Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State if the Union – Nothing New - GOP Rebuttal – the “New Republican Congress” Joni Delivers

Watching the State of the Union, via C-Span, CBS and Fox (different camera angles), one got the impression the man who would campaign no more, was campaigning nonetheless. The reference to working with Congress were weighed with threats to veto Bill that had not yet materialized, plans to take from the “rich” and give to everyone else, and taking credit for an oil and gas price that had nothing to do with the Government at all, sums up the President’s speech.

The redeeming feature of the evening was one Joni Ernst who gave the rebuttal. Politico gives an overview of points, and speaks a bit about who Earnst is and where she fits in the GOP. (Politico) However, watching one saw a woman who was practiced at the delivery, yet somehow came across as sincere. The catchphrase – “New Republican Congress” was akin to a rallying cry to those conservatives and independents that were looking for some movement in the body that could write all the legislation is cared to but nothing would have gotten past the former Majority Leader, Harry Reid’s desk.

Paraphrasing – “We are here to work for you, you elected us, we hear you”…it was a refreshing change from promises never kept, and costs not disclosed. Watching Joni, one has to understand she is a soldier, a mother, a wife, and now a Senator, from humble beginnings, and she states that more clearly than anyone seen in a long while. In other words, Senator Earnst is not so much a politician but one of us.

Joni and her likeminded “New Republican Congress” may well serve the nation better than any previous. It remains to be seen, however, from bored to interested, that’s the way the evening went.

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