Friday, July 28, 2006

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A new documentary is playing in very select (limited) theaters across the country. "Obsession, The Movie" details the reality of radical Islam and the need to confront this reality head-on. Trailer, Events and Pre-order available here. Unless contained by whatever means necessary, this brand of hatred will engulf the globe. Hysteria? Hatred of America tops the list (the USA may be tied with Israel). Is it our global policy or politics that has the mullah's panties in a bunch? Hardly. It is our total lack of morals. The women, the music, the laws of the United States are what drives the mullahs to distraction. Advise: Invest in an on-line Arabic translator (links available on site) for the real skinny.

The Big Dig. Why on earth is a small bridge construction project in a small city in Western Massachusetts taking five (5) years to complete? Funds were diverted to Boston's "Big Dig". Little good that did. Perhaps John "I could have prevented the Israeli/Hezbollah conflict" Kerry (strangely similar to Al "I invented the internet" Gore) might share some of the booty he received from AIG Insurance for his support of the project? Fox reports AP While politician's have profited since the inception of the project, the taxpayer's both state and national have taken one for the "team". The problem; Massachusetts politician's have always been tainted with corruption. From the Bolger's to the Kennedy's; murder, mayhem and bootlegging appears to be the theme. Is it no wonder that the innocent citizens of the state are left with no choices at election time? These poster-boys for the RNC could be replaced by Donald Duck in a heartbeat, but powers that could and should invest and campaign in the name of decency (what's 12 electoral votes?) would rather use the state's showcase idiot's come election time. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry play well on Radio Idaho.

If those living in Massachusetts are hanging their heads in shame, neighbors to the south and west living in New York have their own millstone. Sheldon Silver, one of "those" lawyers and speaker of the New York State Assembly has decided that no bill should pass his desk that supports mandatory sentences for level 3 child rapists. This is not the only issue the good speaker has taken a strong stand against. If the issue is decency, Silver is firmly against it (unless his firm is representing a "piece of the pie"). Visit the New York State Assembly website or dogpile, google, yahoo this particular Massachusetts like politician and enjoy the ride.

Israel. Pray for their success. (see first entry on film) They may be the world's only hope. One may be against war and bloodshed, which is all well and good and sane, however, there comes a time when protecting oneself is allowed. In this case, the eradication of Hezbollah will protect Israeli. Every American should be throwing their support firmly behind this besieged democracy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It’s Reality “Stupid”

How dumb do some politician’s think the American populace is? Apparently rock-solid ignorant. John Kerry recently stated that if he were president, Hezbollah would be in his back pocket and Israel would be living at peace. His actual remarks were, “If I were president, this would not have happened”. Thus began his belittling of the current presidents handling of the Mideast’s newest crisis. It is often embarrassing to be a resident of Massachusetts, but more so as of late. (Kennedy, Kerry, Big Dig’s, Massachusetts Supreme Court, Amherst)

As usual, Mr. Kerry does not offer any solutions simply because there are none. Even the much esteemed (by Osama Ben Laden and the good Senator’s from Massachusetts) New York Times is reporting that not one nation is actually interested in aiding in any type of force that would buffer Israel from Hezbollah. If Hezbollah would even agree to an international force in the first place. The country most unwilling to be involved? France! Go figure.

In this particular instance what the populace in the United States understands is that a bunch of crazed religious fanatics have their eye on completing destroying Christian’s and Jews and what better place to start that Israel. Apparently, politicians from Massachusetts won’t get the hint until Hezbollah begins targeting Martha’s Vineyard, Palm Beach and Hyannis.

On another note, while Kerry is out stumping for the DNC and making wild claims about what might have been, Hillary has beefed up her personal style by laying aside a portion of campaign funds for hair and makeup artists. She has emerged as her own person; feminine and out of touch with reality. In a recent stump speech for the DNC, and in an attempt to bolster the moderate that are left in her party, she regurgitated a phrase that her husband used in 1992. Instead of “It’s the economy, stupid!” the phrase has morphed into, “It’s the American Dream, Stupid”
Are American’s really that stupid or that tolerant of politician’s who believe some of us just might be?

End it all with a Nobel peace prize winner telling children she would like to “kill George Bush”. and one starts to get a real sense of frustration. What has become of our more prestigious organizations and political parties?

They’ve gone over the proverbial ledge.

The Israeli’s stand firm in their resolve to rid the world of Hezbollah...
God’s speed to Israel. They are, perhaps, the only people making sense in this asylum.

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