Saturday, May 01, 2010

Obama Allegedly Follows in Clinton’s Footsteps – Vera Baker Named as Presidential Mistress

Photograph of Vera Baker, Obama's Alleged Mistress - image Pakistan News

Fromthe National Enquirer comes breaking news of an affair between President Obama and one of his campaign staffers, Vera Baker. This breaking news story so far contains more innuendo than fact, however, as it is coming from the one publication that broke the John Edwards mistress scandal, it is more probable than improbable there is something afoot. The Enquirer, had been considered one of the most egregious “rags” when it came to photo-shopping celebrities in compromising situations, with tales of so ridiculous, that lawsuits were brought and the paper, as it stood, was on the brink of extinction. In order to survive, they needed to get the facts, and all the facts, in order to avoid any further expensive lawsuits. Therefore, due to the nature of the publication, the history of the publication and the fact that they broke and were tenacious in their discovery of John Edwards’s mistress, one has to give this story some thought.

Michelle Obama, one either adores her, or dismisses her; but she is the focus of the White House, whether it is fashion magazines, newscasts or blogs who look to what she wears, where she is going and how much influence she has over her husband, the President. Therefore, as all eyes are on Michelle, no matter the circumstances, one could not help but notice that on the Occasion of the State of the Union, Mrs. Obama appeared quite peeved at the President. Two clips shown below show an expression that screams “Trouble in River City”. The first, when the President acknowledges his wife, and the second, footage from the first segment of the speech where on occasion, the camera would linger for a minute on the First Lady. She appeared to be in a foul temper, and one noticed that she was not taped for the remainder of the speech. Now, to be fair, she could have been mad at her husband over any given domestic and or policy issue, which is more than likely the case. That said it could, in essence, lend the casual observer who recalls the speech and circumstances, incentive to believe that the Enquirer does indeed have something on the man.

Who is Vera Baker? The Pakistan News Service is giving insight into her relationship with the president. They were the first to publish both a photograph along with specifics about the alleged mistress. She is stunning and has known the President for several years. Ms. Baker has been involved with Barack Obama since 2004, as Finance Director for his Illinois Senate Campaign. She holds a degree from Mills College. After the campaign, she started a business, Cape Caribbean, with offices in Miami.

Is there an affair? Only time will tell, however, one can bet the house, if there is an ounce of truth to the story, the Enquirer will come up with each and every piece of evidence. Looking back at the less than thrilled Michelle Obama in the tapes from the State of the Union, one hopes that someone in the West Wing has 911 on speed dial. She does not appear to be the meek and humble, nor forgiving type.

Obama Acknowledges Michelle Obama in State of the Union Address

Part 1, State of Union Address

Friday, April 30, 2010

Charlie Crist’s Run As Independent Will In The End Be A Boost to Rubio - Analysis

Charlie Crist now Run as Independent, Mark Rubio Likely Next Florida Senator

Charlie Crist’s run for the Senatewas over before he announced his plan to run as an “Independent” and leave the GOP. Crist had been lagging behind, Mark Rubio, former Florida Speaker of the House, in the GOP primary polls. Rubio, a fiscal and social conservative, had pulled ahead by 17 points in a Rasmussen Poll taken in March; however, recent polling data suggested that the race was within the margin of error. This begs the question, why the sudden switch to Independent. Although the polls appeared to have tightened, Rubio’s last quarter FEC filing reports beat Crist’s by 2.5 million. In most instances, one can argue that cash on hand may not beat a solid grass roots ground game, but Rubio had Crist beat on that score as well.

Both Rubio and Crist were outpolling the Democrat contender,
Kendrick Meeks. Now, with Crist running as an Independent, granted with name recognition, the battle will come down to a match-up between the Political Parties – and who has the better “brand” going into November. The Atlantic blog, reported that Crist, had reached out to the White House < a href="
">Chief of staff Rham Emanuel, prior to his announcement but calls were not returned. Leaving room for speculation that Crist may have wanted a place on the ballot as a Democrat. The blog also notes that as of now, Obama is polling in the high 40’s in Florida, however, Democrat political candidates cannot rely on how well Obama polls in any given state (see Massachusetts Special Election as an example).

Florida’s electoral makeup, according to the Secretary of State’s website is currently at 36% GOP, no party affiliation, 19%, other party 3% and Democrats 42%, meaning Crist would have to pull significant numbers away from both major parties in order to beat Meeks and Rubio. This is highly unlikely, as Independent Candidates, with rare exceptions, normally pick up an average of 6% of the final vote tally in elections. The one candidate who did pull it off in recent history was Connecticut Senator, Joe Lieberman, who ran as an independent when forced out of the party primary, going on to a solid win. Crist is no Joe Lieberman. Although charismatic, he is not an incumbent, who is widely popular and supported by both party affiliations, therefore, it is most likely that Crist will manage that 6%, while the race will shape up between Meeks and Rubio. Although Democrats currently hold an advantage of 6% over the GOP, that 12% of unenrolled (giving Crist the 6 points), will most likely go GOP based on historical trends.

The move to Independent may have been a bit premature, and it did appear to be a move of desperation, rather than one of commitment to a particular political ideology, which may have the unintended consequence of pushing Crist further down in the polls, which should be evident in polls certain to be out within the next few weeks.

The handicappers (media) also see this particular race through varied rose colored glasses. An Ap article suggests that Crists’ move will benefit Meeks, while Politico sees the move as beneficial to both major parties (depending upon which GOP or DNC former consultant is citied in the article. Overall, with Florida’s modest makeup of independent voters, the Republican Brand building nationwide, even though the two remaining candidates Meeks and Rubio are lesser known that Crist statewide, it will, in the long-run, boil down to those two candidates, leaving Crist as the third man out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama - Immigration Reform not Likely – Additional States Consider Arizona Legislation.

Arizona border Rancher Rob Krentz and his dog murdered by illegal border crossers - story and image

Barack Obama is backing off Immigration Reform for this year according to Politico. The President indicated that he would prefer that immigration reform be taken up in the Congress; however, it is unlikely that a consensus would be reached in the house. He went on to blame “Republican’s” for the stalemate, even though the House Republicans are, at the moment, vastly outnumbered by Democrats who were able to push through Health Care legislation with ease. Meanwhile, he is seeking ways for the Federal Government to challenge the new Arizona immigration law – one which seeks to enforce Federal laws already in place.

The Act, SB1070-492R available here is loaded with “safeguards” against so-called “racial profiling”, and seeks to maintain stability in a Mexican border state where violent crime has become the norm. Special interest groups have vowed to boycott the State, and several Democrats and Republicans have banded together in a call for troops on the border. A press conference was held yesterday by Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ), Dan Burton (R-IN), Ted Poe (R-TX) and Edward Royce (R-CA) announcing legislation introduced in the House calling for immediate deployment of troops on border States. This may be why Obama’s plan to push immigration reform through the House may come to naught, with the more pressing issue being security and enforcing existing laws on the books.

Article 1, Section 10of the Constitution is an interesting read in relation to the border states and their right to protect themselves, even so far as: “engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.” combined with the 10th Amendment which grants autonomy to the States (specifically and the people) in cases where powers not delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution, or not prohibited by the Constitution are up to the individual States. Therefore, while Obama seeks to find ways around protecting the citizens of the Border States in an attempt to pacify special interest groups, the State of Arizona has acted in accordance with the Constitution, and apparently has the ability to go further.

Progressive are up in arms over the fact that seven other states are considering legislation similar to Arizona’s. Included in the list: Utah, Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska. All of the aforementioned are either border states or have experienced an influx of illegal immigrants and the resulting increase in crime. Apparently, much to the Progressive’s dismay, those State Legislators have access to the U.S. Constitution.

Why not close the border, enforce existing laws, and protect U.S. Sovereignty? Simply put, pacifying a large and growing voting bloc. Regardless of political affiliation, every single President since Ronald Reagan has promised to seal the border, yet somehow, words alone have not sufficed. From George Bush, who captured the Hispanic vote in both elections to Barack Obama who did the same, closing the border may upset certain groups that drive the vote. It is about racial profiling to the extent that politicians are depending upon a specific segment of the population to vote in a particular way – closing the border would stop the importation of positional “voters”.

Security should be the main concern regarding all borders, north, south and the coasts, regardless of the tip of threat posed by those crossing, be it guns, weapons of mass destruction or drugs. The United States already has a mechanism in place for those foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States through a visa process. The only overhaul needed on immigration is a reduction in fees for those applying for citizenship, a reduction in the wait time prior to an application being processed, elimination of the need for high-priced “immigration attorney’s” and a test revision that any one of our high school seniors might pass. As to those who are already here, and working in the United States (estimates of 12 million), those who have a clean record, should be fast-tracked, the rest, put on a first class one-way flight back to where they came. Understanding that “amnesty” is a dirty word amongst conservatives, it is not without some sanity that one must consider logistics in moving millions of people from homes and schools that have been established for years, and “shipping” them to their country of origin (be in Mexico or Ireland). Impose a fee,(give the IRS another job along with fleecing American’s who cannot afford health insurance by taking it out of their taxes) that must be paid – given a valid social security number, one which would allow the IRS to withhold refunds and garnish wages if necessary. Perhaps a penalty that fits the crime that had been committed when the individual crossed into the United States illegally would be in order. One can bet, however, that nothing will be done on reform, as it is as much a political issue as Gay Marriage and Abortion – a rallying cry for politicians in opposition of one another, with zero intent of doing anything – period.

Given that simple steps would go a long way towards fixing problems on the Federal level, and the same refusing to budge, over decades no less, the States have the right to protect them by any measure, apparently including going to war, in powers granted them by the Constitution of the United States.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Special Congressional Elections in Pennsylvania 12th and Hawaii 1st – Bellwethers for November

Tim Burns, PA 12th District Congressional Candidate - image Tim Burns for Congress

There are two congressional special elections scheduled: the race for Pennsylvania’s 12th District on May 18th, and Hawaii’s 1st District on May 22nd. Pennsylvania’s race to fill the seat left vacant by the death of John Murtha, is in a statistical tie according to Public Policy Pollingwith the Republican candidate, Tim Burns, leading Democrat Mark Critz by 3 points (Margin of Error: plus or minus 2.8%). The district is has trended heavily Democrat in Congressional races, however, voted for McCain/Palin in the 2008 election. With a month to go, even with an endorsement from the Mine Workers of America Union Critz can’t count on that carrying over as actual votes (See Massachusetts Special Election - Brown/Coakley).

Charles Djou, Republican Congressional Challeger in Obama's Back Yard pulls ahead in Kos poll - image hiphoprepublican

The Hawaii 1st, involves a three way contest to replace Rep. Neil Abercrombie, who is running for Govenor. The latest poll by the Daily Kos (which is considerably left leaning) gives Republican Challenger Charles Djou a 3 point lead over over Democrat Ed Case, and 4 points over Democrat Colleen Hanabusa , the Margin of Error is plus or minus 4 points. The Hawaii first is heavily Democrat and is the home state of Barack Obama, a state that is perhaps more heavily Democrat than Massachusetts was thought to be prior to January 19th.

That said, it would still be a surprise if either of these Districts end up in a win column for a GOP candidate, given the history of both, however, as was the case in Massachusetts, the battle will be won on the ground, and the DSCC is beginning to run negative attack ads in both instances. These types of ads have the unintended consequence in these types of States and or Districts of working for the opposition. In addition, the economic recovery, especially in PA and Hawaii has been at a snail’s pace. In any event should either Djou or Burns pull within a 5 point lead over their challengers within the next 2 weeks, then the writing will be on the wall.

Should either one or both of the districts fall to the Republican Challenger, one can anticipate a good deal of angst for those Congressional incumbents having to campaign, some for the first time in decades, in order to try to retain their seats in November. One would hazard to guess, should the results of these special elections trend to the GOP, that the November general will be a heartbreaker for many long-term Democrat incumbents, as well as those new Blue Dogs, who failed to represent their districts, and voted with h the House Leadership (Pelosi) . The only safe Democrat incumbents are those that are not up for re-election in 2010.


Charles Djou for Congress
Tim Burns for Congress

Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest Polls – Senate 2010 – No “Safe Democrats”

At Risk: Harry Reid and the Democrat Majority image:

From Real Clear Politics: The latest 2010 Senate Polls show the following results, according to Real Clear Politics:

Toss-ups: California: Boxer (D), Colorado: Bennet (D),Illinois: Open (D), Missouri: Open (R), Ohio: Open (R)
Lean Republican: Arkansas: Lincoln (D), Florida: Open (R), Indiana: Open (D), Nevada: Reid (D), New Hampshire: Open (R), North Carolina: Burr (R), Pennsylvania: Specter (D)
Lean Democrat: Washington: Murray (D), Wisconsin: Feingold (D)
Likely Republican: Delaware: Open (D), Kentucky: Open (R), Louisiana: Vitter (R)
Likely Democrat: Connecticut: Open (D), New York: Gillibrand (D), Oregon: Wyden (D)
Safe Republican: North Dakota: Open (D)

Real Clear Politics, in computing results, averages polls taken from a variety of sources for each race, therefore, polls leaning left such as the Daily Kos, are combined with so-called conservative pollsters, such as Rasmussen to allow, giving the result. In the case of California Senator Boxer: Daily Koss has her up by 9 points, while Rasmussen has her up by 4, Public Policy Institute and Field both have Box plus 1, giving her an average of plus 3.7 (or within the statistical margin of error) over Republican contender Carly Fiorina.

In the case of those that lean Republican, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Ried has consistently averaged down in double digits against both Republican primary contenders. In any case, whether the race is open Democrat or Republican, not one is listed as “Safe Democrat”.

With the current make up of the Senate, the Republican’s need to pick up 10 seats in order to take the majority – given the above scenario – 3 toss ups (Boxer, CA, Bennet, CO and Barak Obama’s Illinois Seat in play), Lean Republican, 4: Lincoln, AR, Reid, NV, and Specter, PA and Indiana (Bayh’s Retirement), Likely Republican: 1, Delaware, and Safe Republican, 1 North Dakota: brings the total possible pickups at this point to 9, or with 41 seats currently held by the Republican’s a total of 50 or a statistical Senate tie. Should one of those races that are now shown as Likely Democrat, such as Gillibrand’s, where, depending on the challenger, could end up in the Lean Republican column, the stage will be set for a change of power in the Senate. That said, with 7 months left before the general election, it is, in most of these races, far too early to take anything for granted. In September, when the summer recess is over, then the polls can be looked as more accurate, given the fact that those incumbents fighting for their seats will have had time to campaign on their home turf. Should that prove unsuccessful, in the wake of the overall discontent of the nation, the die will be cast.

What will be of more interest are the competitive house races across the nation, where controls of the purse strings (the Congress) are up for grabs. One pollster in particular to watch: Public Policy Polling which has a decent record.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unprecedented Number of African American Republican’s Run for Public Office in 2010

From The Frederick Douglas Foundation comes a list of candidates vying for a variety of offices in 2010. A list of Senate and Congressional Challengers is listed below, however, a full list of candidates vying for all offices is available on the Frederick Douglas Foundation Website:

Marion Thorpe, Florida
Corrogan Vaughn, Maryland
Larry Linny, North Carolina
Les Phillip, Alabama – 5
Vernon Parker, Arizona – 3
Virginia Fuller, California – 7
Star Parker, Califronia – 37
Chriystopher Smith,California – 39
Mason Weaver, California – 53
Ryan Frazier, Colorado – 7
Prince Brown, Florida – 8
Eddie Adams, Florida – 11
Corey Poitier, Florida – 17
Allen West,Florida – 22
Deon Long, Florida – 24
Cory Ruth Georgia – 4
Deborah Honeycutt Georgia – 13
Rupert Parchment Georgia – 13
Isaac Hayes, Illinois – 2
Marvin Scott Indiana – 7
Robert Broadus, Maryland – 4
Charles Lollar, Maryland – 5
Angela McGlowan, Mississippi – 1
Barb Davis White (Independent),Minnesota – 5
Martin Baker,Missouri – 1
Shannon Wright,New Jersey – 6
Michael Faulkner,New York – 15
Jerry Grimes,North Carolina – 1
Lou Hunddleston North Carolina - 8
Bill Randall, North Carolina – 13
Tim Scott, South Carolina – 3
Jean Howard Hill, Tennessee – 3,
Charlotte Bergmann,Tennessee – 9
Stephen Broden,Texas – 30
David Castillo, Washington – 3

One would think, this type of news, would be hitting the major news networks, rather than being kept a virtual secret and/or semi-denigrated in the press that is published on the subject. The problem lays in the fact that one party alone feels “ownership” of so-called minority groups, including the United States of America’s, African American, Hispanic and women population when it comes to voter registration and identification. That said, conservatism is not blinded by color, gender or ethnicity, nor is the Republican Party (contrary to popular opinion generated by the press).

Point, an article in Alternet News entitled “What’s behind the Republicans Fielding 32 Black Candidates for Congress in 2010 and going on to pontificate it was more “hope” than probability citing the Congressional Quarterly in its assessment. They speak of the fine line Republican’s must walk between the Party and the Tea Party activists (which organization (loosely based) has more women than men organizers and yes, includes all races and ethnicity's).

Just by way of comparison, pay a visit to the website of the Congressional Black Caucus which gives a list of the current African American’s in Congress So much for advancement in the DNC (of course the same can be said of women, as well).
These Republican candidates should be applauded, this blog encourages that readers visit the Frederick Douglas Foundation, as well as the individual’s candidate’s websites, and – donate.

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