Monday, May 11, 2015

How Cuban is Ted Cruz? - That’s the Question

Not Cuban enough, Not Black Enough, Not Italian Enough....

Fromthe Mercury New, comes an article describing an interview between Ted Cruz (2016 GOP Candidate) and Mark Halperin’s (Bloomberg News), in which, Halperin tested Cruz’s authenticity as a Cuban The author, Ruben Navarrette, took offence, as he knows Cruz, as well as other prominent Hispanic’s. Apparently, if one of a Republican, then one might not be Hispanic enough, Black enough, Female Enough, and so on.

I took umbrage at this particular article as having once been in a position as a child, having a parent who as not quite “white” enough – being Spanish – Moorish Spanish, and having epitaphs yelled as my father held me – “what is that Brown man doing holding a white baby”, it occurred to me that having thought all of this behind us, that it was truly not the individuals flaming the fires of racial, ethnic hate, it was those who have a political agenda, from the left, of continuing the nonsensical dogma that if one if black they belong to the Democrats, if one is Hispanic, they belong to the Democrats.

If someone is a decent public service, or trying to become one, then it is not the color of one’s skin, or the authenticity that should be established but the character of the individual, nothing more, nothing less.

Shame on this nation for allowing the political bickering on the left determining who not enough of any one flavor is.

There are Democrats of all stripes who are perfectly worthy public servants, and there are the same people on the Republican side, or the Libertarian side, or the Green Party side. Shut up already.

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