Monday, December 29, 2014

The CNN Jeb Bush Poll – Interesting mix of politicians and samples.

The CNN Poll released this past week has a bit of an interesting mix, considering a majority of those being proffered as choices are most likely not running. The marginals here in pdf offer some insight as to who was polled: 1011 adults via landlines and cell phones with the following political affiliations: 28% polled as Democrats, 50% as Independents and 22% as Republicans. Further, the sample for Republicans included: 244 Republicans and 209 who described themselves as Independents leaning Republican. On the Democrat side 299 Democrats and 170 Independents. Further, the Republicans chose from among the following: Bush, Christie, Carson, Huckabee, Paul, Rubio, Ryan, Cruz, Jindal, Perry, Walker, Kasich, Santorum, Pence, Portman, Someone else and None, No one. Some and no one and no opinion garnered 13%.

On the Democrat side of the equation: Clinton, Warren, Biden, Sanders, Cuomo, O’Malley, Webb and Patrick made up the entire field. Someone else, None/No one and no opinion garnered 10% of the vote.

With Clinton and Bush leading, this tell us that the CNN poll offered a small sample of both Democrats and Republicans and those who are not yet sure which way the wind will blow in 2016 but name recognition trumps . Also a question asked both sides about the most important quality resulted in equally winning answers from both Democrats and Republicans – the one who was most likely to beat the Republican or Democrat.

As most of those who fell outside of the Dynasty lexicon, will most likely never put a hat in the ring, the most likely of primary participants (crystal ball here), on the GOP side, will be: Bush, Perry, Santorum, Paul, and pick one or at most two others. On the Democrat side, one can bet that Sanders, O’Malley and possibly Biden will get involved in this race.

In any event, too early to tell. Early front-runners based on those who have not yet announced, are pretty much, just that, a front runner in a “crowded” field of individuals how may or may not run for the office. Once April rolls around and announcements are in – then the polls will start to take shape. Once primary participants are included in those polls, the front-runners will be anyone’s guess.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Best of Christmas-Holidays Pol’s and Polls

For starters the Holiday season normally gives one a break from all of the nonsense that is politics –if only briefly – if at all. The two national stories that most amused this season were the latest GOP poll by Zogby and the Festivus Tweets by Rand Paul (R-KY) joined by Corey Booker (D-NJ).

The Zogby Poll analyzed by Breitbart, is so typical of polling thus far, that is bears little notice, except that it has been picked up by most outlets without so much as a notice of the smallest available sample and largest margin of error seen in a 2016 poll to date. Leading the pack in this poll: Romney, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul for the Republicans and of course, Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. In this scenario she beats them all handily. Of the 231 potential voters, however, 19% were not yet decided on who would be a good choice of candidate. (Brietbart) Need one waste ink on this piece- yes, apparently, even if one has to point out how ridiculous this poll truly is.

Followed by something more amusing, Rand Paul’s annual Festivus grievance tweets. The tweets topics ranged from government waste, his hair, sweater vests worn by Mitch McConnell, and the work he’s done with Corey Booker on reduction of sentencing for non-violent offenders (WHAS11). The full list on Twitter:

Corey Booker shot back a few in agreement as well as taking a shot at Paul’s hair (Twitter: Corey Booker) suggesting if he were to shave his head, he would be more aerodynamic for any potential 2016 runs.

One needs a little levity mixed with reality as well as some genuine bi-partisanship from one’s potential leaders (or in this case state leaders in the US Senate).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Potentials – Bush, Paul, Cruz, Perry , Christie and the middle and the base 2016 GOP Maybes


There is a lot of speculation going into the 2016 GOP presidential sweepstakes given the fact that not one person has yet announced an intent to run. Although there have been a slew of polls suggesting that one or the other at any given time is the leader of a large field of candidates. From this perspective, there are few possible contenders and fewer that would make it past South Carolina given the base and those independents who were detrimental in bringing the house and the senate to the GOP.

However, that does not stop the middle of the road, dynastic characters (or also ran multiple times) candidates from suggesting they may run, keeping pollsters thrilled to have new fodder for the press.

The GOP – the national GOP loves candidates that are so moderate they would be considered the opposition if they were running as a Democrat (which they could, easily given their stance on issues ranging from immigration to Common Core.)

The only question one needs to ask at this point, since there are truly only a handful of possible contenders is which of those would make it through the first three primaries and, as no one has yet truly announced, and set up shop in Iowa, then it’s all for naught.

Maybe. What polls do is fuel news, and adding in those who most likely will not run, or most definitely will not succeed if they do, aids in hardening the minds of those who are on the fence, or suggesting they would make an announcement in the spring, or even the summer of 2015. In the reality of the 24 hour news cycle and the fact that one needs to get to know the character in question in order to consider them for any job, the sooner announced the better. That said, once announced, the actual opposition (Democrats and Press) will have time to either undermine that announced individual one way or the other, or, find food for fodder to be used at a later date should that individual succeed in making it to the primary gauntlet. That’s before the national GOP determines it has a winner in the group –or outside the group and will do it’s best to help anyone with opposition in order to stymie someone who could actually win, both the primaries and the general, especially if that one is considered an outsider.

Shades of Ronald Reagan, who the National GOP despised and did everything in their power to derail –until he won and went on to become of the most iconic figures in GOP history – so now they use his memory as the standard. He’s turning over in his grave with their last two election choices, one can just imagine.

The take on things as they stand with those most likely to announce:

Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida and the bother and son of two former Presidents – he is, in all likelihood, perhaps the best equipped having been a governor as well as having been in the White House under two administrations, if not in a policy sense, in a family sense. Obviously, this is dynastic, the one thing that is a deterrent in this cycle – familiar faces. Additionally he embraces several ideologies most often reserved for those of the opposition party. He would, while running, suggest he’s the most conservative (al –la Mitt Romney) and would never make it out of Iowa

Chris Christie, the current Governor of the over-taxed State of New Jersey and an individual who does not do well in a crisis. (See Sandy and his meltdown with the President). Enough said.

Paul, who is the Senator from Kentucky and the son of Congressman Ron Paul, who ran multiple times on the ticket and is a bit quirky at times (kindly put). He is an obvious threat to the opposition party, given the local politicians, such as newly defeated Alison Lundergan-Grimes, Kentucky Democrat who lost her Senate bid to Mitch McConnell, not without help from Rand Paul, is using Paul’s name as a way to ingratiate herself with the base – she intends to insure he cannot run for Senate and the White House at the same time (Politico). With that in mind, Paul, on his part, fires off shots to those newscasters left and right who are seeking that one thing to upend him. The man appeals to the right, the middle and, holy smokes, Democrats. He’s libertarian leaning, and he’s the epitome of George Washington. Surely there is something wrong – yet, something makes him the best bet.

Ted Cruz, who one either loves or hates, is a firebrand who has his name mentioned more often than not and the Senator from the State of Texas who is righteous. So much so he antagonizes those that hate change (DC Politicians) so much that the fire barbs at him constantly, especially when he’s right and especially those in his own party. As to the Presidency, that’s iffy at best. Future Majority Leader of the Senate.

Rick Perry, outgoing Governor of Texas and a force to be reckoned with, if you’re a coyote, a GOP hopeful or a Democrat – it is what it is – he looks smart, he is smart, and he can point to successes as a Governor. Of course there is baggage - however, not so much this man can’t carry all of it. Should he run, he will be giving Rand Paul a run for his money. Keep in mind, the key elements here are someone who is smart or looks smart and can back it up, must be able to slap the media around and the opposition if they start getting testy, and does not make any bones about whatever position they have at a given moment. In other words, someone how is ridiculously honest and human, but most importantly reveres the Constitution for what it is.

There are also a few others who can jump in at any time, and announce, and of course, that makes it a game changer, but these are the current best known for being in the news, with the broadest base and the most support. Of the group 2 have potential to run through the primaries. The other’s certainly can run, along with a few that may muddle the waters here and there, but at this time, in this day, at this hour, those that do come forth to run, had best understand that they will be running not only against each other, but the National GOP, the National Press and the National DNC, and running for the people. In addition, they have to be able to bitchslap the first three into reality in order to truly appeal to those voters on the right the left and the middle who no longer care about labels.

However, that may have to be true for other, not yet announced or known candidates should this bunch decide not to enter the ring. This is especially true given the only one that even hinted at announcing, doesn’t’ stand a snowballs chance of Hades getting out of Iowa or the Carolinas.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Historical Weather Data – NOAA Uses to Predict Snowfall

The national weather service offers a new feature to predict the amount of snowfall one might see for Christmas with’s link to data culled from a 40 year period.( - Shades of the Farmer’s Almanac, which uncannily nailed the coldest winter on record last year – using weather history (Farmer's Almanac). The almanac, however, uses a longer period of time to offer predictions, which may be why they are so close in accuracy.

The weather has always been one of those natural occurrences that have baffled mankind – there is the obvious – colder climates are apt to produce hard winters, while Warner climes tend to produce more rain, given their proximity to the equator. Not a science major here, but one gets the feeling that common sense in some science has been lacking. It goes without saying that if factories from Buffalo to Beijing pump chemicals into the air and water, then there will be a devastating effect on the environment, however, the hype surrounding climate has become somewhat of an industry rather than an actual science.

One might find that the glaciers are not melting as fast as originally predicted by those that believe the earth is warming at an alarming rate, however, globally, access to clean water, and clean air may be difficult due to industry.

Recalling a youth 50 years past, that read Weekly Readers chock full of warnings of a coming Ice age, that had those of an age believing that the mastodons would be reborn and that nowhere on earth would one be able to escape the cold, brings up some questions as to the flip-flop of the scientific community on the global meltdown. That said conservation and the protection of water and air should be a top priority to keep both food supply and quality of life in sync.

The blog st evengooddard, offers clips of newspapers hawking the coming Ice age in the 1970’s and is well worth reading. It draws similarities to the global warming theory that suggests the study of weather patterns has gone from one extreme to the next.

The positive aspect of this horrific global warming scare is the use of clean energy initiatives which have created a few jobs, and have contributed to the demise of several geese (those solar panels appear as a sparkling lake to the birds who dive to their deaths), should geese be an issue to anyone. However, no method, other than fire (and that is truly not exempt) has kept man from some sort of danger or pollutant.

Melding two contradictory sciences (conservation and the weather) may appear to be a tad off, but historically, one finds that weather patterns change over decades, and that cleaning rivers and ground from pollutants allows fish to flourish. It is therefore, not without a bit of amusement that one finds the official site of climate dot gov. doing a piece on historical weather patterns.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Grilling of Gruber – The Professor who is just another ridiculous academic with an attitude – He should never have been nominated

The audacity of the professor fueled by Progressive Ethics.

Not having paid a whole lot of attention to the hearings on Capitol Hill over the appointment of Jonathan Gruber, it was with some surprise and more than the usual disgusts that one happened upon the hearings on CSPAN last night. What an eye opener. The fact that we have these types of cretins working for and with government agencies – as it turns out both state and federal is something that should be stopped in its tracks. Especially since the academics appear to believe they are protected by some union somewhere, or at least a lawyer or two when they are seated before Congress.

As the more painful hearing (video clip below) between Rep. Chavez from UT ® and Gruber went one, one felt that Gruber has as much disdain for Congress as he does for the American People – snake oil elite should fit the bill:

In this clip he consistently refers to his attorney when he is asked to produce document s relating to his work for the federal government to the point with Rep. Chaves gives up in disgust.

A little later in that hearing, the man who insists he is not political becomes very political when queried by a supportive Democrat rep as being harangued by the darned republicans asked Gruber if he did not help Romenycare – which Gruber replied he did indeed and had papers to boot!

He was not asked to produce those papers.

However, as a citizen of MA, that has to wonder where most of the taxes go (either the turnpike ahtority or the states myriad program for enitielments – it is not without a little bit of wonder that someone as ridiculous as Gruber was able to get to Mitt Romney as well

See Video below from Al Sharpton.

This leads one to believe the vetting process on hiring consultants who are clearly political cronies with no serous knowledge of how to make the task at hand actually work as promised, should be booted, not end up on capitol hill in a hearing in which that individual will be likely heading the department which oversees the mess he is responsible for producing.

Not for nothing, the readers here understand, that were it a republican academic or Gruber, it would make no difference- qualifications should cold be just that= and it’s obvious this man has neither qualification nor the quality of an individuals conscience to work for and with the American people. For one, I’m not terribly convinced his apology for calling us stupid over and over again, was just bad judgment for which he is story . He is one of those over degreed academic who truly believes they are on the eh top, and there is that class of Americans who fall between the cracks are of no consequence, those blue collar workers, those without a four year degree, and those who are perpetually kept in poverty;.

The progressive dogmas that make these morons believe they are truly better. Isn’t there somewhere someone better suited to the position?

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Hilary Clinton Trump’s GOP Field in Bloomberg Politics Poll – Analysis

Bloomberg Politics commissioned a poll on 2016 Presidential match-up’s between multiple GOP contenders, the Vice President, Joe Biden and former Democrat Presidential Candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the Poll, Clinton leads all potential GOP candidates by several points, and the strongest contender appears to be Joe Biden.(Bloomberg) The Pollster, Selzer & Co out of Des Moine Iowa conducted the poll based on 1001 individuals 18 years of age or older (poll PDF here), however gives no clue as to the demographic and political affiliation makeup of those polled, of those polled, 753 are likely voters. When looking at the grouping for favorability we find Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and Joe Biden as choices. Polling strongest behind Clinton is Biden, followed by Romney, Christie, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush (tied), and then Ted Cruz. Of course, one must factor in that key element – Don’t know enough to form a decision, which those who score highest as unknown are: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, those who score highest are Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and then Mitt Romney. Further in the matchup with Clinton against the aforementioned GOP candidates only, those candidates group tightly, with Mitt Romney leading the field, and Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, tied for second. (Business week)

There are several questions regarding the poll, or more to the point, popularity and familiarity poll so early in the game with not one candidate announced that it is truly a non poll. Additionally, when Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden score highest in any group, one must trust that there is a larger percentage of Democrats and or Democrat leaning independents participating, than say GOP or GOP leaning independents.

What does surprise is the strength of Rand Paul in this non-poll, as he ties with Jeb Bush, in all instances, while having less name recognition with the sample. Not included are more likely to run Rick Perry and soon to be unemployed Governor of Maryland, O’Malley, nor the heavyweight progressive, Senator Elizabeth Warren. If one is playing fantasy politics one should have a full team.

Additionally, inserting “Hope the run’s”, rather than those who may have indicated they might run, is also a non-starter. (That would, of course, remove both Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren, who one suspects the later would have done screamingly well in this poll. Leading one to believe that this poll was produced by a big fan of Hillary Clinton, or to shore up the point that Hillary is a real threat to the GOP field (send your $$ now!).

Analysis: nothing to see here, move along folks.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Internet addiction - only saying this once

A personal perspective.

Although one might love to write, or analyze, or crochet or play the piano (badly), if one is invested in a game here, a social network there, or more specifically the games in the social network one might just abandon the other pastimes one enjoys.

I’ve been missing for over a week – lost in Candy Crush, Word Wizards and yes, briefly in Lumosity. The realization that I was spending far too much time playing games (while fine-tuning my mind – the excuse) dawned on me early last week, yet I was compelled to keep going back for one more game.

There are many types of addictions, or some would categorize as mental illnesses – alcohol, drugs being dangerous, shopping, still an addiction, and finding one cannot move away from the computer without some distress - they all are addictions. Having no specific training in the field of psychology, rather being a mere subject, does not allow for any true scientific discourse. However, finding oneself so invested in a machine, not in the pursuit of knowledge, but in “entertainment”, brings up the question of when to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Having far too many unfinished projects (again, enjoyable pastimes), may be a clue, especially if one finds oneself with their tablet, iphone or pc, more often than one’s family. Therefore, I believe I may be addicted, and in the true spirit of destining anything that may have an upper hand over the mind, I’m curtailing, rationing, and realistically picking up that crochet hook that is wielded with little grace and less knowledge, and finishing that God-awful purple throw.

2016 GOP Update – Rand Paul and Jeb Bush

Potential GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016, Rand Paul, has come under some fire for a statement he made regarding the fact that a New York City Cigarette Tax might be responsible for the death of Garner, who died while in a police chokehold – the reason, selling a single cigarette, which is against the law. The Opinion piece in the Journal Sentinel, suggest that the bombastic Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who went off the rails when Paul made this statement, apparently misunderstood Paul’s suggestion that the concept of a tax placed on cigarettes, with the law stating single cigarettes can’t be sold (due to loss of revenue), was ultimately a factor – the arrest would not have taken place if that particular tax law was not in place. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). Once might want to watch the feigned horror ensue from the left the further Paul gets into the 2016 arena. This is due to several factors, not least among them is his outreach to traditionally “owned by Democrats demographics groups”, the fact that he closes on the Top Democrat 2016 contender(s), and generally derails them due to his ability to take an issue both Democrats and republicans can agree on, and run with it.

Oh well. Also of note: Rand Paul’s interview with WHAS, where he note’s he may have made a mistake while in college, re: smoking marijuana. Paul has long championed lessened penalties on drug possession, for those who are either underage and or have such small amounts that it makes no sense to prosecute. That’s a liberty stance and once that is also fiscally conservative - savings from imprisonment and prosecution for a minor offence, while allowing the individual to become more fully a taxpayer without the burden of a criminal complaint. (WHAS).

Paul has suggested that he will make the final decision to move forward with a campaign in the late spring of this year, however, it appears that he Senator has already laid the groundwork for a campaign.

Meanwhile, the other Bush, Jeb made the odd statement that one must be prepared to lose the primary in order to win the general election – the Washington Post analyses his statement, which is not in the least odd. Presumably, the former Governor, hamstrung due to Dynasty and non-conservative ideals regarding immigration and the loathed common core education, suggests that being true to oneself and holding one’s convictions is far more important that actually winning the primary.That said, looking back at the 2012 cycle, one notes that most if not all of the candidates who ran, regardless of which side of the political fence they sat, did just that. The exceptions were those that won the contest, by changing positions to be more moderate in tone. Thus appealing to the right, middle and or left as the case may be. Lovely sentiment, however, one wonders which bushel the man has been under, considering his family ties and close proximity to many a national race.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Black Friday Shopping and Packers and Patriots – the Thanksgiving Weekend in Review

Along with the annual Turkey coma, comes “Black Friday”, and the compulsion (for some of us) to go uncharacteristically early into the stores for a little Christmas shopping. This year, it was easier to shop online, though this blogger did go forth to the mall of all places, but admittedly spent less, holding out for better online deals. Not unusual, according to Yahoo News, noting that sales were down as shopping habits changed for what once was the big retail sales day of the year. (Yahoo News) What with the constant email and text alerts as to sales online, it was a decision to hold out for better deals that may have sunk the traditional stores, however, it may also be what is now dubbed “the Obama Economy” that is responsible for weary and leery shoppers. The stores at 8 am in a large mall in Western Mass were deserted. One could even walk into a Wall-Mart, without much fuss.

To make things more interesting in this household, one of us is a Packers fan, one a Patriot’s fan (all things New England and Massachusetts considered. To me, the concept of football as American, begins and ends in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Vince Lombardi, Packer coach got me long ago with his quip: “The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.” This brought up visions of blood, snow and what can and can’t be accomplished in life, without faith and what God gave you. (For more Lombardi Quotes and History – visit:

Therefore, I was pretty thrilled when they bested the Patriots – there will be little peace in this house for the next week. (Charlotte Observer)

That said those spouses who enjoy rooting for opposing teams, are able to come to terms quickly – if only the Executive Branch would do the same with Congress.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Travesty and the Tragedy – a Tale of Three Cities – Ferguson, Cleveland and Kansas City

The Grand Jury has made its decision on the Ferguson Police officer who had shot and killed a young Michel Brown, after responding to a robbery call resulting in months of demonstrations and upon hearing the verdict of no indictment, the riots ensued. In this instance it appears that media frenzy may have driven the riots, or the activists, some with good intentions others your basic anarchists. It is what is known as a Travesty – when there is no information, as to innocence or guilt, and guilt is assumed by those who are on the outside, aggravating those on the inside of any given situation.

A real protest worthy tragedy happened in Cleveland just this week, where a 12 year old boy was shot and killed by a police officer on a playground, no less, for wielding a toy gun.

A few weeks ago, a woman was raped and then set on fire in a Kansas City Park, she has now died, after a horrifying 3 weeks and little notice was taken by national media, although the crime should have made national news.

Although the murder in Cleveland should be front page news, as well as the violent crime committed in Kansas, neither seem to be attracting too much attention, by those who should be outraged, from community activists, woman’s activist, and the national press. It is not so much that one is African American, a child, and the other a woman; it is the level of violence in our society that continues to drive more acts of malice – intentional or otherwise.

In Ferguson, the atmosphere of the riots appears almost political in nature, even the President has given a prime time speech, calling for calm, yet, a 12 year old lays dead in Cleveland and a woman lays dead in Kansas City and countless other victims join them across a nation that has, for whatever reason, lost it’s collative mind. It is a travesty that those victims and their families deserve barely a mention in the local press, or the UK press, rather than a good outpouring of outrage missed with horror by the national press.

It’s a macabre game of pick and choose, winners and losers in the context of national story – what is perhaps the most frightening of all hypotheses is perhaps, just perhaps, these types of stories happen so frequently that the media must choose one or two only. In that case, it’s time to revisit, penalties for rape and murder, penalties that are so stringent that one might be disinclined to take that shot, There will also be violence, it is man’s way, however, the thought that once caught and incarcerated for life, with no possible hope of release, and no appeals, then that might, just might make a difference.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama About to Bring Down the Democrat Party – For Decades with Executive Immigration Reform

The President is set to announce his own immigration reform, without Congress, and according to Yahoo News service, this will irk Republicans (Yahoo).

Additional, the Washington Post suggests that ahead of the announcement the President will dine with select Democrats – no Republicans – most likely to rally what’s left of his base in the Chambers (Washington Post)

Add to the insistence by County Sheriffs that this will destroy democracy and leave gaping holes for terrorists(MRCTVP) or that the party was just beyond trounced in what was historic proportions in both House Chambers, the man is deluded into thinking he’s adding to a legacy or, perhaps, adding to the appeal of Democrats in his base. In any case, he is deluded - unless he is playing to big business which just loves illiterate and illegal immigrants that will work for pennies, and not complain.

So, it’s either delusion or greed, take your pick.

While it is true, one senior Republican suggested this move might cause anarchy in the nation (USA Today), it will most likely come from the majority of Democrats rather than the regular base.

Here is where it hurts the party. Those African American and working class solid Democrats are simply not on board with the President. They want those borders locked down – and a focus on job creation as a priority. This was never made plainer when they did go out and vote this past election. If they had not, the Senate would have held, along with State offices in multiple State’s, from the governor’s office to Dog catcher. This was true in Massachusetts, where Martha Coakley was trumped. It was truer in CT where Malloy almost lost his job, and in VA where a Senate race should never have been that close.

Those that did not vote, stayed home and grumbled. If they could not pull a lever for a Republican in the 2014 election, watch how fast they move to pull one in the 2016 general.

We are a nation of immigrants, yet, highly suspicious of illegal immigrants, and new immigrants, and it is historically a fact, especially when it comes to “blue states”. (See Gangs of New York for starters – rent on Netflix).

Therefore, the only problem the Republican’s have is to start working towards more party diversity and paint every single Democrat on Obama’s side, from now till Nov. 2016. It’s not difficult given they were exemplary at using his as well as the former Congressional Representatives and Senators who, try and they might to distance themselves, were shown as totally in bed with the President.

The very smart move would have been to wait until the next Session in January when the Republican Senate Bill that had been sitting on Harry Reids desk, could be brought to the floor and sent to the president to sign. A total of 218 immigration bills are now sitting in the Senate – and a similar number in the House

Therefore, he could take his pick, have Harry move one of those forward, and stop the B.S. and the destruction of my fathers’ party. The Republican’s won’t impeach him, (Joe Biden is often the answer as to why not), and letting him ride his own crazy train right into destruction station is the obvious plan.

Since it’s unlikely that the President would pick up a GOP Immigration Bill, and that the Republicans’ have their “groove” on – they can count on new and very fervent members of their Party for the General Election.

Monday, November 17, 2014

T – 25% of households under water – crossing socio-economic barriers – Taxed much?

The Hartford Courant’sarticle on the 25% of Connecticut households living under water, with some making 61,000 per year (approximate), and others being students not yet able to afford to move from a parents home, is somewhat telling of the state of Connecticut .

This also applies to the other 50 states and where those same families may fare better than say, in Connecticut. The Tax Foundation offers a table of state by state tax burdens here, there 2011. At that time, Connecticut had an 11.9% state tax rate compared to say, Texas at 7.5%. This data includes all state and local taxes. It also does not take into account the following that may be lending to the overall downsizing of the American worker’s dollars: The federal tax burden and fees, including EPA fees paid by business and homeowners with every water bill, fees on cable services, the gas tax, etc. etc..

Therefore, as the inflation on items such as food and fuel (which are not counted in the Bureau of Labor (Federal) as they are too volatile to include, rises, and the dollar buys less, an inordinate tax burden on the citizens by both the state and federal bureaucracy makes both complicit in the fortunes, or lack thereof, of the individuals in each state.

One might suggest that those living in Massachusetts, New Jersey, states on the west coast and in between that subscribe to the federal and state governments as benevolent societies (on the back of the taxpayer) are in no better shape.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Clinton – Obama Transition – Spitting Into the Winds of Hate and Division

The Washington Post has an interesting article regarding the transition of power from President Obama to Hillary Clinton entitled: “The tricky Obama-Clinton handoff begins”. The gist in a nutshell: How Hillary Clinton can assume power from Obama and maintain the same policies as he has in place now, while driving a wedge between the American Public and the newly minted Republican Congress, and at the same time keeping a massive distance between herself and the President. (Washington Post)

Perhaps more aggravating than any concept of a dynasty of political elite assuming they are going to just take the power, pre-election, are the comments made within the article by those in “power” in the DNC.

“President Obama’s legacy is now entirely dependent on the election of a Democratic successor as president who will protect and extend it, not demolish it,” said David Brock, a Clinton ally and chairman of the pro-Democratic super PAC American Bridge. “Should she run, they both now have a common enemy in a Republican Congress that will define politics through 2016.”
(Washington Post)

Common enemy – here we go again, years of backbiting and accusations of us vs. them in a never ending quagmire that is Washington DC and those that believe they “own” the people.

Frankly, whether it be a dynastic figure from the Republicans (think Bush 1, Bush II, the Return of Bush), or a dinosaur from the Democrats, those types of elitists no longer should hold sway with the general public. Those would the people who have hired them.

Should there be political disagreements with sound discourse? Absolutely, but slogans and premeditated malaise is not going to be a welcome respite for the citizens- rather, it was this type of partisan division and the sense of entitlement and ownership among the political elite, that led to more individuals staying home due to sheer depressions, and those voting, having had enough.

They never learn.

Favorite part of this entire article is the point made that no matter who follows Obama as the next Democrat President, rest assured, they will be in lockstep with his policies.

Political Party annihilation for Dummies – should be a new “how to” for those who feel they are above it all.

Friday, November 07, 2014

2016 Begins – Dr. Ben Carson Announced as first Republican Presidential Candidate

ABC News is reporting that Dr. Ben Carsonis the first Republican Candidate for the GOP Nomination.

Carson, a famous pediatric neurosurgeon and conservative political star, will air a nearly 40 minute-long ad introducing himself to the American people this weekend, an aide to Carson confirms to ABC News.

The documentary titled “A Breath of Fresh Air: A New Prescription for America” will air in 22 states and Washington, DC. The paid video will detail some of his biography and family life, including his rise from being born to a single mother with a poor childhood in Detroit to director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins for almost 40 years, known for his work separating conjoined twins, to potential 2016 presidential candidate.

How 6 Potential 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Fared on the Campaign Trail Carson first became a conservative star when last year he created a buzz at the National Prayer Breakfast when in front of an audience that included President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden spoke out about political correctness, health care and taxes.

He also called for a private health care savings plan and a flat tax in a speech that went viral and led to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal titled Ben Carson for President. He is known as a fierce opponent of the president’s health care law known as Obamacare.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll from last month of the potential 2016 presidential candidates showed Carson in seventh place garnering seven percent of the vote after other notables including Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Marco Rubio.
(ABC News)

This announcement makes the 2016 GOP potential slate of candidates a lot more interesting!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Nation Rises – GOP Control’s House, Senate, Governors Seats – More GOP Women, More First, More Diversity

It was one heck of a night of recrimination against all things progressive given the overwhelming defeat of Progressive Democrats nationwide, and in places that were considered sacrosanct to the Party.

The Washington Post suggests the credit belongs to the Republican GOP Machine, however, one might suggest that the credit belongs to the voters and possibly the Progressives themselves who’s policies have wrought destruction for millions.. Looking at the maps, the nation, divided into blue and red, appears to be heading more towards a Reagan landslide (which was populist)

Favorite victories: Charlie Baker, new governor of Massachusetts(WWLP), Tim Scott, First African American elected to the South Carolina Senate(Republic), Joni Earnst, first woman elected to the Senate in Iowa, and of course, West Virginia, where Capito became the first woman, and the first GOP Senator from WV in 55 years

The GOP in DC? – Nope the angry American People, which it now behooves them to tack right rather than left to move things in the right direction.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

To All those Political Purists – Don’t Complain if You Don’t Vote

It goes without saying that no matter what political party one prefers, if one has a purist mentality, one may not vote at all, especially if the slate of candidates does not meet sterling criteria. This mentality would adhere to many a “group”: those who would not vote for someone who was pro-life or someone who was pro-choice, or someone who vote once against a tax, or for a tax, or someone who has the unfortunate circumstance to be born into a religion that does not fit – say a Catholic or a Mormon. Those individuals who do not exercise their right to vote, or vote for part of a ticket – throw away their right to vote. It is a right that, as a citizen, all may partake – unlike other nations, it is a gift.

Therefore, those who sit back and watch their jobs disappear, or their lifestyle depleted, or whatever issue floats the boat, cannot complain when things get worse, unless, of course, one votes.

So, go vote, hold your nose, cover one eye, and vote in what may be the better candidate – the lesser of two evils. In all of these years, that this blogger has voted, it was sometimes right, sometimes left, when available Libertarian, however, it always had a consequence when it came to the ability to complain or celebrate – it was an earned right to do either.

So, go vote, one person can make a difference and with a clear conscious you can complain. There is no perfect candidate, and there never will be, they are, all of them, left, right and center, just people, who have stepped forward, taken time out of their lives, to try and better the nation.

Monday, November 03, 2014

So Long Harry and Thanks for All the Fish! The President’s Legacy – Will He or Won’t He Work with the GOP once freed of Reid?

The title is in reference to Douglas Adam’s 5 part trilogy beginning with A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and ending with “So Long and Thanks’ for All the Fish”. Basically if one has any familiarity with this irreverent take on life and its karma – then Harry Reid is about to become of those characters, the villain who is given his comeuppance, as the party faithful flee.

Tomorrow will be a day of historic proportions some pundits suggest, however, it may also be the tipping point in a mid-term where the population, in general, rejects, not only the Administration’s policies, but the progressives as a whole. Time of course, will tell, however, a recent Suffolk poll on the Massachusetts Governor’s race is telling. The Marginals (here) are chock full of surprises: In this poll, Baker leads Coakely for the Governor’s office by 4 points, and the President’s approval in MA remains underwater at 44%, Hillary Clinton’s visit to help out Martha Coakley had a net zero effect, with 61.4% suggesting it made no difference at all and finally, 28% watched Fox News more than any other network. The poll was based on Massachusetts political enrollment, 51% Unenrolled, 11% GOP, and 38% Democrat (approximately) – which does not bode well across the board for Progressives. The Ballot questions are also of interest, most favor keeping the casino and reject including bottled water, etc. in the states bottle return program.(Boston Herald)

North to New Hampshire, is the Scott Brown Race against Jean Shaheen, which is, at present a tie, Iowa was a tie, until a Des Moines Register Final poll showed no contest at all, with Earnst up by 7 points, and the Democrat Candidate suggesting she looks like Taylor Swift (Politico)

It is indeed a world gone somewhat wild. Given that the Republicans are set to take upwards to 10 seats (as some models show Iowa as a toss-up), and additional congressional seats, the President will be in a position to get things accomplished, should he be of that mind. With Reid gone from the equations (possibly a loud and obnoxious voice in the Senate to be sure, but no longer hampering votes and legislation from seeing the light of day, the President will have more opportunity to pass or veto as he sees’ fit.

Should the President reject overtures of bi-partisanship from the new Congress, then they have a loud enough group going into 2014 to continue to “Bushwhack” him, and the White House will also fall to the GOP – which, given history, is more than likely to happen even if the President was granted sainthood.

That said, a legacy is at stake, and rather going down in history as the rival to Jimmy Carter, he does have the opportunity to come out of this looking a lot more like Bill Clinton. The question remains, will he use the next two years to thwart the congress by any means (including overreach of the Constitution), or will he “play ball” and give and get in the dance of legislation?

Friday, October 31, 2014

2016 – Rand Paul Ready

Rand Paul has been everywhere as of late, lending a hand in GOP races at all levels across the US. What is most interesting is his continual investment in urban areas such as Detroit where Republican’s don’t’ look like the “white-bread-branded-old-men-only”, and where Paul speaks to parity in sentencing, urban growth and listens to concerns and then fires up a crowd(WEMU) – Outreach which drew criticism from the Standard Brand DC Republicans (otherwise known as the RNC), when he suggested that they were not unlike the first Domino’s Pizza crusts – they suck – the RNC took umbrage at that remark, they most resemble as of late.

Paul’s approach is winning hearts and minds, and is time well spent, despite the party heads who are busying praying for a Chris Christie or Jeb Bush – or, any Democrat to run against the firebrand Paul.

Not unlike Reagan who came in with new ideas that were like chalk on a blackboard to the same type of RNC elitist, Paul get’s under their skin by calling them out. The truth hurts, and as he is, according President Obama’s former campaign turnout director, the best position to win 2016 battleground states. Go figure, he has an origination in all 50 states, and yet, DC remains doubtful.

There are very few other potential candidates of note going into the general at this point. Cruz, who has won praise from, of all people, Barney Frank, for suggesting that the States decide Gay Marriage but Barney may not be aware that Cruz is a constitutional lawyer with all that implies, someone who is able to place the job of the states, with the states! (Brietbart), regardless of the issue.

Also, Governor Rick Perry is poised to take the national stage, more so than in the 2012 cycle.

As always too early to tell who else might enter the race for the nomination, but consider who may run on the side of the Democrats, and who the DNC will or won’t field. There is absolutely no contest going into 2016 –unless the National GOP gets in the way of it’s nominating contest.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Happened to Our National Ideal? – That everyone is Created Equal – Those pushed into categories about to wake up. Black Activists In Chicago Make a Valid Point

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership – video by Rebel Pundit via UTube

At one time, during the 1950’s and 1960’s one knew there was deep-rooted racism, and that racism existed from the north to the south, west and southwest, east and northeast. There were those who wanted change, and those who fought for change, and those who saw the changes taking place. There were political party divides, and the Civil Rights Movement was the defining moment of the greatest generation in concert with the baby boomers.

Then power and greed and political corruption got the best of our combined leadership – black, white, Republican, and yes, especially Democrats. Watching everyone become pigeonholed by race or gender over the decades, while seeing opportunities disappear, has been a heartbreaking event. More so, perhaps, because there were those who believed that it was no longer necessary to concern oneself with those pockets of racists or sexists that we had evolved into a society that would not stand for one person being less than another – having equal opportunities.

Then politics stepped in and assured all of us that this cancer not only still existed it was prevalent, and then the Us vs. them began.

It needs to end, and perhaps, just perhaps with dedicated individuals looking about at the destruction of our great society, taking matters to heart and doing good work by calling out those corrupters, will bring enthusiasm to all of us to work as one society again. Call it idealism or something found in several documents, not least among them the one that guides our nation’s laws – the Constitution.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Voters Are Angry – From MA to CA – Pelosi Begs for Cash as Rome Burns – Rand Paul in 30 States Supporting Candidates - Small tsunami or Armageddon?

According to CNN voters are somewhat miffed, to say the least, a full 60% or greater are angry at the direction of the country – that type of anger, the pollster suggests, is exactly what drove the wave of 2010 – the U.S. House takeover by the GOP. (CNN). What’s more, Nancy Pelosi is reported to be asking for cash from her minions in the Congress as the situation in House races is dicey again this mid-term. (Politico).

If that’s not bad enough, that rascally Rand Paul (KY-R) is running ads in Kansas of all places, to support the Senate candidate in that state. In addition, Rand’s PAC has been busy this mid-term, in other states where there is a need of support. Revealed by ABC news Rand has visit 30 states in this mid-term. (ABS News).

The standard GOP team for 2016 must be having conniption fits – Rand, not the ideal GOP candidate due to his many faults, such as voter outreach in groups largely ignored by the Party due to “belonging to the other party”, and darn it, a different approach to tax payers money (not spending it), and foreign policy (let ‘s not get overly involved) – yet he’s got the Reagan mojo going, and is undoubtedly the only candidate they have, or more precisely the nation has, that is a) willing and b) capable of reining in the insanity. That’s this opinion of course, however, historical patterns do play out – it is time for change in a positive direction – a candidate that will appeal to a large cross-section of the populace.

Massachusetts is seeing an anomaly as the GOP Candidate for Governor, Charley Baker, has been endorsed by almost every paper in the state, including the Boston Globe(Boston Globe) and the Springfield Republican.(Masslive) This is just the icing on the cake with Martha Coakley's 9 point deficit in the Boston Globe poll.

Two competitive Congressional Races are shaping up in MA – John Chapman against Incumbent Keating in the 9th district, and Richard Tisea versus newcomer Seth Mouton, standing in for defeated former 6th district rep, Tierney.

In New Hampshire, Scott Brown has taken the lead slightly over Jean Shaheen, whose supporters are sticking yard signs everywhere about the state touting her close relationship with the President – they will receive thank you notes from Brown’s campaign come that Wed. Morning in Nov.

The theory goes as follows, if Massachusetts has suddenly gone slightly purple, and then what of the rest of the nation where blue is not normally the flavor of the month?

Never mind the Tsunami – Armageddon is upon the Democrat party, and they know it. It is time for new leadership of the JFK ilk to pull my father’s party out of the ditch – not one capable person on the horizon that fits the bill.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The National GOP on Collision Course for 2016 – The Return of the “Safe” Candidate

Here we go again, the National GOP is pushing such notables as Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey (Moderate-Left), and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, of the Bush dynasty, as candidates for the 2016 GOP Presidential Contest. Apparently, Mitt Romney finally got it across that he was not interested in running a third time (given the state of the nation, he’s a smart man.)

So what about those that have a fairly well established ground game? Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, perhaps the most viable candidate the GOP has had since Ronald Reagan (they despised him as well), is making inroads across the nation in demographics previously “belonging” to Democrats, doing everything right.

Therefore the flunkies (i.e. moderate party cow-tow’s) are starting to surface. Moderate Illinois Adam Kinzinger has suggested that Paul would be dangerous to the GOP “given his cuts to the military budget”. He much prefers the likes of Bush, Christie and Ryan. That said, since the budget comes from the House and not the Senate, it is a stretch of the imagination that the Senator would have much impact on the budget – unless he actually won the nomination and then the general election. It’s fear mongering to the base. (Daily Caller)

Of course, the weekend would not be complete without the emergence of yet another Bush presidential run accordoing to the Miami Herald, George P Bush, son of one Jeb Bush suggests his father is ready to run in 2016.(Miami Herald) in the nick of time to save the GOP from the likes of say, a Rand Paul, and lose the General election in spades – once again.

It would be one thing to the casual observer or a devout Republican, if the party let chips fall where they might – oh, let anyone who has the courage to run in the primary do so unhindered by the specter of the national GOP suggesting they should be immediately replaced by their preferred candidate, and then should that individual not make the primary cut, so be it. That would be a fair contest.

In the age of a nuclear Democrat Party, as well as a National GOP is it no wonder individuals are opting out of the parties, and choosing “no affiliation”? Continuing to represent the Progressive ideals of elitism and proving the same by continuing to push forward candidate’s who are in that imagined upper class (Clinton, Bush, Romney), will lead more quickly to the emergence of a third party – the non-party.

Perhaps having no candidate but making choices based on whoever the main parties are pushing. It is what it is, but it does not mean the citizens have to appreciate a party that puts itself above the founder’s intent. Put either one of the GOP picks up against a Democrat Pick, and the White House is lost to the GOP once again.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Canada and Gun Control – Lessons Taken Away

Canada has some of the strictest gun control laws on the continent, and yet they are left wondering where the prior felon turned radical Islamic Jihadist got his hands on a gun – the general consensus – illegally (CBA.CA)

Understanding that any time there is a shooting in Springfield, MA (it appears every day) one might also hazard to guess than gangs, and criminals committing these crimes are not purchasing firearms legally. To this mind, although not a huge proponent of those armed to the teeth, having a firearm, especially in a large urban area, may be the way to go. This is especially true when, today, both Canada and the US are apparently engaging in urban warfare against those that would convert without mercy. The whole point is conversion and or annihilation of the unbeliever, regardless of age, gender or military service.

That said, the Canadians appear to have a much milder temperament than those crazy people south of their border (US), and are more sensitive to natures of the murderous type. Therefore, not immune due to daily gang shootings, or random acts of violence seen on the streets in the U.S. daily, this is quiet a conundrum.

These are the times when you might find pro or anti gun activist out battling for a piece of the sympathy pie, however, in each instance on has to understand that an individual who takes a life is not mentally stable – and that extends to those involved in the cult of Islam. They have, to this mind, taken the orders of their one time general turned profit and holy man, Mohammed literally. It is, therefore, a mental illness when an individual believes they will receive 72 virgins in exchange for murder or suicide. That hinges on the biblical warnings of an anti-Christ – one who has been long dead, but his precepts continue to invade other countries, convert by means of force or, worse, in times of emotional stress under the guise of religion.

Therefore, one either arms themselves, or understands that this type of happenstance, be it a mall, an official building or other outing, is bound to happen in both nations. Get a gun, a dog, a can of beans (16 oz), or anything that one thinks they can disable a crazy flipping person with – frankly, the can of heavy metal would suffice, and most likely send them to their intended brides early.

Gun Laws don’t work, because criminals find ways to exploit gun laws, or buy a hatchet or machete and murder infidels anyhow.

Oh yes, and most definitely not politically correct.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 – Senate Preparing for Party Switch – 2016 – Begins with Rand Paul

Barring any massive upheavals in the universe as it is today, the outcome of the 2014 mid-terms will, in all probability, produce a GOP majority. With that in mind the Senate is said to be preparing on both sides of the old aisle for the “switch” according to the Wall Street Journal, and Harry Reid intends to continue to drag down the Democrat Party – go figure. (WSJ)

Not wasting any time, nor letting grass grow under his feet, the Most Interesting Man in Politics, Rand Paul (Time Magazine) , has scheduled his first 2016 team meeting, this according to the National Jouranl(picked up as well by the Hill Blog.

It is that season, that political season, where the meek crumble and those that are either crazy and or decidedly dedicated or a bit of both, would take on the prospect of a grueling primary, and if one should win, take an even greater task, the general election – all for the booby prize of landing in the nations White House. In this wise, and in this time, the stakes are so high in the “can it be fixed at all area”, that one has to have a bit of crazy to even consider running. Either way, no matter which side, or who the candidate is, it behooves all citizens to thank them for even suggesting they might be interested in the job of dragging us out of this very deep ditch. Of course, this bloggers preference at this moment in time is the Kentucky doctor, Rand Paul. He meets the ridiculous criteria: younger, hipper, and more in tune with the entire population, he makes the covers of the magazines and most beautiful people’s list. Additionally, he is smarter than all that, has run his own business, is a doctor, has a deep understanding of the constitution the way it was written, and prefers individual to states rights. In other word, a Renaissance man that has his pulse on the country, which is a great prescription for this time and space.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scott Brown Vs. Jeanne Shaheen New Hampshire Senate Debate – No wonder Brown is gaining – Polling gives Republican’s the edge

Scott Brown & Jeanne Shaheen - image NBC News

In the interest of disclosure this blogger (unenrolled – independent) has always been a huge fan of one Scott Brown. That status was based on his voting record in the MA Senate and then in the U.S. Senate which was, in every way shape or form, bi-partisan and based, not on what would further Scott Brown, rather what would help the nation. Voting records, bills supported and written are all available in the Congressional Record online. To find out how your Senator, Congressman has voted, or worked for you visit

The simple process of looking for records of Brown’s would go a long way toward debunking any nonsense about “Koch Brother’s” or Billionaires, that Shaheen, not unlike her predecessor, Warren, decided was the best way to get Brown down. The debate last night in New Hampshire supports that tactic being used by Shaheen and is also telling in the way she approaches the entire debate process. View the entire debate (worth the hour) at

What one finds is a someone nervous Shaheen, in the way she approaches the questions and the way she appears in general – not over confident standing on the same stage with Brown. With good reason as Brown simply stated voting records and with Shaheen (visit the record of voting with the President 99.9% of the time is true. Of course when called out on that voting record, she immediately resorted to yelling “Koch Brothers”. To the best of anyone’s knowledge they do not operate the government website.

Brown was straightforward and earnest in his answers, or the usual Scott Brown. In looking at overall answer quality, and stage presence (i.e. comfort level and belief in what one was actually saying), Brown took the debate hands down. With two weeks left to go one might suggest that New Hampshire will be sending Brown – not Shaheen to D.C. in January.

In addition, running the “War on Women” B.S. (which is annoying to a feminist when it is deployed due to its consideration of women as idiots.) those who do decide to trot out that fallacious argument should be reading the polls. Apparently, women aren’t buying what the Democrats are selling according to the latest AP/GFK Poll(Yahoo News) – preferring to vote for the Republican candidate even if it means “holding one’s nose”. That one little statement means that, although distasteful to many, as they would be loyal Democrats, they are no longer buying the gambit, and will be placing a vote based on what they feel will bring the nation around. 2010 was a wave, 2014 will be Armageddon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rand Paul - Salon Headline: “Rand Paul’s worthy goal: Why we shouldn’t laugh off his attempt to woo African-American voters” – and why it matters

Here is the gist as it goes, driving home from work and tuning into the local news channel, there was the Howie Carr Show, and I was floored for two reasons: One this is a conservative talk show, and two, the callers were African American and they were talking about their new party affiliation.

There is something that those who are vested in this nation consider a priority, that all labels be removed and that those who are recognized as being part of groups deemed underprivileged for whatever reason, are considered simply, citizens. All equal under the eyes of the law, and of more import of each other. Granted there will always be some idiots in the mix, who are blinded by whatever club or background or jealously or hate they are burdened with but – there is hope.

Therefore this treatment of Rand Paul’s outreach and goals in reaching African Americans by Salon, lent to that hope: the headline above begs the reader to delve in a bit more deeply, and in doing so, one finds a an article written in a way to drive home the point – it is not so much that the GOP has never done any outreach to the community, rather it is the point that one man is doing so – and where there is one, there is hope. All voters deserve choices, and now one is offering those choices to a segment of the population that has previously “belonged” to one political party.

Good for Rand Paul for setting that goal, and perhaps while he’s in New Hampshire, he should stop in Massachusetts for a second or two to find that his ideas might be readily accepted. So much so that he might gain much support. Understanding how ridiculous it sounds to bring a not-yet announced candidate to the Bay State – the Bluest State, the ever ignored by candidates unless they are Democrats in huge trouble (see this year’s election) state, it may help more than hurt for some to stop in the Bay State before running up to New Hampshire.

Besides my side rant and a selfish one at that given knowledge of the campaign cycles, and how critical first states and impressions are, the point is clear – making all citizens, regardless of culture, and offering choices to all voters is fulfilling the spirit of the Constitution.

Monday, October 20, 2014

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

One can smell blood in the water, and those are the small businesses how are suddenly ramping up as they see a safe haven on the horizon. The Democrats will lose the Senate and gain additional seats in the House in 2014, this is a given by most pollsters. What are endangered Democrats to do? –Act like Republicans – Take Kay Hagen, Democrat incumbent in N.C.’s senate race. Hagen was bitterly against banning flights from affected West African Nations during the Ebola crisis, whiles her opponent Tillis, was not. Polling suggested that the general public might just side with Tillis, and lo and behold: Time’s headline blares:Democratic Senate Candidates Back Ebola Travel Ban” . That would be Kay Hagen in a major policy switch otherwise known as flip-flopping to salvage one’s “career” as a public servant.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, in an allegedly “safe” Senate Race – Funnyman turned Senator , Al Franken, Progressive Democrat, has the party’s super-star, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) out stumping for him. The Washington Post reports that Warren, in front of a huge crowd of 400 Franklin supporters, she quipped: "The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it," to the screaming 400 .

When you have party headliners going to states to stump for candidates (Warren’s headed to Colorado next, to try and bail out Udall - heck, Bill Clintons’ coming to MA to stump for Martha Coakley!) there are major losses on the horizon. Those last ditch party stars are brought in with the intent of helping to at least get out the base. Those door knockers and senior center, nursing home ghouls, who “help “people to vote, especially if an election appears to be on the downward side.

This time, it may not help. Try as they might to get away from the fact that they have been aiding an abiding an incompetent and therefore, dangerous to the health and welfare of the citizens, by oh, refusing to say whether or not they voted for Obama, they can’t. If they stood up for what they truly believed in - they’d stand a better chance. Kay should stick to the party line that she believes in – Warren is an opportunities who will say anything to get anywhere, thus she’s in full character, and acting as usual. More respect to Warren. Suffice it to say, there will be a few new faces in DC come January.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Democrats Represent the Rich? – What gives? – Class warfare reversed – who Cares

As if the Border, ISIL (or whatever the name is this week), The IRS, the inconsistent and scary CDC (and Ebola), etc, etc., were not enough to drag a party down, the AP just handed the Democrats another blow:

They, not Republican’s represent the rich –literally. According to the article, out of the ten (10) wealthiest congressional districts in the nation, 8 of them are represented by Democrats (list here at One might suggest that if one were paying attention one would notice that all politicians’ look fairly well off – but some more elite than others. The Kerry’s, for example, with the faux French demeanor – like a bad Gilligan’s island outtake, Nancy Pelosi with her zillions in wine industries, and the list goes on. Basically, it is just as this nation is supposed to be – some people are rich, some people are trying to get rich and the rest of us fall between the two – bettering oneself is the entire point of the nation. Therefore to despise someone who has “made it”, is someone like kicking oneself in the butt – that is if one has any ambition whatsoever. Or, if it is a politician, say a college professor turned Senator who’s part time salary teaching exceeded 400,000 annually, screaming billionaires from the rooftops, it appears somewhat….pandering.

Pandering to those who wish they were billionaires but due to the fact that they’ve never worked in a mailroom, the odds are, at this point, slim.

The excuse –living amongst the rich and elite empowers one to help the “little people” - seriously, that’s condescending. So what to make of all this us versus them (and that goes for the racists as well). Ignore what the idiots on the hill are selling, and then subsequently vote the most egregious out of their public servants position.

Truly, who really cares if someone is rich, or poor, the only difference is that one has reached a goal, and one has not begun, begun and failed, it is fortune’s that rise and fall, and no politician will be able to remedy the ill. There are charities for the destitute. Enough said.

Perhaps if less credence was given to those ambulance chasing politicians trying to catcall and cause fear amongst the semi-literate (case in point – war on women), then perhaps they’d get the message. The message should be: focus on taking care of your job, protecting the nation, and the taxpayers who have hired you.

Interesting piece on Elizabeth Warren in the Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren Slams Obama, Applauds Party, Still Doesn’t Get It” - worth the read, as it’s rather cutting.

If more citizens watched C-SPAN, especially our Congress in action – (Senate is included), one would get the gist that they are but common folk, and none-too-bright. There are some glaring exceptions, however, for the most part; one is left with a sense, that these yahoos better have Velcro fasteners on their respective shoes, as tying the lace may be beyond their pay grade.

They (Congress, the Administration, their Minions) should be working towards protecting what we have all worked so hard to achieve.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Something New, Nothing Borrowed, Nothing Blue – Massachusetts Reacting 2014

For all the ills that are affecting our great nation, mainly due to incompetence of leadership in the administration, which is effectively perceived as the Political Party it represents, the final straw has broken. Take Massachusetts, the “bluest” state for example; there is a possibility and a better than average possibility that both the Governor’s Seat as well as two Congressional seats will see changes in a few weeks.

The first is the battle between Charlie Baker and Martha Coakely – Martha being a flawed candidate3 from the getgo has made the national stage again in Poltiico’s hit piece “Martha Chokeley”. Basically the article outlines the problems Martha has faced in the past and faces still, unless the dead vote, and there are mysterious voting boxes in certain districts that are friendly to non-english speaking voters, Martha will go down in proverbial flames. The Unenrolled (which describes this bloggers political affiliation as none) have had it.

This lack of enthusiasm and distrust of all things old (or holding office) is evidenced by a new poll (PDF Here) released by Emerson College/WGBH, not exactly conservative pollsters, regarding the 6th Congressional District. It is not so much that the Republican, Richard Tisei is that far ahead of the Democrat running, it is a draw given the margin of error. The stunning reveal in this poll is Obama’s approval rating: a 62.6% unfavorable opinion of the President exists in the 6thth Congressional district. Blow me over with a feather.

This is Massachusetts.

Over on the Cape, the incumbent Democrat, Keating is a tad on the squeezed side, according to the Boston Globe, John Chapman is handing him his hat – yes another Republican Pickup.

If one understands that the Cape is more conservative than say Lowell and the 6th district, one can well imagine that without some serious cheating going on, the Democrats will lose heavily in Massachusetts.

This is Massachusetts – where there is a point that the people rise up and say, enough – the news out of everywhere is so horrifying that event he level headed are starting to think that the end is near, especially those who are currently holding offices and have a (D) somewhere in their history.

If this is taking shape in Massachusetts, then imagine what is happening elsewhere?

Where less progressive heads prevail.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Baker Rising in the Bluest State – Point of No Return – Weld Style Governor on Deck for MA –

From the Boston Globe: an op-ed piece giving Baker the edge in the last debate – with a blow by blow account (read story here of where he bested the rest of the Candidates.

In addition new polling out suggests that Charlie Baker is over Coakley by sufficient points so that adding dead and illegible voters is now out of the questions. An Emerson Poll gives baker a 5 point lead, out of which he’ll need 2 points to compensate for the dead and additional voters, - he still wins. That takes into account the possibility that the dem’s will have time to pay attention to Martha, There are congressional races that may have odd outcomes, as in oddly enough the republican won! Richard Tisei, is one of “those” Republican’s that may be rightly walking the halls of Congress before long.

One can bet the house that Baker will be swinging his way to the nomination – given the serious advertising he has placed to attract, not the 12% republican base in the state, but the unenrolled and yes, he’s got the democrats on his side.

See YouTube video below.

Smart, very smart

Welcome to the new Massachusetts!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Senate Elections 2014 – NC Debate leaves questions – Hagan hammers Millionaires – clueless on Kennedy Equal Pay Act. Picking Harry Reid’s Replacement.

It’s difficult to tell which races will be the one to finally push Harry Reid (D-NV) off his mighty perch, and send him back to the floor of the Senate in order to finally get something, anything done. Granted a conservative here, but unenrolled, as disgust for both organized political parties is what drives a clear vision of what might be wrong in Washington. This fuels a constant infatuation with CSPAN and debates around the nation for the Federal Senate and House seats up for grabs in less than a month. Grab the popcorn and possibly some aspirin as this is not for the impatient, nor those who cannot stand another slogan; especially that darn “war on women”.

Taking a quick look at the races on Real Clear Politics, it appears that the following races are “toss-ups” based on the latest polling: AK: Begich (D), AR: Pryor (D), CO: Udall (D), GA: Open (R), IA: Open (D), KS: Roberts (R), KY: McConnell (R), LA: Landrieu (D), NH: Shaheen (D), NC: Hagan (D) . (Real Clear Politics). The control of the Senate rests on a handful of seats, 6 – which, one might note – is a conservative estimate. Looking at the aforementioned races - and employing some handicapping – on these: Sullivan trumps Begich in AK, in AR - Cotton tops Pryor, in CO – Udall trumps, GA, Perdue, IA, Ernst (that’s by a hair), KS: Orman, (I), LA, Cassidy, in NH, Scott Brown, and in NC, Tillis *Based on last night’s debate.

Therefore, we have 7, plus the 3 open seats in considered safe Republican (MS, SD, WV) and that brings the number to 7 – with 9 Democrat takeover’s – and Udall Safe (so far). The Senate needs to start seriously considering who would fit the bill to undo the damage Harry Reid has done, and to get things moving – at the very least a pretense at work. This will also allow the House, who has passed a slew of bills which have all been denied a vote at the Senate (sitting on Reid’s desk) a chance to either pass or not, depending on merits.

Back to Hagen, The News and Observer notes that neither candidate pulled any punches, however, it also appeared that they could not step away from attacks, one liners aimed at the people who have to choose between the two and figure out which one is more reprehensible – in this opinion that would be Kay – she appears to be earnest until she drags out that War on Women, and BS about having to pass an Equal Pay Act, whereby Tillis actually understands there is already one on the books, signed by one John F. Kennedy in 1963, and it just needs to be enforced. Probably the best place to start would be Washington DC. The Dem’s need new talking points, and the President has supplied the GOP for this election, but they’ll need something new for the next. Otherwise, it is no wonder that anyone with any sense sees this as a chess game of more entitlements vs. less government – and will vote accordingly.

One has to ask, if JFK signed an Equal Pay Act in in 1963 (remarks and information courtesy of University of California at Santa Barbara), why was there a need for others? – Why not enforce the law on the books? Because, women in general, as consumers, and potential voters, are considered a minority, due to what? Sheer numbers suggest that without political division women would rule (literally), therefore, not enforcing certain laws, keeps major political parties in force (equal pay, border security, blah, blah, blah). Did Tillis remind Hagen that this was the case? – Nope, he just stole the President’s line about the agenda this election, and that was, in essence the entire debate. It is a good line, far as debates go..I’ve had better with my Beagle.

About polls, personally they play a part and suggest a lean one way or the other, however, given the man on the street theory, whereby, people have had it across the board, (apparently the improving economy has not trickled down to what used to be the middle class), then bloodbath is the only word on would suggest for the Progressive Democrats this election, and with only 2 years to recover, anyone running on the aforementioned ticket in the general, should have the DNC front the entire bill.

As a betting individual using polls and politics, there is margin of error. For example in 2012 there was no way to convince this individual otherwise that even Mickey Mouse would have been able to ace the presidency under a GOP ticket – however, there was a miscalculation - there had to be a type of candidate in play to get both Tea Party (fiscal conservatives) and Evangelicals (those that believe certain religions are cults and therefore would not vote for say – a Mormon) – the theory by the RNC that no matter who they choose as a candidate would be better and that the base would go along, apparently were wrong. Leading to a gross error in prognostication on my part – go figure.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Media Readies for Inevitable – GOP control of Both Houses of Congress – the back end of Lack of Trust in Government.

A recent AP/GFKpoll suggests that American’s, in general, do not trust the government to keep them “safe”, and or help them out in a crisis. (AP). In reading the polling data, it crosses all party lines, and is pretty damming to the theory that Big Government is better government.

Which leads one to the mid-terms and beyond – the Washington Post (not unlike the New York Times and other media outlets this morning, is suggesting that the Republicans will surely take both Houses of Congress – citing 2006 as an example – the year when the Democrats took control of both house due to Bush unfavorability. (Washington Post)

Yet, somehow that does not cover the magnitude of what may take place this November, even with a lower turnout than expected, one might see what the word Tsunami cannot convey. Noting that the President’s policies are on the board in this election (paraphrasing form one of the many articles on the latest gift from the President to the GOP), the most unimaginable has taken place – the rank and file of the party has gone missing, leaving only the 27-29% of diehard Progressives to carry the banner forward.

Somehow, the two short years between 2014 and 2016 are looking more and more interesting, in that perhaps, for the first time in recent history, the GPO might put forth a candidate that has some actual credibility with their multifaceted base – and should that happen, and it is quite possible given those named (with glaring exceptions – Bush, Romney, and Christie), this would bring the planets of the Congress into alignment for decades. According to Gallup Polling a shocking 76% of the nation believes we are on the wrong track. Given the mix of polling data and reality, the time has come for a revival – especially with the newer, younger GOP who are more concerned with the Constitutional Liberties of all citizens, than the usual Party Lines. One sees a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the past few general elections and the propensity of Candidates trying to blend in with - not differentiate from the other party.

Grab the popcorn, and pop the Champaign should the House gain seats on the GOP side, and the Senate bring in more than the 6 measly seats predicted. That said, should the President start to play ball with the Senate and the House, one might see a different sort of 2016 – one in which both parties become competitive. A man who is not without common sense, would see that a legacy is on the table, and possibly move to the center – in order to get things moving. However, that’s a stretch at this point.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Ebola – Fear Rules – Political Implications - the Plague and Politics

The case of Ebola that began the chain of events began in Dallas Texas. A man traveling from Liberia, who lied on his exit papers from that country, noting he had not been in contact with anyone carrying the disease (USA Today), showed systems when he arrived in Texas. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who is a potential 2016 Presidential Candidate has done everything possible to quell the publics’ fears, while managing the State of Texas and their response with the CDC.(Dallas News). It is no wonder, therefore, that Perry, who has stood at the forefront of what might be wrong with the U.S. from the borders to Islamic religious zealots beheading people in Oklahoma (see ISIS), maintains a high popularity in the State, despite the indictment of charges of abuse of power for cutting funds from a Texas Democrat DA who was arrested for Drunken Driving and had made a scene at the Police station which was beneath the dignity of the office. (Washington Post) Apparently, as one of my Texas associates as assured me: “Rick Perry could be Governor for Life”. What makes that aforementioned statement compelling is the fact that this individual is a transplanted Massachusetts Democrat.

U.S. Senator, Rand Paul who is also a doctor, weighed in on the Ebola Virus, and suggested it might be more serious than stated by the government. He did so in conversations with a Conservative talk show host, who suggested a lack of faith in the Federal Government, given the many missteps on major issues by the administration. The fact that he feels that close confinement may spread the disease, is most likely common sense. (Louisville Courier Journal) Watch for attacks on the Senator for bringing up something that may apply but not be in favor of the administration. He is also a potential 2016 Presidential candidate.

The UN’s Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General's Special Representative, has suggested that the virus may mutate and go “airborne”., which would be consistent with the suggestions made by the Kentucky Senator.(UK Daily Mail) To add some validity to that suggestion, an NBC Camera Man on assignment for that network in Liberia, now is infectious, and he and the news crew will be flown back to the U.S. In the Reuters article, the fact that these crew members washed hands and feet with a bleach and water solution, and also wore protective clothing at times, does not appear consistent with “must come into contact with someone’s bodily fluids. That is not stated in the article; however, the implications are fairly clear. (Reuters) In spite of following conservative protocol, albeit in a hotbed area of the disease, it was still communicable.

Those that rise to the occasion, such as President Perry, allaying fears, and show leadership, as well as Rand Paul, by stating the obvious, will be in an excellent place for the general primary season. Simple suggestions made by both men, enforcing border security, not allowing flights or individuals into or out of those nations, may have prevented the first man to fly into Dallas, knowingly exposed, and potentially beginning a spread of the disease in one of the nation’s largest cities. All of the problems associated with this, real or imagined, will fall squarely on the administration and the President’s party. It has begun in Massachusetts, and the 2014 elections will tell how deep the wounds are and how far they will carry.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Plague – Ebola in the US – Panic Mode or Mere Concern? - Personal Reflection

When news broke yesterday that the first confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. was in Dallas, the initial knee-jerk reaction was one of deep concern, as well as some issues (to say the least) regarding our extremely lax border control and the ineptitude of the government at so many levels, and the extended response time our government has to crisis lately.

Understanding how the U.S. compares to other nations however, quickly instills a level of confidence, as we are, perhaps extremely focused on cleanliness and avoidance of germs. That was confirmed in an article in the National Journal”Why there won’t be an Ebola outbreak in the United States” – the gist, we are a nation and culture that simply won’t proliferate the spread of such a disease, when compared to those nations in Africa where, culture and national identity apparently hasten the infections rather than containing and eradicating said plague. (Read article here( National Journal)

Good reading for the faint of heart. Now only slightly concerned (given the conditions of those who have been crossing our southern border, their customs or culture that may leave them unprepared for the over antiseptic state of this union, might find those individuals at greatest risk. Then again, that is a very nationalist point of view and doesn’t take into account comparing a Latin American nation to those in Africa is akin to apples and oranges. Read the Journal Article – link above – makes perfect sense.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Massachusetts Turns – President Polls Under Water – Governors Race – Baker Slight Lead – Boston Globe Poll - MA Governors Debate

The Boston Globereleased a new graphic poll here which, for the first time, shows the President with a less than 50% approval in one of the ten states that consistently has given him 50 plus over the past 6 years.

The numbers:
  • Foreign Policy -56% disapprove
  • Overall Job Approval – 48% disapprove
  • Immigration – 56% disapprove
  • Economy -45% disapprove
  • Healthcare 45% disapprove

  • On the Governor’s Race: Baker(R) 40%, Coakley (D) 38%, Independent Candidates 5%, Have no clue: 18% The graphic for the Boston Globe is available at;olitics/dashboard?pl=article-related-box-article-more.

    Give that Massachusetts enrollment by party is made up mostly of Unenrolled voters, followed by Democrats than Republicans the fact that the bluest state is turning against policy suggests a bit of a pickle for those who would think other states may be safe Democrat.(MA Secretary of State)

    For giggles: Watch the GOP Candidate debate at

    Monday, September 29, 2014

    016-The pre-GOP candidates – value voters summit significance

    Focusing on two particular pre-GOP candidates, Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY), one finds a contrast of sorts, the biggest being that both men are not either Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and or Chris Christie. Enter the Value Voters Summit , otherwise known as the Evangelical Christian look at viable candidates for the Presidency. Noticeably absent were the three previous mentioned. Generally, those are the candidates that the evangelicals and all the power of the vote they carry will vote for. If one’s name is not on the list, one can kiss the election goodbye. Both Cruz and Paul have fans from both sides of the Conservative bench and both were invited. Cruz won the straw poll, while Paul, not placing gets points for being invited. While the Boston Herald Op-Ed columnist Holly Robichaud describes Cruz as the second coming of Ronald Reagan., PJ O’Rourke came away with in some wonderment after interviewing Rand Paul.

    Therefore one captivates the right, undoubtedly and the other, both the right and the left. But, the Religious vote in the nation plays a factor. Evangelical Christians are a larger force than Catholics who trend, for the most part, as Democrat voters according to Pew One only need to look at the turnout for the election of 2012 to notice that several million voters were absent. In 2004 – the general election vote tally was 68.4% of the nation’s vote, in 2008, when the African American vote was at a peak, the turnout was at 62.3%, but in 2012, the turnout was at 57.5% (CNN) –a group did not show up to vote. The outcome was obvious. When one is absent the “value voters” – those social issue voters that are, for the most part, single issue, Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, they are also concerned about voting for someone they feel maybe in a cult – those are the evangelicals, to whom Mormonism is a cult. They will not come around and vote because someone is a Republican, they have had their dance, and the Catholic vote, which is slightly lower by a few million here or there, generally goes to the Democrats, regardless of the fact that they are pro choice, it is – what it is.

    What will be interesting is how the rank and file GOP, when given a choice, hold sway in the voting process between say a Mitt Romney, or a Ted Cruz, or a Rand Paul. Should they vote in the primary and overwhelming support an anti-Romney candidate, in record numbers and should Romney win the nomination (or Jeb Bush or Chris Christie) the RNC should prepare in advance, to concede defeat to whoever it is on the Democrat ticket. Common sense, and a solid polling suggested that there should not have been a second term for this President, however..Without the full weight of the churches behind Romney, that did occur.

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