Monday, February 12, 2007

Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Iraq in January -

Made headlines when she left but little has been seen or heard of her findings. One would think Madam Speaker would have come back and given a full report regarding the state of Iraq - considering her vehement anti-war stance. This fact-finding mission would appear to have been the perfect opportunity to state the facts the way she sees them. What readers were given was great news regarding a bird loose in the speaker’s home. Could it be that Pelosi was stunned into silence by the Raven? Or is it that the size of her ride home to Wine Country is a tad more important than her findings in Iraq?

Given the fact that Ms. Pelosi is two heartbeats away from the Presidency of these United States (and a woman), this is the perfect time for her to step up to the plate and make history. Although many may argue that she has already made history by being the first woman to attain such a lofty Post, there is much work to be done for women’s rights, and as Nancy is center stage, she could change a good percentage of the country’s perceptions regarding women in power.

Going back to all the hoopla regarding women’s rights, specifically as outlined in college courses, women are told we have invested heavily in this country, that we have come a long way but, and here’s the but, we are still earning 75 cents on the dollar to our male counterparts and here comes the kicker: it’s all our fault.

Why? Because we are a backbiting bunch, self-invested and willing to do anything to get a leg up. This from a socialist professor of history. Bunk. (For the most part)

A certain percentage of men feel that women react rather than act in any given set of circumstances, that it is our gender that renders us incapable of leadership. (Bunk again)

Nancy now has the position and the power to make known that the above two statements are not accurate and the ability to change perceptions.

Changing perceptions are important for all women, but at this point most importantly for Hillary Clinton

In a recent non-scientific poll of office peers and friends (leaning both left-right-and left of Mars), One vote for Giuliani, due to the heritage factor (voting for another of Italian decent). When asked if women should vote for Hillary based on the fact that she is a woman, the resounding answer was no. (Guilianni Scored High)

Hillary is in dire need of an image change and Nancy can help her - but only if she takes the high road.

Hillary and "power hungry" are often heard in the same sentence along with the following statement: “The country is not ready for a woman president”. What is most disturbing is that the second statement comes from both genders.

If Hillary would step up and say: I did not stay married to Bill to gain power, but rather to torture him for the rest of his life and rub his nose in it! She’d win the hearts and minds of the biggest voting block. (women!) Never mind where she stands on the issues. To aid in her increased credibility Nancy could report on her findings in Iraq, in a bi-partisan, non-gender way - be those findings party line, or God forbid, in line with what the Bush administration has been saying all along.

These two are in a position to make history, or to stop it in its tracks. Hopefully they remember that they have sisters.

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