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Obama - Shades of Jimmy Carter! – Unemployment at 8.5%, Government Creates 60,000 Temporary Jobs – Cuts Defense - Analysis

In a recent Reuter’s headline, it was noted that the U.S. job loss rate was slowing down – ergo, this must be the end of the “recession.” Only 539,000 private industry jobs were cut in April, down from 699,000 in March, however, the unemployment rate was adjusted for 60,000 temporary government jobs created in April – those jobs going to the U.S. Census (ACORN).
In an interesting article on the “unofficial unemployment rate” by the Washington Post, the actual unemployment rate is calculated to be in the neighborhood of 15.8%. Unofficial Unemployment rates are based on the number of American’s who should be working full time, but are not counted in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. Apparently, several factors are at play here, but chief among them is the unreliability of reporting unemployment claims. Also noted in the Post Article: “The bureau also cannot count every out-of-work person.”

Therefore, Wall Street is reacting positively based upon false numbers, and although the Obama administration does not feel Wall Street should play a significant role in the U.S. economy, the truth of the matter is that pension funds (affecting the lower and middle classes) are tied to: stocks and bonds. As inflation rises, and those “temporary jobs” created by the Stimulus Act disappear, the Misery Index (a combination of the unemployment rate and the rate of inflation), will be through the roof. Those individuals who are relying on fixed income, (retirees) will be hard pressed to make ends meet.

Government Job stimulus under Jimmy Carter had the same net effect – when the temporary jobs disappeared, the unemployment rate rose, Carter’s out-of-control budget, and subsequent tax increases created what amounted to a “black hole” in the economy. Carter and his simpatico Congress decided to cut the budget – their logic dictated the first cuts to Carter’s budget – Defense. (email for full article) (Obama cuts Defense Spending) Of special interest is that Carter blamed the budget deficit on the previous administration (history again repeating itself), discounting the fact that extra “social programs” and “job creation”, contributed to the deficit - due to the fact that they were a “fix”. With an economy in turmoil and cuts to Defense combined with Carter’s Euro-Foreign Policy - world wide perception was that the U.S. held little power. Carter was responsible for the return from exile in Paris,of his friend, the Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran, which, in the ensuring years, resulted in the taking of American Hostages in that country.

At first, the comparisons between Carter and Obama were based on the assumption that an inexperienced one-term Senator, with a Congress in concert might go the way of the Carter administration over time.

However, since January, there are stunning parallels to both economic and foreign policy decisions between the two men. Those who had lived through the Carter years, especially those old enough to remember their older neighbors forced to dine on pet food (which, at the time, was fairly inexpensive) in order to keep a roof over their heads – based on current economic data and historical trends, may rightly fear the worst is yet to come.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Red Tide: Your Chance to Give Janeane Garfalo a Piece of Your Mind#links

Red Tide: Your Chance to Give Janeane Garfalo a Piece of Your Mind#links

Oklahoma House Passes HCR1028 Sovereignty Resolution – Other States Follow

The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, affirms the rights of the State and its respective citizens over the powers of the Federal Government as outlined in that same document. In the past two months, the 10th Amendment has become a rallying point for those states declaring sovereignty as the Federal Government increases its power over the states and its citizens. Oklahoma’s House passed HCR 1028, a Resolution (veto proof) declaring sovereignty, on the 4th of May. The Oklahoma Senate is moving fast, they are taking up the Resolution on on May 11, 2009. Should the Resolution pass the Senate (which appears likely), Oklahoma will be the first state in the Union to officially declare independence from Washington, DC.

Oklahoma is not alone in the desire to distance the State from Federal Powers, the original intent of the framers of the Constitution. According to the 10th Amendment Center blog, other states that have similar resolutions are : South Dakota, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, South Carolina and North Dakota.

Ben Smith of Politico characterizes the states seeking sovereignty as “Red States”, or those states that have legislatures which are controlled by the Republican Party – a party that has, with the exception of the period 2000-2008, been one which believed in the State autonomy – less Federal government. The call for Sovereignty is a direct result of the actions (primarily fiscal), of the federal government vis a vis budgets and bailouts, which will ultimately adversely affect each State government that participates or receives stimulus funding.

The stimulus, otherwise known as the Great American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is outlined by the administration at On the face of it, the bill appears to be a bridge to recovery, but the key is the length of time the bridge will be available: 2 years. States that accept the federal funds, will, in two years, be looking to their respective citizens to kick in the money to keep the jobs and projects solvent – otherwise known as “taxes”. The Federal government, seeking a way to pay for their generosity, will also have no other choice but to also ask for an increase in taxes. Additionally, the acceptance of the Stimulus gives no incentive to those States that are “Blue” (controlled by Democrat Legislators and/or Governor) to tighten their belt – rather, continue to spend, oftentimes in ways which are contrary to the concept of “commons sense”.

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, has recently asked for additional funds in order to provide cars for those receiving state assistance. Providing cars in an effort to lift someone out of poverty is one thing, however, Massachusetts goes so far as to foot the bill for the insurance and a subscription to Triple AAA! The blog, Red Tide speaks to the Commonwealth’s taxpayers growing angst against Governor Deval Patrick, and the ever increasing spending and corruption of that administration.

Massachusetts, will in all likelihood, retain its full protection under the Federal Government (given the close association of the Governor and the President Obama), until November of 2010. The likelihood of Deval Patrick being re-elected at this point in time is minimal at best; with members of his own Party considering a run in order to salvage the position. One has to ask, how long will it be before States (either the legislator or the citizens) like the “bluest state” of Massachusetts, also consider a declaration invoking the 10th amendment?

Although it is highly doubtful the legislature of Massachusetts would ever consider such a measure, it is highly conceivable that the people will – voicing their displeasure in the voting booth. The first to take the blame for fiscally incompetent federal policies that certain States embrace, are the respective State Leadership (both on a state and federal level) followed by those at the top of the Federal Heap. Historically speaking, once Jimmy Carter’s stimulus resulted in the phenomena known as the “misery Index”, the bridge to recovery that collapsed was slowly built up by an opposition party, swept into power by those that bore the brunt of the “stimulus” – the actual taxpayer.

Thomas Jefferson (Ironically touted as the man who inspired the Democrat Party): "The Federal is, in truth, our foreign government, which department alone is taken from the sovereignty of the separate States." --Thomas Jefferson to Robert J. Garnett, 1824. ME 16:15 (Source: University of Virginia

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nevada Democrat Secretary of State Files Voter Fraud Charges against Acorn

ACORN, a community organization group which has close ties to the Obama administration, and currently receives Federal Aid, has been charged with voter fraud in the State of Nevada.. Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller, a Democrat, filed the charges, which include 26 counts of voter fraud, and 13 counts of compensating those who register voters. Acorn, now being referred to in some press circles (AP) as a “political advocacy group”, has, of course, denied any attempt at fraud.

Why Nevada? Harry Reid, who is enjoying rock bottom poll numbers in Nevada, let alone nationwide, where his favorability rating stands at 29%” is up for re-election in 2010. The Left of Center, Reid, may need more than a little help from friends like
ACORN, in order to maintain his seat. Unfortunately, for Harry, the story line from Las Vegas is one of derision apparently, in one Las Vegas Review Journal Op-Ed piece, the "39" counts of Fraud against ACRON in Nevada resulted in a minimal gain for the Democrat Party in overall votes.

Several things are certain with this particular “Community Voter Activist Group”, they support the DNC while taking Tax Payer Dollars (and campaign dollars from Democrats) in order to register as many one-party voters as possible, whether they be a cartoon character, dead or alive. Additionally, in every state where a recent election was held (see special elections), ACORN had fingerprints in the outcome. The most recent, the New York 20th Congressional special election which was won in a squeaker by a Democrat in a heavy Republican district. No calls for investigations into any possible voter fraud have come to light in that particular case.
The only way to clear ACORN’s good name, would be to have a national guideline for general elections requiring all voters to present a photo identification card, such as a license, when being handed a ballot. Although community organizers find that to be discriminatory because apparently some voters don’t have drivers licenses, the situation could be easily rectified by having voter identification cards supplied at time of registration – for a nominal fee (say $5.00) to cover costs. This would eliminate allegations of voter fraud – which would be dramatically reduced – and ACORN could concentrate on its efforts with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, full time. In fact, should Barney Frank be unemployed come 2010, he’d be a natural ACORN employee. Afterall, there is an office smack dab in the middle of Suffolk County, , in Fields Corner, just outside of his district - an easy commute.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hate Crimes Bill Legislation (H.R. 1913) Now Includes Pedophiles as Protected Class

New Legislation would protect Couey -photo mylifeofcrime

The Democrat Controlled House of Representatives, in their never ending quest to uphold the rights of all Citizens (including illegal immigrants – sic. undocumented aliens), has struck down an amendment to the legislation that would exclude pedophiles as a protected “class”. Introduced by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), the amendment was defeated by a vote of 13 to 10. The following representatives of the people voted in favor of giving a protected status to those that would rape and murder children: Jonn Conyers (D-MI), Scott (D-GA), Zoe Lofgren(D-CA), Maxine Waters (D-DC), Robert Wexler(D-FL), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Johnson (D), Pierluisi (D-PR), Gutierrez(D-IL, Sherman (D), Baldwin (D-WI), Weiner(D-NY) and Meffei (D-NY).

Conyers would protect Couey - photo:

The vote was strictly along party lines, with Democrats defeating Republican dissenters who felt that Pedophiles should be excluded from the Hate Crimes Legislation. A copy of the discussion can be found here.
Other amendments proposed and adjudication follow :

3. An amendment by Mr. Rooney to include in the bill crimes where the victim's status was that of a member of the armed forces. Defeated 11 to 9.
6. An amendment by Mr. Gohmert to add a Rule of Construction that no prosecution may be based in whole or in part on religious beliefs quoted from the Bible, the Tanakh, or the Koran. Defeated 11 to 8.
8. Motion to table an appeal of the Chair's ruling that the Jordan amendment to broaden the protected classes in the bill to include an unborn child was non-germane. Agreed to 14 to 10.
9. An amendment by Mr. Goodlatte to broaden protected classes in the bill to cover crimes where the victim's status was that of a pregnant woman. Defeated 13 to 9.
12. An amendment by Mr. King to create a new category of criminal offense for crimes committed by illegal immigrants against nationals of the United States because of the U.S. national's status as a U.S. national or U.S. citizen. Defeated 14 to 11.
14. An amendment by Mr. King to add an additional element of proof to the substantive offense, requiring proof of intent to intimidate or terrorize the class of persons to which the victim belongs. Defeated 10 to 8.
15. An amendment by Mr. King to define the term `sexual orientation' as used in the bill to explicitly exclude pedophilia. Defeated 13 to 10.

The bill, which is in essence unnecessary due to the fact that we have equal protection laws, as well as existing hate crime legislation, gives rise to the question: What on earth are these bozo’s doing with our money and don’t they have anything better to do than to a) try to eliminate biblical references as possible hate speech, and b) protect pedophiles from hate crimes? It goes without saying that this enormous waste of time with the unfortunate consequence of knowing that certain members of Congress would prefer to protect, as a “class”, those formerly known as “criminals” – mind-boggling to say the very least.
As a parent, one cannot comprehend how a decent human being, legislator or no, could condone the act of a pedophile, let alone protect that person as a “class”. As a registered voter, in one of the districts in which these cretins reside, one would be better served by an alternative. 2010 will arrive, and with it, a hope that our children’s future will be protected, additionally, that our children will be protected from individuals and a party that have limited compassion, are lacking in decency, and operating without any moral compass (pick a religion – or non-religion) whatsoever.

Following: a small sampling of the crimes of Pedophiles

Child Killer on Trial
Family Asks that Murder of 6 year old Stay Behind Bars
Curley Case Revisited

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New York Times Forces Boston Globe Unions to Back Down – Unions No Longer Relevant - Opinion

Union Busting is not often a term applied to a liberal leaning organization, however, the New York Times, in a desperate attempt to save a few million bucks, has done just that. Three of the four unions at the Boston Globe, have agreed to concessions in benefits that amount to $20 million per year. Union Members at the parent company have agreed to take a 5% reduction in pay in order to save their jobs. essentially, when times get tough, companies cannot survive if a union is in place. The Times Company only needed to look to the U.S. Auto Industry to understand the crushing burden the Auto Workers Union placed on that industry – literally driving U.S. Auto Makers into the ground. What is interesting in this particular story is that both the Times and the Globe lean politically left; therefore, logic dictates that they would sooner support a union, no matter the result – however, economics trumps ideology.

There was a time, in history, when unions made sense; sweat shops, child labor, 14 hour workdays, dangerous working conditions were the norm. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 drew attention to the need of an organization to protect those workers on the lower run of American Society. Safety regulations and decent working hours were demands that were made at the time. However, as time went on, Unions in general, lobbied harder for politicians than for their own members, and certain occupations, such as teachers, (which have two unions, the AFT and the ) most of whom have master degrees, and work in safe surroundings, should not be subject to union organization at all. Teachers, are basically forced to join one or both unions and dues collected are sent directly to politicians. For example, between 1990 and 2008, the NEA gave $29,624,876 to politicians, 93% of that went to one Party. Besides meager salaries (compared to others in competitive fields with degrees), and average benefits, teachers receive little in return, with the exception of job protection for inadequate performance. The upside of non-unionized teachers would be a rise in the quality of education, as jobs would be based on competence – salaries would increase and students would benefit.

Any occupation where a degree is required to perform ones job, or if there are no excessive hazards and or hardships placed upon employees (14 hour forced workdays for example), should be disbanded. This would increase competitiveness in the marketplace, lower prices on goods and services and raise salaries of those who excelled. Unfortunately, major political parties would suffer a downturn in income, however, that would be a small price to pay for increased productivity and competence.

Additionally, even with Unions in place, the influx of illegal immigrants (undocumented workers), into the economy allows pre-Triangle Shirtwaist Factory conditions to exist – as non-citizens they don’t have the same rights under the Constitution and Federal Regulations that are in place restricting companies from the practices that are anti-labor. This is cheap labor that is undermining the American workforce and the U.S. tax base.
Solution: Offer citizenship to those illegal immigrants who are holding down jobs in this country (any illegal immigrants with criminal records, would of course, be deported. Bring the costs of citizenship in line with say a drivers license (not the $10,000 for immigration attorney, $800 plus in fees now necessary to obtain citizenship), and add those workers legally to the roles. This would make them subject to all taxes paid by those working in the U.S. and additionally, would drive up wages, and promote competence in all facets of the workforce. In other words, level the playing field for all citizens to realize the American Dream. The net effect would be a more robust economy, with little to no union/government intervention required.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Field of Contenders for Dodd’s (CT-D) Senate Seat Widens - Wife’s Income under Scrutiny

Beleaguered Senator, Chris Dodd, who played a pivotal role in the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae disaster, precursor to the housing and banking crisis, (along with Congressman Barney Frank (MA-D), is facing an increasing field of contenders for his Senate seat. Thomas C. Foley(R), former Ambassador to Ireland is expected to announce his candidacy soon, according to the Harford Courant. Rob Simmons and Sam Caligiuri, have already indicated they will seek the office in 2010, with Simmons having fared well (16 point advantage) in an early poll against Dodd. Dodd is considered extremely vulnerable in 2010, along with other key Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The Courant’s is now focusing on Dodd’s finances, releasing an article today on Dodd’s wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd. Dodd, who apparently cries poor (citing problems with mortgages), legally listed his wife’s income from several boards as “over $1,000” – this is from a financial disclosure report to the U.S. Senate. . Ms. Clegg-Dodd’s income, including cash and stocks, is reported to be $500,000 annually. (Relevancy - Charactor)

The increased scrutiny of Dodd, to include his wife, and the constant criticism from the editorial pages of the Nutmeg State’s Capital Newspaper indicate that baring divine intervention, Dodd will be seeking employment outside the U.S. Senate come 2010.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Obamanomics - What happens when Inflation Meets Deflation? Carter revisited.

According to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator
, $100 in 2007, had the buying power of $103.84, however, when updated to reflect the first three quarters of 2009, $100 in 2008 has the same buying power as $98.80 – indicating a rise in the price of consumer goods combined with a drop in the worth of the dollar – or a slight rise in inflation.

Inflastion, in simple terms happens when the price of goods and services raises - the cause- an increase in government spending.
Deflation, is the opposite, (this is where recession and depression occur) – this is caused by an increase in taxes and a rise in the unemployment rate.

According to these two definitions, the U.S. is currently or about to experience both. We have a rise in the rate of inflation due to increased government spending, and a rise in taxes, and a rise in unemployment. In other words, Jimmy Carter’s Misery Index (the combined unemployment and inflation rate) run amok.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve’s latest publication on National Economic Trends is interesting in that, as of May, the Consumer Price Index has fallen, Read GDP growth has taken a dive (to minus 6.14), industrial production is down , non-farm payrolls are down, unemployment rate shows a steep increase, interest rates have fallen (rock bottom), the duration of unemployment has risen, and government expenditures have substantially increased. The only component missing that would send the current economy reeling is an increase in taxes – so far.

The Federal Government (IRS) has recently decided that the “Make America Work” tax credit ($13 per week) already in paychecks nationwide, must be repaid due to an error on the part of the IRS, and next April, penalties are in the wind for many currently receiving the credit in other words, the first tax increase (or backhanded tax cut). Those most at risk of having to pay taxes are individuals who hold more than one job, retirees who have federal income tax withheld from pension checks and Social Security recipients who must work to make ends meet. The IRS has generously provided a Calculator (here)to help individuals avoid paying in April, 09.

Congress is doing its part in ensuring that the economy continues to spiral downward - proposals include: a raise in the capital gains tax from 15 to 20%. The general consensus is that Capital Gains occur only in the Stock Market, or for those who can “afford” to pay a bit more, however, that is not entirely the case. Capital Gains occur anytime a taxpayer makes a profit without incurring a loss. Items on this list include real estate sales, lottery winnings, any monies or assets one receives from an estate. (For example: A $2,000 check that Aunt Ethel left in her will is a Capital Gain.) In other words, an Increase in the Capital Gains Tax affects every rung on the economic ladder. Additionally, an increase in the Federal Gas Tax is on the table.

How to stop the madness? Cut back government spending, revise the current budget system for all government departments (the government penalizes agencies that do not spend every dime they receive by cutting funds) issue across the board tax cuts (industry reacts by hiring and consumers react by spending) and really make work pay – a program similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, by creating a Federal Work program for able bodied American’s currently receiving State and Federal assistance, subject of course, to every tax enjoyed by those working in the private sector.

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