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The Abortion Debate Rages in Texas – Big Money versus the Health of Women and Religious Conviction – the Battle over Late Term Abortions.

The pro-abortion activists in Austin - photo contains children holding poster with pro-abortion theme, including a coathanger - image from

The Texas Capital has been under siege by pro and anti life activists the reason simply because the State of Texas wishes to restrict late-term abortion and insure that the abortion providers run services that are up to snuff. According to the Dallas Moring News the House has approved the measure, which will most likely steamroll straight to Govenor Rick Perry’s desk for signature. Meanwhile, in the streets of Austin, the situation is getting a tad tense. Those Christian’s and other religious that prefer that life remain, rather than allow for abortions, are peacefully protesting. One or more websites are offering videos and audio of a clash between pro-life and pro-abortion forces which feature those who prefer life, singing Amazing Grace, a universal Christian Hymn, while those who prefer abortion, (while surrounded by their children), are chanting “Hail Satan”. (The Blaze).

For what it’s worth, one might consider that those chanting “Hail Satan” have no clue as to what they are doing other than attempting to upset a bunch of Christians. However, one might wonder why that tactic must be taken at all? Since there has been an uptick in the persecution of Christians globally, those who are anti-religious must find this all a great joke. They also must not give a rat's behind for the health of women and children, and they are most likely ignorant of the facts surrounding the decision to restrict abortions in several states. The reasoning is simple – those legislators are attempting to help, not hurt women, by keeping standards in clinics. The Gosnell Trial which took place in Philadelphia recently featured graphic images of babies born alive, and then casually murdered.( Gosnell, some would argue, was an anomaly in the filthy clinic where a woman died, however, that is not the case. The defense of Gosnell was simply that abortion was legal and he did nothing more or nothing less in clinks everyday. Abortion is a violent act, as violent as birth and that is what compelled the jury to convict. It was not just a conviction of the practices of Gosnell, but a conviction of the practice.

The above photographs were introduced as evidence against Dr. Gosnell - this is the type of practice (late term abortion),that is being fought for and against in Austin - image from (The media gave almost zero coverage to the Gosnell trial as it was considered a "local story".)

Texas has its own Gosnell, in one Dr. Douglas Karpen, who was attempting to be the second coming of Gosnell. (Daily Mail). Therefore, how many dirty, abortion mills, or for that matter, clean abortion mills, that have employees, smother, ice pick and otherwise murder, babies unfortunate enough to survive the abortion?

It is certainly naive to consider this may be the case, even more so, with those activists with their children in Houston, chanting Hail Satan and pro-abortion slogans (whatever those may be), have to be paid. It is inconceivable that a woman would want to subject herself and her child, to the filth and psychological and physical damage that is associated with these clinics performing late term abortions.

Why does the abortion lobby push so hard? Simply put, Planned Parenthood does not just exist on the Government dole, although it does receive funding. Planned Parenthood is paid through insurance companies, and insurance companies cover abortions. Those claims are paid quickly and the beat goes on. Both the abortion provider profits, as does the insurance provider. Simply put the cost of an abortion is much lower than the cost of a live birth, especially if there are complications. To employers, and those who self-insure, the savings in health care costs, retraining and hours is startling. Consider the cost to an employer, as a woman chosen to go to term with the child, the time off, and the replacement of the employee, who, will no longer be able to perform up to an efficient level, especially if there are hours necessary to fulfill the position. The additional claims incurred, from both mother and child, are also a factor. We might be talking cattle her, however, it is how a woman who is pregnant is considered – the cash value of the abortion – far outweighs the losses of a live birth. Now, with the father able to take time off to care for the child, an extra incentive has been added to prefer the abortion.

Hail Satan indeed. If one is looking at this from a religious standpoint, one might consider that in this case, money is the root of all evil. The billions of dollars made (and saved) by the abortion providers as well as the corporations, far outweigh any real health and or emotional risks of the women. Who by the way are stupid and sheepish enough to get out there and lobby for more abortion! Perhaps they’d be smarter to lobby for equal pay – since we’re still earning less to the dollar than the proverbial male counterpart.

Those women, men and children involved in the protest are really not at issue, other than being either full of righteous conviction on the one side, and or full of rhetoric and a healthy coat hanger fetish on the other side. – They are both, nothing more than a diversion.

In realty, the battle lines are being drawn between big money and a government that has the best interest of women and the health of women and children in mind. Should the state’s ban late-term abortion, the legal “slippery slope” is pushed to the front of the minds of those profiting from abortions. The deep fear is that abortion will, someone, and magically overnight, be outlawed. However, one with any sense understand that the abortion issue is guided by the Supreme Court and in forty years abortion has not been seriously challenged, and is not being challenged at that level now. Therefore, one surmises given the history of the industry, that late term abortions are just as profitable, or costs savings, than the early trimester abortions.

Rather than think things through as individuals, those with a cause, pro-or anti- are, as usual, going about things with emotion rather than logically attacking a source. Whatever happened to voting one’s way to a cause, or writing heated editorials, to the local paper expressing one’s point of view? Or investigating which clinics, are owned by which corporations that are profiting from abortion, and which large insurance companies are doing the same. One might want to target those industries. On the left, one merely needs to go home and be quiet, unless of course, one is being paid to show up and shout “Hail Satan” or scream at someone for signing Amazing Grace. Those on the left have the courts in their corner, as well as Big Corporations, which, in a twist of fate, as one will, is a bit of irony. Yes indeed, if one is inclined to read that book – one might find that there is forgiveness and mercy and love above all, and a certainty that money is the root of all evil. In the verse of the pivotal Christian Prayer, the version which speaks volumes:

Our father who art in heaven

Hallowed by thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in heaven (paradise)

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our debts

As we forgive our debtors

And lead us not into temptation

But save us from the evil one.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Sarah Palin – What If She Decided To Join/Work with a Third Party? – The Writing Has Been On the Wall Since 2010.

Sarah Palin pictured with Ted Cruz (R-TX), both Constitutionalists - image pat dollard dot com

There’s been a lot of speculation the past few days over former Governor of Alaska, and 2008 GOP VP Candidate, Sarah Palin’s remarks regarding leaving the GOP for greener pastures. The remark about starting a “Freedom Party” came as a Q&A, and, as a good many situations arise out of Washington, or either major political party, that irk Palin, it appears that the focus is on her stance on the Republican’s who voted for the Senate Immigration package bill. (Seattle Post)

The political analysts over at the Christian Science Monitor ask the rhetorical question: “Why is Sarah Palin saying she might leave the GOP?”, and go on to answer that with a “not likely”.

Why would the Christina Science Monitor or any news outlet believe that Palin was not serious? Although no one, especially anyone in media, new or old, knows what’s on Governor Palin’s mind, if one were to take a look at footage of her speaking at rallies prior to the 2010 elections; one might have a different point of view as to whether or not she may be considering ditching a major party.

Upon introducing herself to the U.S. Political stage (outside of the State of Alaska and the Governors Associations), Palin has been a virtual unknown entity in the lower 48. How many people even know the name of the Governor of an adjoining state, let alone the name of their own State’s Govenor (given the absolutely pitiful rise of the low information voter.) Therefore, Palin, an unknown, with zero interest from the media (other than to make her look as incompetent as possible), remains that way today.

With the exception of those who have been lucky enough to hear that woman speak about what our nation should look like in a political sense – straight from the Constitution – without the powerful two-party machines, rather, with citizens who actually have more interest in their nation, than in getting more from the trough. Those that may have been at one of the events, from one end of the coast to the other, would have heard a sane and sensible message, one that was inspiring, and more bi-partisan, or anti-party, than anticipated. A message of hope for the future, of building a better society, and overall, one that was welcoming to anyone, any race, creed, color, or political affiliation.

Therein lays the danger in Sarah Palin – were she to take the GOP infiltrated Tea Party, and motivate those millions of activists hoping against hope for a return to Congressional and Senatorial sanity, to form, precinct by precinct, state by state, a solid alternative to not only the GOP but the DNC, it would have a general appeal that one might suggest would pull from both parties, and especially from those who consider themselves unenrolled, unaffiliated or independent.

Perhaps she was, at the time of the query, just voicing her frustration over the ridiculous situation in Washington. The immigration bill is only a tiny part of what is wrong –there’s the waste, and the downright stupid decision that are made on a daily basis, that not only cost the taxpayers’ money, but are generally embarrassing for those whose State or Congressional district sent said Legislator to D.C. in the first place. (Of course, they would have to know what that individual did that was so lame, but, unless it’s a Republican stuck on stupid, the media wont’ report it, there, if one is questioning why we have low information voters? – They are turned off – so the tune off the news – in droves- and are so disgusted, they don’t even vote, or are peacefully and blissfully unaware of what’s going on in DC or their State Capitol, that is making life so unbearable.)

Palin may be as frustrated as the rest of the nation who is even semi-aware of the nonsense created by both major parties. Or, she may be serious. If she is serious, she would be much maligned (which by now, the woman should be used to the vitriol), and she would be a patriot under any guise, as she would be attempting to taka the countries governance on the Federal level back to its founders intent.

Should Palin decide to take it one the road and organize, one might find that she’d soon have company, and that she may draw equally from both parties – thus castrating the two major parties, and leaving them each with one-third of the nation – imagine, not over night, but in a decade or less, the ability to send a third party candidate to the White House, not one beholden to one party or the other, but one that would be representative of the People. Whether or not Palin actually decides to put herself and her family through a national campaign of such a scope is another thing – however what a great thing it would be.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Massachusetts Budget “Negotiated” After Midnight – Jobs Created to Oversee Welfare Fraud – New Taxes on Tap - Another Day in Tax&FraudAchusetts

Image from with article: Mass Budget Proposals plays to Mixed Reviews - Seriously - Who doesn't want more fraud, waste, abuse and higher taxes? The state of Massachusetts has been operating on a interim budget, the Govenor wanted Billions in additional taxes, the House Half a Billion, and the Senate slightly more – However, the ”Lawmakers” met in private to broker a deal on the budget: From My Fox Boston:

Both the House and Senate budgets are predicated on about $500 million in new revenue, including hikes in gasoline and cigarette taxes, which were tied to a separate transportation financing bill.

Budget negotiators will be seeking compromises on areas including education, health care, housing and youth violence prevention programs.

One potential sticking point could be funding for the University of Massachusetts system. The House approved $478 million for the university, while the Senate came in at $455 million. Both figures represent increases over the current year, but UMass officials have said the House appropriation would enable them to freeze tuition and fees in the coming academic year.

The House budget also included steps to address welfare fraud, including a requirement that photo identification be put on electronic benefit cards used by public benefit recipients. Senate President Therese Murray has indicated that she would prefer to address welfare reform in separate legislation later this year.

Accordingly those negotiating the bill reached a deal in the wee hours on a 34 Billion dollar budget, which included additional funding for the University of Massachusetts, as well as the creation of an oversight bureau to attempt to pinpoint fraud.(Boston Globe)

The extensive amount of waste and fraud prevalent in Massachusetts entitlement programs has been ongoing since inception – yet one wonders how serious this department would be given the fact that that 30,000 ebt cards went missing, apparently sent to those deceased, and millions are sent to addresses for non-documented and non-residents of the state and nation.(Valley Patriot)

The increase in revenue will come from taxes on gasoline, cigarettes, (hear border states rejoicing!) and tech services – including software (don’t start a business in Massachusetts – consider Texas).

Overall it is apparently more of the same – one wonders when the populace will ever reach the breaking point.

If the State Employees were trained and or educated for a specific job, there would be no need for an “oversight” bureau designed to watch over employees of the state who are obviously making serious and compounded errors. What happens if those in this newly created Bureau are on a par with those they have been installed to watch? – Expectations for this entire schematic are low prior to inception.

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