Monday, December 23, 2013

As we Close 2014 -CNN Outlines Why It Might Have been a bad Year for Obama –They missed a few!

In an effort to figure out why the President’s poll numbers have been less than stellar these past few months, CNN has suggestedsix reasons why: Obama Care tops the list, the polling is number 2, the Snowdon Leaks at 3, number 4 – the IRS targeting, Number 5 is the Presidents “stalled agenda”, and rounding out the list: the “selfie” snap shot at Mandela’s funeral.(CNN)

They may have two of them correct, specifically the Obama Care rollout – which, due to the hyper-partisanship in the Senate (between Democrats and McCanian Republicans and the Constitutionalist), has come to fruition and is now laying waste to the lives of millions, while bits and pieces of the legislation are picked away – all without Congressional approval. The second woe that stands out in CNN’s list is the IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups, specifically Tea Party, during election cycles.

The balance are on the order of personal, or out of context: The Snowdon Leaks – although the buck stops at the top of the heap (i.e. with the President) – Snowdon’s filching of state secrets as a contractor hired by an agency that works for the Federal government is so far removed from the President it might as well be the moon. In this instance it is a case of general incompetence and little oversight of the hiring process associated with the contractors, coupled with the same as far as the government agencies are concerned. Agree or disagree with Snowdon, the point is – like other spies, one is either caught or not and this was not personally a pervue of the President.

(The contents however…)

The Stalled agenda, considering Obama Care, may be a plus rather than a minus for this particular President. The polling was bound to happen, historically, second term Presidents rarely have high poll numbers, given the degree with which the public interest is waning and looking for the next best President. A second term gives one’s detractors an ability to trash the daylights out of the guy sitting in the throne room, in a political move to swipe Congress and the Senate for their Party. Suffice it to say: Clinton, Bush, Gorge W (although Clinton’s numbers were unusually high for second term Presidents).

If, however, the polling goes to Carter levels, the one might want to find a good fictional – historian to set the record straight.

Lastly, the “selfie” – one must give the guy a break. In many instances, especially state affairs, the President has been criticized, however, since the public should be used to gaffes at this point, and since it as a funeral of a former head of state and icon, perhaps the length of the ceremony was too much to bear, and there was a need for a bit of levity, and sharing the moment, no better way to capture that amongst heads of states, than – the selfie.

What CNN did not mention: the level of incompetence in the administration is mind-boggling, unfortunately the President, or is aid in charge of hiring staff including appointments, needs to take a long vacation.

Benghazi, although part and parcel of the State Departments’ purview, the President’s Cabinet members hound have played this one straight instead of blaming some grossly ridiculous cartoonish video – while not demanding that whoever gave the orders to stand down while a U.S. ambassador was murdered should have been hung out to dry.

Lastly, it is the high partisanship displayed by the President that has caused the problem he’s faced with now. Either that or he was working with the wrong Republicans’ (i.e. the McCain’s, etc.), as had he actually listened to those who were newly elected (similarly to himself, less to no experience in legislation) tea party, and tried to work with them rather than investigate and harass them – maybe, just maybe in a utopian world – Obama Care would have become the signature legislation known as – you can now afford insurance, we’ve opened up the state lines and all carriers can go anywhere, no mandates on every single policy (which had he looked at Massachusetts, he would have avoided all the mistakes that are breaking the budget in this Commonwealth) and finally those who have no insurance and cannot afford it, will be given the option of Medicaid – simple.

He would have made new friends and a ton of enemies on the left, but would have had skyrocketing poll numbers.

Of course, first he would have had to muzzle Harry Reid.

What can possibly go wrong in 2014? -

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