Saturday, May 01, 2010

Obama Allegedly Follows in Clinton’s Footsteps – Vera Baker Named as Presidential Mistress

Photograph of Vera Baker, Obama's Alleged Mistress - image Pakistan News

Fromthe National Enquirer comes breaking news of an affair between President Obama and one of his campaign staffers, Vera Baker. This breaking news story so far contains more innuendo than fact, however, as it is coming from the one publication that broke the John Edwards mistress scandal, it is more probable than improbable there is something afoot. The Enquirer, had been considered one of the most egregious “rags” when it came to photo-shopping celebrities in compromising situations, with tales of so ridiculous, that lawsuits were brought and the paper, as it stood, was on the brink of extinction. In order to survive, they needed to get the facts, and all the facts, in order to avoid any further expensive lawsuits. Therefore, due to the nature of the publication, the history of the publication and the fact that they broke and were tenacious in their discovery of John Edwards’s mistress, one has to give this story some thought.

Michelle Obama, one either adores her, or dismisses her; but she is the focus of the White House, whether it is fashion magazines, newscasts or blogs who look to what she wears, where she is going and how much influence she has over her husband, the President. Therefore, as all eyes are on Michelle, no matter the circumstances, one could not help but notice that on the Occasion of the State of the Union, Mrs. Obama appeared quite peeved at the President. Two clips shown below show an expression that screams “Trouble in River City”. The first, when the President acknowledges his wife, and the second, footage from the first segment of the speech where on occasion, the camera would linger for a minute on the First Lady. She appeared to be in a foul temper, and one noticed that she was not taped for the remainder of the speech. Now, to be fair, she could have been mad at her husband over any given domestic and or policy issue, which is more than likely the case. That said it could, in essence, lend the casual observer who recalls the speech and circumstances, incentive to believe that the Enquirer does indeed have something on the man.

Who is Vera Baker? The Pakistan News Service is giving insight into her relationship with the president. They were the first to publish both a photograph along with specifics about the alleged mistress. She is stunning and has known the President for several years. Ms. Baker has been involved with Barack Obama since 2004, as Finance Director for his Illinois Senate Campaign. She holds a degree from Mills College. After the campaign, she started a business, Cape Caribbean, with offices in Miami.

Is there an affair? Only time will tell, however, one can bet the house, if there is an ounce of truth to the story, the Enquirer will come up with each and every piece of evidence. Looking back at the less than thrilled Michelle Obama in the tapes from the State of the Union, one hopes that someone in the West Wing has 911 on speed dial. She does not appear to be the meek and humble, nor forgiving type.

Obama Acknowledges Michelle Obama in State of the Union Address

Part 1, State of Union Address

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