Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mexico and the United Nation and the Senators from Massachusetts

The Washington Post has reported that Mexico is seeking legal advice to take their case against a 700 mile United States border fence, approved by the United States government, to the United Nations. Apparently, they are seeking this legal advice in France. Go figure. Last time anyone checked, the United States of America was a sovereign nation. With the influx of illegal drugs, illegal Mexican citizens, illegal citizens of other nations not friendly to the United States, a fence makes sense. It is a law and order issue, an issue of national security; one addressed by the people of the United States through their elected officials.

HR6061, passed the Senate with 80 Yea's, 19 Nays, and 1 MIA. The high number of Senators voting in favor of erecting a fence makes clear that this issue crosses party lines, for the most part. Among the 18 voting against a border fence were John Kerry (D) MA, Reid (D) Nevada, Jeffords (D) VT, etc. The one Senator that was unable to vote that day: Ted Kennedy (D) MA.

Once again, the Senators from the State of Massachusetts have sent a clear signal to their constituents: "If you want true representation, you should move to another state." If Ted Kennedy is too hung-over to make the vote, John Kerry will step in to fill his shoes.

This entire scenario begs the question: If the United States Senate approved by a vote clearly representative of people of both political parties, to build a fence along the United States border with Mexico, on United States soil, what gives Mexico the right to even question this issue. Further, France -- well, no need to visit that aspect. However, the United Nations, which has set up a cushy, United States tax-payer funded party pad in downtown Manhattan, has absolutely no right to play with this issue. In fact, if they do go ahead and address this issue, perhaps the lease should be revoked and the entire useless body moved to Paris.

Let the French take a portion of the defense spending (second largest defense budget on the planet), and build the UN a new home.

Elsewhere, 4 weeks out of the congressional elections, the NY Times, USA Today and Gallop are reporting that the Democrats are poised to take control of the house. The premise is that a recent scandal involving a gay Republican congressman, Rep. Foley of Florida, is so spectacular that the American public will obviously vote for the party of new morality, the Democrats.

One must wonder, with poll not as accurate as any reasonable person would imagine (samples of 1000 registered voters, etc., out of how many millions of registered voters) and some polling firms just making up results, if this constant drumbeat of a Democrat party takeover of the House and or Senate, as reported by traditional media sources, is not yet another figment of Howard Dean's imagination.

The United States and its people (clear thinking percent of the population) understand that there is much more at stake than a Florida Congressman acting like a Democrat with pages of any gender. The fact that Iran continues to defy the world by developing its nuclear capabilities, the fact that they are obviously being aided in this struggle by North Korea, the fact that our borders, regardless of any fence, are still porous, is of more import. The true indicator of this upcoming congressional election will not be a petty scandal, rather the party that holds the trust of the American people on issues of national and homeland security will win the day.

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