Saturday, July 31, 2010

Move over Charlie, Maxine Water Next Democrat to Face Ethics Charges

CA 35th District (and up for relection in 2010)Maxine Waters, faces ethics charges - image frontpagemag

According to the AP, anonymous sources (those not authorized to speak), have indicated that Congressional Representative, Maxine Waters, will be charged next week for Congressional Ethics violations. Waters, (D-CA), allegedly gave special consideration to One United Bank of Boston, when they went looking for Federal aid, a conflict developed because her husband was not only on the Board and also owned stock in the same.

Meanwhile, the Presidenthas called the Rangel case “Troubling” according to the AP, and several (about one half dozen) Democrats would like to see Rangel step down. Charges brought by the bi-partisan ethics committee (members made up of equal parts Democrats and Republicans), this late into the mid-term election cycle are considered by some to be problematic for the Democrats as a whole. However, with everything else that is polling negative for the beleaguered party, it is merely a drop in the bucket.

That is when compared to the angst over employment, the deficit, looming possibility of hyper inflation, the border issue, specifically the Feds handling of Arizona’s SB 1070, the Health Care Reform Bill, pending energy bills, the Financial overhaul, which has created a monstrous DC bureaucracy, and a populace that no longer trusts the media either print or broadcast news (See Gallop poll on Institutions) the list goes on. Adding ethics charges comes as no surprise to the populace, and will have little effect, from this perspective on the 2010 general elections. The anti-incumbent feeling is so strong, that little can be done, especially at this point, to stave off retirement for Democrats in the Senate and specifically the House.

Maxine Waters, like Charlie Rangel, is up for reelection in 2010. She is not running uncontested – Republican Bruce Brown, Republican will be challenging Maxine for her seat. To learn more about Bruce Brown visit:

Friday, July 30, 2010

GOP Demonized by AP for Rep. Rangel’s Ethics Probe – Rangel Faces Republican Opponent, Reverend Michael Faulkner in 2010

Reverand Michael Falkner Challenger to Rangel in 2010 - image the right

Charles Rangel, the Representative from New York’s 15th District, was charged yesterday with 13 violations of the U.S. Congressional Ethics Standards. Rangel, who is up for reelection this year,will face Conservative Reverend Michael Faulkner in November. Faulkner is characterized as the “lone Republican” in the race against Rangel, who must first get past two Democrat opponents in the New York State Primary, September 14th.

Rangel was charged by a bi-partisan panel – made up of equal members of both political parties. Ethics investigations into congressional members is nothing new, and carries little weight in most cases (specifically cases involving high profile Democrats – See Massachusetts Representative, Barney Frank, who was “reprimanded” by the House in 1990 and has enjoyed a considerably lucrative career ever since.) Therefore, a member of Congress who has done something not quite above board (in Rangel’s case it is tax evasion for the most part), faces the stiff penalty of being chastised by his peers.

How much this may factor into an election is unknown, as it appears that those Democrats, who have faced charges, have continued to retain their seats as well as lofty committee positions, as soon as they are “forgiven” by their peers. For the most part, the press appears to cover the cases, but with a bit of ho-hum, nothing to see here, move along attitude.

Not so with the AP, who is fighting back for Rangel. An article released this morning by the AP entitled “GOP Gets Wish: Rangel Case in Campaign Season” makes it appear as if the GOP engineered the probe against Rangel, and brought it conveniently to a trail during the election season. The fact that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and friend to Rangel, was forced to pull Rangel’s Ways and Means Committee Chair in March of this year was not mentioned in the article, only the fact that Rangel vows to fight for his seat.

This election cycle is somewhat different that those of the past, with anti-incumbent sentiment at an all-time high, and incumbents facing multiple challengers from both opposition parties as well as from their own party, and Rangel is no exception. The fact that polls, in general, show the opposition to incumbents with an estimated 6 point lead on most generic surveys, makes this case especially dangerous to Democrats, who hold the majority of seats in both the House and Senate.

Therefore, the press, appears to have taken sides in this case, and with this article, is intentionally and erroneously blaming the GOP for bringing charges against a Democrat who has violated the ethics rules of the House, and has refused to negotiate and or step down, although given the chance on multiple occasions.

It is no wonder therefore, that a recent poll by Gallop on “Confidence in Institutions” shows media right down there with Congress in the Trust Factor: Congress at the bottom of with an historic 11% trust factor, and Television News (22%) and Newspapers (25%) showing only one quarter of the population is confident that they are being provided with accurate reporting.

On Rangel’s evasion of taxes, one has to play devil’s advocate, as this nation was founded on the avoidance of paying taxes, however, as Democrats in general favor taxing everyone and their dogs (see Massachusetts), it is the hypocrisy, rather than the actual act, which is deserving of scorn by the populace. As to the news organizations, one knows that were Charlie Rangel a Republican, he would have already been tried, convicted and hung in the Press, effectively forcing his resignation in the perceived court of public opinion. However, moving forward, the press no longer, according to Gallop, has the ability to move mountains, or make much of an impact at all in elections (unless providing impeccable back-up including full length videos’, 8 X10 color glossy’s and a host of evidence (see Massachusetts favorite folk artist, Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving Favorite; Alice’s Restaurant as a guide to excessive evidence required.) even then, scrutiny may be in order.

The only way that Rangel will be held accountable is by the voters, who, as previously stated now have a choice in November: One Reverend Michael Faulkner Faulkner for go here to donate and or volunteer should one feel that Rangel needs more than a reprimand from Congress. The AP understands, anti-incumbency, all too well.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

AZ Illegal Immigration Ruling - State and Local Police Cannot Enforce Federal Crimes – Bolton Bypasses Constitution Joins DOJ in promotion of Racism

First, it should come as no surprise to anyone, least of all Arizona Govenor Jan Brewer, that Justice Susan Bolton, a Clinton Appointee, neutered the State of Arizona’s police departments by legislating from the bench and striking down SB1070’s most basic provisions. The question now remains, will Brewer get this before the Supreme Court in time before criminals nationwide, including untold millions of illegal aliens, understand the true nature of the ruling vis a vis separation of state and federal statutes.

What is not legal according to Bolton: (LA Times Coverage Source): one cannot be asked for identification papers in order to determine citizenship, therefore, should a police officer stop anyone for committing a crime, they cannot, according to Bolton, be required to show identification – regardless of race or ethnicity. Further, this particular Federal Judge felt "the United States is likely to suffer irreparable harm" if her court did not block the selected parts of the law.” This based on the Justice Departments argument regarding the right of the Federal Government to trump States Rights in a so-called “Supremacy Clause” – which, anyone with a basic grasp of the English language, the ability to read and a copy of the Constitution of the United States will find does not contain a reference to the borders or handling of illegal immigrants.

The “irreparable harm” Bolton refers to is that federal agencies would be overburdened should police actually make arrests based on someone committing the Federal Crime of being in the United States without having gone through the legal steps of applying for a visa to enter. Therefore, Bolton’s ruling admits the Federal Government cannot control the border, and instead of allowing the State of Arizona to protect itself from the criminals crossing back and forth between the United States and Mexico, she cited the Supremacy clause, which again, does not apply.

University Law Professors across the nation jumped in, along with the racist (See Eric Holder failing to prosecute Black Panthers threatening potential voters in Philadelphia – another Federal Crime – due to race) Department of Justice.. Of course, this ruling and the lack of ruling the part of the DOJ vis a vis the Black Panthers, is based purely on speculation that those illegal immigrants will be voting for a particular party, along with anyone of African American decent. It has done nothing but promote an increase in racially (or ethnically based on anyone of Spanish, Irish, ec. Decent) prejudice.

Therefore, now that this ridiculous ruling has been handed down, police can no longer require identification when stopping anyone for a crime (yes, stretching, however, what Defense Attorney worth their salt won’t try to use it?), has made it specifically clear that the United States Federal employees are not up to the task of handling the protection of our borders and has laid the foundation for a deep-seated resentment towards those of Hispanic Decent. A resentment that has been growing leaps and bounds since – 2008.

Prior to the 2008 presidential race, racism in its basic forms, did exist in the United States, regardless of one’s background, there’s a good chance a joke existed, and or downright discrimination – but it was limited, as it is unlikely that the press would have let something as abhorrent as racism (lump ethnicity in there), go by without notice. However, what has happened since, is an explosion of active racism, across the board, fueled by a media that is in bed with an administration using “race baiting” in order to gain political clout – and it is about to backfire. From the very young, to those not so young, regardless of whether one is white, black or brown, a division now exists that is deplorable - how many instances such as the following do not make the old fish wrap?

White Man attacked by African American’s for listening to “rap music” and Violent Act of Racism troubles teens and parents are two examples, additionally, one could cite the Pheobe Prince Suicide Case in Hadley Massachusetts, where, being of Irish decent, the young Price girl was dubbed an “Irish Slut”.

The more differences between American’s are pointed out, the more our children apparently react negatively and on all sides. What more, when adults set up the parameters for discrimination (assuming Justice Bolton is an adult, along with the staff members of the current DOJ), that gives license and incites racist behavior by our youth.

Yesterday ruling, coupled with the news that Mexican nationals were patrolling in New York State to prevent attacks on Mexicans,(here illegally one might add), giving those from foreign countries more rights than a police officer in Arizona (or any of the other fifty states) became immediate fodder for the “MySpace crowd”.

One thinks one’s children are not paying attention – think again. Years spent insuring that racism never factored into a household has been irradiated by the circumstances set up by this administration, the media, and the harebrained ruling of the aforementioned Justice. As adults, for the most part, understand that angst can be taken out at the ballot box, teens who are vying for summer construction jobs, or any type of job, for that matter, whether these jobs exist or not, are pointing fingers at those who are here illegally – these children come from homes that are decidedly Progressive, or politically apathetic.

Should the emphasis be made that all citizens of the United States, regardless of color or ethnicity, are just that, United States Citizens, then cries of racism and crimes against those who, white, black, Irish, would be lessened if not eradicated over time. As to those who are here illegally, be they Mexican, Irish, or of some other nationality – conditions in Mexico – being so untenable, should perhaps be allowed to apply for political asylum, renounce their Mexican citizenship and become productive citizens of the United States.

As it stands now, the November elections will be a referendum on not only health care reform, the debt, the jobless, entitlements run amok, and now, illegal immigration and the need for our nation to go back to the basics of the Constitution. Disclaimer - The author of this blog is a proud first generation American of Spanish Descent.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MA Rep. Barney Frank Looses Cool – Over $1 Senior Discount! –The 4th is Being Polled! Frank Faces Republican Challenge in 2010

From the New York Post: Barney Frank apparently caused quite a scene, demanding he receive a $1.00 senior citizen discount for the Fire Island Ferry. Problem is that these discounts are only available for residents with I.D.’s – Barney appears to be a fiscal conservative when his own money is at stake, either that or he is starting to emulate one of his opponents when it comes to being fiscally conservative.

For those looking for polls on Barney Frank - Several reliable south coast residents have contacted this blog and confirmed that a “firm” is polling the 4th district race, as to when results will be released is anyone’s guess, however, the poll bypasses the primary and is directly pitting Frank against Republican Earl Sholley.

Speaking of Earl Sholley, Barney Frank recently defended Mr. Sholley against attacks by primary rival Sean Bielat. From:

"July 20, 2010
Congressman Barney Frank

Republican tactics are ready, shoot, aim.

There are many pressing issues that we can debate in the campaign for the Fourth District congressional seat, chief among them jobs, economic growth, and the foreclosure crisis. So I was disappointed to see one of the Republican candidates engage in tactics that do not belong in a campaign on the issues.

Mr. Sean Bielat, a candidate for the Republican nomination who has never run for office, attacked Senator Scott Brown for voting for the critical financial reform bill that protects consumers, taxpayers, and Massachusetts businesses. In addition, he accused three Republican town committees in the Fourth District of bias when he refused their invitation to debate his primary opponent, Earl Sholley. Mr. Sholley has the same right as any candidate to be treated properly, since he has fulfilled all the requirements to be on the ballot.

In addition to attacking Senator Brown and Mr. Sholley, Mr. Bielat has lied about my record on Israel. In a recent statement he falsely asserts that I said that I was “ashamed of Israel.” In fact, I have never made any such comment and I have been very proud of my work in support of Israel and its right to be free, independent and secure. I did express my very strong negative feelings – shame in fact – about the actions of some individual Israeli settlers who have engaged in violent persecution of Arab residents in the West Bank. I made it very clear that I was talking about these individuals and explicitly stated that I was not talking about the policy of the Israeli government. And the implicit notion that no one should ever criticize any action taken by any residents of the State of Israel undermines intelligent defense of Israel’s rights to defend itself and maintain its independence.

One web site that posted the same false claims promptly removed them once the editors learned the facts. I would hope that Mr. Bielat would also retract this verifiably false charge and return to a discussion of meaningful issues where he and Mr. Sholley and I have differences."

In Massachusetts, especially the 4th District, never take anything for granted. This may be one of the most interesting district races in the nation this November.

Frank Sholley Debate at (8 parts)

John Kerry to Pony Up to the Commonwealth – No Longer Dodging Tax Due on New Yacht

The Isabel - Kerry's Small Boat (yes, by standards) Newport - image CBS News

Apparently the brouhaha caused by the local press and the consequent outrage of the common people became too much for the “American Aristocrat” (self-styled) John Kerry over his avoidance of paying taxes to Massachusetts. This after he deemed himself worthy to take a pass on paying excise taxes in the State of Massachusetts on his New Yacht, (conveniently docked in nearby no-tax Newport, RI), (ironically home to pirates and an historical treasure trove) but found berthed in Massachusetts). Local Boston station My Fox Boston, reports that Kerry has promised to pay the Commonwealth after the same station found the Senior Senator to have dodged paying almost “half-a-million dollars” in taxes – apparently the “boat in question” was , indeed berthed in the Bay State.

As pointed out in yesterdays post, certain Democrat officials from Massachusetts feel they are exempt or above the laws they impose on the “rest of us”. (Of course, it’s not only Massachusetts, it’s nationwide) – Rangel, Geithner, et al – must feel that paying taxes is “above their “pay-grade”. The new Do as I Say, not as I do Mantra, appears to be falling on deaf ears.

Favorite Kerry quote this week: When approached by a small horde of local reporters asking if that yacht had, not indeed been found berthed in Massachusetts” – Kerry Responded lamely “It depends on who owns it!" (See video posted yesterday here – Mind boggling that this man was nominated by his party to attempt to gain the presidency.

Fortunately this mid-term, the people of Massachusetts have multiple choices to replace incumbent Democrats who have driven the state of Massachusetts to the brink of penury. For a list state and federal candidates running for office (Primary to be held September), visit: The Commonwealth’s Secretary of State, election Division, lists for Democrat and Republican who are on the ballot for the primary in September. Independents are allowed to vote in the primary of choice, they must declare a party at the time and simply change their designation after the primary at the town or city hall. Regardless of party affiliation, once one is in that voting booth, one may choose the candidate of their choice – the vote is a secret ballot, therefore, Democrats may vote for Republicans and Republicans may vote for Democrats in any general election. (As posted to the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website: There are approximately 180 Republicans willing to work for the people of the Commonwealth in both state and federal positions – an exceedingly high number considering the State was known as the “Bluest State”. )

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Kerry – Sailing Into Retirement

Massachusetts’ Senior Senator John Kerry won’t be up for reelection until 2014, and although in the past, those living in the Baystate have been chided for choosing a wide array of newsworthy politicians, recently, the straws have been weighing heavy on the taxpaying camels backs.

Massachusetts politicians, from those sent to Beacon Hill, where felonious behavior is nothing new, to those elected to hold Federal Posts almost, but not quite as brazen – appear to behave as if they are truly above the laws they write, and/or the laws of the land. Back in February, one state representative who had been caught making a run to nearby New Hampshire to avoid a sales tax on alcohol that he had voted on See Boston Herald Booze Run article on Rep. Michael J. Rodriguez) turn around when the kitchen gets a little warm and run for the State Senate (First Bristol and Plymouth District). After all, Representative Rodriguez has the “right experience for the job”. The Democrat Representative faces a primary in September, after which he will face Republican Derek Maksy in the General Election this November. Understanding that the way elections have gone in the past in Massachusetts, one would think that Mr. Rodriguez would be a shoe-in, however, lately, one can’t bet on the old Massachusetts only elects Democrats.

That theory started to break apart in the Summer of 2009, when candidates, including the newly elected Jr. Senator from Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown, began to make forays into the world of back yard barbeque's across the state. These were men and women who had decided that finally, there has been a shift in the political wind in Massachusetts and the people had had enough. The Republican Convention held in April of 2010, was nothing short of miraculous, from the attendance to air of hope and enthusiasm for a political party that has, for decades been but a minor player in the state. Obviously, Brown's victory was not brought about by the massive Republican voting bloc, nor the sizeable Independent bloc alone, Democrats voted for Brown. The numbers ads up.

Moving forward, those that take the people for granted (sic. Massachusetts Democrats) should understand that perhaps they are not as loyal to the party as they are to their pocketbooks, and that they are capable of having longer memories as of late. Must be all those antioxidants in the Cranberry Juice.

Case in point - John Kerry’s new boat – and the fact that not only has he berthed the pricey “yacht” in neighboring Rhode Island he commissioned a New Zealand boat builder, rather than one in his home state of Massachusetts to manufacture the "yacht".

When asked pointed questions by local press regarding where he berths his boat, and thus avoids paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes to Massachusetts, specifically if it were berthed in Massachusetts – the answer from Kerry: “That depends on who owns it”. (Video from my fox Boston below - He seriously said that - one must look to the expressions on these reporters faces - priceless)

The Wall Street Journal has dubbed Senator Kerry “A one Man Benedict Arnold Corporation historically ironic, as Mr. Kerry has chosen to berth his boat in Newport, Rhode Island, where "The" Benedict Arnold was born and raised. The comparison made as Mr. Kerry had thrown the Massachusetts boat builders under the Democrat Bus, in favor of a company overseas, which may or may not have had anything to do with tax evasion.

Kerry handily won reelection in 2008 – the year of the Democrat – it was not that the candidate running against him, Republican Jeff Beatty wasn’t worthy of the seat, it was the broad brush that painted all Republicans, so much so that, even clowns with a Democrat in front of their name were elected to the Senate, or so we thought (See Felons for Franken, or those not allowed to vote in the first place electing a U.S. Senator). At least Massachusetts does not have to carry that shame.

What to expect – Damage control: The AP and the Boston Globe have articles out today stating that Kerry’s done nothing inappropriate - The Globe “If Mass Taxes Kerry’s yacht, He’ll Pay, Aide Says” and the AP Yacht in RI for Work, will Come to Massachusetts” - now that he’s been caught .

It remains to be seen what will come of the 2010 elections, on both a state and national level, as Beltway Pundits have, once again, pushed Massachusetts over to the Blue side of the board, and painting all races with the “Safe Democrat” Brush. Of course, this was the same bunch that was “shocked” that Scott Brown was elected in a special election a few short months ago. What happens, one wonders, should one, two, three or more Congressional Seats go to a Republican, and a few State Races as well?

Here’s a rumor with legs, calling it that as it came from a close associate who had been approached to run for public office (State Representative) – while declining do to so due to a realistically heavy workload, the response was: you need to do nothing but put your name on the ballot – after all – anti-incumbent sentiment is running high in the Bay State.

This leads one to think, that Kerry, who is not always credited with being overly bright, must be thinking that it’s time to build a new boat and get off the proverbial sinking ship – like Bill Delahunt’s abandonment of the 10th Congressional, Kerry must understand that the party that has ruled the Bay State for eons, is slowly but surely falling out of favor with the voters.

Shock and Awe - Reporters dumbfounded by Kerry's answers

Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama To Voters – “Things Could be Worse” – Record Number of GOP Candidates New England Congressional Races 2010

FromThe Boston Globe, via the AP: Apparently, the only message left to voters from Barak Obama, besides blaming George Bush, is to blame all Republican’s in general. As the 2010 mid-term elections draw near, Obama has taken to telling voters that the Democrats need more time, and that to vote them out of office now, would be to reverse the path to progress they have embarked upon.

In the AP article, the President states on one news program that American’s don’t have selective memories, so he should be well aware, that American’s understand Congress and the Senate have been controlled by Democrats since 2006 – before he took office. As anyone with a basic understanding of Civics understands, the President alone, cannot make or break a single piece of legislation, he or she needs the Congress and Senate to give the “go-ahead” so to speak, as they control the purse-strings. According to several polls, both on state races and national trends, the people do understand and in addition, are rejecting legislation passed by this president and his simpatico Congress.

It is no wonder that confidence levels tracked by Gallop show that American’s, in general, have lost confidence in the Presidency by 15 points since one year ago – and that Congress, which was already at the bottom of the list of institutions graded, has reached the lowest point (11%) since tracking began in 1973. The media is not faring much better, with newspapers at 25% confidence (no change from last year) and television news at 22% (down 1 % from last year) – with deliberately misleading and or blatantly partisan articles released by major news outlets and then reprinted or broadcast with abandon, is it no wonder?

Examples: A recent AP article, specific to Massachusetts, speaks to the disparity of cash on hand that Republican Congressional contenders currently hold against the large sums managed by Incumbent Democrats – citing Scott Browns fundraising as a barometer, thereby dismissing the efforts of the Massachusetts Republicans – simply put – the article is disingenuous for several reasons. One, there are several candidates in each district, (Republican), who must face off in a primary, once the primary is past, then , as evidenced by the same Scott Brown touted in the article, fundraising on a larger scale commences. Brown did not realize millions in fundraising until the final weeks of the campaign, as this particular race was seen as a national race.

Democrats who have large “war chests” have not had to campaign in years, most of that cash is rolled over from previous years – the appearance of being on top of the heap, is just that an appearance. Will each district primary winner do as well as Scott Brown in fundraising? Hardly likely as it is a district race, not a state race, and with voter sentiment, especially in Massachusetts, anti-incumbent, the need for parity with the incumbent democrat as to cash on hand, may not be necessary.

That is hardly the message that the national press wants to portray - however, when one looks at the FEC filing that is touted as evidence here , one does find that the Hampden 2nd for example, where Richard Neal, Charles Rangels hand-picked predecessor, has a cash advantage over Jay Fleitman the leading Republican “cash raiser”, the story neglects the fact that Neal is giving out donations to embattled Democrats in order to “campaign” for a chance to be Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Although Neal is not disbursing huge sums compared to others vying for the seat that controls our taxes, it is still worth noting.

Additionally, going back into the FEC database to 1999, Neal continued to hold the advantage in cash on hand, even when he had no opposition here - it’s the Democrat candidates equivalent to rollover minutes.

That is true of every single seat held in the Massachusetts Congressional Caucus made up exclusively of Democrat Incumbents. The big “if” will come into play weeks before the election, where fund-raising levels should peak – districts to watch – all contested Massachusetts races – the 5th, the Hampden 2nd, the 4th all carry national names, some better known as others – with the potential for the Republican candidate left standing after the primary in September, to begin fundraising on a national scale – as most of the money initially going to Brown came from outside of the state in the first million dollar Internet money bomb.

How concerned is the media? Read this article in the Boston Globe which headlines: “GOP may miss chances in N.E.”, “Only handful of seats are hotly contested”. In this piece by Globe Staffer Mark Arsenault, the “fact” that the lost opportunity is due to the fact that only 3 of 22 house races are being contested by Republicans. The article is based fully on the intelligence of the Cook Report, which bases its ratings on state races on “political intelligence” – as of now, virtually every seat is considered “safe Democrat from this Washington DC based publication. On the one hand, the 3 seats out of 22 being contested are actually 21 out of 22, a case made by a Red State Blogger entitled: “Hey Tom Davis, stop lying about New England!”, and goes on to outline the fact that so far out of those 21 seats contested by the GOP, top fundraisers are at “$5,337,725”, not a small sum in New England. One can also just hop over to the FEC site to see the list of candidate for Federal Races to compare fundraising efforts by this field of firsts, against those who have held seats for eons (and check the roll-over funds from the past six mid-term elections just for fun) – the FEC Address again

Therefore, Obama appears to be caught between the old rock and a hard place, not only are the American people losing patience with his “progress”, they have completely lost patience with incumbents – giving one the notion that, despite an media in concert with the administration and similar ideology – the people are, as of this writing, prone to replacing the lot of them.

How concerned is Obama at this point? According to Politico He’s sent a “2012” advance team to Florida.

Meanwhile, over in Massachusetts, the field is not only crowded for Federal positions, but the battle for Beacon Hill shows more Republicans in the primary than in past years – the opportunity exists to pick up seats in the State House and Senate, (Mass. Secretary of State)

Therefore, no matter how often it is broadcast, printed, re-printed, the voters are no longer listening – or at least up to 75 of them are now seeking information elsewhere or doing their own research.

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