Friday, February 24, 2006

The Beach

I lay upon hot sand
grains, silky, golden,
my feet, my toes burrow deeper in sublime comfort
Gulls, swooping, crying against the bright sky
the constant, rythmic crash of waves upon the shore
combines to create natures symphony
eyes closed
peace washes over me

water for the soul
the vision of the past summer held closely in my heart
i feel, see and taste
surreal snapshots of the mind
quenching the black thirst
brought on by the harsh winter demons
cold, snow, ice
appear endless
the sinking, heartless winter exorcised
by a simple summer photograph

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Anniversary

It seems like only yesterday
The day I pledged my soul to you.
Such a cold, bright February morn
My infatuation with a veil;
Placed strategically over my face
To hide the anticipation and fear
I felt must be so evident

Anticipation for a new life, a new beginning
Two souls now one.
The excitement of love and friendship
Merged before God, family and friends
Calling all to behold who we had become
One force, united, unbreakable through eternity.

Fear of losing the identity of oneself
The control of individual destiny
To one another
Fear also that perhaps my choice in you
Was blinded by love
Your choice more practiced and practical
Foolish fears after all.

We encourage one another
To be who we are individually
To complement the total sum of
Our love and friendship.
I would not exchange one moment
Of our marriage, good or bad
Indeed, If allowed, I would follow the same path
Over and over
Though eternity.
The old slippery slope - one phrase that is bantered about frequently when it comes to the US's 1st amendment - specifically, freedom of speech (along with the press).

When one thinks of this slippery slope, it is in direct response to a distastefully repugnant person, or group of persons who in speech, deed and communication (written or digital) have managed to give new depth to the meaning of the word insane.

We used to commit people who qualified as insane in this country - for their own protection as well as society at large. (Until it was determined that we were infringing on their civil rights and they would be much better off living homeless in the streets, or incarcerated in our prison system instead of that dreaded room with a padded cell).

Now we ponder their first amendment rights and worry that if, for some reason, we do not allow whomever to go unchallenged or not locked up in a safely padded cell, someone else will come along with an idea or speech or act in what someone, somewhere in this country considers to be in good taste, and that person will be denied the ability to express themselves.

I think we need to all read the "Federalist Papers" to have a better understanding of what the original framers of the Constitution clearly had in mind; sanity in government. If this were the case, recent remarks by certain high profile politico's as well as normal everyday citizens of the USA, would have been admonished, suppressed, arrested or locked up; and I hazard to guess that most normal American's would have not even blinked an eye.

Am I saying that everyone who exhibits poor taste should be locked away? Absolutely not. What I am suggesting is that we re-examine how far is far enough. There are reasons that American's are thought of as "less than perfect" the world over and it has nothing to do with George Bush, his father, Bill Clinton or his wife. It does have a great deal to do with the way our own past elected officials portray our nation and policies while speaking in countries which are openly hostile to the US (France, Germany, Russia, to name a few) and the way private citizens are allowed to run amok; totally unfettered by rules of common decency. If one were to actually read the Koran, take it to heart and follow the rules - it would become increasingly clear that speech or deeds, American’s consider allowable under the old slippery slope theory are cause for execution under the Koran. We understand what these practices are: they relate to our civil rights; and we should also understand that it is the duty of everyone following a certain religion to stop these practices, up to and including blowing themselves up at a Code Pink rally in order to reach their paradise (which incidentally includes 72 virgins)

I'm beginning to agree with certain Islamic groups; it is not that we wage warfare on foreign soil that is the problem for the most part - it is that we have no moral boundaries as a country.

A short list of organizations and individuals that should visit Tehran permanently:

President Jimmy Carter
Vice President Al Gore
Clinton, Take Your Pick
Michael Moore
Cindy Sheehan
Persons convicted of Child Rape
Persons convicted of Child Pornography
The Rev. Fred Phelps (I'm not sure that we should send him to Tehran; he is the one person on this short list they would agree with 100% and not use for their own purposes)
The UN

Would we, as a nation, not be better off if we at least displayed a bit of common sense and decency. Reading further into the letters of the most notable framers; the list of individuals above would have been either tried and hung for treason, burned at the stake or simply hung for the crimes committed. How's that for a slippery slope.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You find me offensive
I find you offensive for finding me offensive
Hence if I should draw out a line any fences
If so to what extents, if any, should I go?

Cause it's getting expensive
Being on the other side of the court room on the defensive
They say I cause extensive
Psychological nerve damage to the brain
When I go to lengths this
Far at other people's expenses
I say you're all just too god damn sensitive
It's censorship

Rain Man

What we, as American's, take for granted - the right to be offended - to take it and to dish it out is what makes our nation one of the most desirable places on this planet, if not the the number one destination which every other countries citizens can only hope to immigrate.

What boggles the mind is that a cartoon, merely a cartoon, published in October of 2005, would cause such a rucus worldwide.

Pictured above, the now infamous Danish cartoon, originally published in October, 2005, here a jab at Christians in cartoon published stateside during presidential election 2004, and an interesting piece credited: Pope: Peace on Earth
Devil-Jew: Colonies on Earth
On Jew: Israeli imperialism
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 22, 2000]

Who would have thought that something so banal would cause so many to lose their minds so quickly.

Something to "pause" about. Or consider this: could an entire group of this planets citizens, mainly male, be "pausing" right out of their minds?

Monday, February 20, 2006

"The Pause"

It is said that certain conditions or situations can give one pause. One condition that I am personally experiencing at the moment is the end of one stage in my life and the beginning of another. I am in the feminine “pause”. At first I considered all of the possible negative effects I had been experiencing such as the occasional hot flash or increase in blood pressure - then I had a revelation.

When this began, I was painfully ignorant of one effect that is particularly interesting. There may be periodic lapses in memory - or a “pause” in ones sanity. It began simply enough - I would answer a phone with words that we’re floating about my subconscious rather than saying “hello” or forget where I parked my car in the supermarket lot. These were all fairly easy to explain away as "stress". Then one day I attempted to unlock my front door with my car alarm. After studiously clicking the alarm at my front door for what must have been a good three minutes, I was horrified when my daughter pointed out the fact that a door key might be a better choice. I was terribly concerned about these disturbing incidents and informed my husband. He suggested I seek immediate medical or psychiatric attention.

He was very aware, that somewhere in my DNA lurks this streak of dementia; my grandmother and my mother both suffered greatly in their old age. Additionally, I began to worry that living through the 1960’s to the fullest may have added 20 plus years to my lifespan. What a relief to find temporary memory lapses were a completely normal symptom associated with the feminine “pause”. I was merely hormonally challenged – not totally deranged.

I pondered a bit more and quiered "Why not use this aspect of the “pause” to my benefit?" Why not celebrate every obnoxious symptom! It is not in my nature to be overtly feminine; fainting away at the sight of mere blood or taking to bed with a brandy, a bad mood and a hot flash. As with anything in life there are bad points and there are good points.

Living in a New England winter wonderland I am forced to walk my pooch in the wee hours of the dawn. Normal winter wear includes layers of flannel, socks and boots, gloves, a hat, a scarf and a flashlight. The past two month I have been stepping outside feeling refreshed by a 20 degree morning and wearing little but my bathrobe! Of course I will have to adapt during the summer months but, considering the above mentioned memory lapses, perhaps I shall forget the season.

When wondering if one should or should not buy those rap concert tickets, that piece of must-have jewelry, the crème puffs for two at the bakery, or any such thing – consider the “pause”. Should anyone question a lapse in economic or caloric judgment simply answer; “I must have been in the “pause”.

Caught with blank expression on face while planning a bakery stop: “I’m pausing”

Caught speeding whilst listening to 50cent? “Officer, I’m in the pause”

Need a mini-vacation at any time?

“The pause”

Need a little leverage? Explain to all loved one’s concerned, specifically those male members of the household who may have lived through their mother’s version of the “pause” – that you are in the same state. Terror!

It has a powerful effect. When someone you love (or loath for that matter) is being particularly annoying; smile at them while you are getting within range; be sweet about it; position yourself within a foot of their face and simply state “Please don’t talk (complain about my driving, etc.), I’m “pausing”.

Rejoice! It is always good to be woman.

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