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Jimmy Carter “Endorses” Romney and Bachmann: Choosing the Right Primary No Matter Which Political Party One Subscribes – Watch All Debates!

Vote! image sodahead

There are several indicators that would lead pundits and political analysts and even former Presidents, to believe that President Obama will not see a second term. In that case, it would behoove every voting U.S. Citizen to take a good hard look at the eight or possibly nine candidates that are running for President on the GOP side – the reason, one of them may be the next President, and there are some which may be more appealing than others, as President. One may hate Faux News, or MSNBC, or CNN as a news source, however, with each debate we learn more about the individual candidate and how the fare under pressure and scrutiny, both from the moderators and from the press.

One might find a third party candidate arise, but understand that historically, even in state races for the Governor’s office, it is rare that these candidates succeed. This is most often due to the very savvy political teams in place by both major parties, depending upon the state. In this case, the third party candidate receives anywhere from 2 to 8 percent of the vote, just enough to return to office a politician that has a lower approval rating than their opponents.

In most instances one would advocate to making the choice one considers most perfect, however, in this coming election, one can anticipate a possible landslide (based on individual and national polls) as regards the executive branch. Therefore, it is the GOP field which bears scrutiny – and regardless of one’s political affiliation, one should pay attention, and quite possibly consider voting in the GOP primary. In many states, this involves nothing more than asking for a particular ballot, or in some cases, “switching party affiliation” temporarily (on the way into the polling station and then switching back on the way out). In the General Election one may vote for whomever they wish, regardless of party, but by that point, one might find the choices rather limited.

Therefore, as this election is critical to the nation, it is strongly suggestion that, again, regardless of how strongly one might feel about their political party of choice, it would behoove that person, to be able to have a voice in this field of those who would be President.

In the spirit of Jimmy Carter, a one-term President who understands the signs today are indicative of choosing from an opposing side of the aisle, follow his example: (Interview here on the Hill blog) Carter’s choices are former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and/or Congressional Representative Michelle Bachmann. Other choices are: Herman Cain (business CEO), Rick Santorum (former Senator from PA), Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the House worked with William Jefferson Clinton), Jon Huntsman (Governor of Utah), Rick Perry (Governor of Texas) and Ron Paul (Congressional Representative). There may also be others entering the race, despite the call of the media and others to declare intentions of a run now! – One may find Sarah Palin, (2008 VP candidate and former Governor of Alaska) entering the race between September and October of this year.

Learn about these candidates, watch the debates, and make your choice in your state primaries beginning in 2012. It does not matter if one is a member of the Green Party, or the Democrat Party, or an Independent, one may vote in any primary – although each state’s rules do vary. To find out how you can vote in the Republican Primary, check the website of your state’s office regarding voting regulations. That most often is the Secretary of State’s site: For Example: Massachusetts voters would find information on elections, voting and statistics at"> The Secretary of State, elections division. If you are in a union, keep in mind, one is not "watched" as they vote, vote for whom you wish. This is why our U.S. votes are a "Secret Ballot".

In the 2012 general election: All Congressional Representatives are up for Reelection, the President of the United States is up for reelection, and members of the Senate, Class 1, source – list here ) are up for reelection. In that election, one may vote any party or person for whom they like, but again, if the GOP candidate is projected to take the helm, one might want a say in who that individual is.

A Schedule of debates is : :(Via by Compiled by Kevin DuJan)

2012 Republican presidential debates schedule:

Here are the Republican presidential debates that are scheduled so far to determine the GOP candidate for president in 2012:
September 22nd, 2011 9pm EST on Fox News
Location: Orlando, FL
Sponsor: Fox News, Google and Florida Republican Party

October 11th, 2011 8pm EST on Bloomberg Television
Location: Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH
Sponsor: Bloomberg, The Washington Post and WBIN-TV

October 18th, 2011 8pm EST on CNN
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Sponsor: CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference

November 9th, 2011 8pm EST on CNBC
Location: Oakland University in Rochester, MI
Sponsor: CNBC and the Michigan Republican Party

December 10th, 2011 8pm EST on ABC
Location: Des Moines, IA
Sponsor: ABC News and Republican Party of Iowa

January 12th, 2012 8pm EST on PBS
Location: Iowa Public Television in Johnston, IA
Sponsor: Des Moines Register and Iowa Public Television

January 30th, 2012 8pm EST on Fox News
Location: Des Moines, IA
Sponsor: Fox News and Republican Party of Iowa
Participants: TBD

February, 2012 8pm EST on ABC – Likely between February 7th and 13th
Location: NH
Sponsor: ABC News and WMUR

February, 2012 8pm EST on Fox News – Likely between the 19th and 27th
Location: SC
Sponsor: Fox News and South Carolina Republican Party

March 5th, 2012 8pm EST on NBC
Location: Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA
Sponsor: Reagan Library, NBC News and Politico

Watch, Learn, Listen, Decide

Friday, September 16, 2011

2012 Update: Trump Holding Out for Palin Announcement – Media Defends Palin Against Pelham MA, stalker, Joe McGinniss – Constitution Day Reminder

Constitution Day - Read the Bus! - image Iowans4Palin.blogspot

2012 Presidential Candidate Rick Perry made the pilgrimage to New York to meet with Donald Trump, whose endorsement would carry more than a bit of weight, as endorsements go – however kind Trump was to Perry, he is said to be holding out for an announcement from Governor Sarah Palin. Multiple sources include: Newsmax, , the Alaska Dispatch and Politico’s Morning Scorecard.

Trump who had expressed an interest at the run, and would have made an interesting candidate, to say the least, has, since formally dropping out of the race, toyed with the idea of reentering “If the right person doesn’t win the GOP nomination”. One must understand that although Trump might mean well, a Three Way Race, based on a Massachusetts model used by David Axelrod, might just put Obama back in office for another four years. Trump, there is no doubt, loves his country, and that qualified candidate he wishes to see take the nomination; one can surmise from his unwillingness to endorse anyone until Palin enters the race, would be – Palin.

Just another Massachusetts (those of us who consistently have to apologize for where we live), nutcase who originally hailed from the Berkshires, but has since moved to the Western Massachusetts town of Pelham, Joe McGinniss, who, while in the sleepy town by the Quabbin Reservoir, managed to write yet another book, while trying to recapture his former level of literary competence, on Sarah Palin. The man’s fantasy and his obvious obsession with the Palin’s to the point of a padded cell, can be found in ramblings of his personal blog where he notes that one Palin daughter is having a birthday, while wondering if Palin will “care” that a Tornado struck Western Mass, all while putting the finishing touches on his book on Palin.

Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone - image

The book, obviously a grab for both attention and the hope of cash, has met with criticism from both literary critics as well as journalists who know a tall-tale when they see one (suddenly), is outlined in today's’ article from Politico: “Sarah Palin is defended by 'Lamestream media'. From the New York Times to Politico, those defending Palin, may not care for her policy, however, what is interesting is that they have, at all, come to her defense. It appears that the more the Mainstream Media get’s to know Rick Perry, the more it takes a partially honest, painful look at the reality that is Sarah Palin. Reading these articles, those who understand Palin has been portrayed most inaccurately by the Press (which relies heavily on comedic performances as news reports), are wondering as of late if they are not living in the land of Rod Serling’s – The Twilight Zone.

In the meantime, the press and those, like Donald Trump, who are “holding out for Palin, wait for her announcement and seek clues as to when it may take place. The Best speculative piece to date on Palin, her possible strategy and the 2012 race, comes from Political Analyst and Activist, Kevin DuJan’s, whose headlines asks: “Do You Know Where Sarah Palin Will be on Friday 9-16-11 and Saturday 9-17-11?” The date(s) in History: Constitution Day.

The question of when, has more often replaced the question of “if” Sarah Palin will run, with recent key appearances and most recently her post to her Facebook page – a “note” on Crony Capitalism directed at the the Obama administration.
From Trump, to the Trenches, all are seeking signs and an announcement that Palin will enter the fray that is the GOP 2012 field, and it will, again, be a time and date of her own choosing.

As she noted in an interview in Iowa: Sometime between September and October. It is the impatience and the ongoing danger that the nation faces now, and the factor of trust in other candidates, that has, those who would hope the Governor weighs in sooner than later, including some in the “mainstream” media chanting softly in the distance at Palin rallies: “Run, Sarah, Run”! Perhaps it will be this weekend, perhaps not, but Constitution Day is worth watching, at the very least, one might learn something one had not previously known about the history of this Great Nation and those founders, who sacrificed on personal level, for so great a cause.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Incompetence and Cronyism - Justice Department disables Gibson Guitars, while Bankrupt “Green” Solyndra defended by Administration.

While Federal Agents Put Gibson Guitar in the "Cross hairs" (over-the-top much?) image chimpplanet.blogspot

Obama defends Solyndra ties and bankruptcy - Cronyism or Incompetence, take your pick - image from sroblog

One of the most respected manufacturers in the United States, Gibson Guitars, is apparently under attack from the Federal Government for using the “wrong” imported wood in the manufacture of Guitars. The problem being, that although the company had secured all required legal documentation, the Justice Department closed them down, going so far as to send in armed personnel to take down an environmentally friendly, profitable U.S. business. It appears the CEO may have made the error of supporting a Republican, for there is no other sane reason why the Administration would target a profitable job, crating, eco-friendly, U.S Corporation. An op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitutionby Bob Barr, is a must read on this travesty of justice.

On the other hand, a “Green” Business, has filed for bankruptcy protection, and although not unusual in any business model, especially in today’s economy, this particular business is being defended by the White House. The problem: the administrations (taxpayers) $500,000 million plus loss in the deal, and the need to to deflect charges regarding close ties between the President and that particular business.

Although both companies could lay claim to political persecution and/or favors given the circumstances, the fact that from the top down incompetency appears to be the general theme of the administration. This is in regards to every aspect of running a nation – specifically when the economy is in such dire straits, one would think a competent administration might wish to work with and support a business such as Gibson, which offers Taxpayers to foot the bill with the same fervor for those enterprises, supported by the administration which evidently failed.

It can only be hoped that the next occupant at Pennsylvania Avenue will have the smarts to hire competent individuals to oversee departments that make use of the taxpayers’ dollars, in the most effective manner. That the government will no longer “invest” in businesses, granting Bankruptcy protection to “sacred cows" while millions of the unemployed and underemployed face more fire from the Government due to the fact that one cannot include a student loan in a bankruptcy. One might consider the investment in education by the government (through it’s now sole ownership of the Student loan industry), equal to its “investment” in the “green industry” – otherwise known as a “hair brained scheme” in sensible circles. It is one thing to support environmentally friendly businesses, verbally, or say through universal tax incentives (meaning all businesses get a break), however “loans” should be off the table, and if the government is in the bank and loan industry, all loans should be treated equally.

It does not take a rocket scientist or economist to figure that out, which begs the question of competency in general, and that has been consistently reflected in the polls.
Therefore, while Gibson is apparently out of business for doing no wrong by the administration, a company that was not profitable and/or in the end solvent, is given the support by the same.

Travesty – to steal a phrase: “You betcha!”

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Blame Game Begins – NY’s 9th and NV Flip Congressional Seats To GOP in Special Elections - Dem Infighting Over The People’s Houses - Analysis

Progressive Name Calling: Image from with article article: "Next Time someone says Governor Palin is Polarizing - tell him no she's the Polar Opposite of Obama" This, in part, describes the "blinders" worn by the current administration, unions and progressives, as well as career politicians.

From Politico, the headline: “Republican wins Democratic New York House Seat” explores yesterday’s historic loss of a Congressional Seat in New York’s 9th District, which had been held by Democrats since the 1920’s, and a seat in the Nevada 2nd, which Democrats had challenged as a referendum on the President, while quoting a variety of Democrats who just don’t appear to “get it”. The press continues to see the U.S. political landscape in terms of two major political parties, however, the New York special election, in an overwhelmingly Democrat voter registration district, by political novice, Bob Turner, defies that theory, it was in New York, as it was in Nevada, the people’s seat and the people’s voice that led to these victories – a referendum on politics and usual and the inherent belief that political party’s “own” seats.

The article goes on to describe the mayhem caused as Democrat party leaders saw the New York District turn on a dime – blaming Obama, the unions non-involvement, and everything but – the policy of progressive think by all involved, from the top down.

Perhaps most telling of a case of the “blinders” is Politico report on Organized Labor:

It was a nightmare scenario for Democrats that threatens to repeat itself on the national level, as major unions turn away from their traditional level of engagement. AFL-CIO leaders have talked about focusing their spending on state-level races. The giant SEIU has discussed replacing what had been an all-out campaign for Obama in 2008 with a campaign more focused on the issue of jobs.
And labor union leaders in Washington watched with frustration as a heavily Democratic, pro-union, blue-collar district slipped away.
“Obama needs to reconnect with labor, get in the trenches with us again,” said a veteran labor official. “There is, among my members, a sense of disconnect with him. He needs to signal to us that he is a labor champion, not just supported by labor.”

Apparently, the unions missed what the people did not: From Real Clear Politics “Swing Voters Recoil From Unions, and Obama” referring to a joint rally held in Michigan featuring Jimmy Hoffa the younger, and Obama. Hoffa used language such as (paraphrased) “take the Tea Party Out”, “Mr. President, we’re your army” - while Obama did nothing to refute, rather appeared to support Hoffa’s statements. In addition, in Washington State, members of the Longshoremen’s union, destroyed equipment and took hostages in an attempt to make a point (Daily Caller). On the east coast, striking Verizon workers cut cable lines some of which were critical to emergency services, in a recent strike – Verizon refused to settle, everyone went back to work. (

In “Job Stimulus II”, the Presidents’ attempt at following up on the failed “Job Stimulus I”, saw David Axelrod, Obama’s mentor, campaign manager and Senior Advisor noting that Republican’s in the house could “take it or leave it” referring to the Presidents "legislation" – allowing for zero compromise in a time when the nation’s poor are slipping further into poverty.

It is the us or them, the union/Progressive (i.e. socialist) ram it down the people’s throats, pass laws without reading them (Health Care Legislation, i.e. Obamacare), the blame the corporations and the Republicans’ attitude (those Tea Party Republicans) and philosophy, that has the people looking for less traditional leaders going forward. That message was soundly delivered in New York’s 9th District, by the people, divesting themselves of party politics as usual and sending a strong message to Obama, yes, but the rest of the political class as well – “We’ve had enough”.

For edification: the headline from the Washington Post speaks volumes: ”Republican Wins Democrat New York House Seat”, the seat belonging neither to a Democrat or a Republican in truth, rather to the constituents of the district, who chose to send someone other than a career politician tied to a party that is vested in Labor Unions, Progressive think and a total disregard for what the people might need – less government, less spending, a sane business environment which would create more jobs.

Therefore, this scenario will replay itself out throughout the upcoming political season of 2012, as the incumbent faces a loss, more so if backs labor literally, or continues policies that failed in the 1970’s under Carter, (sadly that ship has sailed, but adding to the already fragile economy with a jobs bill, no way to pay for it but taxes, investing in extended unemployment benefits (4th year), and infrastructure (union) jobs – is continual political suicide. Debbie Wasserman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney “Dodd-Frank regulate the Banks to Death” Frank, and the rest of the “Progressive Democrats”, are in danger of becoming extinct politically. It is not just Obama’s failures, but a combination of failures supported by organized labor and progressive think that has the United States on the verge of electing a citizens legislature and a citizens President for the first time in history.

Although Politico notes that the Democrats, bravely continue with a glass half full front in discussing Obama’s possible opposition for 2012:

Asked who he’d like to see the Republicans nominate, Montana Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer suggested: “Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry - those would all be good ones to run against.”

One might suggest that those are exactly the types of candidates that the people who are sending Bob Turner to Congress in New York, might send to the White House in 2012.

Therefore, bickering aside, politicians from both sides of the aisle and their supporters should understand that the populace is now vested in how they vote, and they know how to research roll calls, the populace is in favor of: corporate tax cuts to repatriate businesses, creating jobs, shutting down the border, repealing burdensome regulation such as Dodd Frank, ObamaCare and anything else that smacks of yet another burden the small or large business which will be passed onto the people. It is not, as Hoffa suggested a “war” between the Unions and their President, Obama”, it is a renunciation of the type of rhetoric, the reality that those who consistently drink at the till of the government trough at the taxpayer expense, are about to be handed the proverbial pink slip. 2012 will be a referendum on a political philosophy, one that is followed by the President, and the many Senators and Congressional Representatives who will also be up for reelection in 2012.

A side note: If in the NY 9th, the Democrats could not manufacture enough votes to overcome a challenge, what will happen in the rest of the City, and for that matter in Massachusetts, where all incumbent Democrats, (with one exception) had to fight hard to hold onto seats in 2010, and where in 2012, those same districts (less one), will be challenged again? No matter how it will be spun, and no matter that Obama has become the new “sacrificial lamb” of those as guilty of a political ideology as the President, it is what it is, the people will vote, and once again, the potential for historical turns in both houses of Congress, but especially the White House, are more probable than not.
As Hades is freezing over, one might suggest that should Palin announce her intent to run (when), a women will be standing guard at the gates of that “shining city on the hill” that is America, backed by an assembly of the people, working on behalf of the people’s interest. First; "Yes Virginia, there are moderate Democrats, who vote with follow a new pro-Constitution philosophy" - Tea and Common Sense anyone?

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A Public Service Announcment - Constitution Day September 17th (Celebrated the 16th) 2011

The U.S. Constitution - Celebrate the Day! image Constitution Day dot com

For readers edification, there is a day set aside to celebrate the signing of the final document that became the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America. The date September 17, 1787, eleven years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For information on activities and more: Visit: Constitution

CNN Tea Party Debate Review: Overall Winner – The Tea Party – All Candidates Rumble Showcase Ideas and Mettle – Palin If In - Strategy Brilliant

CNN-Tea Party Express Buses - Normalizing the Norm for America - image: humble

In what had begun as a grass roots revolt against higher taxes, the size and scope of the U.S. Government, government regulations run amok and a return to the U.S. Constitution, the Tea Party Movement (Taxed Enough Already), has been characterized as a right-wing, terrorist, crazy group of individuals, who’s raising political voice, terrorized the media and certain members of Congress and the Obama administration. The transition from fringe to mainstream was completed last evening by CNN News who co-hosted with the Tea Party, what has been to date, the best debate forum by any network, at the Tampa Fair Grounds. Wolf Blitzer took questions from both the audience in Tampa and remote location “watch parties” in three states. The size and scope of the Tea Party was made evident, and the questions posed to the GOP candidates were sound, having more to do with policy than frivolous “What would Jesus do?” questions heard in previous years debates. The pace was fast, yet, Blitzer gave time to all candidates insuring that although the alleged “front-runners” rumbled back and forth (Perry and Romney), each candidate was asked to weigh in – repeatedly. One might have expected such a move from FOX News and/or the ratings hungry MSNBC, in order to boost ratings, rather, CNN, has now become the voice of moderation – we have entered the political twilight zone.

As to winners and losers on technical points, Rick Perry held his own, yet appeared to be somewhat shaken by the repeated questions by his peers of his Executive Order mandating vaccination of pre-pubescent girls against the HPV virus, with an opt out, rather than an opt-in for parents. In addition, Perry’s in-state tuition for those on a pathway to citizenship was met with criticism. During both of these incidents, Romney remained silent, coming at Perry over the issue of Social Security. Romney, who became more apparently ruffled, looked on the verge of losing his temper on several occasions during the discourse. Bachmann appears to be still in the game and then some, appearing confident and much stronger than in the previous debate held on MSNBC, and Santorum, Gingrich and Cain offered reasonable options, along with the most moderate of the bunch, Huntsman. The perennial candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, went off the proverbial rails when he began to cite The U.S. as the cause of the attacks on September 11th, citing Osama Bin Laden – he was consequently, booed by those in attendance, and came off sounding less Libertarian than Progressive. Overall best line of the night went to Newt Gingrich: In an exchange between Romney and Perry regarding the disaster of Social Security and Romney assertion that Perry is “scaring the elderly”, Gingrich shot back: (paraphrased) "Obama is scaring everyone."

In watching the debate one began to have a sense that almost everyone of those individuals on the stage would bring ideas and leadership skills to the table, regardless of where the current standing is in the polls – the exception being, in this opinion, Ron Paul, who although brilliant, does differ from most Conservatives in regards to the root causes of September 11th, foreign policy overall, and the question of open borders. Moreover, it is clearly too early to call a permanent front-runner, as fortunes in the polls, come and go between September and the Debates of November and December, mere months before the first primary and caucuses in 2012.

This leaves room for additional candidates, a la Ronald Reagan, to enter the fray. Immediately following the debate, Sarah Palin weighed in on the debate and the performance of the current candidates, on Fox New with Greta Van Susteren, (video below). Asked and answered at least a thousand times, Palin continues to hold that her entry (or non-entry) into the 2012 field will be a time of her own choosing, not dictated by the media. However, the run-down on all candidates and the overall impression during her analysis was that she was readying to take to the field, as to timing of an announcement that is for Palin to decide. As a strategy, it may prove to be brilliant: first Mitt Romney lead the field, with his background in economics, and a short stint as Governor of Massachusetts, he was closely followed in the polls by Michelle Bachmann, who won the Iowa Straw Poll, and was within points of Romney. Perry entered the race to much anticipation, and shot past Romney, effectively pointing out to anyone with a grasp on reality that Romney has trouble holding his own in this field, and polls gave the favor to Perry, by double digits over the former Bay State Governor.

However, after last evenings debate, questions are clear as to Rick Perry’s management of the Executive order (and a possible tie to cronyism, which, although down home in style, Perry has been in a political office for the majority of his career – double points), and his immigration stance. This took a bit of shine off the Texas Governor. The points scored against Perry, as noted by the Austin Statesman came from “Second Tier Candidates” not his “chief rival”. One can view this as either Romney taking a break and letting the rest of the “pack” beat up Perry, or Romney preferred not to go where the tables could be turned on Romney.

Therefore, as the front runners so often take so many hits, and then begin to slide in the polls, a late entry not only picks up support from those candidates who no longer can sustain a campaign (too early), and /or those top tier candidates who are less appealing than at first glance. This is especially true, if one is in third place in polls, after several debates, having not announced any intentions. Those that want to ensure the nominees now, based on the current field, may have to wait, till the ides of September, or beyond – however, it is most likely that Palin will make an announcement sooner than later in order, in her words (paraphrased) to be fair to her supporters.

Fox Post Debate Palin Video Below

or linkVideo vs.crony capitalism

In CNN’s post debate analysis, Bachmann scored the most points – suggest reading the transcript at, for a take on the proceedings from the network who has, as of last evening (and possibly before as the CNN Express travels with the Tea Party Express), most accurately portrayed the Tea Party and its members as viable to the U.S., the World, the Military and Latino’s as it simulcast the debate on all of its channels.

Note: tips being what they are in the world of bloggers previous to the debate, from three different sources - “She will not appear at the debate (referring to Palin) or announce this evening” – “She’s not in Tampa….” When, may or may not be speculation at this point, but out of respect for the Governor, and in light of speculation being just that, one might hold off in noting a specific date mentioned. (In the event that this is not shear speculation) The pre-debate “intel” had Palin in Tampa, about to participate, (from a variety of forums/sites) and or weigh in at some point, which she did, from Alaska.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Reminder: CNN Tea Party Debate, Monday September 12th, 2011

Speaking of Social Security - the CNN Tea Party 2012 GOP Debate will be held today, in Tampa: CNNwill provide coverage beginning at 8PM, check your local listings.

Rick Perry’s “Ponzi Scheme” RE: Social Security – Politically Incorrect VS. Facing Reality: Number of Seniors VS Birthrate Recorded by U.S. Census

Mailer that was considered controversial by some Republican's from CT

Texas Governor Rick Perry, 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate, has used the term “Ponzi Scheme” in reference to the need to shore up Social Security and the term has both the left and the right in an uproar. The term "Ponzi Scheme" refers to an enterprise that has those at the top making gains, while those at the bottom pay in, yet have no realistic chance of actually benefiting. Today’s Social Security Recipients rely heavily on their benefits, yet for the past two years, they have not received an annual “Cost of Living” living increase. The reasoning: zero inflation according to the Social Security Administration. The methods used to calculate inflation are derived from the Consumer Price Index, calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which method calculates a “weighted” index on items such as food, which they track but then “seasonally adjust” – therefore, one might use the term “creative accounting”, when looking for a reason why hamburger and chicken are no longer affordable to those who are living on a “fixed income” such as social security. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also has a handy calculator online that allows one to figure out the buying power of a dollar from year to year. According to this calculator, the dollar is worth .4 cents less in 2011 than it was in 2010, based on a 3.6% rate of inflation. Therefore, for 2012 there will be a rise in the Cost of Living for SSI recipients. However, this past year as real inflation took hold; those seniors with only Social Security to rely upon have been making some tough choices. Moreover, in 2012 there will be a slight increase, however, it will be offset by the rising costs of Medicare insurance, which is deducted from the recipients monthly payment”.

What about those about to retire? The Baby Boomers and preceding generations.

One has to understand that with baby boomers about to start collecting unemployment this year, the sheer numbers of those entering the Social Security Systems, and those that are left to pay into the social security systems is somewhat mismatched. Therefore, with fewer high wage earning younger individuals at the bottom, paying into a system, that is top heavy, something has to give eventually. Moreover, the birth Rate for the U.S. is becoming similar to the European birth rate, and and set a new record low in 2010 according to the U.S. Census .

Fewer people paying into a system that supports a massive influx of pensioners is bound to result in chaos (see Europe as model – specifically Greece). Those politicians from both sides of the aisle that to use a tired phrase “kick the can down the road”, are literally insuring that even those individuals set to retire in the next 20 years may see a substantial reduction in benefits. In fact, if one is in their fifties, one can expect their quarterly social security earnings statement to come complete with a “caveat” – “don’t’ rely on Social Security alone” (paraphrased).

One solution would be, in the short term and long term, to allow those who are at the bottom rung to pay a percentage into the program, while giving them an option to invest a percentage in a program similar to the program in place for U.S. Government retirees who are not eligible (or minimally eligible) for Social Security. These programs do come with certain risks, however, over a period time, just like any retirement investment account, the future retiree is advised go move monies into more “secure” investments that might yield a small annual percentage, but are also “safe”. Therefore, the U.S. working populations should enjoy the same benefits as say, members of Congress.

Obviously, to yank the proverbial rug out from under those receiving benefits now is not the objective of either political party, and or politician, including Rick Perry. However, Perry’s use of the shocking term “Ponzi Scheme” is certainly a conversation starter, and one which is not , when viewed literally, incorrect.

With the Federal Governments hands in nearly every aspect of American’s lives, from health insurance,(so called “Obama Care”, to Medicare and Medicaid), to retirement insurance (Social Security) and now student loans (passed in a spending bill while everyone was looking at Universal Health Care), the U.S. Citizen is now tethered to the Government from literally cradle to grave. The only real option to safeguard these programs is to outsource to the private sector, and at the same time increase the options available to those purchasing health insurance, retirement accounts and student loans, which would result in competition, and lower rates (or increase returns on retirement accounts).

See Rick Perry’s editorial in USA Today Here: Titled: “I am going to be honest with the American people” . It’s time someone was. Unfortunately, one can bet the house, that those with political gains to be had, will continue to play the “Social Security Card”, regardless of any statement Rick Perry or anyone else makes, by sending out mailers, holding “Senior Appreciation dinners in Congressional districts”, and blasting Republican’s as those ready to take away benefits. It has been a practice for years, while Republican’s who do have solid ideas (see George Bush’s attempt at Social Security Reform blocked by the Democrats house and Senate, which basically allowed for those not yet retired to have a choice between standard Social Security and paying into a system which was modeled on the one that Congress now has.), and those that wish to now run for President, are busy saying all is well, in fear of being “unelectable”. Rick Perry may not be necessarily as eloquent a speaker, or as polished at the debate forum as Governor Mitt Romney (yet) or (name a politician from any of the two major political parties), however, he has a valid point.

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