Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Excuse me but...

On Friday, March 4, 2006, University of North Carolina college newspaper reported an incident involving an Iranian Graduate Student who rented an suv and ran down 10 pedestrians in the name of "Allah". Apparently, these were no ordinary pedestrians because they were students gathered off the main thoroughfare; not intended to be accessible by motorists.

Two points: The student interviewed about the incident was quibbling about whether or not the injured individuals were technically pedestrians and there was no mention of a terrorist attack on progressive (collegiate) soil....anywhere outside of University of North Carolina's newspaper website..and some conservative blogs who thought this incident might be of some import.

March 6th, Monday: the first national coverage is seen on cable news networks.

Two points: North Carolina Campus arguing that this was a "tragic" incident, not a terrorist incident and no one is mentioning the fact that a terrorist attack has taken place on United States soil; specifically the soil owned by a state college. (There are broader implications here)

Tuesday, March 7th: Still no local (Western Massachusetts) news regarding the terrorist attack in the name of "Allah" on a North Carolina Campus. Foxnews.com changes headlines to: UNC Grad Student in court on alledged hit and Run. There is no indication of an incident in North Carolina on either CNN.com and or in the New York Times.

What is the big deal about this Iranian graduate student running down his peers in the "Name of Allah"? Is this terrorism, or simply an unfortunate in incident?

First, the student, graduated from UNC last May. Secondly, the student rented a van to run down American's because "Muslim's are being poorly treated in America". All in the "name of Allah".

First, this means that former VP Al Gore's message to the Arab world that their fellows are being mistreated in the United States apparently has gotten through to the right people. As a reminder Mr. Gore made these statements in Saudi Arabia. There was little to no coverage of this on US news outlets, but plenty on Arabic television as well as Arabic newspapers. Mr. Gore is the new poster child for Al Queda.
Meanwhile the US newspapers and other media outlets were focused on a hunting incident involving VP Cheney.

An act of violence designed to make an ideological statement and to change policy is:

Secondly, this Iranian student did not attempt to kill American lawmakers, the President, the Vice President, a Senator a Congressman or a homemaker. He chose to run down students. Colleges are generally the most progressive institutions in our nation. Progressives and other liberals who despise the government that keeps this nation together (they prefer socialism), are, of course, playing down or totally ingorning this story.

France, 1936: Find a comparison to the attitude of the French prior to their alliance with a gentleman named Hitler and today's US Progressive movement.

Is this an isolated incident and will the next rental car, backpack, bicycle or modped be packed with enough explosives to insure a 72 virgin suicide? When will the US government grow a background and label seditious and treasonous speech just that?

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