Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breaking - Huckabee Announces He’s Out for GOP Nomination – Closing Pre-Taped Video – Trump Congratulates - Not Sorry Huckabees Out!

Governor Mike Huckabee just announced his intention not to run for the Office of the Presidency, live on his Fox News’s show. Huckabee’s last guest, Rocker Ted Nugent, spoke about the import of securing our borders with our troops in order to prevent further attacks by terrorists – something Donald Trump has suggested. Govenor Huckabees statements here: at In the closing moments, Donald Trump appeared in a short pre-taped segment – he noted that (paraphrasing) “many people would be disappointed that Mike Huckabee had decided not to run”, but that he “wasn’t one of them”.

During the show, Huckabee also featured a segment on grading Mitt Romney’s performance in explaining “Romneycare” versus “Obamacare” – in which the former Massachusetts Governor received a “C” grade from Governor Huckabee’s panel.
With Mike Huckabee, who had been polling ahead of Romney in various state and national polls, now out of the race, and Trumps announcement due at the end of the “Celebrity Apprentice” series, it remains to be seen if Trump will stay with NBC. With his cameo appearance tonight immediately following Huckabee’s statement, it appears more likely that Trump is serious about a bid for the GOP nomination.

Trump video below via

Democrat Theory of Politically Taxing U.S. Oil Companies to Reduce Deficit Increase Election Chances – Proven - Result Carteresque Backfire – Shortage

In 1979 President Jimmy Carter had a deficit problem, high unemployment, inflation on the rise, and a “misery index”. The solution: tax big oil with a “Windfall Profit Tax” on oil companies. It rang true with those few who felt Carter was, at the time, the best President since George Washington, however, the end result was a disaster for the general public. Although oil profits appeared obscene, the end result was, at the time, exploration and production. The “Windfall Profit Tax” resulted in – less production and long lines at the pump (See “Emergency Fuel Supplies Rushed to South Florida”, Sarasota Herald Tribune, June 30, 1980) The concept of gas lines from 1979 through the 1980’s was a direct result of the assault on U.S. oil companies by the Carter Administration and a like-minded Congress. Those Windfall profits for the U.S. Government put the U.S. household in a huge bind, as gas prices climbed, and those that could, turned to public transportation in areas where it existed. For those areas that did not have public transportation that was adequate, walking and taking ones bike to work, to the grocer, anywhere was the only option. It was, in a word, not just a tax on the oil companies by an administration that had depleted the nations coffers, but a hardship on the entire U.S. population.

They're at it again. The grilling of oil company executives is now taking place on Capitol Hill. An article from the Canadian Globe and Mail, hits it spot on - ”Big Oil Hearings Great Political Theatre”. However, the unintended consequences of those Democrats trying to pin the nation’s economic woes on Big Oil, in an attempt to, again, use any tax revenues gained to pay down the deficit, instead of cutting programs, will be less gas to get to where the average American is going – like work if they have a job. It isn’t necessarily the high price of gas, which includes a chunk of change in taxes at the pump for the Feds (which is incentive enough to not actually do much about the situation other than hold hearings and point fingers at Big Oil), it is the fact that without the ability of the U.S. Oil companies to compete on a global scale, and extract oil to refine, that will result, again, in a Carter flashback. Even the mention of a tax, or end of tax breaks in this case, (post Carter), could result in speculators betting on a reduction in oil supply, causing the prices to – rise.

There have been some changes in the nation and federal government since Carter’s days. Not for nothing, but the population has increased, more cars, even those that are fuel efficient, are on the road and the government is financially vested in auto dealers, and their union, the United Auto Workers – all of whom will suffer. Without available fuel, there is no need or even ability to drive one’s car, and no need to buy a new one,(even GE's plug in's such as Chevy's Volt (GM) priced at a "modest" $32,800 without frills, is not an option for most Americans) prices on food and staples also rise (in a period where food is now subject to inflation) – will surely leave the general public doing without even more.

There are, of course, solutions, but those solutions are not acceptable to certain groups – such as drilling offshore, or on shore for that matter – it doesn’t sit right with the current administrations ideology – better to find a scapegoat – look like one is doing something for the American People, and keep on campaigning without a clue.

Which is what Carter did and the end result was the “Reagan Revolution.” Although one may tend to disagree ideologically with the current administration, one must beg that someone hand the current resident of the White House a history book or even news clippings of the Carter era before it is too late for the lower and middle class Americans who are already suffering enough. Of course, the probable end result will be a new administration, (which, although some consider the President in a good position for reelection now, his approval rankings, do not add up to a second term, under any circumstances), a repeal of any taxes, additional incentives given to the oil companies, short term taxes on, you guessed it, the American public, and then a road to prosperity. A word to all who intend to vote in the next general election, insure that one’s choice of a candidate has at least a modicum of understanding even recent U.S. History and economics - what has worked and what has failed miserably.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Huckabee High in 2012 GOP Polls: Praying for Guidance on Presidential Run – Starts Business Venture - U.S. History

Huckabee - 2012 Potential GOP Candidate - image bsogoodblog

Former two and a half term Governor of the State of Arkansas, 2008 Presidential Candidate and Fox News Host, Mike Huckabee, has been polling at or near the top of every poll taken for the upcoming political season – he has yet to officially announce his candidacy. It is the prevailing thought among most conservatives that should Huckabee announce, he will stand a better than average chance of winning the Republican nomination, that said, he is waiting until summer to make his decision public. This wait may be two-pronged in Huckabee’s case – on the one hand he has contractual agreements in place with Fox, who would need to find a replacement for the Huckabee’s weekend show, which features guests from all facets of the political spectrum, as well as entertainment. Secondly, it is a weighty decision to throw oneself into the political fray, especially since Governor Huckabee has had experience in the arena, and at this point in time, the individual who takes on the task, must seriously feel the need to help the nation, as the economy is in shambles and it appears, that even with a Republican majority in the House, little headway is being made as far as taming the deficit and debt beast.

To date, Huckabee has enjoyed some minor criticisms from the press, most of it in the form of the manner in which all news is editorialized and the fact that he is also an ordained Christian minister, is placed at the front of the article, with the backend (paragraph eight say) noting the fact that he governed Arkansas most competently for his entire terms in office. As the time approaches for Huckabee’s decision to run or not to run, draws near, one can expect more than a few barbs to be thrown in – articles written in a way that is not completely honest on the part of the news organization or author, in a word, a way to paint the Governor a little less “nicely” – and he is, for all appearances, one of the nicest “guys” that would run for office.

Two stand out this morning in particular. One from Real Clear Politics entitled: ”On Website Huckabee Solicits Prayers for Presidential Decision” Although it is true that Huckabee made a statement on Pray for, regarding prayers for the nation as a whole and his decision to run, it is in paragraph five that one learns the site is not the Governors, not his PAC’s. That’s where the article ends. Although one may agree that prayer is the only way one can possibly make such a huge decision as a run for Presidents, others who have held the Christian point of view of prayer for aid in making a correct decision are looked upon by the media as somehow – nuts.

See George Bush, no need to say anything else.

As a Christian, one prays for guidance in daily life, for answers, and for aid, because it is part of the concept of Christianity – however, Christian’s, no matter the brand, and although a majority in the nation , are viewed as somehow “less” capable because of faith, by those who are the “elite”, preferring a more agnostic approach. That approach is taken by most Progressives, until the election cycle comes about, then one finds them suddenly in Church (Catholic politician’s especially, those with pro-abortion views, such as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and a host of other prominent Democrats, can be found looking for photo ops, with every “Catholic (Christian)” opportunity from the Pope to the local church supper, normally with local and or national media in their entourage. Apparently, that sudden surge of faith is all that is necessary. Others, like Huckabee, are proud of their faith, and or more to the point, practice their faith, without apology, and without convenience, differentiating between the appropriateness of the division between Church and State. One only needs to visit Arkansas to find that Huckabee governed from a secular point of view, but continually asked for Guidance and never made light of his faith, rather embraced it as part of the man as a whole.

It’s about honesty.

The second article from Politico Mike Huckabee's history lessons ... for kids, and for profit” speaks of the Governor’s latest venture in education. While Governor of Arkansas Huckabee brought excellence to the states school systems, and he is a great proponent of teaching arts and music in all schools. It has been proven that students, who have exposure to music and the arts, perform better in mathematics. That said, the fact that he has found a way to make “history fun”, is to be applauded, yet, somehow because it requires funds to do so, it is “a profit” – in other words, the article from Politico take a unique and badly needed concept, and turns it into something…not quite right about Huckabee.

It is not as if President Obama, or any other politician alive has not “profited” from writing books or other ventures, including real estate (See: ABC 2008 news story: “The Rezko Connection: Obama's Achilles Heel?” regarding the same)

Therefore, history being so important to the ability to understand the past, even say the past three decades, had history been taught correctly, perhaps it would have presented the current administration from following in the failed footsteps of one James Carter. On a more serious note (although that is extremely serious vis a vis the economy), our children are not being taught U.S. History in most districts, rather “social studies” – It is true that even those high school and college graduates of today, know so little of the nation’s history that the fail rate on the U.S. Citizen test is 38%!! (Newsweek).

The question that Politico should be asking is; how much does it cost a taxpayer in Madison WI for a history teacher, and how much dose that student learn, then compare that cost to Huckabee’s program and costs. That might prove somewhat embarrassing, so it would be better to paint Mike Huckabee as someone who is set to profit off “children”.

Mike Huckabee may be praying not only for Guidance but also for the return of journalism and integrity in the media – something that has been sadly lacking for decades.

Disclosure: This blog finds Mike Huckabee to be one of the most credible of unannounced Presidential Candidates, along perhaps two other individuals who have yet to announce, bringing both experience on a variety of levels, personalities that are truly American and not “Beltway”, and most importantly, who would put the nation, after prayerful consideration, ahead of their own comfort and sanity (see Media driving Trump, Palin, Huckabee around the block and back without a break), in order to seek an office that is bound to bring them heartache, sleepless nights, and a great deal of work for less than they could make in the private sector, in the face of a hostile ideologically based press, and in addition, add at least ten years to their life. So, let them pray, let us pray! Choose your “brand” of religion (and or faith) because all those who would put themselves through this upcoming camp gin need our prayers, as anyone who is seriously considering the office is doing so out of love for this exceptional nation in which we reside.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Donald Trump to Speak to Nashua NH Sold Out Chamber of Commerce Business Expo Today – Telegraph to Carry Speech Live – Latest PPP Poll Analysis

Donald Trump will speak at the Nashua, New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce today – the event, a business expo at the 700 member Chamber is sold out. The Nashua Telegraph will carry the event live on its website at Trump will be speaking at the event luncheon, which will take place from 12 to 2.

Trump, has indicated that he will make an announcement regarding a run as a candidate for the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination, after the end of his realty TV show, “Celebrity Apprentice”. Trump, who began by polling at the top of the GOP pack when included in 2012 polls, had fallen to 6th place in Public Policy Polling’s May 10th National poll. Although the pollster has been described as “a firm with connections to prominent Democrats”. and is known to lean towards Democrats, it is usually, towards the end of any given campaign cycle, accurate within the margin of error. The pollster’s releases have focused heavily on the Obama birth certificate issue, when including Trump in its polls and specifically highlighting the issue in connection with trump in all releases.

The latest poll of 602 likely GOP voters included Trump on Question #5 for favorability; with a 34% favorability rating, 12% unsure. Palin had the highest at rating at 61%, besting Gingrich, Romney, Trump and Huckabee. In the 6th question Trump is included in a field of eight candidates and one category: undecided – he places above Michele Bachman and Tim Pawlenty, ties with Ron Paul and polls behind Gingrich, Huckabee, Palin and Romney. Mike Huckabee takes the lead on this poll with 19%, 11% was undecided as to any of the potential announced or unannounced candidates. The poll included the question of the President’s birthplace with 48% of respondents believing the President was born in the U.S. (Public Policy Polling). In the prior National Poll released in April Trump was not included in the favorability questions, rather thrown in on Question 9 as a "finally what if?" question. The pollster has included Trump on all State polls since April: polls are available here.

Although jumped on by the media as “proof” that Trump has taken a dive among GOP voters nationwide, Trump’s political fortunes are subject to the reality of the economy and specifically Donald Trump. It remains to be seen how the media will cover the speech today at the Nashua Chamber: expect questions regarding Trump as a “racist” on his questions on the Presidents birth certificate and or the latest PPO poll. The media has taken a keen interest in Trump; which has taken away some of the vitriol aimed at Sarah Palin. Huckabee, who also has yet to announce due to contractual arrangements with Fox (similar to Trump and Palin), has enjoyed the least scathing coverage by the general media. Should Trump, who appears to be rather thick skinned when it comes to the media, announce his candidacy, (based most likely on internal polling, which one can bet the house, is taking place), it will be interesting to see how the media, and Hollywood react. Incidentally, the media to date also considers Trump potential candidacy as “not serious”, viewing it as a “publicity stunt”. In this opinion, it is not only a serious bid, but one that will surprise and in all likelihood Trump the media.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trump Targeted as Racist by Affiliated: Color of Change – Fear of Trump

Donald Trump Targeted - One does not normally target someone who is not a Threat! image hot91online

From Hollywood to the New York Daily News, accusations of Donald Trump as a racist have been flying since he brought up the issue of Obama’s birth certificates authenticity – It was a question asked by a group of American citizens who were curious about the President’s Hawaiian birth certificate, and the appearance that it simply did not exist. Trump took up the issue, and after three years into the administration, a long form birth certificate appeared. The questions of a candidates birth are not out of the ordinary – John McCain, who was born in Panama, was asked for his birth certificate in the 2008 general election – it’s an issue that is above party politics, (sometimes) and one that has little to do with “race” and more to do with “policy and procedures” under the U.S. Constitution. That Trump, who is scheduled to announce his decision to run for the Presidency in May, after the NBS show, “The Apprentice” closes, (thus not violating any FCC rules regarding equal time for politicians), has been eviscerated by the press and other special interest groups for being – a “racist” – because he brought the issue to bear. He has also questioned the President’s policies on the economy and his intelligence – frankly, something that would not make a soul blink if Obama were – in a word – white. It is not so much that Obama is even African American (in part, in part he is Caucasian on his mother’s side), it is that he represents to the media apparently, a “holy cow” – not to be criticized and or challenged in any way shape or form. If someone does criticize the President, they are immediately tagged as a “racist” regardless of the charge being ludicrous or a difference of policy ideology. It is growing thin, and about to get a great deal thinner.

From Reuters: a group known as the “Color of Change” is targeting Trump through putting pressure on African American’s appearing on his show the Apprentice. The group is calling for Star Jones and Lil Jon to denounce Donald Trump as a “racist”. If one has had the opportunity or the forbearance to watch an episode of the show (reality television being what it is), and view the interaction between Trump and all celebrities on the program, one finds equal treatment and respect, regardless of whether the “apprentice” is while, black, woman or man (or any other “group” that can claim an offense). The premise of the show is for celebrities to compete on a project in order to raise money for one of their charities, they break into “teams” and the winning “team” receives the cash culled from the project for their particular charity. From an outside the reality television show demographic, this appears to be a rather nice way of allowing individuals who are celebrities to give back and become at the same time, role models in the area of giving back and working hard for one’s charity.
There you have it in brief.

It is something that one should be proud of, not something one should denounce, however, this particular group, Color of Change has asked both Apprentice Celebrities to “denounce Trump as Racists for questioning Obama’s birth certificate” - by tweeting and other such methods. When one reviews the resumes of those who are in charge of “Color of Change, one finds the boards:

James Rucker is co-founder of and serves as its board chair. Prior to co-founding ColorOfChange, James served as Director of Grassroots Mobilization for Political Action and Civic Action and was instrumental in developing and executing on fundraising, technology, and campaign strategies. James has worked in various roles in the software industry in San Francisco and has provided coaching and technology consulting for other start-up ventures.

Rucker therefore, is a political activist, and director for the left-of-center, over-the-top,, an organization funded by one George Soros, aging socialist and a man with more money than he knows what to do with, yet, a background that would indicate a great deal of therapy might be in order, considering his early youth in Germany under Hitler, and the literal grave robbing of those destined to the gas chamber – in which he participated – as a Jew – he must be conflicted. Besides Donald Trump, the group is, of course, targeting Glen Beck, the talk show host who has yet to be accused of “age-baiting” George Soros.

This five year old group (formed just prior to the emergence of the Barack Obama phenomena) is supporting Obama, by any means, whether they hold a grain of truth or not.Granted there are 1st amendment issues at stake, however, targeting and harassing celebrities because of the color of their skin, to denounce someone because of the color of their skin, appears to be – extremely racists on the part of this particular group. It is just all too silly.

Trump appears to be a guy from Queens, who came from a middle class background, and has not lost his Queens demeanor. He speaks his mind, and says things that may make some uncomfortable, because they were thinking along the same lines, but…might not have the ability or the “chutzpah” to put it into words. He’s a regular guy who makes a million bucks, and lots of deals that, frankly, make him a huge success – he is flag waving and loves his country – and from his words (paraphrased) he feels the need to contribute and try to straighten out our economy – as President.
Anyone who is an American Citizen and has attained the age of 35 may run for President - that fits Trump to a tee – and the louder the press, the louder the “special interest groups” push, the more publicity they garner form headlines denouncing Trump – the more popular he becomes with the “people on the street”. The people who are not the east coast elite, those who are struggling to pay their bills and those who are Republicans, Democrats and Independents, who are looking at Trump and hoping he will announce as soon as the final episode of the Apprentice is done. These are people who find these charges of racism against Trump ridiculous – and the more the media, celebrities and groups go over the top, the more appeal Trump has. Are they intentionally trying to oust Obama? That has to be the question, and therefore, are they the true racists for using African American’s as pawns in order to achieve a political and ideological agenda?

Although early in “political season” as it is, there will be a plethora of individuals on which to nitpick that are not Obama, but all who would take time from their lives and treasures (ability to make money above the salary of a President), to try and fix the mess this country is in economically – it is a question of political ideology only - period.

Trump has bad hair, apparently wasn’t enough of a slur, so... detractors had to dig up something more – the same will be said of anyone else who enters or is thinking of entering the 2012 race – regardless of whether or not they are squeaky clean, one can bet the hosue, there will be a cry of “racist” no matter who is on “deck”, or in the case of Mike Huckabee, those in the press forget the fact the man governed Arkansas for two and one half terms, and place his “ordained minster” qualifications first in any article or newscast – crying “Christian” to the elite, is almost second to crying “racists” and becoming just as transperant.

Are there really racists, of course, there are racists from all ethnic and racial groups, and it continues to grow, with the help of those who write and broadcast and organize – creating hate where there was none before, all in the name of ideology. There are, however, far more Americans’ that are white, black, Spanish, Asian, from mars – who are not, who do not see color but the person and the worth of the individual. Donald Trump is no racists, no more so than those “targeted stars”, Lil John and Star Jones, it is a made for TV and Twitter campaign to smear, in the name of politics and nothing more, the name of Donald Trump, because he wants to run for President, nothing more and nothing less. From this perspective, Trump would make an excellent addition to the field of candidates, which may be why he is a target in the first place. If Trump were not a threat, as in the candidate and opposition, then there would be no need to “target” him and “tag” him as a racist.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Al Queda Target: Railways – Schumer calls for No-Ride List; Economic Hit Would be Devastating - Beef Up the Borders with U.S. Troops

Freight Train moving through Santa Barbara, CA from Tran Blog by Marcel Marchon

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were devastating to the U.S. economy; the immediate impact to New York City alone was 16.9 Billion dollars (, and, considered short-lived on a national scope, the economy was impacted for a period of 2 years, with an immediate impact on Wall Street on a par with two other events beginning in 1920, with the bombing of Wall Street 9/16/1920, and the September attack on the Olympics in Munich in 1972 (Journal of 911 Studies, March 2008).

With the cache of information gathered in the U.S. raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound, it was discovered that America’s railways are potential terrorist targets. With this revelation, even Charles Schumer (D-NY) is calling for a “No-Ride” list for passenger trains in the U.S. (Reuters), however, the documents do indicate that that the attacks would be on the rail lines themselves, rather than a terrorist boarding a train (KBOI) As any attack on a commuter train’s costs in lives and the economy may be, the disruption to rail service in general, would have an enormous impact on the overall economy. Over 43 percent of all U.S. goods are moved by rail (Boston Globe).

Beefing up security for all trains, commuter as well as freight lines is in order, however, the “no-ride” list and the Department of Homeland Security’s call for citizens to act as watchdogs, does not address the overall problem of border security, which remains porous, whether it be to the southern border, northern border, or more specifically the ports and coastlines both east and west. In this opinion, although some might sight tighter border control as somewhat draconian, when one considers the impact on lives and damage to the current unstable U.S. economy, the more nationalist view of border control, including the use of U.S. troops to patrol the border (a la Donald Trump’s suggestion (The Trump Card 2012), begins to make sense.

Politics aside, whether right, left or center, it is obvious that, even with the demise of Osama Bin Laden, there are members of the Al Queda organization radical faction to step in, replace, and even outdo Bin Laden’s legacy. The fact that there were continued discussions and plans within the hierarchy of that organization since September 11th only highlights the necessity of a more proactive border policy. The fact that the rails are a target makes this more urgent, in light of the current economy. Although the chances of this occurring under the current administration and Congress are slim to nothing, it would behoove our elected officials to consider this tactic, regardless of which special interest groups one might offend in the short-term, in the long-term, this type of policy would be a step in ensuring the safety of the public, but also go far towards controlling illegal immigration, as well as putting a dent into human trafficking which is an abominable trade, using all borders.

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