Friday, August 08, 2014

Major Political Parties, the Diversity Within, a Stranglehold on the Political Process – Purists vs. the Individualist

An article in the New York Times asking if the Libertarian moment finally arrived (worth the read), brought forward the question of the diversity within the political parties, and how purists is the two major parties, appear to be the undoing of the political process. For example, the GOP is multi-faceted, and as Libertarians (otherwise known as Jeffersonian Republicans) are more closely aligned, they tend to track Republican (or purists, not at all), Social Conservatives, also are part of that party, then the moderates, those GOP members who tend to vote more like a Democrat, rather than a Social or Fiscal conservative. It is those purists to stay home, and refuse to forgive one ‘infraction” of their “code” that splits the party and forces votes from time to time.

The Democrats are much the same, Progressive Socialists won’t budge, neither with the anarchists, or those 99%-ers who rally to the voice of anti-corporatism. There is the rank and file union/loyal Democrats who remain screamingly unaware that Progressive does not mean – Progress. The low-information voters trend Democrat – despite many a degree, advanced or otherwise.

It is this tunnel-vision coupled with an obstinate stance of purity that continues to stymie the system. Rather than moderate and forgive one issue, in order to obtain the brass ring, those who are pure in political ideology will kick a statesman to the curb – i.e. Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

It is the individual that will embrace facets of each, while tending to make peace with their Libertarian belief structure, which is valuable to the nation as a whole, specifically if that individual can bring varied factions of the GOP as well as members of the DNC together. That individual is dangerous to both parties, as that individual will enjoy support from those with Reason.

One such individual, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is such a one, and that is why he is demeaned by members of his own party, and now, according to an article in the Daily Beast – the #1 target of the Democrats. (Daily Beast) It is due to his ability to reason that all American’s should enjoy liberties, to see both sides of an issue, and although appearing inexperienced to some in the Beltway’s employee, he is genuine, perhaps that is the most dangerous facet of his political persona – it is quite appealing to those tired of the status quo. Would there be a 100 Rand Paul’s – perhaps we would finally see a cohesive government.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Lost Dog – New Facial Recognition APP May Be the Answer

The latest use of technology used in order to reunite owners with a lost dog is a facial recognition app wich is being used successfully to reunite owners with their lost dogs in San Diego. (myfoxny)

The app is available at, where owners can set up an account in order to locate their best friend. The site is also seeking partners – animal shelters that will become part of a larger network which would help individuals nationwide.

The app is based on a facial recognition software which was “built by Steven Callahan and John Schreiner of the University of Utah’s software development center. They found the eight markers on dogs are far fewer than the 128 points on the human facial recognition program.

“People are sort of uniform, the shape of their faces, skin tones, all their eyes, noses and mouths are in the same general location,” Callahan said. But dogs’ eyes and snouts are in different places.
(CBS Sacramento).

The University of Utah also conducted the research on dogs and their ability to recognize individuals as well as other dogs – read more at

As dogs, in particular are able to be human “caretakers” in so many ways (service dogs, military dogs, search and rescue, the more we know about their capabilities, the more we understand these very special creatures.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Rand Paul – In Iowa – The Media drumbeat – Rand Paul on Israel – much ado about nothing – intentionally

CNN reporting on Rand Paul in Iowa states the obvious – that the Senator from Kentucky is “barnstorming” across Iowa in a campaign style. It is obvious that Paul makes the media, Democrats and standard Republican’s a tad nervous – he’s pretty straight forward and he has that appeal to most of the middle road – who veer not to the right or the left, but can appreciate someone who does not fit neatly in any one pocket. (CNN)

Meanwhile, the balance of the media, seeking the latest method of finding something, anything, to pin on Paul, are now “screeching” from the rooftops that Paul was in favor and did he proposeending aid to Israel however, the opposite is true. (Yahoo News). The focus on Paul is so intent, from charges of plagiarism, to being too much like his father, to taking his words out of context in a conversation on the Civil Rights Act, the left hangs and rearranges the basic “gist” of Paul, who confounds them in acting very un-standard Republican – by confronting them and setting them straight. That’s refreshing.

As polls bear out, he either is the current front-runner, or darn close, including polling against the Democrat standard bearer – Hillary Clinton. What appears to be much ado about nothing is the media grasping at straws –try as they might to tar and feather him - it does not appear to be picking up much traction. What does appear to be picking up traction is Paul’s appeal.

Hopefully, those who would unseat him from poll perch, will continue, it only gives Paul the opportunity to showcase to the public, who he is – and lends further fuel to the fire, of who those detractors are.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – 2016 – Will She or Won’t She Enter the Race

There’s an uptick in news lately regarding the first term Senator from MA, Elizabeth Warren. Most of this is centered on Warren’s popularity with the Progressive base of the Democrat party, and her potential run in 2016. Many insist she is running.

An article in the New York Post, written by Edward Klein, suggests that she has half of the now, almost irrelevant Kennedy family backing. It was in 2008 that the Kennedy’s threw Hillary Clinton under the proverbial bus, in favor of a little known one-term Senator from Illinois – Barack Obama, so this would come as no surprise to anyone in the Bay State. (NYPost) However, with Ted (The Lion) Kennedy now gone, there is no clear leader of that erstwhile clan, therefore, the weight they once pulled, is waning.

A more pragmatic approach was taken by former 4th District Congressional Representative, Barney Frank – notes the Huffington Post, Frank wants Warren to run - but believes she might not, and somehow, the article implies he would back Hillary Clinton.(Huffington Post)

What we apparently have here, is the rumor mills from the right and left, speculating on what Ms. Senator Warren, will or will not do in the coming months. Although somewhat of a mystery, as she emerges from the shadows of Massachusetts, more of her life story is unfolding and as a result, she becomes more interesting. That said, a smart and savvy woman, she is said to be declining to run in 2016 – a source that is in constant contact suggests it is nothing more than rumor.

Herein is what is at issue, without living under a rock, or being a low information voter, one knows the nation is in dire straits – and no matter who takes the helm in 2016 – will be either blamed or blamed when the ship of state does not immediately right itself. (See Reagan’s first term after Carter for reference). Therefore, smart money suggests that both women may sit this one out, in favor of letting an obscure MD governor, or even a Vice President take the loss to any GOP candidate – given the odds of the incoming President being one-term should hypothetically, and either muddying the waters more, or not succeeding quickly enough. They may count on the fickle voters to aid this along with a rapid media. Both women can afford to wait an additional 4 years, in order to put distance between themselves and the nightmare that is DC now. It would surprise this blogger if either of them made any 2016 announcements other than “Next Time!” regarding the 2016 general election. It would be, in this feminist’s point of view, better to win the war than the battle.

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