Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Atomic Jihad

In recent news reports coming out of Iran regarding the development of nuclear what-ever, one has to ponder what it might mean if a regime headed by a president who believes he has a direct link to the Prophet (Allah), had the ability to carry out jihad with the push of a button.

One also has to ponder what type of retaliation might come from a country who was the recipient of said atomic jihad.

Being from the era where children were taught from an early age exactly what nuclear weapons were capable of doing, anyone who remembers the lessons of the 1950's and 1960's might want to share exactly how they felt when faced with the ever present threat of "the bomb".

The population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 is not quite the same as say, Los Angeles or New York, 2006. If the September 11th attacks were enough to send one into shock for days, weeks, months or years; then imagine what might happen if the Iranian's decided to lob a similar device in the direction of the US.

Diplomacy is all well and good, depending upon the rationality of either or both nations at the table.

Ask yourself, are you comfortable with Iran (or any such state for the matter) in possession of, or near possession of a weapon of this magnitude?

Are you comfortable with the thought that this could be your city and this could be the remains of your daughter, son, mother, father or spouse.

There is little press analysis; apparently the birth of a celebrity's child is more important than the possibility of an Armageddon.

It is time for all citizens to be wary; conventional weapons are horrifying, but nuclear weapons - that's another story.

Shock and Awe may be in order: I believe the adage: "Bomb the back to the stoneage" may apply in this instance. Spoken out of fear and sanity.

Hiroshima City, August 6, 1945

Nagasaki, The Aftermath, August 10, 1945

Monday, April 17, 2006

A big topic this weekend was the issue of illegal immigrants. Not all illegal immigrants - the focus was on those illegal immigrants protesting en masse and demanding that their lands be given back to the rightful owners, Mexico. The general censuses among generally liberal Massachusetts citizens was similar to that voiced in the forum entry in the previous post. Round em up, ship em out, build a fence, close that border down!

Someone forgot to tell our Senator not all liberals are so - liberal. In response to an explanation of where Mr. Kennedy might stand on this particular issue, the following form email was received.

"Dear Mrs. H:

Thank you for contacting me concerning the ongoing debate over immigration reform. This is a complex issue, with many concerns, and it requires a comprehensive solution. 12 million undocumented workers are currently living in the United States, working, paying taxes, and raising children who are U.S. citizens. These undocumented immigrants contribute to our economy, and it is long past time to provide legal avenues to bring them out from the shadows.

Border enforcement has increased dramatically from 1990 to 2004. The budget for the Border Patrol has increased from $263 million in 1990 to $1.6 billion today - a six-fold increase. During this period, between 480,000 and 660,000 undocumented immigrants entered the U.S. each year. In all, nearly 9 million have arrived since 1990. Our immigration system is broken, and enforcement alone will not fix it.

We need realistic and comprehensive solutions that will protect our borders, enable temporary workers to enter the country legally, and allow workers already here to earn legal status. IÂ’m proud to be a sponsor, with Senator McCain, of the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, a comprehensive reform of our nationÂ’s immigration system. Under our proposal undocumented immigrants who wish to become citizens must show they are currently working, pay a $2000 fine, work for an additional six years, pass security checks, pay taxes, learn to speak English, learn about American civics, and get in line behind all other legal immigrants before being eligible for a green card.

Border Security is addressed in the bill. It establishes a National Border Security Strategy, based on "smart" border technology, information sharing, and cooperation with our neighbors. A new temporary visa will be created to allow foreign workers to enter the U.S. The visa will be valid for 3 years, and can be renewed one time for a total of 6 years. Enforcement of current laws will be strengthened, improving fraud detection and allowing random audits of employers to ensure compliance with existing labor laws. Unnecessary obstacles preventing families from being together when immigrating to the U.S. are also removed. The bill will enable undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows, submit to background checks, and register for legal status. During this time, they would have to continue working, play by the rules, and pay substantial fines and back taxes. The bill is not an amnesty, which implies that all is forgiven. It is not. Undocumented workers must pay fines and go to the back of the line before earning a chance for citizenship.

By heritage and history, America is a nation of immigrants. Our bill proposes necessary changes in the law while preserving this tradition. These necessary changes will ensure that immigrant families today, as in the past, continue to live the American dream and contribute to our prosperity, our security, and our values.

Again, thank you for writing to me about this important issue.

Edward M. Kennedy"

Mr. Kennedy is obviously not in tune with his constituatnts. The problem is not that complex. First, these are not undocumented workers; they are illegal aliens. Individuals who have chosen to come into this country on their own speed, knowingly circumventing legal entry.

They take away from the economy. Ask a union rep, any union rep, and that person will state that without illegal workers, companies would be forced to increase wages and offer health benefits, etc. I believe the unions are still funding Mr. Kenndy.

Additionally, there is nothing wrong with our current immigration laws other than the fact that they are not enforced.

There are questions that need to be addressed by the McCain-Kennedy amendment.

What country is offering cooperation on the boder? Mexican troops have escorted drug dealers across the Rio Grande into US territory. There's been little to no cooperation from Vincente Fox and the next administration will be even less likely to cooperate.
What will happen to those illegal immigrants who refuse to pay a $2000 fine?
How many will be able to afford to pay a $2000 fine?
Will that $2000 fine be another tax subsidy?

The solution: Deport 12,000 Million illegals?
Probably not.
New Bill: enforce existing laws; aid in this enforcement by building a fence, wall, what-have-you and adding additional security forces - military forces.
Place heavy fines on companies who are hiring illegal immigrants.
When an illegal immigrant is found inside our borders through either a routine traffic stop, rape, murder, etc., (i.e. committing a crime) send them back to their country of origin.
Allow those illegal immigrants who are inside these borders a grace of 60 days to register for a work visa or face deportment. Then if they don't comply, put them on a bus.

This might be a somewhat costly plan, what with transporting illegal aliens to the border, hiring additional civil servants to process those in the country, etc. but, either way, the American taxpayer is going to notice.

With this simple, not so complicated plan, we would gain control of our borders, stop the flow of illegal immigrants and somewaht appease the human rights activists at the same time.

If I were an Iranian suicide bomber: I might be tempted to make reservations for a flight to Mexico City. It's a hop, skip and a jump over our current open border. Surely out of the 29 targets suggested by Iran, one of them might be Hollywood.

Sit back and watch just how jingoistic Sarandan, Clooney, and that ilk become when the situation becomes more personal.

It is believed that the DNC is more divided that the red and blue states at the present time. The following months should prove interesting. Whatever the outcome of that party's woes; all American's should be pushing hard for defence of our borders and our soverignity.

Little is gained through chaos.
Welcome to Monday in the rolling hills of supposedly liberal and intellectual Western Massachusetts. Back I trot to the local newspapers' "public" forum to see what the latest "buzz" among reporters, students and teachers might be (likely occupations of forum postees)regarding topics from local news to politics. There has been a pattern that has developed over the past four years in which the conservative posters (the same posters year in and year out) and the "liberal" posters (again, same posters year in and year out) duke it out in a battle of what passes for wits.

Why did I place "liberal" in quotations? - Read a segment of a recent thread below - I was stricken by a line from a fellow (assuming fellow) who takes his "handle" from his hero: Al Franken. This daily diatribe listing the death of American's fine volunteer fighting force started at one. What is most disturbing is that "fofinger" copy and paste's "facts" every day without a variation, additionally, the 1960's speech "Tell it like it is" always accompanies the posts. Immediately following September 11th, 2001 one of the Berrigan brothers held an anti-war rally on a local campus, (no war or retaliation was mentioned at this time) decrying the deaths of young American's in war and of course the atrocities our troops would commit on innocent civilians, and of course, how George Bush was a war criminal (no war had begun as of yet) and how America deserved attack because of our horrible policies towards you name it. We're dirty, rotten capitalist. It was a good thing I took notes, as disgusted as i was. At the time, I was in my second childhood degree program, and when I saw the small crowd of professors and 10 or so students surrounding this relic of the 1960's I thought to myself - "these people are still alive, kicking and dangerously seditious except this time - there are no hoards of protesters. In fact, if the anti-war protests and anti-Bush protesters could have drawn 1/10 of the people that the immigration rallies have drawn at one event, the current administration might have taken notice.

"2,373 American troops
by fofinger, 4/15/06 17:31 ET
have lost their lives in Iraq
Saddam was captured on December 13, 2003

2,152 American men and women have been killed since Saddam Hussein has been in prison.

The Iraqi people are worse off now than they were under Saddam's oppressive leadership, that's why they are turning to their religion rather than Bush's choice of new leadership for their country. (Back this up with some fact, please)

Bush's occupation of Iraq has destroyed the respect and admiration that the world had for our country. (Back this up with additional fact please)

Bush's occupation and meddling in Iraq has inflamed the Muslim world against us and brought us closer to a third World War than we have ever been before. (Ibid)

Bush's supporters are the only reason that have made it possible for him to continue his policies of global terrorism. (Generally speaking, this is true)

Bush's supporters are directly responsible for the deaths of our military troops and thousands of Iraqi's when we could have been the saviors of it's people by allowing them to find their own resolve after Saddam was removed from the situation. (This is hysterical!)

Bush's actions in Iraq have destroyed the economy of this nation for generations to come and his supporters are not the least bit concerned about it. (Seventeen straight quarters with gains? - Does he not read the wall street journal?)
2,373 dead"

39020.2. tell it like it is fo! ! ! !
by pintobiens, 4/15/06 18:18 ET
Re: 2,373 American troops by fofinger, 4/15/06
39020.2.1. 3,000 stupid posts
by aceintheplak, 4/16/06 9:04 ET
Re: 2,373 American troops by fofinger, 4/16/06
and counting... More us soldiers die in a day from old age than have in IRAQ...
39020.4. Tell it like it is fo!!... 2,373 murdered for Bush's glory
by AlFranken, 4/16/06 9:31 ET
Re: 2,373 American troops by fofinger, 4/16/06
39020.5. God bless them for their service against....
by RIGHTONRED, 4/16/06 9:54 ET
Re: 2,373 American troops by fofinger, 4/16/06
the war on terrorism!!!!! Thank you!
39020.5.1. It would be better if they died guarding our southern border
by AlFranken, 4/16/06 13:51 ET
Re: 2,373 American troops by fofinger, 4/16/06
from the hordes of criminals that Bush lets into this country every day.

Is Al Franken Serious? Should we really have our troops on the border shooting down hoards of illegal's that George Bush is personally responsible for letting into this country every day?

Where is the humanity of the progressive, anti-war movement?

What frauds. Are the people posting who they claim to be? I belive they are.

"The new face of the Democratic party"

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