Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unprecedented Number of African American Republican’s Run for Public Office in 2010

From The Frederick Douglas Foundation comes a list of candidates vying for a variety of offices in 2010. A list of Senate and Congressional Challengers is listed below, however, a full list of candidates vying for all offices is available on the Frederick Douglas Foundation Website:

Marion Thorpe, Florida
Corrogan Vaughn, Maryland
Larry Linny, North Carolina
Les Phillip, Alabama – 5
Vernon Parker, Arizona – 3
Virginia Fuller, California – 7
Star Parker, Califronia – 37
Chriystopher Smith,California – 39
Mason Weaver, California – 53
Ryan Frazier, Colorado – 7
Prince Brown, Florida – 8
Eddie Adams, Florida – 11
Corey Poitier, Florida – 17
Allen West,Florida – 22
Deon Long, Florida – 24
Cory Ruth Georgia – 4
Deborah Honeycutt Georgia – 13
Rupert Parchment Georgia – 13
Isaac Hayes, Illinois – 2
Marvin Scott Indiana – 7
Robert Broadus, Maryland – 4
Charles Lollar, Maryland – 5
Angela McGlowan, Mississippi – 1
Barb Davis White (Independent),Minnesota – 5
Martin Baker,Missouri – 1
Shannon Wright,New Jersey – 6
Michael Faulkner,New York – 15
Jerry Grimes,North Carolina – 1
Lou Hunddleston North Carolina - 8
Bill Randall, North Carolina – 13
Tim Scott, South Carolina – 3
Jean Howard Hill, Tennessee – 3,
Charlotte Bergmann,Tennessee – 9
Stephen Broden,Texas – 30
David Castillo, Washington – 3

One would think, this type of news, would be hitting the major news networks, rather than being kept a virtual secret and/or semi-denigrated in the press that is published on the subject. The problem lays in the fact that one party alone feels “ownership” of so-called minority groups, including the United States of America’s, African American, Hispanic and women population when it comes to voter registration and identification. That said, conservatism is not blinded by color, gender or ethnicity, nor is the Republican Party (contrary to popular opinion generated by the press).

Point, an article in Alternet News entitled “What’s behind the Republicans Fielding 32 Black Candidates for Congress in 2010 and going on to pontificate it was more “hope” than probability citing the Congressional Quarterly in its assessment. They speak of the fine line Republican’s must walk between the Party and the Tea Party activists (which organization (loosely based) has more women than men organizers and yes, includes all races and ethnicity's).

Just by way of comparison, pay a visit to the website of the Congressional Black Caucus which gives a list of the current African American’s in Congress So much for advancement in the DNC (of course the same can be said of women, as well).
These Republican candidates should be applauded, this blog encourages that readers visit the Frederick Douglas Foundation, as well as the individual’s candidate’s websites, and – donate.


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