Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Utter Hypocrisy of the Left’s, fear-mongering, Rachael Maddow regarding Town Hall Protests.

In a recent segment on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow spoke of the violence of the “anti-reform” movement and the “violence” at Town Hall Protests. The segment, in its entirety, is shown below (the guest speaker, an abortion doctor’s opinion on this entire “terrorist movement against health care reform”) was cut – how much can one stomach?

In Ms. Maddow’s segment, she runs a string of events and comes to the conclusion that those protesting in the Town Hall meetings are nothing more than domestic terrorists. How she reached this conclusion is rather interesting. The report begins with a Democrat Congressman who was hanged in effigy outside of a Town Hall meeting, followed by several instances of congressmen receiving “death threats”, followed by a Republican Town Hall meeting where the speaker (Congressman) referred to a lynching taking place should some members not pay attention to the people – (obviously a joke, in poor taste.) She continues down the road of condemnation by pointing out that two individuals had actual firearms on them while attending meetings (second amendment right under the U.S. constitution) one woman was removed for carrying a firearm (she was inside the venue and should have been removed), and another actually had one strapped on his leg, openly, while standing outside a barrier, nowhere near the event, but holding a sign in protest none-the-less. Finally, this protestor was wearing a tee-shirt with a Tomas Jefferson quote regarding Liberty, which Maddow then compared to Timothy McVeigh, who wore an Abraham Lincoln assassination t-shirt for his mug-shot. The connection to Maddow is obvious – “Health Care Anti-Reformers” are Domestic Terrorists! The previous editorialized synopsis is paraphrased for brevity.

Maddow on Anti-Reform Terrorism

One must understand that Maddow is rather new to MSNBC’s staff, so she could not possibly have reported on the violence that took place during the elections of 2008 – however, that said, incidents that took place where either completely ignored and or heralded by the media as expressions of free speech. Therefore, in support of the “Fairness Doctrine” Ms. Maddow and company are so hot about, should she run a segment on what occurred during Bush Administration? From a movie depicting the Assassination of George Bush, which received award at the Toronto Film Festival to a host of protests in the 2008 election cycle (One photo below), to a 2008 Election Eve party in San Francisco where Sarah Palin was burned in effigy (video below) there is plenty of available material. (For a complete timeline, history of violence and more photographs (warning graphic) visit: Right Is Best Blog, who has documented the “under-documented.” )

What the left-of-center Media and their mouth-pieces fail to understand is that home computer use is on the rise, with larger segments of the population (specifically those in older demographics) turning to the internet for news and entertainment. , with top channels YouTube, Hula, Yahoo, Fox leading the pack – the increase over last year was a stunning 29%. In other words, there are greater choices and people are literally shopping their news based on what they personally feel is most credible. This may be why Fox is dominating both cable and network news, and MSNBC enjoys a much smaller percentage of the cable market share.

One has to admit that two “wrongs” do not make a right; however, what has so shocked the left of center is that they had, until this past August, owned the rights to outrageous behavior and attacks on political candidates and politicians of a Conservative bent. Therefore, there must be a revolution afoot, and it must be those Conservative Terrorists. One can certainly point to organizations, with members or founders that have political backgrounds, which fund and support protests on both sides of this argument, but that is something new as well. Republican’s and Conservatives in general are normally a quiet, retiring bunch, taking their angst out at the voting booth, (which the metaphors regarding this scenario are lost on Maddow) – so what gives? Although there are a few conservative groups that are involved in the protests to some degree (emails or websites giving times, dates and places – or information regarding the protests and suggestions – similar to those given at – the other foot.), the vast majority of those attending these Town Halls and Forums are the politically unenrolled, or those not registered with either major political party. Since the left has always challenged and has never been challenged, it is a shock to the proverbial system.

Ms. Maddow’s depiction of these protestors as “anti-reform” terrorists, is sensationalism, and disingenuous to say the least. Ms. Maddow cannot claim ignorance of past events depicted here as she appears to be bright enough, therefore, a hypocrite. Perhaps one of these pundits (once the shock wears off, it ever does) will be honest enough to place images of mean-spirited attacks from the variety of sides in political debates and revel in the glory of the First Amendment – which allows every single American, regardless of whether they are a Democrat, Anarchist, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, etc., the ability to freely express their distaste for a political figure or policy.

Post Election 2004 - Bush Effigy Burned - image:RightisBest Blog

Sarah Palin Burned in Effigy – Election Night 2008 – San Francisco

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Barney Frank (D-MA) to Hold Massachusetts 4th District Town Hall Meeting – Dartmouth, August 18, 2009 – Rumors of Frank’s Retirement Race Through MA

Barney Frank to discuss Health Care Reform, 8-19, Dartmouth, MA - image: blog -

Addendum: Contrary to Anonymous Comment posters This meeting is confirmed and Open to the Public.

Barney Frank (D-MA) will hold a “Town Hall” meeting on Health Care Reform, in Dartmouth, MA on August 18th. The meeting has been moved to the Dartmouth Council on Aging, 628 Dartmouth Street, Dartmouth, taking place from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Frank, who is a proponent of the Obama Administration’s Health Care Reform program, will be available to take questions from his constituents; it is expected to be a very well attended meeting.

Frank, who has yet to confirm his intent to run for a another term in the 4th district, is rumored to be retiring in order to concentrate on a run at the Senate. The seat in question is Kennedy’s, who will be up for re-election in 2012, and, with Kennedy Legacy a larger part of the DNC, it is more than likely that a Kennedy will attempt to run for the seat, which would push Frank into retirement. The rumors are based on a new book that is due to release in October, an over-the-top glowing review of Frank’s political career, being published by UMass University Press. A quick read of the advance copy gives one the impression that this is more “Fiction” than fact - and one can make a fairly safe prediction that this Title will not make the New York Times Best Seller List. A Massachusetts political insider suggests that Frank will use this book as a springboard for his campaign for the soon to be vacant Kennedy Senate Seat. The speculation may have come from a Boston Globe article in 2004, where Frank spoke about positioning for a Senate Seat – Kerry’s. Had Kerry won the Presidency, then Frank had intended to run for the Senate.

That said, 8 years later, the same may not apply, and Frank may not have the political clout to go up against a brand as solid as “Kennedy”, specifically when Democrats in Massachusetts refer to Frank as the “DNC’s Sarah Palin”.

Frank faces opposition in the 4th in 2010 from several candidates: Earl Sholley Republican candidate, Keith Messina (No Party Designation) and Herb Robinson, Democrat (no website). Of (those candidates who have filed with the FEC – Sholley, a populist, Conservative Republican, leads in contributions – source: FEC filing as of June 30, 2009). Should Frank indeed be retiring, it will be interesting to see who comes out of the woodwork to file before the June, 2010 Deadline (Major Party candidates). The major party and independent candidates will face a primary in September, with the general election in November, 2010.

It will, therefore, be interesting to see how Barney Frank, best known for his relationship with Freddie and Fannie, mortgages, on-line gambling, and the like, will handle this particular Town Hall meeting. One the one hand, if Frank is positioning himself for a Senate Run, (somewhat unlikely and unconfirmed), he may cut back the rhetoric and try to appear more moderate in order to attract the majority of voters in the state who are designated as unenrolled), if he intends to run, once again, for his Congressional Seat or if he indeed intends to retire, expect vintage Frank. In either event, this meeting should prove to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rep. Nikki Tsongas (D-MA) when Questioned on Why She is Execpt from Proposed Health Care Reform Plan – “I have a tremendous array of choices”.

The “Party Line” on the Administration’s Health Care Reform regarding a “government run” health care program is that it will offer more choices to the American people – that said, government employees, including those in unions and members of Congress are exempt from participating in the proposed plan. The current plan that members of Congress (and those working for the government – be they military and or civilian) offers health care programs on several levels, HMO’s, PPO’s, Standard Plans with Deductibles and so on. Employees are offered a choice of plans once a year during an “open season”, where they have the options of either downgrading their plan, or buying into a better benefit plan, based on choice and what they can afford. These plans are administered and underwritten by insurance companies (Those that Nancy Pelosi deemed as “evil” – are the same ones that she trusts for her own healthcare), not the Federal Government. (Office of Personal Management Health Insurance program options here.)

Incidentally, this was the program that, then presidential primary candidate, Hillary Clinton, proposed should be offered to the American people as part of her “health care reform” plan. (Video Below worth Watching).

Hillary Clinton on Health Care Reform – Her Plan

Therefore, one has to wonder, with a Health Care Program for the government and its employees already in place (and with the administration of plans in place), with Free Health Care options in place (Medicaid), and supplemental insurance for the elderly (Medicare) in place, why not do the obvious and expand streamline those options? At the same time, federally mandate the ability for consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines (thereby by-passing state’s such as Massachusetts that have so many mandated benefits, the costs of premiums and programs are through the roof) – this would bring the costs down due to some healthy competition. Apparently, any of these options would be far too simple to implement, thus the 800 pounds of paper necessary for one health care reform bill.

The town hall meetings held by members of Congress have been interesting to say the least, specifically because ordinary American’s are turning out in droves to question the support of a bill that offers less, costs more and is totally, see above, unnecessary. Those people are being harangued by the administration and the likes of Pelosi and company as mobs run by either the RNC or Insurance Companies, or George Bush – well, they haven’t brought out Bush yet, but they just might.

At a recent town hall meeting in Chelmsford, MA, State Representative Nikki Tsongas (D) had some interesting points when it came to choices. One individual who questioned the Congresswoman regarding the fact that she (according to the bill, which millions of regular people are now reading and understanding), would be able to keep her insurance plan, while others would not be so fortunate, Tsongas began by stating: “I have an enormous array of choices”… it went downhill from there are the she explained the program she is eligible to participate in to those in attendance. Her program, which she is allowed to keep, is the same program that then candidate Hillary Clinton, proposed be offered to the General Public. The YouTube video of Tsongas and all statements are shown below.

It is obvious that the health care delivery system in the United States requires a few fixes to make it more affordable, while it is also obvious that the United States enjoys the best health care in the world (despite claims to the contrary by those pushing for the administrations brand as well as other socialist entities) – it is also becoming glaringly apparent that the public is not wearing blinders when it comes to all issues, specifically the economy and their health care. This will translate, not into violence, (although some of that is definiately taking place on both sides), but into votes.

Nikki Tsongas (D-MA) on Her Choice of Health Care Plans at Town Hall Meeting, Chelmsford, MA)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Afghanistan – In For the Long Haul – Troop Increases On the Rise – Historical Comparisons to the Viet Nam Conflict.

As military analysts make their assessment of the War in Afghanistan, the overall scope of the Operation has a dismal forecast. (Washington Post) The costs and time in-country are expected to exceed that of the Iraq War, and U.S. troop levels, now at 29,000, (NATO forces making up the bulk of the 61,000 troops), could see significant increases dependent upon the reports due later this month by the Head of U.S. Operations, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. The administrations, National Security Advisors, James Jones, on CBS “Face The Nation”:

"I don't think we're at a crisis level where there is any move by the Taliban to overthrow the government," Jones said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

But he said Washington would not rule out an additional increase in U.S. troop levels to secure the country.

Afghanistan, unlike Iraq, has an unforgiving climate and geography that has made that country, to date, impossible to conquer. An interesting point of view from The Pakistan Dailysuggests that the administration’s foray into Afghanistan (which is dubbed the “Graveyard of Empires”), will require 500,000 troops, and that does not guarantee success. The author is basing his assessment on the history of the nation, and the Eastern perspective of the U.S. incursion into that country.

The comparisons between Afghanistan and Vietnam have been based on the level of troops and the likelihood of a successful outcome. From a January , 2009 piece in Newsweek, the consensus based on the article was that this war was not at all like Viet Nam, due to troop levels at the time. That said, with a reduction in military spending, an increase in troops, and an attempt to bolster the Afghani forces and win the hearts and minds of its citizens, sound eerily similar to the tactics taken by the Kennedy Administration in the early stages of the Viet Nam War. The situation escalated under Johnson, with the assessment by those in the same position as McChrystal, that additional troops would be needed to keep the peace. The difference between Afghanistan today and Vietnam is the military. At that point, there were insufficient numbers of volunteer military so the draft was reinstated. Should, at some point, the number of volunteer military be insufficient in fighting the Afghanistan War (the ratio of troops to population should be 20.1 or 600,000 on the ground), there would be no choice but to call up those who have registered for Selective Service. In the final analysis, as is usual (post Viet Nam) it will be the U.S. citizenry that will gauge how soon this particular war is ended. The Iraq War divided the nation, and insured (in part) the election of Barak Obama as he promised to pull troops out of Iraq (duly noted and achieved for the most part). The U.S. Press and the populace were fully complicit in the desire to end the Iraq conflict, while Barack Obama pointed out that the U.S. real interest lay in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden were camped -a just war of sorts, which has been given a great deal of positive press, to date.

However, should the theater become unmanageable (based again on historical trends and geography), and troop levels increase, with fatalities fast outstripping those of the Iraq conflict, then the comparison would be justified, and history would have, once again proven a point. That said, history, although unkind to Johnson’s predecessor, Richard Nixon, must concede that he was elected based on ending the Viet Nam War, and he did so. It is the arrogance of those that believe they are able to ignore the consequences of the past, in self-righteousness and campaign promises of the present, that may, unfortunately, prove history rules the day.

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