Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

It is that time of year, once again, where one is compelled to look their past years personal performance and vow to make certain changes. The coming of the New Year does, afterall, offer one a fresh start, so to speak.

Resolutions: Stop spending and start saving, stop smoking, stop drinking, spend more time with the family, become more involved with the community and volunteer, lose weight, join a health club, etc.

All very noble.

I am picking two, and hoping to actually accomplish one of them. Understanding that spending is out-of-control under the best of circumstances, weighing the necessity of each purchase may bring this under control. (I'm going into this one with a grain of salt).

Spending time with my family. This is a must. Dinner together is fine, but it also accounts for merely an hour of the entire day. Play more, talk more, and show the love more.

Now if I can only tear myself away from the news for an hour or two more per day, (and realize that eBay is not news!), I should manage to accomplish this goal.

Wishing all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas - What’s in a name?

Christmas – Lately the word, and perhaps the meaning, conjure up visions of ACLU lawsuits filed on behalf of atheists who find that the colors red and green, a plastic or ceramic statue of a baby, or the singing of songs with the words “God, Jesus, Christmas” included are deeply offensive and somehow are infringing on their constitutional rights.
Bah Humbug. The “War on Christmas”, as explained by commentator Bill O’Reilly is a systematically planned attack on Christianity by secular progressives who have, over a period of years, infiltrated our courts, our schools, our towns and our villages.

When this was brought to the publics attention (and also denied vehemently by most major media outlets), a funny thing happened. Some retailers, Target to name one that comes to mind, immediately switched commercials from Happy Holidays to Merry Christmas. Money talks. The fact remains that the Holiday is Christmas, about Christ and about Christians who shop with the intent of buying “Christmas presents”.

Upon reflection of the retail aspects of the season, it is necessary to step back and take a moment to understand where this gift-giving frenzy originated. It was back in Bethlehem, with the arrival of wise men from the east, bearing gifts for:

The real meaning tends to get a bit lost in all that glitters. Expectations are high and disappointments follow – generally speaking due to the fact that the original message, the redemption of society and mankind by the birth of God Made Man and his subsequent messages outlining how to live to attain freedom, is lost a good deal of the time.

This season, take the time to reflect on the true meaning, Christ, and God’s gift to mankind. The following guidelines are helpful: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and secondly, Love your neighbor as yourself. Not impossible tasks. Give to the poor, show kindness to the elderly neighbor, the relative you normally try to avoid (we all have one) and have yourself a Merry Christmas.

Signs of the Season (or topics that amuse,shock or annoy):

Daytona Beach Man Strangles Grandmother with Christmas Lights

Ahmadinejad Opponents Leading Elections (Yes,Virginia, there is a Santa Claus)

Teen Shot 6 Times,Robbed of Gold Teeth

Christmas Trees Return to Seattle Airport

Man Strangled by Pet Snake

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hope for the Future
From the left of center.

Reporting in the Tehran Times, Stephen Zunes notes that the “election of a Democratic majority in the House and Senate is not likely to result in any serious challenge to the Bush administrations support for Israeli attacks against civilian populations of its Arab neighbors”. He goes on to name and specifically attacks the future House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, noting that her concerns for human rights have never applied to Arabs.
It is one Arab reporter's take on American, yet it appears to reflect the view of all Arabs that they are somehow victims of the great Satan (USA).
There is no peace in Israel because it exists. Simple. Add to that the fact that certain “radical” Islamic Arabs feel the same way about the United States and one comes to the realization that they will not be happy until both nations are destroyed (Add all of Europe into that mix and or any other nation or continent that does not follow the religion of Jihad.
Are there moderate Muslims? Of course, they reside happily in the United States, have somewhat assimilated into our culture (a culture based upon the melting pot of all nations), and have attained political office.
So, why are they silent?
During the war in Ireland, where every day was a good day to blow up some British, there was very little outcry against terrorism on this side of the pond, especially from Irish American’s. Why would we, then, as American’s, hold Muslim’s to a higher standard than say, the Kennedy’s?
When it is perfectly fine for Sein Feinn leader, Jerry Adams to be invited to March in a St. Patrick’s day parade in a small city in Western Massachusetts, (Tim Murry, politician), why not invite Osama to Disney Land?

It is as if one is living in three decades simultaneously. The 1930’s, as France and company continue to deny internal struggles of sectarian violence (i.e. Muslim terrorists in their own back yard), Jihad spreading from sea to shinning sea (those are oil slicks), the 1960’s, when KGB spies were said to exist and the cruelty of Russian had schoolchildren rolling under our desks (we’ve traded Russia for Iran, but a school desk is no longer considered effective protection against a nuclear bomb, and the 1970’s, when hippies thought they could change the world through peace (flower children are now in control of our government). I fear for my children, I fear for my friends, I fear for our country. I look for a leader who will not necessarily bring two American political parties together, but rather have the backbone to stand up and never stand down to political pressure, in order to preserve our integrity, our sovereignty and our sanity.

George Bush has become a dismal failure in the eyes of conservatives simply because he is truly no difference in thought process than Hillary Clinton. So where are the real men (or women)? Where is the leader who will clamp down our borders, (including Canada and our ports), step on small countries who are out of control and need a time out, without caring one whit what France thinks, putting them back together and leaving? Suspend the constitution if need be (see Abraham Lincoln) and specifically the Freedom of the Press (where in several instances reporters should have been prosecuted under the articles of treason). Ideally, a refreshing change would be a leader who is not apologetic for being an American but rather proud of that fact. The ideal leader may not exists, but surely someone will rise up with like qualities and lead all conservatives (Republicans and Democrats) forward without fear of being politically incorrect.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Hold onto your pantyhose, Nancy.

Glaring headlines from the New York Times anyone that the new majority Democrats plan to enact their pre-election plan of immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq. Additionally, Ms. Pelosi is now backing the Reprehensible Jack Murtha for the position of House Majority Leader.

Jack Murtha?

The landscape is beginning to sound a lot like far right pundit Sean Hannity predicted. The Democrats are about to cut and run from Iraq.

What's more, those darn polls indicate that a majority of American's are not in-tune with this concept. Reuters. Of course, the President's ratings are in the proverbial tank, but that seems to be the only point most media is making re: these polls.

Why is it that this particular party continues to disappoint?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank God Its Over

All the attack ads.

So, what's next?

Business as usual.

For all of those who felt that a change in direction might lead to withdrawal in Iraq; hold onto your pantyhose.

It is not for nothing that the Army has been less than friendly to this administration. The call for more troops on the ground to finish the job in Iraq has rung from the halls of congress. These calls did not come from Republican's rather from the Democrats who have always been big believers in the dreaded "draft".

The Army has traditionally voted along party lines, (unlike other service branches), Donald Rumsfield was and will remain despised, simply because he was a civilian.

The extreme Democrats (and by extreme, those with vales that do not represent the majority of American's views), are true Socialists.

Socialists love their military - expanded. Socialists also tend to approve of surveillance and wiretapping to keep the opposition at bay. They also abhor free speech as well as dissent. (Keep in mind referring to the Eastern Block countries)

Those who were happy with their tax base, (no-one is every happy with a tax, but as a whole we do enjoy fairly decent services and someone has to pay), will now be able to enjoy greater payroll deductions on both the state and federal level. Will that happen today? Hardly.

Wall Street may react, or may not, depending on the outcome of the Senate (at this point in time, there is almost the perfect split, which would be 49, 49 and 2 independents.

In other words, they have to behave themselves on a national level for at least two years. If they can continue a moderate tone, they will, theoretically be able to pick up additional seats in the next election as well as white house.

Is this a bad thing for Americans? Not necessarily. Every so often the country needs a change in direction, a breath of fresh air. When the grass is greener on the other side, however, the consequences may not be what one had hoped.

When groups from Palestine, Hezbollah, Tehran, etc., are hoping for a Democrats sweep, the country should take notice, Right?

Not necessarily; these groups may not understand the history of both political parties, and therefore, assume that what they have read in the New York Times, must be true. Nancy Palosi, like or dislike, is a woman. That said, women have a tendency to be a tad more realistic on ways in which to fight a battle and win, by any means.

Therefore, as we may pay more for additional give-away programs, specifically in the State of Massachusetts, we may actually experience a more aggressive stance on national security issues.

Republicans will still operate and press for traditional values, (which will be thrwarted at every turn), however, conservatives, which include members of both parties and independents, may find that nothing has changed.

and that nothing will be accomplished.

Within months the next round of senate campaigns will begin as well as the race for the most highly coveted office in the country.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Strange bedfellows, Springfield, MA “Republican” endorses Republican Gubernatorial candidate?

Many progressives in Western Massachusetts are threatening to cancel their subscriptions to the Springfield Republican. What has this agenda driven media done? Their editorial board announced this week that they were endorsing the Republican candidate for Governor, Kerry Healy, not the progressive candidate, Deval Patrick.

This endorsement comes at a time, when Healey is down in the Massachusetts polls by 15-19%. One has to wonder, is the newspaper pandering to those alienated subscribers (area conservatives) that have cancelled their subscriptions in droves? (Yes, there are conservatives in Western Massachusetts.) Highly unlikely. The polls conducted to date are based upon a 500 person sample, in a small section of the state where one would be hard pressed to find an Independent or Republican. Kerry Healy leads Patrick in campaign contributions from individuals within the state, while Patrick is relying on big chucks of change coming in from any state but the Bay state. ( See Boston Globe contributions made to candidates by county, city, individual and amount)

It is not unusual, in this day and age, for polls to be dead wrong. Relying on one source such as a poll to make a prediction is just - wrong. A strong indicator of voter preference might be found in a sample of - individual contributions.

Which may be why the mainstream networks are not going to give their viewers exit polls this coming Tuesday, and are taking more care than usual? Washington Post

With conservatives sending Thank You cards to Senator John Kerry (D-MA) the GOP may have reason to believe this election will be no different in scope than the past two (perhaps not with pickups, but the power will remain in the hands of the GOP).

Does anyone really have a clue? No. The DNC has already hired their cadre of attorney’s on the off-chance that they lose, once again. This will do the country the usual service of having to wait weeks for final results.

Whatever happened to the gracious loser? Certainly not in the DNC camp. Which may be one of that parties biggest problems.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Extreme Right, The Extreme Left and the Extreme Idiots

I've left off commenting on this article or that due to the deluge of possible topics leaving me somewhat confused. That said, one must wonder why North Korea pounds away at its nuclear program every time Iran is faced with an inspection and or sanction. Allies help each other out as much as possible and as eyes are turned towards Asia, the Middle East is given a pass (so to speak).

Meanwhile, the press is hot and heavy into election year trauma and drama. Luckily in Massachusetts there is an eccentric Independent running against the two-party machine. Christy Mihos, love him or other, is producing some of the most amusing political ads. The rest of the negative and negative advertising is beginning to wear thin.

The local newspaper, the Springfield republican, is calling the race for Deval Patrick two weeks prior to anyone casting a ballot. Frankly, polls being as unreliable as they are, it is far too early - the fat lady hasn't sung yet.
Kerry Healey, the Republican candidate is not overly appealing; Deval Patrick, the Democrat, is just as lackluster and both come with enough luggage to take a long vacation. Enter Mihos, who, although a bit of a loon, is a breath of fresh air in this otherwise noxious arena. With a majority of voters in Massachusetts registered as Democrats and Republicans just about outnumbering Independents or Unenrolled voters; it is far to early to call. In the last presidential election, the numbers indicated that many Democrats voted, gasp, Republican in the state; therefore giving them a more independent status. As Republicans have been known to support independent candidates (see Connecticut and Joe Liebermans support), then Mr. Mihos, it stands to reason, may make a huge difference either way; the logic that a third party, semi-conservative will take votes from only Republican's is ludicrous.
Predicting the outcome of the Massachusetts governors race at this point in time, is useless.

Speaking of useless, the personal attacks on candidates that are running rampant on air in every single race across the country has hit a new low. The most recent regarding Hillary Clinton, is...sexist. Why is it that when a woman is in the political arena (and Ms. Clinton is not alone in being maligned), the opponents invariably point out bad makeup, bad hair, bad choice of clothing, etc., Meow!
Is it that there is nothing else about the candidate that cannot be said, say, a negative comment regarding policy? Decidedly yes. How sad it is that women have come so far only to take 10 steps backward, and are doing it to themselves.

That is the October surprise. The increasing new lows on the political landscape.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mexico and the United Nation and the Senators from Massachusetts

The Washington Post has reported that Mexico is seeking legal advice to take their case against a 700 mile United States border fence, approved by the United States government, to the United Nations. Apparently, they are seeking this legal advice in France. Go figure. Last time anyone checked, the United States of America was a sovereign nation. With the influx of illegal drugs, illegal Mexican citizens, illegal citizens of other nations not friendly to the United States, a fence makes sense. It is a law and order issue, an issue of national security; one addressed by the people of the United States through their elected officials.

HR6061, passed the Senate with 80 Yea's, 19 Nays, and 1 MIA. The high number of Senators voting in favor of erecting a fence makes clear that this issue crosses party lines, for the most part. Among the 18 voting against a border fence were John Kerry (D) MA, Reid (D) Nevada, Jeffords (D) VT, etc. The one Senator that was unable to vote that day: Ted Kennedy (D) MA.

Once again, the Senators from the State of Massachusetts have sent a clear signal to their constituents: "If you want true representation, you should move to another state." If Ted Kennedy is too hung-over to make the vote, John Kerry will step in to fill his shoes.

This entire scenario begs the question: If the United States Senate approved by a vote clearly representative of people of both political parties, to build a fence along the United States border with Mexico, on United States soil, what gives Mexico the right to even question this issue. Further, France -- well, no need to visit that aspect. However, the United Nations, which has set up a cushy, United States tax-payer funded party pad in downtown Manhattan, has absolutely no right to play with this issue. In fact, if they do go ahead and address this issue, perhaps the lease should be revoked and the entire useless body moved to Paris.

Let the French take a portion of the defense spending (second largest defense budget on the planet), and build the UN a new home.

Elsewhere, 4 weeks out of the congressional elections, the NY Times, USA Today and Gallop are reporting that the Democrats are poised to take control of the house. The premise is that a recent scandal involving a gay Republican congressman, Rep. Foley of Florida, is so spectacular that the American public will obviously vote for the party of new morality, the Democrats.

One must wonder, with poll not as accurate as any reasonable person would imagine (samples of 1000 registered voters, etc., out of how many millions of registered voters) and some polling firms just making up results, if this constant drumbeat of a Democrat party takeover of the House and or Senate, as reported by traditional media sources, is not yet another figment of Howard Dean's imagination.

The United States and its people (clear thinking percent of the population) understand that there is much more at stake than a Florida Congressman acting like a Democrat with pages of any gender. The fact that Iran continues to defy the world by developing its nuclear capabilities, the fact that they are obviously being aided in this struggle by North Korea, the fact that our borders, regardless of any fence, are still porous, is of more import. The true indicator of this upcoming congressional election will not be a petty scandal, rather the party that holds the trust of the American people on issues of national and homeland security will win the day.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

On Being A Home Dweller

As opposed to "home owner" where one actually owns the dwelling in question rather than a lending institution. One thing is certain, that when living in a dwelling that is not an apartment, condo or otherwise the responsibility of some landlord or association, there is a better than average chance that something will need repair and the home dweller will need to get the job done, or more likely, hire someone to help.

Recently, a sun-room attached to our home experienced some shattering glass panels. Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. A contractor was called in to look at the possibility of renovation this particular room and transforming it into a porch. Upon closer inspection it was determined that a porch as the last thing that required attention. The roof was in peril. Re-roofing began immediately. As the days progressed, more damage became apparent. Dry rot and more were found underneath several layers of shingles; requiring more replacement work than originally anticipated. When the work began on the side of the roof adjacent to the sunroom, the situation went from bad to worse. It began with redesign on the sun-room, removing panels of glass instead of replacing them, and extending the roof, thereby achieving the original look of a porch, of sorts. The first discovery of the day came right after noon, the rafters had rotted and split into pieces. That was not anticipated, however, one begins to roll with the punches. Upon arriving at the home site, it was revealed that in addition to the rafters, termites had set up residence in the wet rafters. Exterminators became a part of the discussion. Not one half-hour later, mice were found.

Is there a body in the basement?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bending Over Backwards:

In the past week or two, there has been a good deal of coverage (including television commercials) regarding Springfield, Massachusetts bi-lingual polling and its efforts to make sure that all voters are able to participate in this particular mid-term election.

Well, all Spanish-Speaking Voters. In fact, The advertisements, 30 second spots running on local television stations are touting the fact that help is needed and that there is pay involved (granted not much). Apparently, even with enticements; it is difficult to find bi-lingual support. This could be understood if by bi-lingual, the City meant Vietnamese, Polish, Russian, or any number of the recently immigrated to this particular city. It does not, apparently, bi-lingual means English-Spanish only. Which, considering that most of the previously mentioned nations mandate English as a second language (in order for their populace to compete around the globe). What gives, Vicente Fox?

Being of Spanish decent, It is extraordinarily insulting to belief that anglo's feel most Spanish derivative individuals are incapable of learning English!

So, what gives? Why is Springfield, MA bending over backwards?

apparently due to the filing of a federal lawsuit!

See reporting here:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More of the same....

It appears that the political party rhetoric has ratcheted up a notch this past week, if that even seems remotely possible. Drudge reports that a new round of attack advertising by the RNC has been "unleashed", while that remains part and parcel of the DNC's strategy.

How does this affect the nation as a whole? That remains the question. What has not been brought to the forefront is the fact that Democrats in both houses are constantly wasting time by calling for investigation after investigation into the current administrations policies on everything from global warming to the Iraq War.
Last week, Bill Clinton exploded during an interview, which has been replayed ad nausea, claiming innocence (where have we heard that before?) when it came to allegations that in eight years; his administration did not take the necessary steps to haul in Osama Ben Laden.

Nancy Pelosi lost a bid to dig into classified intelligence reports on the state of the Iraq War. President Bush responded that he could declassify a good percentage of the report, but refrain from revealing sources and parts of the report that would endanger the ongoing effort in Iraq. Not good enough for Howard Dean and the New York Times.

Had enough?

It is glaringly apparent that once Pelosi and company seize power in November (that, of course, remains to be seen), business will ground to a standstill while the Democrats nitpick, special investigate and otherwise, look under every rock in order to pin anything on the Bush administration. Meanwhile, the country is supposed to just sit by and do what?

Would it not behoove Pelosi to spend her time more judiciously? Perhaps in coming up with a plan for the country that does not involve pointing fingers?

The Dow this week experiences its highest point in the past two years. Prices at the pump have dropped significantly and consumer confidence for the past month was higher than expected.

The Economy does not seem to be broken.

Iraq's President announced that the US presence in Iraq was preventing an invasion from their neighbors, and that our country did not fight in vein. He also added that the civil war was nothing more than insurgent infighting that did not represent the majority of Iraqi's (who were also losing patience with the insurgents.)

It is, of course, without a doubt that Howard and Nancy and Ted will refute claims made by Wall Street and the President of Iraq. After all, what do they know?

The November elections will be a decent indicator of how the American people truly feel. That said, one can recall the absolute shock when a slim majority of American's chose a little known Arkansas governor as President. Not once, but twice!

and the beat goes on..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The 1930's revisited

Apparently, history is bound to repeat itself. The French are, once again, taking a tactic of denial. Chirac is now calling for the UN Security Council to suspend action against Iran's nuclear ambitions. What it is that compels the French to constantly side with those nations that are morally bankrupt or devoid of any humanity? In the 1930's, the French consistently avoided conflict with Germany, which resulted in the eventual invasion and consequent rescue of France by the US and Britain. More recently, the French were adamant that Suddam Hussain and the Iraqi regime of torture and mayhem be left to its own devices. Those pleas were entered due to either French financial ties to the Iraqi regime or fear of its own immigrant population rising in revolt and consuming traditional French culture. Iran, unlike Iraq, is more vigorous in its rhetoric against the west and more likely to use military force against its detractors. It could be said that the French, aided by former president, Jimmy Carter, started this mess. If the French had not harbored the Ayatollah Kohmeni and, with Carter, worked towards his return to Iran and the overthrow of a truly western regime, all of this would have been avoided.

It is history's regret that the French were successful in removing the Bourbon's, ironically in a similar manner (beheading) used by the very regimes they now support. Perhaps it is not fear or financial incentives, but a deep rooted kinship with unrestrained barbarism.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Notes from the week,

Recently I purchased a book, The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. Understanding that in order to grow more in faith, a visit to church was in order, I made plans to attend this weekend. This is something I had been avoiding for quite some time due to the fact that I was raised Catholic and, not unlike many Catholics, had found much lacking in the church structure as of late. That said, it is time to forgive any grievances with the men who run the church, and get back to the basics of worship and service to that higher authority, God.

Immediately following this most personal decision, Pope Benedict, speaking in Germany, made statements regarding Islam, which are undeniably relevant. These quotes were taken from a medieval ruler who identified the institution of Mohammad's creed's as evil and inhuman. Apparently someone living in the 15th or 16th century understood that beheading Christian's and Jews, murdering women and children, and enslaving one's own populace, was a less than peaceful religion. As a result of this pope's speech, Muslim religious leaders are in an uproar and demanding apologies

Understanding what happens within this community when a cartoon is found offensive, (murder, mayhem, rioting, burning in effigys), who knows what will take place even if the Pontiff bows to political pressure and apologizes for reading an historical text.

If one studies the Malachy prophecy's (a 12th century Irish Bishop), it is clear to some that Benedict may very well be that last pope.

Those that adhere to an "end of time", revelation's based Christianity are certain that we are now living in those days.

What can be considered factual is that Muslim leaders can call for the deaths of innocents from pulpits far and near; the followers of these leaders commit suicide and murder of innocents in order to gain entry to heaven and the areas where this religion is practiced as jihad, are undeniably medieval in nature. The pope, therefore, was speaking not only about practices centuries before, but practices in the name of religion today.

This pope understands, and his understanding has aided the return to the church of this lapsed Catholic.

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Most Inconvenient Truth

Immediately following the airing of ABC's "Path to 9/11", both the New York Times and the LA Times ran stories regarding the danger to both incumbents and Challengers in Democratic House races this fall.

First, the mini-series, which depicts the events leading to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, was noted as fictionally in the beginning, however, events involving Sandy Berger and Madeline Albright are both well-documented, as well as the Clinton Administration's fixation on hemming and hawing legalize in regards to terrorists and terrorism in general.

The film leaves one with the impression that had the administration acted; the events of 9/11 would not have taken place. Aired in both English and Spanish, this piece bolsters the current administrations take on a "war on terrorism" as well as makes it extremely clear that profiling would be preferable to the random check system currently in place and complete border control must be implemented.

Check one for any party that supports an aggressive campaign on both terrorism and border control.

The New York Times is reporting that Democrats face a stiff challenge and may even loose seats in a predominantly Democratic controlled state due to redistricting implemented by those pesty Republicans. Also noted is the fact that the DNC leadership is not supporting New York Races.

Elsewhere, the LA Times is reporting that incumbent Georgia Democrats may even loose seats due to this redistricting. Of interest in the allegation that Republican's are out-spending for the election, running advertisements stating that Nancy Palosi would become the House Leader (a fact she herself has stated on numerous occasions) and the result is that the Republican's are "stealing" the seats. Stealing. When endangered count on the DNC to revive the vote re-count and allegations of theft.

Although the LA Times did not, as the New York Times did, assure all that was aiding Democrats in these races, both did not report the fact that all internal DNC polling is being kept rather quiet. The RNC is not releasing their polls either. A stunningly wise move on the part of the RNC. When all print and mainstream media is touting a Democratic win in November, the polls tell a different story. The RNC is using this information effectively. Will change occur, certainly, but to which side of the aisle will the victory fall? Frankly, it is a bit early to tell, however, with the help of such organizations as, the LA Times, the New York Times and ABC; it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who's Zooming Who?
(Aretha Franklin)

Interested in knowing where politicians campaign contributions come from? Visit Open Interesting: (besides Nancy Palosi) Ted Kennedy receives the majority of his loot from trial lawyers and corporate contributors such as Microsoft. There actually exists a Massachusetts Republican candidate for Senate, however, Kennedy has raised and outspent him by 90%. This begs the question: why does Ted Kennedy need to spend $6 million dollars to keep himself in office? This is a reasonable question considering the Republican candidate receives little to no press and little to no support from the RNC. What makes the Republican candidate, Ken Chase, somewhat interesting is his biography -- Classical French chef, educator, entrepreneur -- classical French chef? Only in Massachusetts. More at Ken Chase for (Needless to say: He has my vote.)
The Prince of Deception

In today's edition of the Tehran Times, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad noted that Iraq's continued instability was a real threat to Iran. He offers a solution to the Iraqis - he will help them form a government similar to the one in Iran. The continued violence in Iraq, is of course, instigated by the United States.

Ahmadinejad also plans a visit to Cuba as well as a trip to New York to speak at the UN. See Drudge Report Developing from Iranian News Agency.

Why on earth would the State Department allow this terrorist to set foot on US soil?
They have done so before. Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts announced yesterday that he would not provide security to the former President of Iran while visiting Harvard. Kudo's to Mitt.

The Ayatollah, Castro and the 12th Imman. Jimmy Carter's dream come true.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More of the same...

The New York Times has announced that the Republican's are abandoning immigration legislation in order to concentrate on the up-coming house elections. Apparently, the RNC believes that national security is a strong suit for the Party. Someone has neglected to tell both parties that Immigration is national security. Quotes from both Harry Reid and Pelosi abound in the Time's piece; adding fuel to the campaign funds of the RNC. What the times does or does not understand is that this party uses those two individuals (along with Dean,Kennedy, etc.) in their fund raising efforts. It's working.

The liberal support of Al Queda evidenced this past week in tapped format A.P. Adam Gadhan, an American Al Queda convert, accurately spells out what is expected of the West - convert or face the consequences. Questions: Does he hail from Palosi's district? Does it Matter?

Most certainly.

Both sides of the American political spectrum are spinning as fast as they can, pointing fingers has become the stamp of the DNC, while fingering and pointing to extremism will serve the RNC well.

It all boils down to cash.

Each time the NYTimes and like publications (Village Voice), etc. prints a positive piece on Palosi's intentions in the House; it is used to the advantage of the RNC.
Everytime a liberal, or leftist American turns traitor - they become the poster child for the entire party.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Politics and Print - What is misunderstood or denied out of hand.

A local daily paper, the Springfield Republican, announced layoffs today citing declining economic conditions in the region as the main cause. The reason noted: the fact that advertising has declined due to the loss of large retailers in the area. Apparently, no-one mentioned to the Republican that although Ames Department Stores, Lord and Taylor's and Caldor did leave the area or close entirely, they were replaced by larger forces and greater numbers in retail. Larger chains such as Wal-mart and Target are most prevalent. Higher end boutique and department stores are prolific in the local mall,such as Guess, Gap, Macy's just to name a few.

What is not noted is that the newspaper's subscription rate has also declined. Without subscribers, few print publications can survive.

So, what does politics have to do with it? With the nation polarized into "camps" of left and right, a constant drumbeat of editorials aimed at one particular party and and cause, as in the case of the Republican, disenfranchises loyal readers, who then seek alternate sources for their news, namely community newspapers, the internet, talk radio, cable news.

As finger pointing is quite prevalent in the case of a certain political party, one can easily draw the conclusion that editors who lean towards the left, will ultimately suffer the consequences.

The intense dislike between media, i.e. mainstream versus Fox News, talk radio, is based upon a combination of ideology and jealousy. If one publishing house took a hard look at what really works for Fox and Rupert Murdoch and implemented the same playbook, it is without a doubt that readership would increase. Although the risk would be that the core or base of the papers readership might be affected, the opportunity to woo back the disenfranchised moderates as well as the conservatives in any region would far outweigh the risks. Therefore, the rewards would be realized in increased subscriptions as well as advertising.

In the case of the Republican, a visit to their website quickly gives the reader a feel for the publication and it's editorial point of view. During the Israeli - Hezbollah conflict, a local businessman was caught in Beirut. The paper noted that the reason the man was in this horrid situation was the fact that Israel had started a war with Hezbollah. Did that one sentence go unnoticed? No. This was not an editorial either, this was a front page news article. Other editorial-news favorites: the plight of the Palestinians, the support of the ACLU and support of the gay-marriage amendment.

If the editor wised up, removed the editorials from the front page and presented a pro and con editorial, correctly placed on the editorial pages, it would win back the hearts and minds of those long lost and disenfranchised subscribers.

Leading the list of newspapers that have experienced layoffs, declining stock worth, and more in the past few years is the venerable "The New York Times". They blame the internet and again the ecomomy. However, would the fact that this particular organiation delights in printing classified information that many feel is critical to our nation's well-being have anything to do with their downward turn? Captains of certain Industry should remove the rose colored glasses, do what is best for their business, and take their opinions off the front page.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The United Nations, the Press and Israel

It is no wonder, and comes as no surprise, that continued reports of subversion within the UN, specifically peacekeeping forces, come to light. Most recently the fact that UN peacekeeping forces installed in southern Lebanon since 1978, contributed to HezbollahÂ’s military campaign prior to and during the conflict with Israel. It is now known that real-time Israeli troop movements were broadcast via internet to the world (Hezbollah) in the time up to and during the Hezbollah attack on Israel.

Whether UN peacekeepers are installed in the Middle East or Africa, the behavior and blatant disregard for peace and human life is apparent. Rwanda's President Paul Kagame, has been most outspoken against the UN for its ineffectual policies towards genocide that is prevalent in African nations. (BBC)
It is no doubt that prejudice and financial interest,s fuel decisions made by countries that hold vital roles within the UN. Be it finance, (Oil for Food), Anti-Semitism (rampant in Europe) pro-Islam policy (most recently aiding Hezbollah), the continual funding of this most criminal organization by taxpayers in the United States must come under scrutiny.

The press has taken shots at Israel as well; Reuters doctored photographs colored world perspective against Israel. Israel shot back recently, granted by mistake when it fired upon a Reuters press vehicle A.P.

Perhaps the press should be less anti-Semitic and criminal in its coverage of middle-eastern affairs, otherwise, individuals might end up being forced to convert to Islam as in the case of two Fox News Journalists kidnapped in Gaza Perhaps Hezbollah and Hamas should grab a few journalist from the A.P.,Reuters and the BBC and give them the same treatment Fox journalist receive. This would not occur due to the fact that Islamic Fascists know which news organizations will give them aid and comfort in the continued battle against Jews, the West and Civilization in General.

As has been done in prior centuries, Europe has it's head buried neatly in the sand. History channel is running a program on the Ottoman Empire. For those without background or interest in History, this Islamic empire conquered Europe by employing pirates (criminals) to accomplish their goals. Therefore, parallels can be drawn today between the Islamic Fascists and the United Nations. Recent comparisons between the government of Iran and Nazi Germany are far off the mark. Iran's brand of Islamic Extremism will render Nazi Germany a minor bump in the road. Those that do not study History are bound to repeat it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

More of the same:

After announcing his run for Senate as an independent, Senator, Joe Lieberman (D-CT) has received a bounce in polling, placing him well above the DNC party nominee and the Republican challenger. This has the DNC’s (socialist arm), panties in a bunch.

Name calling from prominent leftist John Kerry is the tip of the iceberg. There was no such hoopla from this party when Patrick Leahy endorsed a Republican running as an independent this election. Apparently, it is fine and dandy to be an independent as long as one is affiliated with the DNC. Little is made in the press of this phenomena.

In another move to change the face of the nations political party, Socialists (otherwise known as DNC elites) are attempting to change the primary system taking New Hampshire’s first position and replacing that state with Nevada? You go Harry! Self-interest coupled with socialism will rule the day. If the party regulars (i.e. anyone not a socialist) refuse to go along with the Reid-Dean plan, they are being threatened with sanctions!

How democratic is that? Isn’t a party name-change in order? Or is it time for the moderate Democrats to rise up and take back the once-proud party and failing that, rise to the occasion as a party of Independents, much like the honorable Joe Lieberman?

What frightens these socialist fascists is independent thought. Enough said.
World Trade Center – the movie, directed by Oliver Stone, takes one back in time in heart-wrenching detail, to September 11, 2001. The movie forces those removed from the event, by either distance or ideology, to acknowledge the strength and goodness of individuals in the face of extreme crisis. Recommended.

For those caught in conspiracy theory rhetoric (i.e. the US government staged a planned explosion of the building), read engineering reports from the University of Sydney School of Engineering There are several additional reports available; all concluding that the impact coupled with high heat from jet-fueled fire, heat weakened the steel (not melted) which fatally damaged the integrity of the entire structure, causing implosion. Reports carefully outlining a controlled building demolition should also be taken into consideration. A variety of reports on building demolition are available on the internet, all supporting the facts that in order to accomplish the goal of demolition, massive amounts of explosives are placed throughout a building and in addition the supporting steel and/or concrete beams must be severed (cut) well in advance of the actual demolition. Cutting of the beams renders the building unsafe, and in some instances has caused partial collapse of structures prior to use of explosives.

In any event, one must seriously ponder the validity of any religion and/or religious leader(s) who preach redemption and paradise to those followers who commit murder suicide. It is also well documented that families that offer sons and/or daughters as suicide bombers are financially rewarded upon the death of same. The current payout by Hezbollah backed Iran has risen from $20,000 US, to $100,000 US per suicide bomber. The Saudi's compensate families of suicide bombers as equal to the members of their military.

Throughout history, man (and women) have waged war and committed murder in the name of a particular God. Has not a Christian God supported war in His name? A ridiculous assertion. Popes and Kings were called to wage war in order to eliminate the type of dogma that infected and blackened the soul during the Middle Ages. In other words, they were forced to confront the Religion of murder and conquest, much like the United States and Britain today. It is also not without doubt, that man also took advantage of the times in order to profit, being men, not God, temptation overcame reason. When reading the New Testament one is hard-pressed to find a quote suggesting the followers of God wage war in His name, quite the contrary. However, when reading the Koran, it is quite the opposite. Certainly there are passages that suggest peace and ways to deal with those not converted to Islam, such as taxation and slavery of both Christians and Jews, however, more often than not it is incumbent upon the follower to eradicate the enemies of Islam, or those who refuse to follow the laws therein.

When individuals come to the recognition that good and evil co-exist, (i.e. God and Satan), then it is not unreasonable to conclude that there is indeed a Great Satan. This satan is un-embodied in the form of any particular government, rather embodied in the brutal, military and most intolerant dogma. Can there then be peace on earth without the confrontation of Islam?

What exactly does a movie have to do with religion? In the name of religion, 3000 plus souls were released on September 11, 2001. In the name of religion, 16 year old girls are hung in the public square in Iran in the name of morality. In the name of religion, families exchange the lives of their precious sons and daughters for cold, hard, cash. God, hardly. Satan, most likely.

Speaking of religion and on a final note: Catholic Pope Benedict advises all not to work too hard, regardless of position . He counselss prayer and meditation as opposesd to the pass time of "smiting the kneck of one's enemy."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things that go bump in the night (or broad daylight)

Former president Jimmy Carter (should have stuck to peanuts) recently gave an interview to Der Speigel, the German version of Time Magazine. In the interview/article, this aged sage of the Socialist Party (let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?) offered that the Israeli’s were not justified in attacking Hezbollah and that the United States was equally guilty of offering aid and support to same. The usual, its George Bush’s fault, and the DNC would do a better job at keeping the European’s happy, without any specific plans, came into play.

Is it any wonder that the world cannot view our great country with respect when we allow the committable to run amok?

In recalling the Carter Presidency, it is relief that comes to mind, relief that his tenure was economically and politically devastating. Recall new loan home interest rates at 19 to 21%, and don’t even mention the great respect shown by the Iranian’s and Europe during that time. It was with a resounding voice that the American public elected Ronald Reagan, with much gnashing of teeth from the socialist left.

(I.e. media, Kennedy, Kerry, etc.)

Does a county that values freedom so intently, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation really want to get in bed with, talk to, or chat it up with those zero-tolerant, Sunni and Shiite hardliners? Granted Saudi Arabia is our “friend” in the Middle East, but their stance on Gay Marriage is far from accepting which should give pause to those hard-line left gay marriage proponents in Massachusetts. Apparently the Saudi’s (and I would take it the Iranian’s, Syrian’s and especially Hezbollah), feel that a man dressed as a woman, and attempting to marry, are eligible for no special protection, rather, they are eligible for arrest!

Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends?

Because, contrary to a common drumbeat of irrational thought that states we are hated because we are in Iraq, Afghanistan, or that we are just a horrible Imperialist country (now who says that? Socialists and Communists, that’s who!), we are truly hated because we allow our women to run amok uncovered, in fact, we even allow them to drive, we allow homosexuals to roam the streets, and we offer freedoms that compels those followers of Islam to blow us to smithereens.

Unfortunately, the left (not Democrats in general), are either blinded by party rhetoric, senile (Carter) or plain stupid.

The public gets it. Which is why each election cycle, the DNC either looses seats, or loses seats, (perhaps this time they’ll hold onto seats), and the RNC becomes stronger.
Although polls (and polls are just that) indicate the DNC will take charge this November (as they have in the past 8 or more election cycles), it will be more of the same and the marginalization of the DNC will continue.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The level of debate;

42865. Did they get O'Reilly & Hannity?
by BerthaKraus, 8/14/06 14:38 ET
Two Fox News journalists kidnapped in Gaza: witness
1 hour, 24 minutes ago
Palestinian gunmen kidnapped two foreign journalists working for the Fox News television channel in Gaza on Monday, a witness said.
The witness, a Palestinian who worked with the two journalists, said one of them, a producer, was an American, and the other, whose nationality he did not know, was a cameraman.
The Fox News bureau in Jerusalem said it was checking the report.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the abduction.
The witness said two vehicles blocked the journalist's transmission truck in the center of Gaza City and a masked man put a gun to the bodyguard's head, forcing him to the ground.
The kidnappers then sped away with the two journalists.
Similar incidents in the past in Gaza have ended with the release, usually within hours, of kidnapped foreign journalists or aid workers.
Many of the abductions were carried out by Palestinians pressing a grievance against the Palestinian government or its security forces.

. More lies
by Flooty, 8/14/06 16:39 ET
Re: Did they get O'Reilly & Hannity? by BerthaKraus, 8/14/06
there's no such thing as a "journalist" at Fox

42865.1.1. Yeah, those FOX
by Shirl, 8/14/06 18:24 ET
Re: Did they get O'Reilly & Hannity? by BerthaKraus, 8/14/06
Guys can't hold a candle to the likes of Dan Rather and Mike Wallace. I wonder who at CBS will be "invited" to interview that little tyrant in North Korea.

Hi Shirl, the type of response to two

Journalist being kidnapped in the Middle East, is typical from these types of posters. Regardless of network affiliation, these acts should be viewed as both an occupational hazard as well as a marketing ploy by the kidnappers. The fact that Fox is demonized by those who prefer only one side of the story is nothing new. They deny the credentials, validity of reporting, etc of any reporter affiliated with Murdoch's organization, and completely ignore reports from sources they value (Reuters, AP) when it suits them. What is new and disturbing is the rhetoric against the journalist (contractor, member of the US military, anyone who disagrees with the socialist point of view). These types of comments coming out of east and west coast blogs and newspaper forums (low brow, low class, unkind and unnecessary) are effectively used by grassroots campaign staffs in other parts of the country. Copied and pasted into mass emails, with links further proves that those who affiliate themselves with the dnc (but are truly not democrats), cannot be trusted with America's future. Depending on what side of the fence you sit upon, this might be good news or news not to be believed as it does not fit into a neat little box.

Hard news, by the way, was invented by Dan Rather, who is one of O'Reilly's hero's. Mike Wallace also was responsible for hard news stories (any reporter going into a war zone deserves respect) now; both men are old and not necessarily wiser. (Only because they either cannot or chose not to hide the fact that they are liberal socialist)

The number of journalists killed, imprisoned, kidnapped each year is astounding. Most of those are not reported simply because it does not suit anyone's particular agenda. They are the Iraqi, Iranian, Russian, Korean, French, Italian, Columbian and Mexican journalists.

My prayers are with the two Fox employees (one journalist, one cameraman), as well as all of those who have risked life and limb in an attempt to bring a particular truth to the world.

Marketing ploy: kidnapped journalists are normally ransomed by the corporation or country of origin, the terrorists (as in Palestinian, Hezbollah, AlQueda, etc.) expect press coverage as well as funds. American's and the French appear to be most at risk, due to the ability to pay and report.

Just a note Shirl, any conservative worth their salt will celebrate the fact that these forums exist. Attempting to have an intelligent debate with those so blinded by hate and ideology, is, for the most part useless. Forum posters (as well as blog posters, check out the daily kos, it's about part), appear cult like with their repeated posts, undying devotion to a cause, and refusal to face a truth when it slaps them in the face.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the return of the twelfth Iman

Ahmadinejad is, without doubt, one of the most frightening characters of modern times. The current president of Iran has a strong belief in the return of the twelfth iman , or Islam’s version of the Apocalypse. In fact, he believes that he just may be that Iman.

As rumors of Iranian Mullahs preparing their flocks for the coming end days stream out of the Iranian blogs, (Big point: they are informing their flocks that giant underground nuclear bunkers have or are being constructed in Tehran).

Fact, Hezbollah is fully funded by Iran with Syria acting as Iran’s lapdog. They are refusing to come to terms with the UN Resolution calling for cease fire, placing the Israelis’ in an untenable situation. Hezbollah is taking direct orders from Ahmadinejad in order to fulfill the prophecy of the return of the twelfth Iman.

What is most interesting is that this modern madman has gone so far as to appeal to the people he despises most. Check out the President of Iran’s blog where he appears to want peace, or at the very least to place blame for his actions elsewhere.

The date, August 22nd, has some sort of religious connection to the return of the twelfth iman. One thing is certain. Should Iran be lead to train nuclear weapons upon Israel, Israel will, without doubt, level the Middle East, even to its own death.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oz? No! Massachusetts

Yesterday, on am talk radio( Howie Carr (Herald (Boston) columnist and talk show host) )a caller lambasted a guest (could not quite make out who as the signal was rather weak) for the US position in Iraq. Apparently, the new spate of terrorist threats is a direct result of our presence in Iraq. When the caller was questioned as to the fact that we weren't in Iraq on September 11, the caller stated that we were, at that time occupying Saudi Arabia.

Someone forgot to tell the Saudi's that we launched a military campaign against them. Perhaps deinstitutionalizing Massachusetts was not in the best interest of the commonwealth. This caller, most undoubtedly a product of the public school system here, (perhaps a teacher or professor), is either off his rocker or is just plain nuts.

He is not alone.

Massachusetts' infamous senators rushed to the press boxes as soon as a terrorist plot to blow up us passenger airplanes was announced yesterday. Of course, this latest attempted assault is explained with the DNC party line: It is all George Bush's fault. Amazing the credit the DNC gives to our President, the man causes virtual acts of God on the one hand (Katrina) and on the other?

At least our senators have an excuse for their behavior. Kennedy is either fresh from the pub and/or eccentric (goes with excessive wealth) or Kerry, well, Kerry, we'll go with eccentric due to excessive wealth, but...meds may be in order.

The problem the DNC is facing in the northeast, a virtual stronghold of lunacy:

Outside of journalist and academics, politicians and the committable, regular people are nervous about and aware of:

Media bias: New York Times and Wire Services doctor photographs and collaborate with terrorists, among other indecencies. Unless those able to read are stuck in a bubble, and using limited sources, say only the local papers (not unlike a brother-in-law, teacher, who sees no need to step beyond the safety of network news and/or the local paper because it's all "fill in the blank - add the nearest republican politician- fault) the DNC makes them somewhat nervous.

War on Terror: It is not our fault, in no way, shape or form. Unless educated in the social study school of thought (or within the last 30 years) and never having taken a college history course, people understand that America is a glorious country that, not unlike others, has made a few mistakes, but overall - we're the good guys.
On the other hand, crackpots who believe that 72 virgins await them in some sort of paradise (is that paradise?), after blowing up Americans' and Jews, well...see Kennedy, Kerry and the Times.

Socialists do exist within the DNC. Normal folks understand this now: Lamont, Connecticut, Lieberman. The DNC will silence and/or remove any party member that does not subscribe to the G.W.Bush talks to God theory and must be removed theory. (Katrina) Leiberman, perhaps the last sane DNC senator, was beaten by what most sane people would call a narrow margin in the state DNC primary. Leiberman will do well as an Independent and many are pulling for him to run; for the sake of Connecticut, for the sake of the country, for the sake of the DNC.

No matter how the local news, the national networks and or the New York times Photoshop, and shapes the story, the DNC will lose more seats in the house and senate. Their candidates, to a man and woman, all subscribe to the Massachusetts school of thought.

The nation is on high alert. We have terrorists from within and from without.

*for those not aware:

NYTimes reporters subpoenaed; apparently they felt it was a good idea to get a statement from suspected terrorists by asking how they felt about an impending fbi raid. The feds want the reporter to give up the source. This is once instance where article 3 of the constitution should apply.

Reuters News, etc. have all withdrawn photographs, or fired photo-journalists in recent weeks for "doctoring" photos. Apparently, adding a couple of incoming missiles, smoke, dead bodies, in order to make the terrorist (Hezbollah) appear more sympathetic was ok by them. Until caught with their hands in the deception jar.

Recap: Instead of Kennedy, Kerry and crew coming out and congratulating our government, the Brits and the Pakistani's on a job well done saving the lives of untold numbers of American citizens, they point fingers and cry foul.

There's no place like home, there’s no place like home.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"It's about Time, It's about Space"

"About Strange People in the strangest Place"
(Gerald Fried & Sherwood Schwartz)

Might be talking about the rep-rehensible John Murtha (D. PA). As all are aware, Murtha has made continual derogatory statements regarding the conduct of our troops as well as their ability to fight a war. He supposedly speaks from experience, being a veteran himself, however, one is hard-pressed to find many veterans of any wars (specifically in said Murtha's district) who would endorse his statements.

Which may work out well for the young Marine who is now suing Murtha for libel. Apparently, Murtha's statement and sources are not protected under any constitutional privledge because a) they were made out of the scope of his job description and b) he's missing a press pass.

Finally an opportunity to take to task those who sensationalize and lie outright in order to make a political point and/or gain power in Congress or their party.

See Washington Post Story here.

Speaking of the Press, the New York Times is being called (or hauled) into court for the treacherous behavior of certain journalist and once again "sources within our government" as relates to their aid and abetment of those who would do harm to everyday citizens. Breibert reports

Fitzgerald (special prosecutor) apparently is interested in getting to the bottom of why a New York Times Reporter felt it was necessary to call an Islamic Terrorist Cell (i.e. charity) prior to an FBI raid. "Do you have any comment on the fact that the FBI is about to raid your building?" (paraphrased) quipped the Reporter.
To the amazement of the FBI, no one was about when they came calling.

Gives one pause.

But only for a moment.

The Times, will of course, appeal, but to whom? Readership is already in a spiral. Enough said.

Lastly, to snap oneself back to reality, watch and listen to Kevin Cosgroves 911 call from the 102 floor of the World Trade Center the morning of September 11th, 2001. Watch video here It is a heart-wrenching, chilling reminder that everyday American's are subject to acts of terrorism. Perhaps this event was missed by those over at the NY Times building?

Peace, strength and victory to Israel as they defend themselves as well as our way of life.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick Thinking

Having never been the most graceful of individuals, it appears that I should be equipped with a warning label: "Likely to cause harm to self in simple situations."

In the blazing heat of the weekend and in a cookout setting, using less than perfect wisdom, a neighbor offered a carona, and against, better judgment (as I rarely, if ever, drink), I drank that beer. It was good.

Until, while attempting to remove a packet of foil wrapped ribs from the grill (a hazard under any circumstance), the packet slipped and my foot was covered in extremely hot barbecue sauce!

For what seemed like 30 seconds.

Until an orange slurpee (7-Eleven, best brand) froze my foot on the spot! My quick thinking friend gave up her drink of choice to douse the burn on my foot.

Those things are cold!

As the northeast braces for a week of extreme temperatures, and the fighting continues worldwide, it is a comfort to know that there are still individuals out there that will make what appear to be small sacrifices (I know how valuable those slurpees are) to help a friend or neighbor.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Articles of Interest

A new documentary is playing in very select (limited) theaters across the country. "Obsession, The Movie" details the reality of radical Islam and the need to confront this reality head-on. Trailer, Events and Pre-order available here. Unless contained by whatever means necessary, this brand of hatred will engulf the globe. Hysteria? Hatred of America tops the list (the USA may be tied with Israel). Is it our global policy or politics that has the mullah's panties in a bunch? Hardly. It is our total lack of morals. The women, the music, the laws of the United States are what drives the mullahs to distraction. Advise: Invest in an on-line Arabic translator (links available on site) for the real skinny.

The Big Dig. Why on earth is a small bridge construction project in a small city in Western Massachusetts taking five (5) years to complete? Funds were diverted to Boston's "Big Dig". Little good that did. Perhaps John "I could have prevented the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict" Kerry (strangely similar to Al "I invented the internet" Gore) might share some of the booty he received from AIG Insurance for his support of the project? Fox reports AP While politician's have profited since the inception of the project, the taxpayer's both state and national have taken one for the "team". The problem; Massachusetts politician's have always been tainted with corruption. From the Bolger's to the Kennedy's; murder, mayhem and bootlegging appears to be the theme. Is it no wonder that the innocent citizens of the state are left with no choices at election time? These poster-boys for the RNC could be replaced by Donald Duck in a heartbeat, but powers that could and should invest and campaign in the name of decency (what's 12 electoral votes?) would rather use the state's showcase idiot's come election time. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry play well on Radio Idaho.

If those living in Massachusetts are hanging their heads in shame, neighbors to the south and west living in New York have their own millstone. Sheldon Silver, one of "those" lawyers and speaker of the New York State Assembly has decided that no bill should pass his desk that supports mandatory sentences for level 3 child rapists. This is not the only issue the good speaker has taken a strong stand against. If the issue is decency, Silver is firmly against it (unless his firm is representing a "piece of the pie"). Visit the New York State Assembly website or dogpile, google, yahoo this particular Massachusetts like politician and enjoy the ride.

Israel. Pray for their success. (see first entry on film) They may be the world's only hope. One may be against war and bloodshed, which is all well and good and sane, however, there comes a time when protecting oneself is allowed. In this case, the eradication of Hezbollah will protect Israeli. Every American should be throwing their support firmly behind this besieged democracy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It’s Reality “Stupid”

How dumb do some politician’s think the American populace is? Apparently rock-solid ignorant. John Kerry recently stated that if he were president, Hezbollah would be in his back pocket and Israel would be living at peace. His actual remarks were, “If I were president, this would not have happened”. Thus began his belittling of the current presidents handling of the Mideast’s newest crisis. It is often embarrassing to be a resident of Massachusetts, but more so as of late. (Kennedy, Kerry, Big Dig’s, Massachusetts Supreme Court, Amherst)

As usual, Mr. Kerry does not offer any solutions simply because there are none. Even the much esteemed (by Osama Ben Laden and the good Senator’s from Massachusetts) New York Times is reporting that not one nation is actually interested in aiding in any type of force that would buffer Israel from Hezbollah. If Hezbollah would even agree to an international force in the first place. The country most unwilling to be involved? France! Go figure.

In this particular instance what the populace in the United States understands is that a bunch of crazed religious fanatics have their eye on completing destroying Christian’s and Jews and what better place to start that Israel. Apparently, politicians from Massachusetts won’t get the hint until Hezbollah begins targeting Martha’s Vineyard, Palm Beach and Hyannis.

On another note, while Kerry is out stumping for the DNC and making wild claims about what might have been, Hillary has beefed up her personal style by laying aside a portion of campaign funds for hair and makeup artists. She has emerged as her own person; feminine and out of touch with reality. In a recent stump speech for the DNC, and in an attempt to bolster the moderate that are left in her party, she regurgitated a phrase that her husband used in 1992. Instead of “It’s the economy, stupid!” the phrase has morphed into, “It’s the American Dream, Stupid”
Are American’s really that stupid or that tolerant of politician’s who believe some of us just might be?

End it all with a Nobel peace prize winner telling children she would like to “kill George Bush”. and one starts to get a real sense of frustration. What has become of our more prestigious organizations and political parties?

They’ve gone over the proverbial ledge.

The Israeli’s stand firm in their resolve to rid the world of Hezbollah...
God’s speed to Israel. They are, perhaps, the only people making sense in this asylum.

Friday, July 21, 2006

How long is too long?

As the UN calls for restraint and additional UN Peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, one must has the question, "how long is too long?" The UN has had ineffective peacekeeping forces in the area since 1978 directly on the Israel/Lebanon border During the time that the UN has been keeping the peace, American forces have been attacked, Hezbollah developed and ran rampant, and of course,more recently, under the very noses of these useless forces, Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers inside Israel.

The question should be, "How long does the US have to foot the bill for this corrupt and totally inefficient body?"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More on the media and what the "US Point of View" should be:

Apparently, unable to give Israel any credence whatsoever, the usual American/Palestinian Press goes to "war" against the white house.

Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary), stands up to Helen Thomas (Jimmy Carter's female equivalent in the press)with gusto. About time.

Video Here Courtesy of Outside The Beltway

Quote from Snow to Thomas: "Thank you for the Hezbollah Point of View."
The never ending quest for “truth”

On the evening of the 17th, while watching Wolf Blitzer of CNN News analyze and interview the war (known to that network as crisis) in the middle east, I was struck by the number of times that particular journalist asked the same question in the course of two interviews. The first interviewee, an assistant to Condoleezza Rice, was attempting to tell Mr. Blitzer what the Secretary’s plans were as far as visiting and brokering a peace between Israel and Lebanon. On at least 4 occasions, Wolf asked if the United States would support a cease fire even though the two Israeli military personnel held hostage by Hezbollah were not released. The resounding answer (the first time) was, “no”. When the second quest, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States was interviewed, Wolf continued to ask this question, although the Ambassador assured him that there would be no cease-fire until the soldier’s were returned, Hezbollah ceased lobbing rockets into Israeli and Hezbollah was disbanded. That’s a pretty clear “no”.

Additionally of note, CNN’s coverage centered on the damage done to Lebanon; Images of women and children broken and bloody casualties of war continued to fill the screen. There were also continual comparisons to the numbers of casualties on both sides, Israel having fewer than Lebanon. Of particular note was the amount of coverage given to the French who were condemning Israel out right and demanding a cease-fire to Israel’s overreaction in this incident.

The arrogance of the media in this instance is almost akin to the arrogance of the French.
In the first place, Americans are now able and capable of receiving news from more than three sources (network news, CNN cable news and their daily newspaper) it is understood that when a country is attacked by a terrorist group who is part and parcel of the government of the country right next store, retaliation might be in order. As it stands, Israel is surrounded by detractors. The only countries calling for restraint on the part of Hezbollah are Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. CNN would have us believe it is because these are “moderate Islamic States”. This is utter nonsense. Saudi Arabia is far from a moderate Islamic state in truth, but as they have their own troubles with Al Queada, it is understood that their own government is better protected without success on the part of Hezbollah. Both Egypt and Jordan are in a position to recall what took place in 1964. Both countries were decimated in a 6 day war with Israel. Against all odds, the Israeli peoples ran a successful campaign on three fronts and came out smelling like roses.
Except to the French.

Addressing the French Government one has to ask why on earth they would support Israel, when over 60% of their population is radical Muslim. One really doesn’t have to ask, the answer is glaringly clear. Cowardice. For a country that is the number 2 military spender globally (go figure), the French have a way of turning tail every chance they can (whether this applies to their own soil or not)

As to the United State’s expletive strewing leader? Good for him. It’s about time someone on this side of the pond used some common sense with common linage to describe the situation in a manner those in the “elite” media would prefer the American remain ignorant, and/or spoon-fed their particular political bent on any given salutation.
One might not support or approve of our current president (who has fallen short in some instances in my estimation); however, it is refreshing to know that we have someone at the helm that is more than human.

President Bush has a better grasp of the current situation than say, CNN or the French (add to that a host of Democratic notables, who’s comments are sure to follow, including Dean, Clinton (she might surprise me), Kennedy, Kerry, Carter (he’s stumping his book), and of course, Murtha. According the aforementioned (excluding President Bush), if Aruba became a hotbed of terrorist, and they decided to lob endless missiles at Alabama, a majority in the United States (with above notable exceptions) would retaliate regardless of claims from the Netherlands that those “terrorists” had kidnapped their country and well, the people had nothing to do with it!

Much like the Lebanese, who could have, at any time in the past 6 years, called for aid from international forces tore move Hezbollah. In ignoring the terrorists and allowing them to flourish, they are just as culpable as Iran and Syria in this quagmire. The Israeli’s will do what they do best. React. The end result will be a decimated, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, in spite of CNN and the French.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

1967 revisited - On the Seventh Day They Rested

In 1967, in a short six day span, Israel brought Egypt, Jordan and Syria to their knees in a three front war. This war could have been avoided had the United Nations brokered a peace between Israel and its neighbors that then Prime Minister, Golda Mier had begged them to do. This plea for peace on the side of Israel took place on October 10, 1960. Immediately following, the UN General Assembly understood Egypt's refusal to recognize the Jewish State, and in 1963 the Arab League (members of the United Nation Security Council), formed the Palestinian Army, under the direction of Yassir Arafat. The world decried any reaction from Israel and as attacks increased upon its citizens; the Isreali's continued to beg the UN for intervention - they only wanted to live in peace. Once again, this was ignored, and Israel was asked to basically put up with the continual assault from its neighbors.

On May 15, 1967, the Egyptians moved troops to Israel's borders, Syria did the same and on June 5th, Jordan attacked Israel, spurred on by the presence of Egyptian warplane. Still Israel rested. With pressure from the UN and the world against them, an increase in attacks on their country and literally surrounded by hostile neighbors they decided to take a stand. In 6 days the Israeli forces captured territory and defeated the forces against them. It was a resounding and humiliating defeat.

A little history lesson might be in order at this point in time because, once again, Israel is left with its back agaisnt the wall, and with no support from any nation (besides once again, the United States President's assertion that Israel has a right to defend itself) (In 1967 the President was Lyndon B. Johnson) the Israeli's will take a stand. They have the military capability to decimate their neighbors, a fact that is apparently lost on Iran and Syria. In addition, they have the will, desire and their peoples firmly behind this just cause.

In other words, they will be doing the world a favor when they decide to let loose and put their detractors in their place. As a body, the UN has been historically ineffective in brokering peace settlements (much like Jimmy Carter). With Iran in ashes and Syria in chains, the democracy in Iraq will stand more than a chance at success. In addition, the peoples of Iran will be in a position to work towards regime change and establish the democracy they crave. In the short term, Europe and the United States may pay more for a gallon of gas, but in the long term, the benefits will far outweigh any minor inconvenience those territories face.

History has a way of repeating itself; and those who study history are aware of mistakes they made in the past. The Israeli's are aware of history. In this respect, they will not allow another uprising from the ashes, and will take the steps necessary to finally insure peace in the region.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A funny thing happened last night; a phone call came through rather late and on the other end was a gentleman looking for my husband. He hadn't seen or spoken to him since 1973. Apparently, they used to parachute together, were best buddies, and he felt compelled to contact him. We began to talk generalities; and the main point was how similar the situation in Iraq had become to the situation in Viet Nam. It is not necessarily the fact that the two conflicts are similar. It is the fact that the press and one particular political party are affecting the outcome in Iraq in much the same way. It is a general consensus among these like-minded individuals and their families (i.e. branches of the military, retirees, veterans - approximately 50 million citizens of these United States), that we should "finish the job" and not let "press and politicians" dictate to the military.

As the November elections draw near, politician's such as Tom Delay and Newt Gingrich are predicating gains for the GOP. This could be attributed to party bravado, however, it may also be a direct result of listening to the people; not those that feel they are able to sway policy simply because they consider themselves to be "elite" and above it all.

Therefore, another interpretation of Hamilton and Jay's discourse regarding treason and the freedom of the press may be applied. The people may indeed decide. In the marketplace as well as in November.

Raising the question. Is anyone out there polling the military, veterans groups and their families? Anyone besides the GOP?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Alexander Hamilton on Freedom of the Press

From Letter #84:

"Why, for instance, should it be said that the liberty of the press shall not be restrained, when no power is given by which restrictions maybe imposed? I will not contend that such a provision would confer a regulating power, but it is evident that it would furnish, to men disposed to ursurp, a plausible pretence for claiming that power"

In the event one is not familiar with Alexander Hamilton; he co-authored a document entitled "The Constitution of the United States of America". Ironically, in that same letter he addressed the issue of Treason and its inclusion in the constitution (of that he was in favor, of freedom of the press, he was inclined to be concerned).

One may then propose that the honorable Hamilton was a bit clairvoyant in regards to his notion that powerful men, planning to ursurp the United States of America, would use the press as an instrument. Bill Keller and his ilk, must be aware of this fact.

Treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war (with a certainty this applies to the New York Times and others) documented by two witnesses to the fact. (How about millions of readers, is that clearly enough?)

Why is it then that these high crimes continue to be absolved based upon a one-line note in the Constitution; that, according to those who wrote the legal document, is not a free pass at all?

Monday, July 10, 2006

What's in a secret?

Apparently nothing. "Top Secret" and "Classified" are now constantly found on the front pages of the most "Elite" (elitist) newspapers in the country. Apparently, if the United States has a program in force that is helping to keep our nation safe, the New York Times, Daily News, LA Times, John Murtha, etc. all have "sources" that give up the news faster than a 50 cent hooker on Worthington Street. All this despite the sane please coming from the New York City police Commissioner to U.S. Senators and especially the White House. (Note: sane does not always factor into the aforementioned, but in this case there is an exception made.

peruse letter #84 of the Federalist Papers (A book well-worth reading) and one find that Treason and the Press are both prominently featured on the framers (Constitution) minds. At least, these were two of three issues that were not fully addressed until the representatives from the State of New York brought up some points regarding the establishment of nobility in the United States and the inclusion of a Bill of Rights into the Constitution. It is abundantly clear in this particular case that the framers did not intend for the press to be granted unlimited freedoms (they had a right to publish and to dissent, however, that was where the line was drawn; they were still subject to all laws including: treason. The only point that was brought about regarding Treason: that the penalty should not extend to a persons family for generations (This was a common practice at the time. For example: Bill Keller tried for treason and convicted would mean that all of his property would be forfeit and his family, for several generations, would be much maligned. This particular clause was a safeguard for the descendents and direct relatives of those who commit treason.

Lately, all one hears is that it is not the New York Times fault that they published the story; they (other media) blame the source: "We have too many leaks". All well and good then: since there is no protection of sources written into the constitution (and or in letters and documents by framers of the same document) especially in cases of Treason, then there is no reason for an editor not to give up the source; especially in the case of classified documents, programs, etc. that are designed to keep the Times building standing. To do otherwise, would be treasonous.

Time has a new cover story regarding the "end of cowboy diplomacy and the Bush Doctrine". When the President does exactly what his detractors (socialist democrats and newspaper editors) say he should do, then he is acting like "Bill Clinton". The more that they open their mouths without thinking, the more the public takes notice.

Iran and North Korea are two nations run by zealots (or one very insane man and one who's insane because he believes he is the last man with a direct link to the Prophet), who present a problem, yes, but not as big of a problem as say:
The New York Times and Code Pink! Which may be the reason those in a position to know, are dropping one on China's doorstep and the other on Europe. With more short range missiles in both arsenals, those are the countries at risk. They should teach more geography; especially to those holding public office and those writing about those who hold public office.

Has anyone seen this poll?

Would you rather: win the war in Iraq or pull troops out now?
Are you in favor of a closed border?
Are you in favor of mandatory sentencing for child predators?
Of the following which is a top priority?
Education, energy, the environment
What is your main source of news?
Network Television, Cable Television, Internet Blogs, Newspapers, Radio

The questions where neither party are privy to the answers.

One last note: Italy won the World Cup, France Lost.

Friday, July 07, 2006


What is up with the New York Times? The Paper of Record has decided that it is imperative that the American Public know all there is to know about the Pellicano case -- to that end, one of their reporters had decided to visit the jail to speak directly to Pellicano, poorly disguised, quickly unmasked and barred from the prison. LA Times Of course, the Times is appealing this decision. What type of disguise did the Times Reporters use to garner classified information to further defame the United States? One can only imagine. Gone are the days when integrity and journalism were used in the same sentence as regards to the nations former bastions of truth and justice in print. Additionally, how many American's were served by viewing the vacation of home V.P. Dick Cheney complete with details of a security system? Times Reporters must be having difficulty getting in to the Pentagon these days. Give them time. Afterall, there must be some response to North Korea that they can unearth and further place American's in peril.

North Korea Aims missile at Hawaii Reuters
Enough said. After pacifying North Korea in deference to China coupled with a penchant for protecting communist regimes headed by brutal dictators (The United States will give you untold billions, please don't develop and nuclear program), is it any wonder that they are now lobbing long-range missiles in this direction?

What should be news:
The border is still open.

Things that make one yawn:
A Pink Code (peace group reminiscent of the 1960's) mother is on hunger-strike, joined by the Hollywood Braintrust. Why is this news?
Joe Biden made a remark about Indian's owning convenience stores? So What?
Pink Code does not merit serious mention and Bidon did not say anything that anyone else isn't thinking (or saying).

The local newspaper forum:
Month after month, day in and day out, the same anti-war, anti-American, anti-fill-in-the-blank, posters fill page after page with nonsensical posts. These posts are punctuated on occasion from what appears to be conservative rebuttals. Again, a difference "same" group of posters. Is it possible that there are only ten or twenty people who visit this website on a regular basis to post to a "hot topic" forum in a community that boasts a population in excess of 100,000 people? Springfield Republican's website.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Highway: Upstate New York, Week of June 29th, 2006.

A dear friend sent me these photographs of I-88 in New York. The torrential rains had caused a 50 foot wide collaspe; two truck drivers lost their lives; it is assumed they thought the gap a shawdow in the road. New York, alone, is facing $100,000,000 in damages, most of this upstate.

The Divide:

In the past week I've been sparing (if one can call it that) with a "writer" from New York via email. The young man (and I am assuming gender as there is no signature) constantly upbraids a lack of understanding, wits and or common sense on my part. He refers to the blog as "talking points", insinuating that perhaps there is little research and much rhetoric. There is an undertone of anger and yes, insults in his retorts due to treason and New York Times being used in the same sentence. What amazes is that the actual structure of the retorts is solid; yet one detects immediately the panic, bravado and overall senses of righteousness in the content.

One cannot argue and by pointing to one wrong (New York Times treason) with
"George Bush was wrong about WMD's". The exact quote was. "They started it."!

Therefore, I've come to the conclusion that fallacious arguments, peppered with insults and avoiding a direct response is the preferred method of debate taught at centers for higher learning. Never directly answer a question with a response, attack with all one has and point to the other guy as wrong first!

What is, perhaps, the most startling is the individual’s refusal to debate with civility coupled with the return, time and again, to the same point; the same wrong point. If the masses are, after all, told day in and day out a fact is a fact even if the fact is fiction; it must be true. They (masses) do not have the capability to remember, nor are they equipped to understand complicated issues such as policy, treason, etc.

When that tactic fails, they rush to the "pity factor", "If anything happened to the New York Times, all those employees would be out on the street and hungry".
(Not an exact quote but equally ridiculous). The facts are that the New York Times as been, like the LA Times, experiencing layoffs, subscriptions are dropping, advertisers are going elsewhere and, as they have a website that is often cited; they cannot blame the internet. So, it must be something else.

Perhaps the socialist party will one day understand that the masses in America are a bit more understanding of the "message" and are responding as any true capitalist would: they shop elsewhere.

Friday, June 30, 2006


Jack Murtha did not, as previously noted, request that the New York Times withhold the story.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And The Beat Goes On..

Last Week, the New York Times, in its infinite wisdom, decided it best to reveal that the United States had a perfectly legal, covert operation in place designed to ferret out financial transactions linked to terrorists outside of the United States. This was done in conjunction with allies overseas and financial institutions outside of the United States. It was an extremely effective program; until Bill Keller and the New York Times took the lead, ignored pleas from the administration and ran the story "in the national interest".

Espionage, Treason.

Both of these words now apply to the individuals at the New York Times who were responsible for printing this "newsworthy" piece.

The President has issued a formal statement of disgust, and several congressmen, including Jack Murtha have expressed outrage over the irresponsible New York Times.

Expressing Outrage is no longer an option; if there were ever a call for action, this is the time.

Apparently, the United States is not only fighting a war on terror overseas and in some instances within our borders, it has to contend with the enemy within, the committed socialist/progressive editors that consistently undermine the United States and play it all out under the first amendment.

freedom of the Press does not mean absolute protection for any institution as so broadly interpreted by those of that profession, rather the original intent was to allow freedom of the people to publish; while continuing to maintain standards of law. One can read the constitution until they are blue in the face; and no-where does it allow total unfettered freedom of any press; in fact, delve a bit deeper into the "Federalist Papers", authored by Hamilton, Madison and Jay (for those not familiar with the aforementioned document, these were the gentlemen directly responsible for the initial arguments and framing of said document that is so often touted as a safety net for the treasonous. Although slow reading, and a bit arcane, it is every bit as valid as the constitution itself, and in their arguments, this "freedom of the press" although indeed important, was not a holy right to print whatever one desired without consequence. Additionally, the right to keep private the names of informants is clearly not addressed. Therefore, one could argue, that the individual who is feeding classified information to the press is also branded "traitor".

Although with little doubt, nothing shall be done, as the old "slippery slope" will be brought into play and the Times will once again escape unscathed. Not much is being made of this incident locally, (CBS/NBC/ABC), one must go to the internet and alternative media to even know what has taken place and/or understand the level of outrage against the New York Times once an individual understands the full extent of what this institution has done to our country.

What do ordinary American's who are sick and tired of betrayal to do? Cancel a subscription? This is a doubtful plan, as although it does imply an individual protest, and the numbers have dwindled for the once great newspapers, it is clearly not enough. Suggestion: Pick up a copy of the New York Times, and read it cover to cover. Have a notepad ready, and jot down every single major and minor advertiser within the times and get dialing. Express outrage. Refuse to purchase products or services from any company that will continue to run advertisements in this paper.

Disable them in an old fashioned capitalist manner.

This is easily done.

Let's not, as American's, stand by disgusted, act.

More information at Michelle Malkin's blog.

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