Friday, March 18, 2011

2012 GOP Update – Donald Trump Begins to Take Shape As Contender – Previously Ignored by Pollsters Tops the Charts

The Donald, If the Desk Fits.......image:

From Fox News “Trump Torches Republic Field Knocks Boehner”, to Politico’s ”Donald Trump to President Obama: Go To Japan” the man who is the quintessential American success story, is making headlines left and right over the past two weeks – the new moniker assigned by news organizations to describe “The Donald”: billionaire developer. The Wall Street Journal sums up the seriousness of the man’s intent to run for President in financial terms: “Trump on 2012: ‘Part of Beauty of Me Is I’m Very Rich”.

The question arises would Trump fare well among the current crop of “GOP Potential Candidates”? To date, in 2011, one pollster has pitted Trump against Obama – and Trump does very well indeed: The poll, conducted by Newsweek and the Daily Beast (via CNN), has Trump within 2 points of Obama and on par with both Romney and Huckabee in a White House Bid. Although not officially announced, Trump has made more statements of intent than any of the current crop of “possible contenders”.

Seriously Trump? How would he fare with hard-line conservatives? Apparently quite well, as the conservative “Town Hall” has been beating the Trump drum since at least December: ”Donald Trump His Time is Now” to Trump Business Advisor Scopes Out Iowa Politics” is evidence that he is being taken seriously by those CPAC conservatives. (Fiscal Conservatives).

Ronald Reagan, TV Personality to Beloved President image:

Would Donald Trump fit in the GOP field? Absolutely from this perspective, when the Twenty Mule Team Borax Man indicated he would run for President, America pooh-poohed the idea, at first, and then jumped aboard the Reagan Train with gusto. Donald Trump is not Reagan, by any means, but the times call for an individual who would be crazy enough to want the job of rebuilding the economy and have the smarts to do so.

With this in mind, it may be no wonder that Trump has not been included in the recent polls published by Public Policy Polling Institute. The Democrat leaning firm is apparent in their role as cheerleader for the President, while accurately polling, and taking lumps as they fall. The firm, began taking surveys on GOP potential candidates and matchups with those hypothetical contenders as of the 9th of November, 2010 (or immediately following the 2010 Mid-terms). Donald Trump has been saber rattling prior to the Mid-terms, yet, the pollster has not included Trump in any polling to date, rather, their latest release” Pits Obama against Charlie Sheen and includes the eccentric television actor in the field with Sarah Palin. The entire poll, in fact, has more to do with Fox News Personalities, and one wonders if this poll was in pure jest, rather than a serious attempt to derive answers. Unfortunately, what the poll, serious or not, appears to show, is that Sheen would, indeed, get the votes. But, missing from this respected firms frivolous and serious state and national polls – The Donald.

The Danger of the GOP not taking Trump seriously: Speaking as a Massachusetts Conservative who watched the 2010 Gubernatorial race as closely as David Axelrod, the triumph of Democrat Deval Patrick, (1 point win), over Republican Charlie Baker, was the “straw candidate” Tim Cahill. Cahill, who mysteriously ran as an independent, did siphon enough votes to push the most unpopular Governor in Massachusetts recent history to a second term. What we do know is that Axelrod, Obama’s campaign advisor, watches Massachusetts as the model for national campaigns. In this wise, those in the GOP should be paying attention to this article at the Wall Street Journal:

“In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, developer Donald Trump says he is looking seriously at jumping into the GOP primary battle, and may run as an independent in the general election if he fails to win the nomination. “Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich,” he said, adding that he was prepared to toss in $600 million of his own cash to fund a campaign.”

“and may run as an independent in the general election if he fails to win the nomination”.

Is it no wonder that fiscal conservatives are looking at the Donald with a fresh set of eyes so to speak, also aware of the Machiavellian methods employed by certain Campaign Managers?

Perhaps fears of Trump actually polling well leaves him out of the field of most pollsters, or perhaps more strange, are they leery of including a less than serious made for TV candidate? That would certainly take the proverbial cake given who is now occupying the White House.

Trump: Start to take the man seriously.

The Prediction Limb: Should both Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump enter the primary (and June appears to be the month of choice for announcements, which is leaving the pollsters and the media somewhat unhinged, but unfettered in their potshots on Republicans in general), Huckabee, Trump, Palin, Romney – in that order as the top 4, as the Top three on the road to the White House: (given the makeup of the states) Huckabee and Trump – now that may be the ticket.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

National Public Radio Defunding (HR174) on House Floor Today – Time to Cut the Cord

NRP video from website spoofing Tea Party, similar to MSNBC content image via The

The House is set to vote on barring National Public Radio from using Federal funds allowing the local NPR stations to pay their NPR dues, with Federal Funds received by NPR. (AP) However, in reading the text of the Bill (link below), that is not necessarily the case. Granted, they are currently paying their own affiliates dues with monies received by the taxpayer, which is convoluted accounting, but the main crux of the legislation is aimed at preventing the organization from using public funds to acquire content. One has to understand that Public Broadcasting in general, accepts advertising in the form of “sponsorships”, but, they are currently limited in scope by the rules imposed due to their acceptance of public funds.

Therefore, NPR stations offers basic entertainment (music) and news, much like the private sector stations that must pay licensing fees to the FEC, however, unlike those stations, NPR is unable to compete for advertising dollars in the same manner – by virtue of being a public entity. If one were to cut purse strings entirely, it would just be a question of whether or not NPR would be competitive in the marketplace – much like any other station that offers up the same formats. In addition, the stations would be able to compete for advertising dollars in the same manner – and either be competitive or not, depending upon the demands of the marketplace.

The text of House Bill HR1076,( text here) which is headed today to the floor in the form of House Resolution 174 would prohibit Federal funding of National Public Radio and the use of Federal funds to acquire radio content.”
The vote is expected today.

Frankly, if federal funding is given to a particular entity which is call Public Broadcasting, or belonging to the Public, then the type of non-commercial programming would be expected to include: anything and everything to do with the government, a c-span so to speak, but no more and no less – if it is run by the government, it should be prohibited from accepting public funds on any sort.
At the present time, programming is varied, from agricultural, to music, and children’s programming, as well as news programming. Both radio and television broadcasts of the Public Funded Broadcast systems are no different in format than say – NBC, CBS, ABC – they are more than capable of competing for advertising dollars and could do so undeterred by the FCC if they cut the government purse strings entirely.

One should understand that all licensing of television and radio stations is controlled by the Federal Government and therefore, all commercial and non-commercial stations must apply and receive licenses’ to operate. If the taxpayer is funding one station, why not fund another – say NBC?
Cut the cord, and let the fate of NPR and Public Broadcasting, be determined by the court of public opinion – to watch or not to watch, (or listen) is the question.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As the Word Turns, U.S. Citizens growing Concerned over Radiation – Yet No Calm Assurances from the White House. Political Suicide.

Over the past few days, individuals listening to news reports from MSNBC, CNN, Fox, the BBC, etc., are growing increasingly concerned about the effects of radiation that may be felt with in the U.S. There has been a run on the preventive “Potassium Iodide Tablets”, which normally retail for $8.00 and are now selling on EBay for hundreds of dollars.

The New York Times is reporting that fears are driving the sale of this particular drug that relieves some symptoms of radiation poising. In addition, the Surgeon General, in an interview in the State of California, fueled the fear, by telling people they should have these tablets – and be prepared for radiation.

In all of this within the past two days, one would expect that the President, crisis real or imagined, would take the 5 minutes to calm the fears of the nation. He has made a statement: during an interview on a local Pittsburgh radio show, noting that the Radiation won’t reach Hawaii.

Meanwhile, those tablets are hard to fine, and fear among the populace of the U.S. already concerned over rising gas prices, food inflation, lack of employment, are in desperate need of a leader to speak out and calm them. Pittsburgh?

How about a 5 minute prime time blurb, noting all is well, otherwise, the President would not be out golfing. To do nothing promotes two scenarios, both of which are politically dangerous: one, a lack of confidence in the administration, and 2, the paranoid school of thought, where the Administration knows but is not telling, or the Administration is clueless (that’s three), and playing Golf while Rome is burning.

In times of stress, regardless of how insignificant and unrealistic, it may be, the President might play 9 out of 18 holes, and make a strong specific statement on the safety of the American people. Perhaps he feels saying it in Pittsburgh is enough? One can be the house it is not.

Of note: those who felt the need to purchase this type of item, please consider the risks before ingesting and check with a physician or pharmacist. There is an excellent treatment on this at the CDC - here at” It was released in 2006, during the Bush Administration, and gives an FAQ on the subject.

Those who are still concerned, stock up on bottled water, and dried/canned meats (don’t forget the dog or cat food), the worst case scenario is: fewer trips to the grocery store. It is a better safe, and safe of mind, to “prepare” than not.

Obama on the Golf Course

Huckabee Continues to Lead Field of GOP Potential Candidates – Gallup Release Tuesday 3-15-11

Huckabee Continues to Dominate Early Polling on GOP 2012 "potential canidates" - image:,

Former two and a half term Governor of the State of Arkansas, 2008 Presidential Candidate and political pundit, television and radio personality and bestselling author, Mike Huckabeecontinues to lead the field of “potential” GOP Candidates in Gallup’s latest release. The field of 12 candidates included: Huckabee, Palin, Gingrich, Romney, Bachman, Paul, Santorum, Pawlenty, Barbour, Daniels, Huntsman and Johnson.

Huckabee continues to dominate polling nationwide, with the bulk of news organizations noting that although Huckabee is the strongest of contenders (who have yet to announce), there is no clear front-runner out of the pack. Of course, it is logical to expect that those answering surveys about potential field of twelve candidates may result in a lower rating for a frontrunner, than say, if that field were reduced to 6 candidates (as in the 2008 presidential primary), where in early stages, Giuliani, who had not announced, led the field, while Mike Huckabee, then a newcomer to the national stage, was a mere blip on the radar. It will be when those five or six, or 10 for that matter, who firmly commit, that a more clear picture of a front runner will emerge, and that may not take place until the later part of 2011. Most announcements regarding the formation of exploratory committees and/or intent to run are not expected until Spring/early summer (based on comments made by those who are featured in the polling data).

Missing from the polling was business mogul and television personality, Donald Trump, who was recently profiled by Conservative Website Human Events, in an article entitled: “Can Donald Trump Save America?” , which includes a lengthy interview with “The Donald” and reflections on his intent to run for the office of the President. A summary paragraph in the article notes:

But Trump’s not just a businessman. He’s an American personality. He’s a man that can bring the constituencies of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern together, which, as he observes, is “probably tougher than [bringing] the Republicans and the Democrats” in concert.

Of the potential candidates, based on governing or business experience, there are clear choices in the pack, the obvious, Huckabee, who, although still considered “liberal” by those on the right, has the ability to relate to a broad electorate, (Arkansas for example),this alone gives him far greater electability in general that most of the field. Palin, who also served as Govenor, and in other administrative capacities, has the same type of experience, and her extensive knowledge of the energy industry will be key in the next election. The missing man from the poll, Donald Trump also falls into that category, what he lacks in governmental experience he makes up for in business acumen. Although early in the crystal ball stages of picking the frontrunners where no announcement shave been made, look to those three to lead the pack, with Huckabee the strongest – what one needs to keep in mind, the rock star electability factor still plays in the nation – those aforementioned are in the public eye consistently and would easily make the transition to the political stage, with the exception of Trump, who, would stand on his merits of outspoken patriotism, take no prisoners with no excuses, persona and of course, his ability to govern business. It is my no means, a stretch.

As to those who feel the name “Huckabee” might be a bit too much - one only needs one piece of evidence to dispute that whole silly theory: Barack Obama

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Congress – Stalemate on Budget – Stop Gap Band-Aid No Longer Working for Either Party – Dems Want Fewer Cuts, Republican’s More – Obama MIA?

According to theLos Angles Times, the temporary spending measure passed in lieu of a budget for the past two years, has begun to bother both Republicans and Democrats alike. The Republican’s, specifically those elected in the 2010 landslide victory, are attempting to hold to the people’s request of cutting the fat off the budget, while the Democrats are concerned with cuts – and how deep those cuts go. Having one’s druthers, a budget should be drawn up and adhered to – it is the job of Congress to do so, and these technical ploys of continuing to stave off a budget and continue business as somewhat usual is ridiculous. The fact that the Republicans are gaining cuts with each passing stop-gap measure is admirable, but does it go far enough? The Democrats are weary of trying to hold onto every nickel and dime the taxpayer has available, saying the cuts go too deep.

So, what could happen? A government shutdown, which on the face of it sounds rather like a slice of heaven, with the government in limbo, no harm can come out of Congress. That said, with the government in limbo, payroll does not process and neither do many services that American’s, in general, have come to rely upon. Therefore, should the Republican’s rightly stick to their guns, and refuse to pass another continuing resolution, one would bet the House, that those Democrats and yes, possibly some Republicans, who, granted are stubborn (which politician so deeply tied to a party, not the people , is not? – and that goes for all political affiliations), would capitulate eventually. It depends on who has the greater will – those with the power of the electorate urging they reign in spending or face extinction, or those who are sitting on the hill with “years of experience”?

Cutting spending and making cuts in one’s budget is difficult at any time, Congress need only ask the average working American – with the inflation in Food and Fuel (which is of under-reported), those caught in the middle, or worse, those SSI beneficiaries who are of the Greatest Generation, having received no Cost of Living Increase over a two–year period, are now making the choice between steak or hamburger, fresh or frozen, or worse. If American households can make the cuts, so can the federal government. In simple terms, the less we owe, the stronger our dollar becomes, and that benefits all houses, those of Congress and those on Main Street.

As the budget battle continues, the website Politico is chastising the President - the Heading: "Obama is Staying In the Background on Deficits”. In other words, he’s letting the Congress duke it out, leaving his fellow Democrats swinging in the proverbial wind to do the job they were hired to do? He did his part, one can agree, he produced a budget, it is now up to Congress to battle it out and let the chips fall where they may.

Monday, March 14, 2011

2012 GOP Update: Huckabee Leads In Iowa Polls

From: Business Insider Mike Huckabee, out of a field of eleven possible contenders (including “unknown), leads with percent in this Iowa based poll. Palin Follows by 14%, with Romney and Gingrich in the 13 percent range. Trump included in the polls has 9% besting Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels.

According to Business Insider and the Poll Marginals, the biggest surprise to those reporting websites is the fact that Huckabee is leading Sarah Palin among women.

Although exceptionally early in the polling stages (see reality October 2011 forward) to get an idea of any clear front runners after the dust settles and the declaration of intent to run are finalized, it is interesting that Huckabee continues to lead in most polls, especially those by Public Policy Polling a Democrat leaning pollster.

Huckabee and Palin both are less Washington Insider, and more Prime Time than other “candidates” at the movement. If one were to speculate at this point, it appears that Mike Huckabee, currently on book tour, will be able to join the contest (should he decide) in the summer with little to no harm to his popularity. It will be one of the most interesting field of GOP candidates in recent memory should all of those mentioned in the poll actually throw their proverbial hats in the ring.

Local Western Massachusetts: Christian Youth Group to Perform at Chicopee High School, March 18th 7-9 PM

The “Chosen Generation” will perform in a free concert, this coming Friday at the Chicopee MA High School. The genre is Christian Music, organized by the Pacers for Christ.

Yes, in Massachustts, all is not lost, when students of this age, are able to embrace religion rather than espouse more secular values.

Denomination: Non-Denominational.

Performances by: Astoria (Rock)
And fatsouljer (Rap)

Helping Japan – U.S. Has Search and Rescue on Site - Donation sites

The US has search and rescue personnel in Japan, according to the AP and ways to help are listed at the Washignton Post The American Red Cross:

Donations: 1-800-RED-CROSS

Donations address: PO Box 37243, Washington DC 20013

They are coordinating with the Japanese Red Cross.

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