Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ISIS – extremist bent on Jihad coming to a border year you?

A recent report from Dallas CBS local, notes that Iraqi Extremist, (ISIS) who have vowed to bring their barbaric form of jihad and forced conversions to the United States, would slip into the U.S. through the Mexican border (Dallas CBS Local).

Adding fuel to that fire, the U.K. Daily Mail, has a video and photographs of filmmaker, James O’Keefe, crossing the U.S. Mexican border dressed as Osama Bin Laden - without not one person noticing.

That ‘stunt’ if you will, does lend credence to the fact that having border security station 40 miles from the actual border, may leave the U.S. open to attack. With reports of ranchers seeing armed cartel members crossing the border and the real possibility that ISIS might use these cartels to gain control as well as cash, makes for one large gap in national security. The drug war (such as it is) would make excellent cover for those who would truly enforce Sharia on the U.S. and fulfill their religious mandate to ensure the world adheres to Islam.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Madeline Albright, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates – Russia, Putin, and the Constant Threat of a Megalomaniac

During a panel discussion at Aspen, CO – former Secretaries of State, Rice and Albright, joined by former Defense Gates, and moderated by former Undersecretary of State, Burns, one thing was made extremely clear – the greatest threat in their combined opinion was Russia, Putin specifically. The discussion was televised by CSPAN with the video available at www.c-span.org/video/?3207821/former-cabinet-secretaries-russia-ukrain. What this blogger took away from this meeting of extraordinary minds is the following: Putin is either seriously deranged an ego-maniac whose hunger for a return of the Soviet Union, with a penchant for Stalinism is of serious concern. The Russians run “black opps” in the East, which account for hatred of the west in nations/cultures that would celebrate the demise of the U.S.A. and Russia considers itself to be, psychology speaking, nurtured so to speak having lost the cold war. They see themselves as the “East” and the West (Europe/America’s) as the foe.

Also of interest was the constant near agreement between Rice and Albright – giving credence to the dismal state of affairs with Putin at the helm, and to be certain, not without some stunning humorous wit, on the part of the panel.

As there are so many threats in the world at present, understanding a bit more about the relationship between Russia (Putin) and the West is enlightening.

One writer for the Huffington Post, had a slightly different take on the panel, notwithstanding the fact that it is necessary to stymie Putin with his aggressive push to the Ukraine, the writer turns to blame the entire problem with Russia on the United States, specifically the Kennedy administration. The love of Russia and denial amongst progressives has historical significance in that those erstwhile professors living in the world of academia, and envisioning a perfect society, having either visited or viewed films of the perfect Russia, were duped like so many others into believing that all was perfect. While of course, the U.S. was to blame.

From an historical perspective, the murder of the Czar and subsequent “revolution” was promulgated by the trend of the monarchy to push the nation westward, to join Europe, to become more civilized, less Eastern, and each and every subsequent dictator envisioned himself as an Alexander the Great. This apparently in the combined opinions of those who have met the man is also true. It is well worth watching.

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