Thursday, November 02, 2006

Strange bedfellows, Springfield, MA “Republican” endorses Republican Gubernatorial candidate?

Many progressives in Western Massachusetts are threatening to cancel their subscriptions to the Springfield Republican. What has this agenda driven media done? Their editorial board announced this week that they were endorsing the Republican candidate for Governor, Kerry Healy, not the progressive candidate, Deval Patrick.

This endorsement comes at a time, when Healey is down in the Massachusetts polls by 15-19%. One has to wonder, is the newspaper pandering to those alienated subscribers (area conservatives) that have cancelled their subscriptions in droves? (Yes, there are conservatives in Western Massachusetts.) Highly unlikely. The polls conducted to date are based upon a 500 person sample, in a small section of the state where one would be hard pressed to find an Independent or Republican. Kerry Healy leads Patrick in campaign contributions from individuals within the state, while Patrick is relying on big chucks of change coming in from any state but the Bay state. ( See Boston Globe contributions made to candidates by county, city, individual and amount)

It is not unusual, in this day and age, for polls to be dead wrong. Relying on one source such as a poll to make a prediction is just - wrong. A strong indicator of voter preference might be found in a sample of - individual contributions.

Which may be why the mainstream networks are not going to give their viewers exit polls this coming Tuesday, and are taking more care than usual? Washington Post

With conservatives sending Thank You cards to Senator John Kerry (D-MA) the GOP may have reason to believe this election will be no different in scope than the past two (perhaps not with pickups, but the power will remain in the hands of the GOP).

Does anyone really have a clue? No. The DNC has already hired their cadre of attorney’s on the off-chance that they lose, once again. This will do the country the usual service of having to wait weeks for final results.

Whatever happened to the gracious loser? Certainly not in the DNC camp. Which may be one of that parties biggest problems.

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