Saturday, June 04, 2011

Palin Tours New England: Politico Whines, the Globe Has No Sense of History, the Press Compares her to Royalty.

If one can make it through the 2 page “bitch fest”Poltico Produced vis a vis the Palin Tour, entitled “Palin's Rolling Menace”, one can begin to understand how truly petty the press has become and conflicted and well, generally worth glancing at more on entertainment than face value. Apparently, Suffolk Polling uncovered an inconvenient truth – no one trusts the press, especially print and braodcast. In fact a recent polls suggests a full 15% of respondents do not trust anyone whose delivering the so called news, and worse, 21% don’t’ know who to trust! ( marginal’s). Therefore, it’s ok, if say Politico has a bad day trying to catch up to Sarah Palin, especially if not specifically invited, and having to compare themselves to Paparazzi (which they really should not as most Paparazzi one knows are not vicious, hate filled, politically motivated, individuals, out to destroy anyone’s reputation, they are more looking for the perfect shot of this or that starlet) –

So, what’s a group of reporters with no chance of getting near the subject to do? – follow – apparently at speeds which exceed the standard state limit and then the write about how horrid Palin’s tour is for speeding, not for a moment thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, the fact that the tour was speeding away (pivotal word here) from these so called reporters, was in order to avoid them and the surely half backed story they would provide (see half baked case in point).

On the flip side in Boston – working for the Globe, yet another trustworthy source, one finds a usual English Major making fun of Palin’s inability to “parse the language” – and her take on Paul Revere and his erroneous reference to of all things, the poem by Longworth “The Midnight Rise of Paul Revere”, which was written a decade after the fact. So much for education – Palin in this instance, correct from the historical point of view, is basically blasted for straying from a myth that all 3rd graders knows..Unfortunately Globe reporters apparently are either too arrogant or too (dare one say) limited) to research – one quick Google search points out the young Globe reporter’s error and vindicates Ms. Palin. (A Fairly decent bit on Paul Revere, his family and yes a reference to that ride :< a href=""> here.

They continue (the press) to ponder how anyone can take the likes of Palin or Trump seriously – seriously – they do – while those that actually read, and research, (which by the way, history, is a science and subject to some chances, specifically due to overzealous biographers – which explains Jimmy Carter), know just a bit more, which makes these “reporters” just a little less credible and a little less relevant every day.

It is not whether or not Palin or Trump, (who are both “fun” and “functional” candidates) actually run, it is the hissy fit they are giving the press, allowing those who sit and pontificate on what the masses would or should not know (while knowing not quite as much), to experience the inconvenience of the bus tour or display their total ignorance of historical context that makes both Palin and Trump invaluable contributors to Americana. Imagine if they ran on the same ticket, regardless of who was the VP (would it truly matter?) – How much fun would it be to watch the media implode? – stutter, spew hate-filled mindless rhetoric that no one would obviously believe and more to the point, isn’t’ even watching? Of course, they could drag out the old keyword “racist “and attach it yet again to Trump and Palin, but would it work? Maybe in Hollywood, but do they even vote?

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Tips for the Summer Cold/Flu and general nagging

1. Symptoms: dry, nagging, cough, running nose, chills, fever, general malaise, exhaustion, inability to think clearly. Constult your physician.

2. Go nowhere, hope you have a friend who can deliver tissue

3. Honey works, teaspoon with tea, helps with dry cough, sore throat
4. Wait it out – on hand, chicken soup, juice, water, crackers

The good news

One cannot smoke

The bad news

This is not how one wanted to spend one’s vacation days!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Media Wants to Know! Where in the World Is Sarah Palin Going? Clues Abound in Historical New England

The Springfield, MA Armory, commissioned by George Washington, image:

Politicoappears to be confused as to where Sarah Palin is going – headline: “Sarah Palin's Bus Tour Prompts Confusion on Day 2”, speaks to the fact that the media and local GOP leaders from the Mid-Atlantic to New England have no clue as to where she might be stopping. It is seen as a political tour, and it just may be, however, it also may be exactly what is posted on

This Sunday, May 29th, Governor Palin and the SarahPAC team will begin a trip through our nation's rich historical sites, starting from Washington, DC and going up through New England. The "One Nation Tour" is part of our new campaign to educate and energize Americans about our nation's founding principles, in order to promote the Fundamental Restoration of America.

Apparently the media is trying to play catch-up as they are “not invited” (not surprising), and local GOP officials are in a tizzy, as they are also not being told when and/or if Palin intends to stop by (also, not surprisingly) – If one takes this at face value, this is an “educational tour” – allowing those following Palin to possibly learn a bit more about the historical value of the east coast and how it
played into the founding of our nation. In addition, if one wanted to “speculate”, the obvious political gain would be to meet actual people who may be independents, Democrats or Republican, Libertarian or Green Party and get their take on what’s happening in the U.S. today, without the push of press and or the local GOP pushing for photo-ops – the added bonus is shutting down the media that is so fond of her – even those that really are: see Politico’s article and reference to Fox News.

Therefore, a history primer of New England just may be in order: Where to start? There is so much of historical significance to the founding of our nation that the Palin Tour may bypass the obvious, for those off-the-beaten track places that played such a significant part in the nation’s foundations. As Palin is inclined to visit certain places that are tied to military history, there are several significant standing landmarks in New England where she may appear in the following days – a list of significant Forts is listed here Coast Defense Forts of New England, a good percentage of these forts can be found in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

If one is looking to go back a bit further, there are the Indian Wars, fought with the French, and the basis for the famous tax on tea, which was placed on the colonies in order to pay for English assistance in defense of the colonies. Roadside plaques dot the highways and roads of New England, noting which battle was fought, from the wars pre-Revolutionary to those during the Revolution.

There is the beginning of the industrial revolution, the Connecticut River Valley home to so many industries that one would not associate with the area, but which are “firsts” in the nation. Springfield was home to many firsts in the Automobile industry visit: Springfield for more information. The Springfield, MA Armory the first such in the nation and the last. There is of course, much to see in Boston, as well as every town and hamlet that dots the landscape between the Connecticut Border and the Canadian Border which spans the three states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. (Obvious Plug By this Blog for Western Massachusetts – while here, there is the National Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, the home of one Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) and of course, the usual road signs that dot the byways between Springfield and Greenfield up through the Mohawk Trail into Vermont.)

What would be priceless, would be for Palin to announce her intent to run, at an obscure Fort in the State of Maine or the State of New Hampshire (both of which have taken a decided turn to the right in 2010), to a crowd of locals and the local news organizations, completely ignoring the grandiose for the people. The likelihood of Palin doing something that the media would view as “out of character” (given their consistent harping on her need for “attention” – read between the lines of each and every blog post and article), is fairly high. Additionally, there are some historical sites in a New Hamsphire village called Wolfeboro, perhaps she plans on ending her tour there!

However, again, it may just be that she is doing exactly what she says she is doing – promoting the historical value of our nation and at the same time promotes the fundamental restoration of the same. As a bonus to the local economies, those who follow Sarah Palin may just stop in and visit these sites and cities, bringing much needed economic boosts to the local economy in the coming months.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Palin Tour Begins in DC – Rides with Rolling Thunder – Tour to extend to Northeast – Speculation Mounts on 2012 GOP Bid

Sarah Palin Tour Begins in DC - Images: AP via Yahoo

Former Alaska Govenor and 2008 V.P. GOP Nominee Sarah Palin, rode into DC on a “hog” with the annual Rolling Thunder Memorial Day ride to the Capital. Palin, who has yet to announce a run, due to contractual restrictions from FOX (contract rumored to end in June, 2011), began the tour yesterday. One can find the tour information, and photographs of the first stop in Washington DC at, however, there are no future dates listed, where she is headed next will most likely be tweeted or posted to her Social Media accounts – she has 3 million plus “friends” on and 500,000 plus following her “tweets” on Twitter, where the next stops on her tour just might be announced.

All pundits and analysts are split on the tour, some noting she is planning to announce a run for the 2012 GOP nomination others speculating that she is going to end the tour by announcing her intent not to run. Given the reception she received in D.C., her recent admission to Fox News Host, Greta Van Susteren , that she does ‘have the fire in her belly” to pursue the office of the Presidency and the recent Gallup polling showing her either tied, within points, and or ahead of also yet to announce, Mitt Romney it appears as though this tour may be more of a fact-finding mission, one in which Palin polls her way through the states.

Love her or Hate her

The split between those that love Sarah Palin (seriously, the woman, can fish, chop down trees, and ride a Harley, while making dinner and talking energy policy) and loath her (based on a skit on Saturday Night Live by Tina Fey), is basically drawn along two lines: Those that long for a Conservative Candidate who is not of the beltway, and is not Mitt Romney (the too perfect man), and those that rarely watch anything other than the evening news, or SLN, or the Colbert Report, or yes, Bill Maher, in order to get caught up on “current events”.

If She Runs, Barack Obama Will Be Re-Elected

The notion that if certain candidates, Palin specifically, run against Barack Obama, he will automatically win re-election is – fictional to say the least. The election is a year and a half away – as of Gallup’s 2010 state-by-state overview of Obama’s favorability rankings, one can project, if the economy and his handling of domestic and international affairs, remained basically the same, and did not worsen, the most he could pick up in a general election would be 10 states: Projected forward to 2012, Obama would, with those 10 states, (adjusted for redistricting) pick up a total of 191 electoral votes (which, even if it were a national popular vote – he would fare the same based on that data). It is simply, that as of now, he is not electable, meaning any Republican nominee can best Obama.

The Country is not Ready for A Woman to Be President

If one had a nickel for every time that old axiom is thrown out when Palin is mentioned, they might be able to retire. The fact is that, although sexism, racism, bigotry and the like do undoubtedly exist (especially Sexism, see ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the list goes on – vis a vis, Hillary Clinton forward), one must remember that as a whole entity the voters overwhelming overlooked the fact that Barack Obama was not the average white male, and elected him President. Palin not being the average white male either, stands as much of a chance, and this includes continual media barrage of unconcealed angst, as well as the same angst displayed by those whose focus is: Washington D.C.

Palin does not act like a typical GOP candidate, she does not play by their rules, and she was responsible for bringing down one of the most powerful GOP Senators in Alaska - she is original.

One caller to a local Massachustts radio’s “Howie Carr” show perhaps said it best: (paraphrasing): Would Sarah Palin be any worse than any of the last three who held the office? She’s got my vote and my money when she announces”. That’s coming out of New England, and this man, did not appear to be an over the top extreme right individual – just someone who had thought about what had take place in the past and what is taking place now.

Who Else is Waiting for Palin to Announce:

The Big GOP Donors

According to multiple “news” reports on the GOP Big Donors, it is noted that they are holding off committing to a particular candidate until the “dust settles”, and or the “herd thins”, which would lead one to speculate that they are waiting for someone to enter the race who can attract large crowds, bring in the big dollars, and has a shot at the nomination. Some reports speculate that Palin will make no difference, that those donors will give to the lower tier candidates first, however, one has to take that with a grain of salt – the reasoning – Today’s electorate operates off the “star-power” system.

The bigger the Star, the more likely the vote – Trump had that Star Power, had he stayed in the race, despite the stiff upper lipped GOP naysayers, he would have stood a better than average chance of besting Obama, even without the Gallup data. He was “a star” - Palin shares the same identification of “Star Power”, regardless of where she stands on policy, no matter how much the News outlets may think up new ways to put a crimp in the Alaskan’s style. (Also see Suffolk University poll on trust in news sources – the results of which show that most news organizations are not trusted by more than 17% of the populace (a high score) and that more do not trust any outlet)

Whatever the case, to run or not to run, the Palin Road Tour is certainly causing a bit of a stir, and should she enter the race, she would do much the same, and yes, it is this opinion (based on polling data) that Sarah Palin could certainly be the next President of the United States if she chooses to run.

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