Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby its Cold Outside – Suddenly “Global Cooling” surfaces

The 1950's saw a bit of snow in the northeast - image from

In the good old days, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, one did not yet know there was global cooling or global warming – it was either cold with snow one could wade through up to one’s neck, or blistering hot, so much that the greenish/purple river looked like a good place to take a dip. Fast forward to the 1970’s where it was certain the word was entering a second ice age, that school of thought lasted until it determined the earth had begun to warm – and the global warming trend began.

What we can understand, from a non-scientific point of view, is that there are elements that man has introduced to the earth which would cause havoc with the climate. Take China for example, when it is dry, they create “rain” so much that it apparently causes quite a rift internally at times BBC. That said, when one hears of artificial rain (cloud seeding) in China, one can almost bet there will be some sort of weather occurrence elsewhere – it is either coincidence or nature’s way of getting even. Man has introduced chemicals into the environment that have poisoned by the air, water, flora and fauna, even though there are regulations in place in developed nations, some turn a blind eye in order to continue manufacturing rather cheaply.

As one sits in New England wondering where the nice warm weather is – while it is an unusually cold week, feeling more like February than December, it is not without some interest that one finds an old article on global cooling ”Global Cooling the New Norm (courtesy of Steven Goddard at wordpress.

Blaming weather disasters of warming or cooling of global proportions may help some deal with weather occurrences that have been taking place since time began – hwoever, there are these cyclical weather patterns that develop and last – years!

However, if one caulks’ up the entire warming and cooling of the earth and the subsequent disasters that occur that are weather related to “historical trends”, then one cannot study, or promote products that would save one from either too much heat or too much cold.

That’s where science and the Al Gore’s of the world appear to fit in- profitably one might add.

Jaded, absolutely, however, one thing is fairly clear, weather patterns have existed over era’s, both cooling and warming, but man has stuck their finger in the perfect pie of client by introducing chemical components, and that is undisputable, yet cause and effect can be both local and global. It it’s not just corporations but corporate Governments responsible for this phenomenon – and until one can figure out a way to keep both of the aforementioned in check, then the atmosphere will remain tenable.

In the meantime, let it snow, or warm, as the trend may dictate.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ted Cruz – the Castro Walk-Out – Sometimes It’s not Politics, sometimes It’s just personal

While attending the funeral services in South Africa for one of the greatest leaders of that nation and the symbol to end segregation worldwide, Nelson Mandela, the junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, walked out during a Castro speech according to McClatchy. One who has read anything or heard anything about Ted Cruz, and his personal life story understand that his family came to the U.S. from Cuba. If one understands Cuba, it is small communist island nation to the south of Florida, whose ruling elites have made a point of torturing and murdering those with whom they disagree. It is one nation with which, due to multiple factors, relations between the U.S. and said nation have been strained these past 60 years. Cuban’s regularly attempt to set foot on American soil, risking life and limb in boats and makeshift rafts to get to the U.S. shore. If everything was rosy in Cuba, one would think boatloads of American’s would be attempting to do the same.

Suffice it to say, Ted Cruz has personal family history with the nation, and as a result, distaste for its ruling elites. Therefore, when he walked out on a speech, and his walk-out was not televised, and was as discreet as possible for someone of his stature, it was obviously from the point of view of the opposing U.S. political party -a purely political move – grandstanding was the word used by Democrats – as if the man who risked his reputation with his base by lauding Nelson Mandela (his base believes that Mandela as not a saint, per se), would pull a stunt to disrupt the funeral proceedings of someone he believes was a worthy man. (Christian Science Monitor)

It is becoming apparent that Cruz is a threat to the Progressives, he is a strict Constitutionalist, who is popular in his home state and may or may not have Presidential aspirations for 2016, but will remain, regardless of his future political aspirations, a champion on the people and the Constitution. As he is perceived as a threat, then one might understand the vigor with which the media, bloggers from the left, and twitters from the DC Democrat machine, daily and consistently attack the Senator.

Form a research on news mentions point of view, using Google News Alerts, set to all news, as it happens, from all sources, on potential 2016 candidates, there is no comparison as to who has the most daily mentions from both the potential (or named as potential) GOP candidates as well as the potential Democrat candidates – on a scale of 15 to 1 email news alerts, Cruz leads the field, with over 90 percent of the mentions extremely negative, most having little relevance to anything of import, just the constant, palpable distaste and hate – from the left (and also from the establishment right). That speaks volumes about the worth or the potential threat that Cruz brings to the table no matter what his intent is – be is a route in 2014 which brings him a Leadership Position within the Senate, or a 2016 run at the Presidency. In that article from the CSMonitor, in the ending paragraphs of the piece is this little gem worth considering:

Look, Cruz’s push this fall to shut down the government in an effort to defund Obamacare was a disaster for the national GOP’s image. Lots of establishment Republicans dislike him personally and don’t trust him, which is not good for his presidential aspirations.

But it would be a mistake for Democrats to treat Cruz as a caricature tea party conservative. His rhetorical skills are far superior to, say, those of Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. His academic achievements early in life were considerable. He was just announced as one of the finalists for Time's "Person of the Year."

Democratic lawyer and crisis consultant Lanny Davis makes that point in The Huffington Post. Democrats, he says, should remember that many in the party dismissed Ronald Reagan as an actor whose extreme views rendered him unelectable. “So fellow Democrats: Let’s debate the issues with Ted Cruz and win the election on the issues. If we think it’s better to engage in personal attacks and ridicule, and not take Cruz seriously, think again,” writes Mr. Davis.

Enough said.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rand Paul on Economic Freedom and Blind Justice – In Detroit – Is it Acceptable for a “Republican” to Want to Help All Americans? Only If One is the Opposition Political Party.

Rand Paul is an interesting character in the grander scheme of politics – being a Libertarian in Republican’s clothing. Although there is a claim to kinship between the two political parties, it is the slimmest of such, given the ideology of the Libertarian is based on the individual freedoms of the people, rather than big government, while Republican’s, as they stand today, appear to be more interested in being “liked” or “moderate”. Rand Paul, like a very few others in the Senate and the House are polar opposites of the usual politician, as they tend to make remarks, or hold personal beliefs that may or may not resonate with their “base”, or their “peers” – more outcast, cowboy – or more Libertarian. That said, he and a few others, are doing their darndest to bring the Republican Party back to the roots of the 1860’s, when the Democrats where slaveholders and the Republicans’ were freedom fighters. It is not that a great deal has changed ideologically, it is the messaging that has changed, and the general dummying down of the public by a barrage of anti-Republican, pro-Democrat education and entertainment aimed 24/7 at the “masses” is a tough firewall to breach. They are taking on the task anyhow.

Therefore, when the Senator from Kentucky goes to Detroit to try to do something to haul that desolate and blighted city out of the muck and mire the Press and the opposition party (Democrats) tend to suggest he has motive, a lot of nerve, or is just “too Republican”(MLive). The problem with that reaction is that it appears to be saying to the people of Detroit and the Nation that anyone who has the “label” Republican, is now allowed to help or try to suggest options, as that particular piece of land and all the people living therein – belong to the Democrat Party. It doesn’t matter if one agrees or disagrees with the ideas of aforementioned Senator Paul; they are simply unacceptable out of the gate.

When the Senator suggested The justice system may not treat minorities in Detroit the same as the say the “rest of us”, - of course, it is with the Republican brand that he is cloaked in – regardless of the fact that he is looking at outreach on Democrat Holy turf, being a Republican, his ideas, and the Party in general should be given the opportunity and the respect due for even attempting to do something to life a city so desolate, out of the ashes. (Los Angeles Times)

Here is the question the people in Detroit should be asking – How can that Senator from Kentucky help us, when the Democrats have done nothing to improve our economic situation?

They could take it a step further and ask why the Democrats think they “own” them.

But that would bring up the whole messy, economic slavery, as opposed to physical slavery that the Party of the KKK has so deftly managed to continue through entitlement programs and a very large blind eye – as long as they get a return of votes, there is nothing to see.

What if that Senator from Kentucky really means what he says, both personally and politically – would not that be a shocker?

What if a life-long Democrat Voter, living in poverty, wanting something better, a helping hand upward, actually voted for that Kentucky Republican Senator, Rand Paul, in 2016? That’s the question that must concern those Democrats and their sycophants in the media, but only slightly. They need only look to the sheep in Massachusetts or Illinois, or any other state in decline, to understand the herd mentality of the Political Party slave. It’s a hard step to take to become an Independent voter – one who pulls the lever for the person they feel will actually do the right job, rather than the D or R because they feel….enslaved to the brand. One can only hope that the Senator, should he decide to run for President in 2016, succeed in his endeavors.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ted Cruz – Publisher picks Texas Senator for New Comic Book – Cruz also on short List for Time Person of the Year.

Ted Cruz, Junior Senator from the State of Texas - image from the Texas Tribune

From CNN Ted Cruz, the Jr. Senator from Texas, is now the subject of an educational coloring book for children. The book is in a series of politically oriented books published by Really Big Coloring Books.

The company website: offers a variety of coloring books from political (including Republicans and Democrats, Tea Party & Tea Party II, Occupy, and Barack Obama) to butterflies and holidays. Cruz is also on the short list of the TIME magazine person of the year along with 9 other news influencers, including the President Time’s short list includes

Bashar Assad, President of Syria, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder, Ted Cruz, Texas Senator, Miley Cyrus, Singer Pope Francis, Leader of the Catholic Church, Barack Obama, President of the United States, Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Edward Snowden, N.S.A. Leaker, Edith Windsor, Gay rights activist

TIME Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs announced the group on the TODAY show Monday morning. TIME’s Person of the Year will be announced Wednesday morning.

Ted Cruz generates a great deal of “press”, given the left –leaning media and blogs to whom he causes much angst (otherwise, they’d be writing about someone else). As noted in the Hill article, the magazine’s short list is not necessarily an honor, as it has included figures such as Adolph Hitler – go figure. How relevant is all of this? It really depends upon one’s political point of view.

Ted Cruz, although much vilified on both sides of the aisle, appears to be an individual who speaks his mind, regardless of the personal and political consequences, for what he feels is right (and is the non-political use of the word). For that reason, these two occurrences, no matter how little of consequence either one is, are an honor.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Ted Cruz speaks to personal beliefs, takes heat – Texas Editorial bemoans competition from the “right”.

Senator, Ted Cruz, on the passing of Nelson Mandela was respectful, and spoke to the true measure of the man and his struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa -for which he apparently took some heat from Tea Party activists who are fans on Facebook. Cruz, along with a contingent of 20 Democrats, will be going to South Africa to say farewell to Mandela. (CNN). Understanding that there are those who we may be in political disagreement with on some points, the fact that he man himself, was fighting diligently for his people, at great personal risk, and succeeded in ending a system that was so far from equitable, speaks to his measure- rather than any Communist trends that he may have adhered to. The problem with the right, as with the left, is those members of both sides that allow for no compromise, regardless of any situation. Good for Cruz for showing understanding.

In Texas, as elsewhere in the nation, there are multiple challengers to incumbents, and that has two of the Dallas Morning News crew with their panties in a bunch Although placed under “Political News”, it is truly editorial in format, suggesting that challengers to Congressional offices, from the Tea Party or far right, should not be taking place, as these individual s have “no experience”, at all. Funny how both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat value “experience” in Washington which was not the general intent of the founders. The general intent for the House specifically, was to have a multiple of individuals serve, be they merchants, farmers or doctors of the day, when the term was up – they returned home, and someone else took their place. Additionally Congress was only in session for a few months (another plus in the past). Forgetting a moment that the challenger offers no experience, what they do offer, is a choice for the voter. The problem with having choices is that one might choose someone not to the liking of the two over at the Dallas Morning News. They, along with others in the industry and in politics may be in for a bigger shock than expected when the dust settles in 2014.

The anti-incumbent sentiment has grown, and for both sides of the aisle, so one might anticipate should this hold (and since Congress nor the Senate, show any signs whatsoever of changing their ways), the 2014 elections may turn into a free-for-all. By that, one might anticipate changes to the right, center and yes, far left, in all forms, in all districts. It is the distastes for all things Washington that has produced an opportunity for those who have never served, to go to D.C and put in their two cents.

If one thought the 2010 elections were specifically historical – then one might want to hold that thought for something that in theory and perhaps in practice, may trounce the records.

With the news holding slightly better approval ratings that said Congress, one might wonder if media news, as well as celebrity, etc., would hold any sway for a very angry and disgusted group of Americans – the Voters. It will be interesting to say the least.

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