Friday, July 21, 2006

How long is too long?

As the UN calls for restraint and additional UN Peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, one must has the question, "how long is too long?" The UN has had ineffective peacekeeping forces in the area since 1978 directly on the Israel/Lebanon border During the time that the UN has been keeping the peace, American forces have been attacked, Hezbollah developed and ran rampant, and of course,more recently, under the very noses of these useless forces, Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers inside Israel.

The question should be, "How long does the US have to foot the bill for this corrupt and totally inefficient body?"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on the media and what the "US Point of View" should be:

Apparently, unable to give Israel any credence whatsoever, the usual American/Palestinian Press goes to "war" against the white house.

Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary), stands up to Helen Thomas (Jimmy Carter's female equivalent in the press)with gusto. About time.

Video Here Courtesy of Outside The Beltway

Quote from Snow to Thomas: "Thank you for the Hezbollah Point of View."
The never ending quest for “truth”

On the evening of the 17th, while watching Wolf Blitzer of CNN News analyze and interview the war (known to that network as crisis) in the middle east, I was struck by the number of times that particular journalist asked the same question in the course of two interviews. The first interviewee, an assistant to Condoleezza Rice, was attempting to tell Mr. Blitzer what the Secretary’s plans were as far as visiting and brokering a peace between Israel and Lebanon. On at least 4 occasions, Wolf asked if the United States would support a cease fire even though the two Israeli military personnel held hostage by Hezbollah were not released. The resounding answer (the first time) was, “no”. When the second quest, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States was interviewed, Wolf continued to ask this question, although the Ambassador assured him that there would be no cease-fire until the soldier’s were returned, Hezbollah ceased lobbing rockets into Israeli and Hezbollah was disbanded. That’s a pretty clear “no”.

Additionally of note, CNN’s coverage centered on the damage done to Lebanon; Images of women and children broken and bloody casualties of war continued to fill the screen. There were also continual comparisons to the numbers of casualties on both sides, Israel having fewer than Lebanon. Of particular note was the amount of coverage given to the French who were condemning Israel out right and demanding a cease-fire to Israel’s overreaction in this incident.

The arrogance of the media in this instance is almost akin to the arrogance of the French.
In the first place, Americans are now able and capable of receiving news from more than three sources (network news, CNN cable news and their daily newspaper) it is understood that when a country is attacked by a terrorist group who is part and parcel of the government of the country right next store, retaliation might be in order. As it stands, Israel is surrounded by detractors. The only countries calling for restraint on the part of Hezbollah are Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. CNN would have us believe it is because these are “moderate Islamic States”. This is utter nonsense. Saudi Arabia is far from a moderate Islamic state in truth, but as they have their own troubles with Al Queada, it is understood that their own government is better protected without success on the part of Hezbollah. Both Egypt and Jordan are in a position to recall what took place in 1964. Both countries were decimated in a 6 day war with Israel. Against all odds, the Israeli peoples ran a successful campaign on three fronts and came out smelling like roses.
Except to the French.

Addressing the French Government one has to ask why on earth they would support Israel, when over 60% of their population is radical Muslim. One really doesn’t have to ask, the answer is glaringly clear. Cowardice. For a country that is the number 2 military spender globally (go figure), the French have a way of turning tail every chance they can (whether this applies to their own soil or not)

As to the United State’s expletive strewing leader? Good for him. It’s about time someone on this side of the pond used some common sense with common linage to describe the situation in a manner those in the “elite” media would prefer the American remain ignorant, and/or spoon-fed their particular political bent on any given salutation.
One might not support or approve of our current president (who has fallen short in some instances in my estimation); however, it is refreshing to know that we have someone at the helm that is more than human.

President Bush has a better grasp of the current situation than say, CNN or the French (add to that a host of Democratic notables, who’s comments are sure to follow, including Dean, Clinton (she might surprise me), Kennedy, Kerry, Carter (he’s stumping his book), and of course, Murtha. According the aforementioned (excluding President Bush), if Aruba became a hotbed of terrorist, and they decided to lob endless missiles at Alabama, a majority in the United States (with above notable exceptions) would retaliate regardless of claims from the Netherlands that those “terrorists” had kidnapped their country and well, the people had nothing to do with it!

Much like the Lebanese, who could have, at any time in the past 6 years, called for aid from international forces tore move Hezbollah. In ignoring the terrorists and allowing them to flourish, they are just as culpable as Iran and Syria in this quagmire. The Israeli’s will do what they do best. React. The end result will be a decimated, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, in spite of CNN and the French.

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