama” – all without having announced.

Her segment on the 10 pm eastern “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, is shown below. In the segment, Palin acknowledged that she must make a decision sooner than later, however, it appears that her only obstacle now, is not her family or her friends, but her own desire to affect positive change in this nation, and she is “on the fence” as to how best to achieve that goal. On the one hand, she notes that a campaign attempts to mold a candidate (having been under the watchful eyes of the RNC in the past), and she appears hesitant about entering that circus once again. Who could blame her? Between the RNC and the Media, Palin was placed between two egotistical organizations that are focused on intrigue and winning at any cost. (Be it a political race or a scoop (and a political race). Entering that snake pit, for the second time, is what millions of Palin Supporters are asking of her, and that appears to be the only barrier to her saying “yes to the stress and the press and the position”.

Can anyone blame her? No matter how one may feel about Palin, either pro or con, in the nations present state, under the present Administration and Congress, it appears that without a clear headed, simple solution leader, one that would not have love lost for either party, one cannot help but literally beg Palin to run – thus the “Run, Sarah, Run” that appears on blog post, and is shouted at rally’s where she appears. Once the video was hot off the Fox presses (see Video clip below) both Politicoand especially ABC News, took Palin’s words out of context. Apparently, not understanding that the gist of her take on the current candidates and the media, was one where the media was attempting to make a circus out of the nominating process. Note to both ABC and Politico: When Palin said: (Paraphrasing) that Herman Cain was the “flavor of the week”, she was referring to the media’s penchant for rising a candidate up and then tearing them down, as soon as it was evident a candidate was making headway within the pre-primary process. It was you, in the media that she was skewering, par usual, rather than any particular candidate. Yet, apparently, both Politico and ABC (or any other network including Fox) does not understand, or are too arrogant to care, that some news consumers, actually shop now – and can pick up the text of what he or she said – this behavior only lends to the distrust of the media.

Further, the ABC nitwit (and that is a kind turn of the phrase) who “blogged” on Palin’s 10 minute segment, had a blast with her use of the word Shackle, and other local colloquialism that those on the east and west coast are simply not acquainted. Words of wisdom from my mother, (usually aimed at yours truly when in youth, one is prone to make, what a 1930’s debutante might consider serious gaffe’s – and the choices one may make – in her era, that referred to the right marriage, the right career, the right friends, and so on): “There’s nothing more disconcerting than an over-educated fool” – appropriate more often than not in these later day cases where those who don’t know, just lash out before actually checking on a turn of phrase, or outright taking someone’s words out of context. ABC is lucky my mother was not standing in that newsroom.


Link to video:'

A Message to Sarah Palin: Although from this perspective, one can understand you have a family to consider, and that personally, not one of “us” has stepped a foot in your shoes, let alone a mile”, or has taken a beating which never ends from the press (let’s just call that vetting, as in the most vetted candidate), there are still more reasons for you, Governor to take the position as candidate, than to stand on the sidelines, motivating those who may be capable, but are they as capable? Will they stand up to both left and right, regardless of party, a respecter of persons, not politics? Will they be as honest with the American People? Will they be relentless in their fight for a fair press? It is not an easy task, nor is it considered so, rather, pragmatically, an entry into the area, would up the level of discourse, keeping those who may stray in line, shaping from within rather than from without, but never letting go of the capability to do both, and finally, with polls showing that independents will be the deciding factor in the upcoming elections, it is apparent that a candidate that is strong with independents should not hold back, rather should enter the race. We simply cannot afford another four years, regardless of the fact that the Senate may also flip and two houses will once again, be in concert – someone has to watch them, Governor, whether the majority are Republicans or Democrats, someone who has the background, and proven record of setting members of both parties on the right course. That would be you, Governor.

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2012 Update - Sarah Palin Tackles Pelham MA, McGinniss for Baseless Claims in Random House Book – Lawsuit Pending – Even Boston Globe “Defends” Palin.

Former Governor Sarah Palin has been the subject of several blogs that are based solely on rumor and hearsay, all under the cover of anonymity. These are the “sources” that alleged journalist and Pelham, MA resident, Joe McGinniss used in his “book” about the Governor and her family. Understanding that there are those who are so obsessed with the Governor that they cannot see the forest through the proverbial trees, McGinniss appears to have gone one step beyond and Random House bought it – hook, line and sinker. Andrew Breitbart, of the news website, broke the story regarding an email written by McGinniss to one of the bloggers regarding his inability to back up any of the claims he had made in his work – a copy of the email can be found here, in all McGinniss’ begging and pleading for evidence to back up any claims he had put into his book.

Further, ABC News then published the fact that the Palin’s were looking towards the publisher, Random House, in a potential suit, given the fact that someone up the food chain must have known that the a) McGinnis was not credible, and b) they just bought another bad manuscript, one lacking any worth whatsoever (which initial sales appear to validate).

Random House, is now attempting to save face by holding up McGinniss’s mess as “factual” – based on the words of McGinniss!

The problem lays in the fact that, given the economy, and Kindle, Random House most likely cannot afford a suit, let alone to choose to publish books that are based out on nothing more than thin air – Ideologically driven business decisions do not necessarily have the desired effect. This tale of woe, (from a Random House perspective) has the makings of yet another McGinniss settlement based on yet another book pulled out nothing more than McGinniss's brain.

The decision to bring suit by the Palin’s is justified, and may, in the long run, protect others from the ideological driven lunatics who are on the fringe of the political left, and have the connections that enable them to sell books, which are mainly purchased by like minded individuals. To bring suit to the Publisher is a shot across the bow of all publishers who might think that anonymous sources with zero credibility are just fine to include if the target (subject) of the book is seen as politically dangerous to the left.

How bad is the book? Regardless of the fact that it contains zero facts, apparently so bad, that after all the scathing reviews from publications previously known to be somewhat unfriendly to Palin, the Boston Globe jumped in with their very own “hometown” take on the McGinnis Fairy Tale with the headline: “Palin in the Worst Possible Light”. Understanding that the title was worded in such a way as to drive traffic to the site, and has nothing to do with the article, other than the fact that McGinnis is the focus and he attempted to portray Palin in the worst possible light, and then the questions regarding McGinniss are voiced throughout the two page piece.

It is shocking that even Massachusetts most left of center publication, is taking poor old Joe to task for printing, what amounts to, lies, innuendos and well, in a word “crap”.
What McGinniss has done is just add to the narrative that those who are obsessed will do anything illegal or otherwise in order to smear Sarah Palin, simply because they have no name for their psychosis – why not call it Palin Derangement Syndrome.

It should not matter, if from the left, or the right of the political spectrum, a candidate, or potential candidate, or past candidate for political office, and their families, are subject to the whims of a Publisher, who hires an “author” who clearly has a physiological addition to the subject. Perhaps Random House, or any other publisher should request a simple note from a Therapist, to ensure that the individual to whom they are about to advance millions, will deliver something that is, at the very least, readable, and contains consistent facts, or for that matter refutes innuendo, false claims and basically is a testament to journalistic integrity. Real journalists are dying in Mexico and elsehwere, while has been "hacks" are being held to no standards here in the U.S. - therein lays the real same

Monday, September 26, 2011

2012 GOP Update: Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll, SNL Spoofs Fox (and All Media) Debates, Chris Christie Ponders Run - Palin Silent

Cain and Gingrich - Take them Seriously - image

2012 GOP Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain, trounced the field of candidates, including Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, in what is being classified as a “surprise” win. One should understand that just perhaps, this early in the game (although by media standards it is “late” in the game” therefore, frontrunners must be chosen, except front runners, generally end up forgotten at this same period of time from an historical perspective), Cain’s future in the nominating process, along with Newt Gingrich, and, perhaps, just perhaps, other candidates who may yet enter, is not surprising, rather expected.

After the poor performance (from this perspective) of both “front runners”, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, in the last Fox debate, the balance of the field began to take on a whole new meaning to Conservatives, Republicans, Republican Leaning Independents, and yes, Republican leaning Democrats, who are now searching for who makes the most sense to lead this country forward – They understand there is no rush to jump on board with one candidate. Michelle Bachmann put it best at the Fox debate, when she noted that “Conservatives don’t have to settle” and “Obama’s poll numbers haven’t even reached bottom yet” (paraphrased from FOX news debate), as it very true this time. Perhaps that is why, from those who this blog snap polled immediately following the debate (and who make up a cross section of the aforementioned demographics, the big winners were Cain and Gingrich.

It is about choices: making the best choice to move the nation forward, and yes, there is still time for others to enter the debate arena, up until November of this year (filing deadlines).

Although one might want to look at straw polls in general as “paid polls for contestants, and fundraisers for local or state political parties”, there is some meaning to be derived from winning such a poll, those paying to be invested in the poll, as surrounded by the base of that party – in this case, the base in Florida was quite clear – Herman Cain was their choice.

An interesting aside: the debut of Saturday Night Live, featured a segment on “the 8th or 9th GOP Debate, using the usual comedic DNC talking points, in the intro, but the point was well taken: when watching the Fox Debate, it was evident that other than Perry and Romney, the other candidates were largely sidelined or ignored (giving CNN the win so far on debate management and production). Best lines awarded to Florida Straw Poll winner, Herman Cain, with a routine on Pizza delivery. One thing is evident, SNL needs to find less “tired” lead in jokes, and come up with something new – surely there are more than a few jabs of a comedic nature that, not unlike the pizza stunt, would have made this clip more entertaining.

Perhaps that will take place once New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, decides whether or not to run for the GOP brass ring, in a “few days”, unless of course, those anonymous tips that were used by Politico to push the “story” were pulling a leg somewhere. Christie, who won the seat as Governor in a special election in 2009, had already stated on several occasions that he was not interested, however, given the current field (Cain, Gingrich excepted – so far), then he may feel obligated to jump into the fray.

Silence from the Palin camp(aign)- So Far - image

Additionally, there has been virtual silence from Palin, who, of all candidates (or potential candidates), would be the only one with a clear record on taxes, governing, and yes, bonus, she can debate. Regardless of naysayers in the Republican establishment and skewed polls indicated she would lack Republican support (easily done if one uses a majority of Democrats for a sample – see Fox and McClatchy), the general fascination generated and evident in the MSN, what one does not see, more importantly - the grass roots in place for Palin which is – in two words: astonishing and intimidating. One has to ponder, when Palin is silent for an extended period of time, expect an announcement of some nature. She too has until November, and a smart strategy is to let the early front runners implode, especially when one has had time to organize.

Violence against Journalist Spreads in Mexico – Drug Cartels use Al Quaeda Methods – Beheading Prevalent – Border Security - the Answser

Another funeral in Mexico - drug cartels shutting down jouranlists - image: el sol

From the AP: Marisol Macias Castaneda, a newsroom manager for the Nuevo Laredo newspaper Primera Hora, was found decapitated (beheaded), along a roadside with a note found next to her body. This apparently took place by a local drug cartel in retaliation for Ms. Castaneda’s posting to a social networking site – a site where tips are given to police on those drug cartels, whose violence has escalated to the point of civil war. The AP notes that this is the third such death in recent weeks.

CNN also reported on the beheading of a newspaper editor, Maria Elizabeth Macias Castro, who was the editor in chief of the same publication, Primera Hora. Her body was found at approximately the same time. In addition, both a woman and man were left tortured and mutilated, with similar notes within weeks in the same border region. The Mexican government continues to send regrets to the families of victims.

One has to ask the question, how much more necessary is complete border security at a time when this type of war is taking place directly on our southern borders, and should the U.S. intervene by placing troops on the border, thereby cutting off the supply line necessary for these cartels to exist? It is the billions of dollars in U.S. aid to the Mexican government over the years to help fight the “drug war” that is obviously ineffective, therefore, effectively manning the border, and ensuring that these cartels lose their cash flow through a reduction in drugs and human trafficking may be the last line of defense, not only for the border states, such as Arizona, whose Governor, Jan Brewer, has done everything possible to send messages of urgency regarding the border to the administration, which messages are either ignored, or in the case of the State’s ability to help itself, fought in court. Of course, one might be told that this is a “complicated problem” that requires diplomacy, however, that ship has apparently sailed. While it is apparent that there are other areas of the globe that require U.S. intervention, and that these are justified as humanitarian in purpose, how much more important would be a modified intervention on our own borders?

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