Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank God Its Over

All the attack ads.

So, what's next?

Business as usual.

For all of those who felt that a change in direction might lead to withdrawal in Iraq; hold onto your pantyhose.

It is not for nothing that the Army has been less than friendly to this administration. The call for more troops on the ground to finish the job in Iraq has rung from the halls of congress. These calls did not come from Republican's rather from the Democrats who have always been big believers in the dreaded "draft".

The Army has traditionally voted along party lines, (unlike other service branches), Donald Rumsfield was and will remain despised, simply because he was a civilian.

The extreme Democrats (and by extreme, those with vales that do not represent the majority of American's views), are true Socialists.

Socialists love their military - expanded. Socialists also tend to approve of surveillance and wiretapping to keep the opposition at bay. They also abhor free speech as well as dissent. (Keep in mind referring to the Eastern Block countries)

Those who were happy with their tax base, (no-one is every happy with a tax, but as a whole we do enjoy fairly decent services and someone has to pay), will now be able to enjoy greater payroll deductions on both the state and federal level. Will that happen today? Hardly.

Wall Street may react, or may not, depending on the outcome of the Senate (at this point in time, there is almost the perfect split, which would be 49, 49 and 2 independents.

In other words, they have to behave themselves on a national level for at least two years. If they can continue a moderate tone, they will, theoretically be able to pick up additional seats in the next election as well as white house.

Is this a bad thing for Americans? Not necessarily. Every so often the country needs a change in direction, a breath of fresh air. When the grass is greener on the other side, however, the consequences may not be what one had hoped.

When groups from Palestine, Hezbollah, Tehran, etc., are hoping for a Democrats sweep, the country should take notice, Right?

Not necessarily; these groups may not understand the history of both political parties, and therefore, assume that what they have read in the New York Times, must be true. Nancy Palosi, like or dislike, is a woman. That said, women have a tendency to be a tad more realistic on ways in which to fight a battle and win, by any means.

Therefore, as we may pay more for additional give-away programs, specifically in the State of Massachusetts, we may actually experience a more aggressive stance on national security issues.

Republicans will still operate and press for traditional values, (which will be thrwarted at every turn), however, conservatives, which include members of both parties and independents, may find that nothing has changed.

and that nothing will be accomplished.

Within months the next round of senate campaigns will begin as well as the race for the most highly coveted office in the country.

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