Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain Critical of Bush Handling of Katrina Crisis

From Reuters. Apparently, John McCain would have handled things differently. Really? In an election year full of bluff and bluster or the do and say anything in order to get elected realm of politics, one hears statement after statement that is simply ludicrous. Should McCain, or anyone running at this time, been the President when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the levees broke (Led Zeppelin), they would have come up against the same management team on the ground.

Louisana Governor Kathleen Blanco

Most striking at the time, was a governor’s failure to call for a mandatory evacuation New York Times Article. followed by her refusal to give up her national guard in a power struggle with the federal government. Of course it was President Bush’s fault for allowing the law of the state to supersede the law of the federal government - or, do exactly as he was supposed to while adhering to the Constitution. Of course, the governor, a Democrat, had no other course, but to point a finger a Washington in order to cover her own incompetence. Nearby Mississippi suffered under Katrina, but management on the state level was exemplary.

Mike Huckabee to Publish New Book

Mike Huckabee (CNN)

From CNN Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (10 Years as Governor), will be releasing another book two weeks after the 08 elections. This work will detail his bid for the presidency with notes from the campaign trail. Huckabee’s “From Hope to Higher Ground” offered up a reasonable 12-step program to restore America, expect more of the same from this candid “man of the people”.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

NAMBLA, Massachusetts Judges and the ACLU
Strike Again

Jeffrey Curely

From the Bluest State: From the Boston Globe. Parents of Jeffrey Curley, the 10 year old boy murdered and more, by two men who planned via a website that gives directions to pedophiles have dropped their suit. The last remaining witness to the case was judged “incompetent” to stand trial. The ACLU defended NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). One has to wonder why an organization like this is allowed to function within the boundaries of these United States, let alone be defended by the ACLU. What liberties can possibly be extended to an organization that promotes rape of a child?

The organization should be charged as an accessory and the website removed. This would not be allowed to happen in Massachusetts, where the rights of child molesters, rapists and like criminals are held above the rights of mere children.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lost Angeles Times Questions McCain’s Disability Benefits

According to the Los Angeles Times John McCain is collecting tax-free disability benefits from injuries received while he was detained in a POW camp during the Viet Nam conflict. It is not the fact that McCain is collecting these benefits tax free that appears to rattle the Times, but rather, the fact that he may be disabled. They also bring up his age in the story, old and disabled. The question: Is an old and disabled man qualified to be Commander in Chief? The answer: yes. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was disabled and managed to effectively lead the nation as well as the Democratic Party for an extended period of time, conducting a war, and dealing with a depression during his terms in office. Granted FDR was not 72 when he took to the highest elected office in the land, yet, if 70 is the new 30, should his age and any physical disability be a deterrent? That is doubtful. The question should be, “With so many of our veterans suffering financially, how is it that those who have above average household incomes, are collecting benefits that are tax free? Veteran’s benefits, as well as social security benefits, or any benefits given out by the government to help an individual live a decent life, should be safeguarded for the have-nots, not given freely to those that have. (Wait! That would be hinging on socialism!) All of the programs envisioned by FDR were meant to be a helping hand to those in need and certainly not to be perpetuated eternally and morphed into a gigantic government giveaway program. McCain cannot possibly be the only one in the house and or senate that is benefiting from the system. Surely there are a few older senators or congressmen who are eligible for and enjoying both military disability and social security pensions (in addition to their family for other fortunes?)

Hillary Clinton PA Primary Win

Here come the naysayer’s

Although Hillary Clinton won the PA primary with a 10 point margin, the media is continuing to focus on Barack Obama as their candidate of choice. The Seattle Times article: “Clinton faces uphill battle despite win in Pennsylvania primary” , written by Bill Lambrecth, (St. Louis Post Dispatch), spends more time discussing how Obama will win the nomination than reporting on the following facts: neither candidate will have enough delegates or super-delegates to clinch the nomination prior to the convention and the popular vote is still up for grabs. Additionally, from an historical standpoint, a candidate has not won in the general election without taking key states such as California, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania – all won by Hillary Clinton. The party statesmen (emphasis on last syllable), should understand that history repeats itself.
Appearing next to the article is a poll, yes or no, titled: “Does Sen. Clinton's margin of victory against Sen. Obama in the Pennsylvania primary justify her continued candidacy? This poll is placed directly underneath additional articles on the subject, one of which asks the same question. Can they be more obvious? Can they be serious?

Obama does not have an impressive lead over Clinton, but a slight margin, in a race that cannot be decided until the convention. No candidate in their right mind would abandon their candidacy given the facts. Watching CNN, MSNBC and Fox coverage of the primary, one could not help but get the impression that it was the voters at fault, those pesky white men, those older women, and of course, bible and gun-toting, blue collar workers the pundits kept worrying over while reviewing exit polls. When white men will pick a woman over another candidate, that candidate has serious problems (check the results from the Bluest State’s last election to understand that white men will vote for anyone, in droves, especially if the opposition is a woman). Objectively, the problem Obama faced in Pennsylvania was simply this: the more the people get to know about him, the less likely they are to vote for “Hope” that is virtually unknown. Throw in an elitist remark aimed directly at the DNC’s bread and butter, and that nails the proverbial coffin on his candidacy shut.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jim Ogonowski, Takes on John Kerry

Jim Ogownoski a farmer, small businessman and military man from Dracut, (how John Adams), is campaigning in the bluest state for John Kerry’s (D) senate seat. Jim recently took out ads in major daily papers across the state outlining John Kerry’s record, or lack thereof.

This being the Bluest State, it is often difficult to get a candidate to disclose where they stand on social issues, such as marriage and pro-life; and Jim is no exception – not one word on social issues, but a call, non-the-less, to end to the partisan nonsense that has run our government to the ground.

Perhaps this Senate election, voters in Massachusetts will be able to vote for an actual person, instead of constantly writing in Disney and Warner Brothers characters in protest, and will finally stop falling for the "Yes We Can" slogans (with no substance) that have spread across the country like wildfire!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jimmy Carter – "US and Israel the problem"

Former President Jimmy Carter, on his umpteenth Terrorist Tour with Hamas, reported that the group is willing to accept a conditional peace with Israel Reuters Conditional? In reference to the US and Israel, Carter, using the royal “we” is quoted: “"We believe that the problem is not that I met Hamas in Syria," Carter said in his address.”The problem is that Israel and the United States refuse to meet with these people, who must be involved."

Hamas rally, from

The man is simply delusional.
From Fox, On the Carter “negotiations”: “He also said Hamas has promised to let a captured Israeli soldier send a letter to his parents.”.

All things considered: This soldier was kidnapped by Hamas, while he was in Israel, Hamas is funded by Iran (Carter’s old buddy, the Ayatollah) and promotes the concept of killing women and children to get their point across. Big of them to let the young man write send a letter home from "suicide camp"

Pennsyvalnia Primary Sparing Continues

Clinton and Obama Trade Final Barbs, from MSNBC More of the same bickering on the campaign trail - Obama attacking Clinton, and Clinton firing back (or vice versa). The good news: Barack Obama feels that John McCain would make a better president that George Bush. Hopefully he keeps adding that to his daily stump speeches!

from Huffington Post

How important is it that Hillary Clinton wins the Pennsylvania primary? It is Critical, for both her campaign and for John McCain’s.
According to Real Clear Politics, Hillary has an average 5.3 lead over Obama as of Monday. Should she win PA, the case is strong that she continue to the convention, use those super-Democrats and keep the party from running another Carter Clone for the White House. Will the super delegates listen, or run the party and the country to rack and ruin? This protracted race on the DNC side, allows John McCain to get his message out to the folks early. How effective this early start will be once the media drumbeat takes a sharp left turn after the DNC convention remains to be seen.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Conservative Feminist - Defined

The Gloria Steinem brand of feminism (or NOW, or NARAL) is an anti-feminist movement driven by one agenda (abortion) and tied to one political party (Democrat) – an exclusive, rather than inclusive school of thought. There is another type of feminism, one that is inclusive and non-judgmental, and that is a brand of conservative feminism that allows for all women, regardless of political affiliation to promote the ideals of feminism – especially, equality in the workforce. Anyone who has been through a woman’s study course understands (or should have been taught), that feminists are their own worst enemies, precisely because politics take precedence over “sisterhood”. When I was personally told that I could not be a feminist because I did not support abortion, I was inclined to disagree and developed a definition of conservative feminism that was based upon input from historical references as well as women across the country who understand how far we came, how far we have fallen behind as a result of political polarization and what steps are necessary in order to move forward.

  • Holds the rights and advancement of women in the workplace, political arena and the home to be inviolate

  • Holds the rights of children to be loved, protected, and cared for in a manner which allows for a happy childhood to be paramount.

  • Demands equal pay for equal work.

  • Understands there are differences between genders. To deny biology is inherently imbecilic. Men are able to do many things that require strength that women either cannot or prefer not to do – Women are able to do many things given their biological make-up that men are incapable of doing. Celebrate who you are.

  • Understands, in relationship to gender differences, one is not better than, or less than the other, but equal to and in partnership with one-another.

  • Makes no judgment as to career choices other woman may make which includes the career of Mother and Wife.

  • Makes no judgment as to political affiliations.

  • Considers a women’s right to be feminine as paramount.

  • Takes offense and objects to women in high-profile positions that are judged by the media and others by the following: clothing, hair style, emotions shown, emotions not shown.

  • Considers the Right to Life to be paramount.

  • Considers the Protection of Children and Women paramount under the law.

  • Considers the rights of rapists, pedophiles and those that prey upon women and children to be non-existent. There is no cure – there are mandatory sentences.

  • Understands the need to protect our borders as a national security issue; protecting our borders protects our children and our property.

  • Understands that the schools are not a substitute for rearing one’s children.

  • Understands that one “cannot have it all” unless one is willing to sacrifice: their children, their finances (pay daycare, pay housekeeper, pay landscaper, pay cook, pay accountant) and possibly their own self.

  • Understands that few women are able to “have it all” due to socio-economic boundaries yet, are unfairly expected to do so.

  • Holds that any country, religion and/or territory where women are not allowed to: drive a car, uncover their head, show an ankle, be in the company of men, or be treated as less than equal under the law in any manner should be held in the highest contempt.

  • Holds that any woman in a position of authority that panders or promotes a nation that does not extend equal rights to women and protection under the law should be considered anti-feminist.

  • Women who choose to become full-time mothers and household managers should be given family tax incentives as well as re-education opportunities when they are ready to pursue a first, second or third career. Children are a countries asset. Protecting a national asset should be a paid position with benefits. This should be a federal mandate.

  • A conservative feminist understands there are few to no role models for our children. Musicians, athletes, politicians, religious leaders, actors and actresses, all in the public arena; have proven to be corrupt by a media who celebrates rather than denigrates bad behavior.

  • Any person who celebrates the debauchery of women, including women themselves, should not be held in high esteem. Examples: women in positions of power who promote the interest of their husbands business over the rights of women, women in the media who promote themselves as nothing more than a sexual icon.

  • A women’s worth should not be judged by a man’s standards.
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