Monday, December 01, 2014

Black Friday Shopping and Packers and Patriots – the Thanksgiving Weekend in Review

Along with the annual Turkey coma, comes “Black Friday”, and the compulsion (for some of us) to go uncharacteristically early into the stores for a little Christmas shopping. This year, it was easier to shop online, though this blogger did go forth to the mall of all places, but admittedly spent less, holding out for better online deals. Not unusual, according to Yahoo News, noting that sales were down as shopping habits changed for what once was the big retail sales day of the year. (Yahoo News) What with the constant email and text alerts as to sales online, it was a decision to hold out for better deals that may have sunk the traditional stores, however, it may also be what is now dubbed “the Obama Economy” that is responsible for weary and leery shoppers. The stores at 8 am in a large mall in Western Mass were deserted. One could even walk into a Wall-Mart, without much fuss.

To make things more interesting in this household, one of us is a Packers fan, one a Patriot’s fan (all things New England and Massachusetts considered. To me, the concept of football as American, begins and ends in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Vince Lombardi, Packer coach got me long ago with his quip: “The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.” This brought up visions of blood, snow and what can and can’t be accomplished in life, without faith and what God gave you. (For more Lombardi Quotes and History – visit:

Therefore, I was pretty thrilled when they bested the Patriots – there will be little peace in this house for the next week. (Charlotte Observer)

That said those spouses who enjoy rooting for opposing teams, are able to come to terms quickly – if only the Executive Branch would do the same with Congress.

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