Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oprah Bans Palin - How Relevant Is She?

Oprah Winfrey is getting some press out of Sarah Palin. The Drudge Report started the little brouhaha when “sources” indicated that Oprah’s staff was divided over her unwillingness to bring Sarah Palin on the show. Oprah quickly issued a
denial – one that stated Drudge allegations were simply untrue! Her staff was not divided, and she had no intention of bringing on any politician that would interfere with her support for Barrack Obama.

What, one has to wonder, is the problem with that decision?

One has to look at Oprah's background: she made her start in Chicago, famous for losing a ton of weight and pimping overpriced products to those who were home during the day to watch her pontificate about women’s issues. Of course, that’s not really a problem for some of her audience because it must be assumed that those watching have the luxury to stay home. (That is not of course the case, most watching have no other recourse being stay-at-home mothers, or unemployed.) She also sells books, tons of books – she is an entrepreneur – credit is due for her ability to brand herself. Her support of Barrack Obama should come as no surprise; they attended the same church, and most likely share the same political ideology. That said - if she is certain that she is speaking only to the base of the Democrat party, she’ll be fine, but if she errs and those women really want to know more about Palin, they may have to either tune Oprah out or look elsewhere.

Palin dose not need Oprah to further her cause – in less than a week she has risen far about those “celebrities” to become an American Darling (not to mention a darling of the Euro press). The Times (UK) article on Palin and McCain is but one startling example. The fact that the RNC Convention had more viewership in three days than the DNC in 4 is not going unnoticed (with the exception of the NY Times and company). Sarah Palin is the buzz in the office, on talk radio, across the neighbors fence, in urban areas, the suburbs and yes those rural areas – she is crossing party lines and empowering women in a way that not one single woman, including Gloria Steinham (that alleged feminist who married well to prove her point), ever has. The bonus, men like her too.

How then are those so heavily vested in Obama fighting back? – with smears, lies and serious denial. Winfrey is in the later category. She is obviously in denial. NOW, with it’s huge membership of 250,000 plus, is in all three. An article entitled ”Have Conservatives discovered Sexism” is their ridiculous contribution to the Obama campaign. Palin embodies the feminist mold as it applies to those who understand what it is like to work for a living and who have been in the trenches and granted, who have values that include an anti-abortion stance. Palin is one of “us” not one of “them”. Oprah is one of “them”- one who would guide her viewers from an assumed elite position of wealth and media power into Obama’s camp. As the now infamous Palin Cover of US weekly (the tabloid Arm of Obama driven Rolling Stone), has that publication bleeding subscribers and being left on the shelf), Winfrey's refusal to invite Palin onto her show (and it is the Oprah Winfrey Show), is of little consequence. Those who are watching, millions of Americans - seeking one more proof that media, including daytime entertainment, is biased towards Palin - will merely change the channel and those who never have, won't bother to tune in.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ordinary - Degrees of Moderation and Sanity - Massachusetts Conservative Feminist: Conservative Feminist - Defined

Conservative Feminist - Definition

Sarah Palin – the Modern Maggie Thatcher

When Sarah Palin was announced as the choice for running mate, misgivings came from both genders within the Republican party, fueled by a relentless press that questioned how someone with no background (they neglected to use Google), could be elevated to such a lofty position. Then she spoke at her introduction and set the Republican base at ease, but not the media (that body she does not court), which works for her in this instance. The worry that a woman would not be able to stand up to the opposition and/or to lead in any event has taken hold of the press, regardless of party affiliation (evident during Hillary Clinton’s candidacy), fell on deaf ears as Palin spoke with television viewership that rivaled that of media darling, Obama. The questions are still there, in the papers, or the blogs, or the cable news outlets – is she capable of sustaining this level of statesmanship?

Photograph of Margaret Thatcher wedding day 1951

Apparently, she is given more credence by the British who have already compared her to their own Margret Thatcher, and with good reason. From the book, “Queen, Empress, Concubine” by Claudia Gold, Thatcher’s life and rise in U.K. politics is given excellent, albeit condensed treatment. Thatcher was the first woman that lead a political party in the UK, her background one of simple means; her father was a local grocer who instilled in her the value of hard work and self-reliance. She worked her way through Oxford, studied chemistry and joined the Conservative party. She won a seat in Parliament, at the age of 34. Thatcher was also a wife and mother, and a reformer. The Press did not treat her kindly. There are similarities – therefore the comparisons.

Women here, stateside, have looked for a strong, conventional, yet independent leader who was in that very mold. Is Sarah Palin another Margaret Thatcher? Humble background, mother, and a conservative streak would lend to the comparison – that said, Palin has an endearing indentifying quality, which leaves no doubt that she will lead with grace, style and yes, wit – but with integrity from a position of strength.

It is not the fact that Palin is a woman that is her political strength - her strength lies in her accomplishments as a reformer, her fearless and capable speech, and her ability to actually indentify with those in the trenches. She just happens to be a woman, and women just happen to have been waiting for “not any woman” but a woman who could lead. There will, of course, be the one issue that separates (or appears to separate) women in the U.S. and that is the issue of abortion. How important is that issue to the independent and unenrolled women? That is the unknown. The committed left and the committed right have already chosen sides on this issue in regards to Palin - ( some on the left going to far as to worry over her hairdo (without first checking fashion trends) as if a choice of hairstyle somehow has relevance to governing. Independent minded and Unenrolled voters look to character, accomplishments, and of course, the entire ticket, and yes personality. In that case, Palin should do quite well; regardless of (or perhaps because of) how hard the left leaning media works to portray her in a negative light.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Power – Ignites the Race!

Watching Palin deliver her introductory speech at the RNC Convention last evening proved that she could stand up and be counted as a serious candidate for the job. Her appeal to the base is obvious; yet watching CNN Campbell Brown comments following the speech, gave one an indication of the power Palin. All week long, Brown has been insinuating that Palin was not experienced enough for the job, and the fact that she was a mother, might somehow make her less capable, especially when it came to taking care of her children – Brown’s commentary following the speech was a startling turn-around. (Paraphrasing) “How many working women with children can indentify with her? I have children!” She went on to complement Palin on several points; which brings up a significant point – Brown is far from a Conservative – she has championed (either intentionally or unintentionally) Barack Obama since the primary season began – almost with as much enthusiasm as “Obama Girl” – she was visibly excited about Palin last evening – and although this may be temporary, it is significant in that Palin made her appeal directly to women – many of who are not as seriously committed to one particular candidate, but are seriously committed to career and family – the impact is yet to be determined, however one can bet the house that Palin, who embodies normal woman, family, career and common sense, will appeal to a women and men that are not considered part of the “base”.

While Palin was busy chopping down Obama and Company with style, grace and humor, Joe Biden was out there (literally), telling Florida voters he was ready to file criminal charges against the Bush administration if elected. Contrast and Compare Palin and Biden – one is uplifting in away that hasn’t been seen in far too long, the other is making promises that appeal to those heavily vested in the crowd. Normally, one does not look forward to the Vice-Presidential debates; however, this year is different. Palin proved that she was capable of taking unprecedented and, for the most part, unwarranted attacks on her career and her family, by fighting back with grace, dignity and humor.

The evening’s line-up included McCain advisors, Meg Whitman, former CEO of EBay, and Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO – women who bear testament to the fact that McCain understands the strengths of women – in business and in government. He continued that trend when he chose Palin for his running mate. She has appeal – she has common senses, she has business and governing sense, and above all – she has the sensibility of a mother of five. That appeal transcends gender, and from this urban perspective will appeal in areas of the country not mentioned by those pundits who felt she might capture rural women, but would certainly have problems with those more (unsaid) “sophisticated” urban women (actually stated!). The pundits had better rethink – hockey moms, working moms, and women not so heavily vested in the right to have an abortion that they cannot be moved, exist in urban areas, in rural areas, and in suburbs across the nation.

How ready is the country for a woman to lead? A recent Rasmussen Poll (although Sarah, rightly so, has doubts about polling), indicates that in a matchup between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin (presidential), 85% of voters surveyed indicated they would elect a woman to lead our nation. Rasmussen may be a bit early, considering that the 2008 election has yet to take place, yet the fact that such a poll would be taken, may be truly visionary.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

John Kerry – The Poor Sport - The Debate for MA Senate Seat.

John Kerry agreed to debate Ed O’Reilly, the first primary challenger the man has faced, but not without some guidelines. The debate, scheduled to be televised this Sunday at 7 AM on WBZ TV 4 Boston, is being moderated by John Keller, who set the conditions of the debate. The debate is being pre-recorded – no one is allowed to attend the event with the exception of the candidates. This is the only style of debate John Kerry would agree. The O'Reilly campaign called for additional debates which allowed for voter participation. Apparently, Kerry wants to ensure that no-one in the Bay state sees this debate, for good reason.

Although he is shown leading in polls taken at the beginning of August against the Republican challenger, Jeff Beatty, there have been no polls taken showing an O’Reilly – Kerry match. Kerry’s approval rating, according to a Suffolk University poll taken in June, is dismal – 51% of the respondents indicated that Kerry needs to relinquish his seat.

Ed O'Reilly: "I call upon Senator Kerry to enter debates that are open to the public and where ordinary people can ask questions. Democracy and the election process is meant to be inclusive and not exclusive."

Further, O’Reilly touched on the fact that, once again, Kerry has neglected Western Massachusetts. That particular station can only be seen in Eastern Massachusetts, leaving Western Massachusetts Democrats and Independents out. Kerry has displayed his usual antipathy towards his constituents. One would be hard-pressed to find many John Kerry yard signs, bumper stickers or roadside rallies around the state – however, the same cannot be said of Ed O’Reilly. With the increased mistrust of “government as usual” by the voters - Kerry’s seat may not be entirely safe, and like the people of Massachusetts, should not be taken for granted.

Joe Lieberman – Introducing the New Independent Republican Party.

Last night Joe Lieberman addressed the Republican Convention and made a direct appeal to moderates across the nation, regardless of party lines, to take a long look at McCain and cast their vote in November for a Republican. Although the party faithful Democrats are up-in-arms about Joe’s speech, those Progressives who would have replaced him in a heartbeat with an Obama clone two years ago, one can’t be sure how that appeal affected the likely voters that are on the fringe - moderate Democrats as well as Independents. In contrasting the speech given by Zell Miller in 2004, which was a fiery lecture regarding the basic values that Miller felt had been abandoned by his party, Lieberman looked to history and gave a spot-on analysis of what the first President felt was wrong with party partisanship and how one-day it that partisanship – putting party first - might lead to a division within the nation that would cripple the government. His references to Barrack Obama were polite, yet they pointed to the lack of experience and the partisanship shown in Obama’s short time in his national Senate seat.

Lieberman is being called “Brave by some for crossing the aisle and incurring the wrath of his party. Threats have been made, by the likes of Harry Reid, that Lieberman could face the loss of a coveted Committee Seat should he not blindly follow the party. The fact that anyone would think a place of prominence in a given political party should concern an American or hold a Public Servant hostage is mind-boggling. When one compares the various “Party” experiences of both McCain and Palin with those of Joe Lieberman - a theme of true independence occurs. Many in the within the rank and file of the Democrats feel, and rightly so, that their party has been hijacked by Progressives (Socialist-Communists), turning the once inclusive party into a elite machine (See DNC Reform and PUMA), while most within the Republican party have been Independent (the rank and file and those outside of the Beltway), and the party, although much maligned, was the original party of inclusion and has historically, done more to promote those who may by gender or ethnicity, be targeted as “owned” by the other party.

Now that Joe Lieberman has thrown down the gauntlet, so to speak, and invited independents, rather those who care more about the country rather than a political party, to join with him in what amounts to a reform movement, a movement not only for the country but a movement within a party for the good of our nation.

As the far left members of the Democrat Party (or more appropriately the Progressive Democrat Party by virtue of its leadership), has, in recent days, shown that fascism and fanaticism know no bounds. In the past few days, Democrats have released the SS number and Home Address of VP Nominee, Sarah Palin, sympathetic media outlets such as, The New York Times, the Daily Kos (who works for Howard Dean, disclaimer on Home page), and the Huffington Post have placed unusual amounts of emphasis on Palin’s family personal matters – and Howie Carr, WRKO Boston, reported that one that had gone so far as to offer a reward to anyone who can come up with dirt on the family. Fascism anyone?

There has always been party rivalry, but that has been tempered with decency – within recent years, decency has fallen by the wayside, in favor of any tactic, including slander, in order to place the Democrat ticket at the top. As an independent minded American who, granted, leans conservative, the choice has become increasingly clear – there simply is no alternative to a McCain-Palin ticket – it is the New Independent Republican Ticket that offers real change that is backed up by the players resumes - not an empty “Yes we can” (borrowed from a Massachusetts governors campaign), that does not offer a resume or any certainty that there will not be four more years of the same partisanship that our first President, George Washington, predicted.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Palin – Reaction from a Concerned Left

It is interesting that the Press who felt that any mention of Barack Obama’s wife or children was totally reprehensible would turn on Sarah Palin and her seventeen year old daughter with such vigor. Those blogs that claim to represent the left, including nominee Barack Obama began the rumor mill as soon as Palin was announced as V.P. pick. Without a shred of evidence these outlets (including Daily Kos, CNN, MSNBC, CBS news and others) went to “bat for Obama”. His reaction was telling – hands off the family, especially in regards to Palin's 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy. Obama mentioned that his mother was only 18 when she gave birth – should the fact that Obama’s mother faced a similar situation to Palin’s be analyzed from every angle? Hardly. It is a private, family matter, one which affects households in American everyday, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic backgrounds. Unless one has their pre-teen and teenage daughters (or sons for that matter) locked up in a bubble, that child is subjected to non-stop approval of teen pregnancy from family friendly outlets such as Nickelodeon and Disney, the teen idols are engaged in drinking, pornography, etc., which is glamorized by these same news outlets that now have their “panties in a bunch” so to speak. Should this even be a story? Hardly, the problem is that there is very little that is negative to be found in Palin – thus, grasping at straws is what is left.

Palin is a reformer, one who has taken on her own party, and contrary to what is being widely reported from the main press to the local, she is a known entity to the Republican base, a woman in the mold of John McCain. The press, so concerned with family issues and one non-story from a disgruntled employee in The Alaska State Government Juneau Empire, are questioning whether or not Palin was fully vetted. They should start reading newspapers:
An article from the Washington Post dated August 31, 2008, titled “Palin Made an Impression From the Start” outlined the extensive vetting process.

So, why the hoopla over a family matter and a non-story? That is one easy answer – the polls. Barrack Obama was supposed to have received at the minimum a 15 point bump from his “historic” speech – the actual numbers feel far below the anticipated leaving both candidates basically tied. The problem – the announcement of Palin as the V.P. pick virtually erased any bump Obama may have enjoyed. The press is reacting: protecting one who they perceive as their own.

Where does the press go when family and non-issues may not be enough? Why the old “right-wing Christian” theme, of course. There are a few problems with that tract: In reality her values do align with those who would be considered value-voters (i.e. Religious), however, she appeals to those white, working class men – and women who are interested in a candidate that will reform, not conform. Sarah Palin speaks to the nation from the RNC convention on Wednesday night, after which, the polls will tell how well she resonated with the base, as well as the nation. (If one looks to Rasmussen Polling for guidance, how well she did with the base and “likely voters”.) Feminists (true feminist, not the pro-abortion-one-issue groups), will make up their minds (if they haven’t already), and the polls will give an indication of how well she does with certain demographics. Will she change the minds of those committed to a particular party? Most likely not – she will appeal to the base, and the 20 million evangelical voters who will go to the polls – the wild card will remain the Independent voter. The independent voter – McCain’s strong suit – shared with Obama – for now.

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