Friday, July 31, 2009

Coverage of Historic Iranian Protests for Freedom Limited in US - Focus on Obama’s Beer Fest at White House - Analysis

Obama Beer Summit Captures Attention of American Press - rather than Protest in Iran - image MSNBC - Getty

July 30, 2009 brought continued large-scale anti-government protests to the Iranian Capital as well as in cities throughout that nation, yet news of this event was difficult to find on any major U.S. televised network. CNN did run a short video clip, which at the time showed protests in one location only. Newspapers, however, were a different story. For example, UPI noted that “hundreds” gathered at the Neda Gravesite, in the article here, while further in the article noted that CNN estimated 2,000 to 3,000 people were in attendance. The Washington Post notes that thousands were in involved in the protests, which is more accurate as the “official numbers” (those coming from the regime – as the U.S. news outlets do not have reporters in Iran) are skewed. What was of import to networks such as ABC, CBS, and cable news networks CNN, FOX, was Obama’s “sit-down” with radical professor Gates and the Police officer who arrested the President’s friend for disorderly conduct. Some of the networks had clocks counting down the hours to the “Beer Summit” (as they were serving beer) – as if anyone but the press was actually that engaged.

The problem is twofold: the American Press is more enamored of the President than the American People at this point (see Obama by the numbers, now down below 50% approval at 48% and falling. What is mind-boggling is that the Iranian protests, although historic in nature, due to the fact that they are even taking place, let alone, have continued for over 40 days with no end in sight, are not even on the radar presumably because they (News outlets) do not have sources on the ground in Iran.
Apparently, they will not start covering the events until they can get those camera’s and anchors in country, regardless of the fact that there are hundreds of video’s being pushed out of Iran documenting the sheer size of the protests, the brutality of the regime, and the determination of the citizens to continue to protest until there is a free Republic of Iran.

When those involved in the Iranian Revolution (for that is what it is) do either execute or exile the current regime members, perhaps those networks will decide to cover that event. That is, unless the President is giving yet another news conference, holding another apology beer fest, or heading out for a burger with the vice-president – which will, according to pattern – take precedence.
It is no wonder therefore, that more American’s are no longer tuning in – rather seeking information elsewhere, either through citizen journalism (blogs), or news organizations abroad. The newspapers in the U.S. appear to “get it” as they have been covering the story as best they can (again, apparently concerned about sources such as live video from YouTube, being less trustworthy than CNN)

The implications of this particular historic movement are legion; a free Democratic Republic of Iran would join Israel as the second most cosmopolitan country in the Middle East. The interests of those involved in the protests appear to be similar to the interests of most U.S. citizens, freedom being primary. The fact that they have little use for allying themselves with China and Russia, bode well for the European nations that have shown support, in the way of commerce, and the fact that those who are currently involved are insisting that they will not allow outside interests to negotiate on their behalf immediacy excludes those nations that feel they are able to be “power brokers” with other nations. They are a nation that will be distinctly Persian. The current regimes finance of terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah will come to a screeching halt which will put an end (temporarily at best) to ongoing attacks on Israel. Of no small import, there will be one less rouge regime in the world, that is not only nuclear capable, but one which sits on the UN Human Rights Committee, while murdering its own people and plotting the destruction of its neighbors. Speaking of which, there is a lack of coverage on the fact that recently abandoned Iraq, is aiding the Iranian Regime – (it is doubtful that ploy will succeed, yet had American forces remained in Iraq, the Iranians fighting for freedom might not have to do so on two fronts)
Yet, a beer fest, complete with countdown clock, took front and center stage, while Iranians took to the streets, again in record numbers. The action taken by U.S. news outlets was not unnoticed, by American’s as well as those in Iran who are fighting for their freedom. After several posts noting the disparity appeared on Twitter, CNN jumped in and made several desperate tweets noting that there was indeed coverage of the event, complete with a link to CNN “World”, (not the home page of the site which gives an overview of world events and U.S. events). One has to hand it to CNN; at the very least they are paying attention.

In the final analysis, what will these networks (journalists) who are married to the administration (psychologically) do when (not if), the Presidents, popularity continues to decline, the Congress sees its own “regime change” in 2010 to 2012, and the possibility that Obama may be a one-term President becomes a reality?

For coverage of the events in Iran, yesterday and forward – for news sources check: Google Blog Search.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update Iran 07-30-09 – Crowds Overwhelm Security Forces – LA Times

According to CNN, Clashes began, when Mousavvi was barred from attending a memorialservice for Neda, the young woman gunned down by Khomeini’s imported Arab (see Hammas and Hezbollah soon seeking new financial backer) forces when the protests first began. From the LA Times the crowds overwhelmed security forces, due to the sheer numbers of protestors. The protests were not limited to Tehran, but to the entire country. Although CNN reports approximately 2,000 protestors,there are estimates of up to 40,000 in the European press.

The Video Below (You Tube) shows a change in attitude of the people – as how much they want to enjoy freedom and what they have and are willing to sacrifice in order to gain it - chants of “"We are children of WAR. Fight us and we will fight back!" can be heard.
Today, more video showing the regime in tatters, and the brutality used by those that would impression 70 million citizens, has come to the web than at any other time in the past. Free Iran.

Tehran 7-30-09

Theran 7-30-09 Protests to Free Prisoners Continues into Evening

7-30-09/9 Mordad – Iran Update - Thousands Protesting In Iran – Streets Erupt – A Fight for Freedom, Not Seen in Centuries

Thousands of Protesters have taken to the streets and the fighting continues tonight in Iran. There are reports of fighting in Shiraz, Rasht, Ahvaz, Isfehan, Mashhad, Oromieh and Mahabad and the chants from the rooftops have been taken to the streets.

The Iranian people are now actively fighting back – and will continue to do so until free of the current regime. The BBC is reporting on police clashing with mourners, while chants of death to the dictator, God is Great, and death to China and Russia continue. The protesters are using Twitter and other outlets to get videos and photographs to the news networks as the fighting continues. They are doing this in open defiance of and despite of the violence surrounding them. This is a fight for freedom, the likes of which have not been seen in centuries. The only question now is when will the regime crumble - the people have lost their fear.

Health Care Stalled Until Fall in Both House and Senate – Obama continues to Blame “Republican’s”, Democrats control the vote.

The Senate and the House have declined to vote on the Administration’s Health Care plan until after the fall recess. This despite a visit to the Congress from Rham Emanuel, who failed to deliver – Emanuel is being criticized by left of center, Maxine Waters (D-CA), for recruiting the Blue Dog Democrats responsible for stalling the bill in committee. Therefore, Rham is caught between a rock and a hard place – the left (which is pushing this legislation), would not be in a position to do so had Emanuel found more like-minded socialist-progressive Democrats, who would have lost in 2008, leaving the Democrats without a majority.

Now Obama is faced with a major defeat for his administration yet continues to take to the road, hawking a plan that is far from perfected, and one which the majority of American’s now feel the nation could do without. In order to gain sympathy from the general public, Obama continues to blame “Republican’s” and go with the “Sky is Falling” approach. In a recent press conference, he insisted that without his health care plan, premiums would skyrocket, while in town hall meetings with Seniors (AARP), he had this to say to those who depend on Medicare: “As costs balloon, so does Medicare's budget. And unless we act within a decade -- within a decade -- the Medicare trust fund will be in the red.” He is also blaming “Republican’s” for derailing his plans , specifically, Senator Jim DeMint (R) who, spoke about the possibility of this particular plan being Obama’s political Waterloo. This later transformed into his recent mantra of, “Republican’s who want this to fail for political reasons”, which the nation, apparently is not buying.

It's about Freedom of Choice.

From the leftist blog the “Daily Kos” come the final blow in the article “The Dems lost this debate once Single Payer became Public Option”. Understanding from a progressive point of view, that private health insurance should be eliminated in favor of a government run universal health care plan, this article is interesting in that choice is viewed by Progressives (the President , Obama, is a Progressive), as unhealthy, that the American people (i.e. “masses), don’t know what’s good for them.”

Obviously, when the extremist Daily Kos is throwing in the proverbial towel, there is “trouble in River City.”
With the 2010 elections taking the stage and Obama’s poll numbers continuing to slide south,( Gallop’s latest has him at a has him at a 53% approval, while Rasmussen has him hovering at 50% (note these approval ratings include those who “somewhat approve”.) the Democrats most likely to retain their jobs are those same “Blue Dogs” who are centric. With the Stimulus failing to provide much needed jobs, rising State Taxes, and one more “rush” this program though without reading it because the sky is falling” bill, the President has lost credibility, and those numbers have nowhere to go but down. This will, of course, cause a “Bush effect” for those who were in lockstep with the Democrat party.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Massachusetts Sales, Satellite TV and Tax on Unemployement Benefits on 8-1-09 – Battle of the Blue States- NH Readies for Influx of Mass. Tax Refugees

A Sign of the Times - Leaving Massachsuetts

Massachusetts’ newest taxes go into effect on August 1, 2009, the one tax getting all the headlines in the 25% increase in the State Sales Tax, however, there are multiple taxes that will impact consumers across the Bay State, including a 5% tax on satellite TV provider subscriptions, and provision that allows the Commonwealth to by-pass the Stimulus on Corporate Tax Rates as well as personal income taxes on 9 month subsidies for Cobra Benefit Extensions (Health Care). In 2010, a tax on all polls and wires on public ways will take effect, all taxes on corporations, and communications will end up in the lap of the consumer, either by way of corporations existing stage North or South (New Hampshire or Rhode Island), and increases in telephone and cable invoices to consumers. (For details on all new taxes visit: The Massachustts Department of Revenue)

The State of New Hampshire is welcoming the Commonwealth Residents who are crossing the border to shop. Last week, New Hampshire Governor’s John Lynch, signed signed NH Senate Bill 5 into law. This bill prohibits New Hampshire Retailers from disclosing consumer information to any “foreign” entity (i.e. the Commonwealth). Last May, the Commonwealth lost a battle with the Granite State over collection of taxes on Massachusetts residents who purchased tires in the Granite State from a chain store that had locations in several states, - this new bill is the latest in the Battle of Blues State Democrat Governors who tax and spend themselves out of office. Lynch, recently passed a hefty 38% tax increase onto New Hampshire residents and corporations (The NH Department of Revenue, however, there is little incentive for those consumers in New Hampshire to take a trip south to the Bluest State as the taxes apply to cigarettes, hotels and restaurants, and corporations.

Of InterestMassahcustts Gubernatorial candidate, Christy Mihos, has set up a webcam on the New Hampshire side of the border on route 28, , the intent of which is to prove the sales tax increase will drive the current number (18,000) of Massachusetts daily border crossers through the roof on August 1st. Mihos, a businessman who understands the impact of tax increases on both business and consumer, has the cam fed through his website here. Mihos, an independent, populist Republican, will face Charles Baker, former Health Care CEO, in the Massachusetts Primary. Both candidates are polling above Democrat Govenor Duval Patrick in a recent Boston Globe poll

The bottom line for Massachusetts, regardless of any signs of Federal Stimulus Monies, is someone has to pay for the out-of-control, budget busting, Commonwealth Care (Massachusetts State Government Run Health Care), that leaves the declining number of working Massachusetts Residents and what’s left of the employers in the State. It is no mere coincidence that when Massachusetts increases corporate and personal taxes, there is a loss of businesses first, then residents – eroding the tax base. The solution: dismantle the government run health program, turn it over to the private sector and reduce the ridiculous number of pricey mandated health benefits changing the focus on mandates to preventive care and necessary treatment of life-threatening illnesses. This would result in a) immediate increased revenue for the Commonwealth, and a reduction of costs in private health insurance premiums – or a “tax cut” for the middle class – which would allow Govenor Duval Patrick to keep the “Yes, We Can” promise of lowering middle class taxes, before he is out of a job. Meanwhile, expect Massachusetts residents who live within driving range of any state (and what’s a 2 hour drive to save $500 or more on a big-ticket item?), to take advantage of shopping North and South of the Massachusetts border.

Video from NECN – Christy Mihos “Mass Backwards” Cam

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stimulus Job Creation - States Include 1 Week Jobs in Tally –U.S. Corporate Tax Remains 2nd Highest Globally - Long-Term Jobs Stay Abroad.

Stimulus at Work - image: Red County

Massive government spending programs aimed at job creation is nothing new – under the Carter administration, government job creation was preferred to “tax cuts”, and a stimulus for job creation failed..

Fast forward 30 plus years, and the Obama administration’s stimulus for job creation is stagnant. In order to boost the numbers, the AP is reporting that certain states count jobs that last only 35 hours as a “job created”. The Administration is using a different method of accounting, whereby a fulltime job is counted as 1, a part-time job, as ½ of a job, and a temporary 3 month job as a ¼ job – adding part time and contract jobs into the mix allows the administration to “boost” jobs created under the stimulus.

The problem remains that jobs being created or “saved” are in the government as opposed to the private sector, where there is little room for growth in a position, and long-term employment is based on political fortunes. An overhaul of the current tax structure, a flat tax, or fair tax, cutting “loopholes” would have been this “Monday-Morning Quarterback’s” preferred method of creating jobs, while stimulating the economy. Additionally, the corporate tax rate should be lowered in order to compete globally. Currently, the U.S. has a corporate tax rate that is the 2nd highest globally (Tax Foundation) and the Obama administration is proposing additional taxes on corporations which can only cause U.S. concerns to be less competitive. In lowering the corporate tax rate on a state level (Take Massachusetts, for example, who’s state tax rate is the 4th highest globally, while the other 49 are not far behind ”leading the world” in corporate tax rates(Tax Foundation).

Therefore, the key is to create private sector jobs, that will employ individuals for longer periods of time, allow for personal growth through promotion, and increase the tax base – by lowering the state and federal corporate tax rate – to induce U.S. as well as foreign concerns to set up shop in the U.S. – a bold move to be sure for a campaign that promised to tax the rich (without explaining that the “rich” are generally the “employers”). History, repeating itself, while some in the State and Federal job creation business are busy re-writing both mathematics and history in an attempt to continue to sell the people a bill of goods that would make P.T. Barnum’s competitor (Hannum – created the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute.”) blush.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s Approval at 36%, Obama Approval Drops below 50% - Tales of Dukakis and Carter.

News of "Stimulus" Signs - Massachusetts residents Not Impressed - photo: Springfield Republican

A new poll conducted by the Boston Globe last week showed Deval Patrick’s approval among state residents has remained low at 36%. In a match-up with both Republican gubernatorial candidates, Christy Mihos and Charles Baker, Patrick is at a “dead heat” – he does no better should Democrat turned Independent Timothy Cahill, enter the race. Regardless of who the Governor faces, 16 months prior to the election, he is faced with poll numbers similar to Dukakis in 1983 (35%), which made headlines suggesting that then Presidential Candidate Walter Mondale, was afraid of Massachusetts voters.

Deval Patrick’s “political cousin”, Barak Obama (both under the mentoring of David Axelrod), is now under 50% for job approval, with just 6 months into his administration. The Rasmussen Daily tracking poll for Sunday, July 26th, showed the strongly disapproves now at 40% with the strongly approves falling to 29 %.

Of particular interest is the fact that both men used the same “slogan’s” and made the same campaign promises (hope, change, tax cuts for the middle-class), pre-election, with the results, upon election, quickly showing little change, and tax cuts (in Massachusetts) to be non-existent. It would appear, at this point, that Patrick is clearly not electable, regardless of who runs against him. Although, Patrick has made the case that it is not “his fault” that the economy is in its present state, it is a stretch, to say the least – bad management is simply bad management – Massachusetts voters were told in 2008 that to repeal the state income tax (which would have been a tax cut) would result in loss of jobs statewide, are now experiencing loss of jobs statewide, even with the Federal Stimulus funds apportioned to Massachusetts.

Evidence of the Stimulus at work, came in the form of signs touting the Stimulus at work, placed along Massachusetts Roadways - comments on the article are decidedly negative. It is a known fact, in Massachusetts, that Barack Obama and Deval Patrick have a better relationship (given their similar backgrounds as well as ties to Axelrod), which led some to believe that Massachusetts would fare better in any bailout (or Stimulus) program. As Massachusetts residents (and retailers), rush to stock shelves prior to the 25% sales tax increase effective August 1st, the comments under the article (here) are pointing to the “liberal” tax and spend legislature and Governor (Patrick).

The “liberal” label has been firmly attached to Obama who is now viewed with that “tag” by 76% of registered voters.(Note: Rasmussen polling uses registered voters, rather than "adults" (most survey's taken use "adults" - allowing non-voters to be factored into the results)

Although, given the timing, Obama will, in all likelihood, not have to worry about Patrick’s popularity, in 2012 when it comes to the state of Massachusetts - he will have to worry about his own. Patrick is to Dukakis (Mondale) as Obama is to Carter.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Iran Update 07-26-09 - Large Protest Planned August 8

A large protest is being planned for August 8, the fortieth day of Iranian Martyrdom – There are 5 areas of Tehran that will be targeted, and understanding that this protest is being planned to succeed. The source, a Farsi website, has been withheld due to details regarding the areas and activities. Suffice it to say, the translation of the date and the notation of Bloody Sunday, do not coincide, this may be due to the limitations of the on-line translator. One must admire the determination of the Iranian People, with an almost complete communications blackout by the Regime, they continue to plan, and execute demonstrations while finding ways to communicate with the world.

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