Monday, June 01, 2015

2016 Update – O’Malley Announces from Baltimore, Cruz Campaigns in MA, Paul to Stop in MA

The former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, launched his Presidential Campaign in Baltimore, joining Bernie Sanders of VT and Hillary Clinton in the quest for the Democrat nomination for 2016. (Yahoo News). O’Malley presents a reasonable alternative to Clinton and can be made to appear more mainstream than either Clinton or Sanders – the one to watch on the Dem. Side.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts of all places, Ted Cruz has a campaign rally in Andover this past weekend according to the Andover Eagle Tribune, the event, held on private property, saw over 500 in attendance. Granted MA is close to the NH border, however, Rob Eno over at Red Mass Group suggests that the 2016 primary in MA will count for a multitude of reasons, least among them the number of delegates to the Convention and the fact that the Bay State Primary is earlier making this a competitive state. (Red Mass Group)

On June 7th, Rand Paul will be in Peabody for a campaign event, at the Marriott, tickets are paid, making this a fundraiser/campaign rally(document via Facebooks’ Massachusetts for Rand Paul page.

There are rarely visits to Massachusetts by any politician campaigning for the Presidency, one might site Big-Foot first, so this is an anomaly –however, given the makeup of the state, with the majority of voters registered as unenrolled (or independent) it is a perfect stop for those seeking support, both in votes and financially. Given the Jeffersonian Republican wing of the party more prevalent in the Bay State, both Paul and Cruz, could fare well here, especially with boots on the ground.

Both parties fields are more robust than previously predicted, the GOP with the most varied field in memory, and the Democrats starting to pick up options making a Clinton-Bush rematch less likely than touted by the media and both DC based parties. America can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief – until both drop out of the race.

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