Friday, September 12, 2014

Rand Paul – to New Hampshire –Quasi Endorsement from Bill Mahar - Not His Father’s Clone

Rand Paul has taken criticism from the right (most notably standard Republican’s of the “also-ran” stripe) for being an isolationist, and “Ron Paul’s son”, while on the left, it’s about hiring someone who was racist, and staff who plagiarized. In other words, they have zip, but they keep trying simply because he is an enigma – a balanced force who is not afraid of the media or, for that matter, anyone who portends to put words in his mouth, or take things out of context.

This personality, rather than strategy is serving the Kentucky Senator well. The Boston Globe article: Rand Paul Puts Early Emphasis on New Hampshire speaks to his visits to the state, as well as his support there. His events are sold out in NH, from the millennials to standard GOP and African-American’s and libertarians, he’s making in-roads into otherwise non-GOP demographics.

From Iowa to where he has a state presence to Bennington, VT, he is making inroads. Bennington is surprising as a local op-ed opines that he draws a contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton, Paul being the cautious non-war mongering dove, and Clinton being the Hawk, perpetuating wars. Bennington Banner.

Paul’s cautious approach to intervention, suggests a Washington (George) tone, considering, the state of the economy as well as the state of the military. What comes from the fact that Paul is being Paul - an endorsement, of sorts, from an unlikely source. from Republican bashing, Bill Maher, who suggested if Hillary Clinton is the Nominee, he may vote for Rand Paul(Washington CBS Local)

Suffice it to say, he will, if he does decide to run, make this one of the most competitive, inclusive and interesting general elections seen in some time. Between Perry, Cruz, (who are absolutely interesting) and the possibility of Jeb Bush or, good grief, Mitt Romney (who will lose again, as those evangelicals cannot vote for someone who belongs to a “cult religion”) and of course, the “also ran” Rick Santorum, who would not fare well in a broad demographic, one has something to watch. It is, as always, too early to tell who may or may not run in the end but those who indicate an interest, at present, would set the stage for what may become, one of the most watched general election races in history.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembrances of September 11, 2001 – Personal Reflections

On that sunny, September morning, I was on my way to a history period, when I glanced at the Television in the hallway at college, and noted a second plane going into the World Trade Center – I called my husband, who was at a nearby AFRB, and asked if this was of concern, he indicated that I should get my daughter from her school and go home. I went to class, and my professor asked what was happening. I told him of my husband’s directive and he immediately dismissed the class.

I went to the parochial school where our daughter was enrolled and was walking with many parents who had much the same mind as I. The principal suggested that instead of instilling fear our children, to go and pray in teh chapel, which is what we did, until they were dismissed. At that point, I took my child home, sat in front of the television and wept.

It was not weeping from fear, it was weeping from a sense of loss and grief that we were now in much the same circumstances as the nation of Israel. At that moment the anger surfaced and it was palpable, followed by such a love of the nation that had allowed my family to be here and safe, to better themselves, that we, a nation of such outstanding charity towards others, should be so attacked.

Having studied a great deal on the caliphate which devastated Europe, and the plan that has been in place since the General Mohamed turned his varied tribes into a force, through the institution of a faith – to expand his empire beyond the Bedouin borders. It was a brilliant strategy for the time, however, to see it resurface again and again, throughout history, and to bring it tour nation, was beyond the pale.

That our country, a haven from those who would force others to have one state religion, to have freedom to live life to the fullest, while sisters in those nations were subjugated to the most insidious of dogmas, instilled a sense of great national pride.

Therefore, when recalling the events of that day, that brought untold millions of American’s from all stripes together, it was the beginning of a new era, one where we would be vigilant, and as individuals, do anything possible to protect our nation, the nation that gives us life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness, any religion we please and to prosper. Incidentally concepts alien to those who would do us harm. If ISIS or ISIL is the same type of group –it goes without saying, that individual American’s would find the courage and fortitude to destroy them, and would support any measures to do so.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 MA Primary - NH Primary – Results - As anticipated with a few interesting exceptions – 2016 starting to Loom Larger

The last state primaries for 2014 were held yesterday, with elections to follow this November. In Massachusetts the results were somewhat as expected: WWLP, Springfield reports that Baker won the Republican Governors race handily, while on the Democrat side, Martha Coakley bested Steve Grossman by 5 points, while the balance of the vote tallies were mostly Democrats, with entrenched Democrat John Tierney losing to Seth Moulton.(WWLP). What was most intriguing in the MA primary may have been the manner in which unenrolled or independent voters cast ballots – most often against, rather than for a particular candidate – be it Republican or Democrat. Listening to the New England radio’s, Howie Carr on the drive home, one was treated to a barrage of callers suggesting who they were targeting – which may explain why Coakley only pulled a 5 point margin, while Baker was over 70% on the GOP side (along with the fact that Baker’s competition was less well known, and slightly fringe). Suffice it to say, that on the Governor’s race, one might be tempted to suggest that the next Governor would be Baker.

In New Hampshire,
Scott Brown won the GOP contest handily and will go on to face Jean Sheheen, the Democrat Incumbant, while Marilinda Garcia, won the 2nd district by a wide margin.(WMUR)

The New Hampshire races may be more interesting in the wealth of ammunition that the GOP has against the incumbents, especially the Health Care issue in that state, more than most, is dire. With one insurance carrier, and over a thousand doctors, and fewer hospitals participating, New Hampshire will be voting with its pocketbook. Scott Brown looks likely to take this Live Free or Die State should he get some help from his former ultra conservative friends. Marilinda Garcia, with a little help from Ted Cruz, looks likely to upset as well. Cruz’s stock rose yesterday in New Hampshire, for those looking ahead to 2016.

Speaking of which: On Friday Rand Paul will be the host of the NH GOP Unity Breakfast (Politico), where he currently leads in in polling. While Hillary Clinton < a href="">will be heading for Iowa. Clinton has suggested that she will make a decision after the first of the year(, while Rand Paul is suggesting early spring ((Brietbart News) Now that would be a divine match-up!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Ted Cruz (R-TX) Campaigns in New Hampshire for 2nd Congressional District Candidate, Melinda Garcia Tuesday Primary Results May Show Cruz Direction

Senator Ted Cruz was up in New Hampshire this past weekend, campaigning hard for Hispanic 2nd congressional district hopeful Melinda Garcia, a NH State representative from Salem. (WMUR). There are two things to take away from this particular primary: 1. That Cruz believes that Garcia stands a better than snowballs chance at the ballot box, thus upping his value on the campaign trail through November, and going into 2016 and 2. That the NH Republican field in the 2nd District is diverse and plays against the angry old white man theme that is consistent in the DNC. What we may have is one slightly angry middle aged white man, one 30 something angry African-American or one 30 something angry Hispanic come Tuesday evening. (WMUR)

Otherwise it appears to be business as usual slightly north of Massachusetts and much more interesting to who political junkies hoping to see where the first state of the nation trending.

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