Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama About to Bring Down the Democrat Party – For Decades with Executive Immigration Reform

The President is set to announce his own immigration reform, without Congress, and according to Yahoo News service, this will irk Republicans (Yahoo).

Additional, the Washington Post suggests that ahead of the announcement the President will dine with select Democrats – no Republicans – most likely to rally what’s left of his base in the Chambers (Washington Post)

Add to the insistence by County Sheriffs that this will destroy democracy and leave gaping holes for terrorists(MRCTVP) or that the party was just beyond trounced in what was historic proportions in both House Chambers, the man is deluded into thinking he’s adding to a legacy or, perhaps, adding to the appeal of Democrats in his base. In any case, he is deluded - unless he is playing to big business which just loves illiterate and illegal immigrants that will work for pennies, and not complain.

So, it’s either delusion or greed, take your pick.

While it is true, one senior Republican suggested this move might cause anarchy in the nation (USA Today), it will most likely come from the majority of Democrats rather than the regular base.

Here is where it hurts the party. Those African American and working class solid Democrats are simply not on board with the President. They want those borders locked down – and a focus on job creation as a priority. This was never made plainer when they did go out and vote this past election. If they had not, the Senate would have held, along with State offices in multiple State’s, from the governor’s office to Dog catcher. This was true in Massachusetts, where Martha Coakley was trumped. It was truer in CT where Malloy almost lost his job, and in VA where a Senate race should never have been that close.

Those that did not vote, stayed home and grumbled. If they could not pull a lever for a Republican in the 2014 election, watch how fast they move to pull one in the 2016 general.

We are a nation of immigrants, yet, highly suspicious of illegal immigrants, and new immigrants, and it is historically a fact, especially when it comes to “blue states”. (See Gangs of New York for starters – rent on Netflix).

Therefore, the only problem the Republican’s have is to start working towards more party diversity and paint every single Democrat on Obama’s side, from now till Nov. 2016. It’s not difficult given they were exemplary at using his as well as the former Congressional Representatives and Senators who, try and they might to distance themselves, were shown as totally in bed with the President.

The very smart move would have been to wait until the next Session in January when the Republican Senate Bill that had been sitting on Harry Reids desk, could be brought to the floor and sent to the president to sign. A total of 218 immigration bills are now sitting in the Senate – and a similar number in the House

Therefore, he could take his pick, have Harry move one of those forward, and stop the B.S. and the destruction of my fathers’ party. The Republican’s won’t impeach him, (Joe Biden is often the answer as to why not), and letting him ride his own crazy train right into destruction station is the obvious plan.

Since it’s unlikely that the President would pick up a GOP Immigration Bill, and that the Republicans’ have their “groove” on – they can count on new and very fervent members of their Party for the General Election.

Monday, November 17, 2014

T – 25% of households under water – crossing socio-economic barriers – Taxed much?

The Hartford Courant’sarticle on the 25% of Connecticut households living under water, with some making 61,000 per year (approximate), and others being students not yet able to afford to move from a parents home, is somewhat telling of the state of Connecticut .

This also applies to the other 50 states and where those same families may fare better than say, in Connecticut. The Tax Foundation offers a table of state by state tax burdens here, there 2011. At that time, Connecticut had an 11.9% state tax rate compared to say, Texas at 7.5%. This data includes all state and local taxes. It also does not take into account the following that may be lending to the overall downsizing of the American worker’s dollars: The federal tax burden and fees, including EPA fees paid by business and homeowners with every water bill, fees on cable services, the gas tax, etc. etc..

Therefore, as the inflation on items such as food and fuel (which are not counted in the Bureau of Labor (Federal) as they are too volatile to include, rises, and the dollar buys less, an inordinate tax burden on the citizens by both the state and federal bureaucracy makes both complicit in the fortunes, or lack thereof, of the individuals in each state.

One might suggest that those living in Massachusetts, New Jersey, states on the west coast and in between that subscribe to the federal and state governments as benevolent societies (on the back of the taxpayer) are in no better shape.

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